Thursday, May 15, 2014

Climate Alarmists Claim Another Scalp

In the very emotional climate debate these days it is hardly possible to have a sensible and balanced exchange of views in academia. If you do not support climate catastrophes you are placed into a deniers box and accused of supporting the interest of the oil industry or you are a man in a senior age and therefore unable to understand the concerns of the younger generations. 

James Delingpole
"Three weeks ago, a distinguished meteorologist named Professor Lennart Bengtsson joined the advisory board of the Global Warming Policy Foundation – a London-based climate skeptical think tank founded by Margaret Thatcher’s former Chancellor of the Exchequer, Lord Lawson.
This represented a huge coup for the cause of climate skepticism. Formerly an avowed warmist, Bengtsson was by some margin the most distinguished climate scientist to defect to the other side. Why did he do so? Because, like all good scientists, he went with the evidence. Bengtsson’s speciality is climate modelling. Shocked by the increasing divergence between the extreme warming of the climate models’ doomsday predictions and the mild-to-non-existent warming of real world data, Bengtsson realized that he could no longer support the so-called “consensus.”
But now there has been a shocking new development. Bengtsson has been forced to resign his position. Why? Not because he has changed his views on the “consensus,” but because of the reaction of his alarmist former colleagues. He has been subjected to so much bullying because of his “incorrect” thinking that his health has suffered and he was beginning to wonder whether he would ever work again.
Bad news though this may be for poor Professor Bengtsson, I can’t help thinking it’s good news for the cause of climate realism. His vile treatment at the hands of the bullying warmist establishment has, once again, exposed the fundamental dishonesty of the scientists propping up the great global warming scam. True science is about open enquiry not petty bullying, appeals to authority, and the closing down of the argument. Maybe someone should point this out to John Kerry…"


  1. Cults, like AGW, have a habit of fomenting violence, whether emotional or physical, against their apostates - the better to encourage the others (Voltaire) .

    The cult of Islam has similar tendencies , as well .

  2. This is why the "97% of climate scientists agree" claim is so laughable. Had an idiot commenter (a university professor, actually) slam me for a climate post recently, and he pulled that crap on me. I responded that it's pretty easy to maintain a 97% consensus when the slightest questions are met with derision, marginalization, loss of tenure, loss of job or lack of hiring in the first place.

  3. This goes hand in hand with the previous thread. The "Thought Police" are everywhere.

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