Thursday, April 24, 2014

Mary Landrieu Resorts to Fakery in Political Ad

Unable to successfully pit two popular black North Louisiana politicians against each other for a congressional seat to bring out the democrat vote in her weakest territory in the state, and unable to run away from her 300 Million dollar vote for ObamaCare,  Sen.Mary Landrieu has now resorted to faking footage of Congressional hearings in political ads being run statewide. And she is drawing the wrath of local and national media.

In the  new ad released last week, Landrieu dramatically denounces the federal government, scolding them for not taking the needs of her constituents seriously on oil and gas revenues. No problem here. But the ad inferred that she was denouncing in the Senate committee hearing chamber as the new chairman of the Senate Energy Committee. Insert fake footage here. The campaign also uses different people in the ad than the actual staffers during the hearing.  

It's not that she staged footage with actors in a television studio made to look all congressional and stuff (committee camera footage is not allowed to be used by Senate rules) it's that she changed her words from the senate record. The ad is misleading to voters who are made to think they are looking at real news footage. 


Desperation has set in for Proud Mary. RealClearPolitics shows the race a toss-up with her top GOP challenger, Rep. Bill Cassidy.   

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