Monday, July 28, 2014

Little Dictator Threatens to Nuke O's House

Norks Once Again Rattling the Swords

The North Korean Regime, fresh from a triumphant win at the World Cup and the recent success in taking over as the Leader of the World Rap Music industry, have becoming restless after being pushed off the world stage by on-going events in the Middle East have once again have become belligerent. 

Top-ranking North Korean military officials have threatened to nuke the White House and Pentagon after accusing Washington of raising military tensions on the Korean peninsula. 

The threat came from Hwang Pyong-So, director of the military's General Political Bureau, during a speech to a large military rally in Pyongyang Sunday on the anniversary of the armistice that ended the 1950-53 Korean War.

Hwang said in his speech broadcast Monday on state television:
"If the US imperialists threaten our sovereignty and survival... our troops will fire our nuclear-armed rockets at the White House and the Pentagon -- the sources of all evil.

There has been no comment yet from the golf course.....


  1. Uhhmmmmm, looks like them fellars been to the John F'ing Kerry school of military awards and medals. LMAO! You see these foreign dictators with a chest full of ribbons or medals is comical.

    Jan was that you or Earl that made that hilarious pic above?

    1. Jack, that pic has been in my picture folders since forever and I have no idea where i got it......but it does look like something that would come from the mind of Earl.

  2. I think I've finally figured out all those medals - barn, shotgun, bulls eye!

  3. Awww, poor Kim needs a hug. The world is ignoring this commie rash with Russia and Hamas being the real terrorists these days. (Well, among the others actively killing people, ISIS, Iran, Muslim Bro., etc, etc)

  4. Are those medals or armor? Could we make a request of North Korea as to the target?

  5. my god dont get any more medals the only place left to pin them might impair your sexual performance. LOL