Saturday, December 28, 2013

The IOTW PUK Awards Round 2

The second round of The 'PUK Awards' for the best in conservative  agitprop of 2013 is underway. 
Up for your consideration are 10 more excellent pieces, including works by my blogging buddies Curmudgeon of Political Clown Parade, Last Years winner Mr. Will Profit of capital Preservation , as well as the incomparable iMakism.    
I encourage you to look at their work closely in your consideration of a vote and hump it over HERE and vote for your favorites. 4 most thumbed up votes advance.  


  1. Thanks for the "shout-out" Jan and congratulations on being a semi-finalist from Round One.

  2. Are you guys seeing something I'm not? Jan, I couldn't find your work.

    1. Odie, I was in the first round.
      Look 2 Post down the page....

    2. Jan,

      Did you see the good news? My entry made the second semi-final round. The first Cage Match begins tomorrow. I want to thank you for announcing Round Two here.

      Best of luck in the Cage Match. If your entry and mine wind up in a Cage Match, I hope yours takes the prize.

      I'm also glad that The Looking Spoon has two entries that made the cut.

      Best of luck and as always, thanks for your friendship.

    3. I saw it. Congratulation. And knowing Fur, he will pit us against each other. ;)