Monday, July 21, 2014

Meet The Angry, Violent Face Of Leftist America

The Lovely and Vivacious Ms. Cecily McMillan  
Cecily McMillan is the face of leftist America.
Angry, violent and narcissistic, the New York “activist” was arrested again for making death threats against two NYPD officers trying to apprehend turnstile jumpers. After being taken into custody, the New York Post reports McMillan hissed: “You don’t know who I am! Wait until you figure it out! You probably don’t have kids or a wife, but if you do, I’ll kill them!
She had already been convicted in 2012 for punching an officer and spent two months in Rikers Island. After her release, she’s become a cause célèbre for liberals who find it necessary to make a name for themselves.
After being held in custody for a few hours, she complained that she was wearing a “botanist dress” (whatever that is) and demanded a change of clothing.
“This is a cocktail dress to be worn only standing up maximum four hours! I had three to four people that helped me get into this dress. The NYPD, you must supply me with clothing!”
 During the recent scuffle, she told the turnstile-jumpers: “You don’t have to talk to them. Don’t pay any attention to them. They did not identify themselves. I know the law. I’m a lawyer. Don’t cooperate with them.
Cecily McMillan is not a lawyer.
A “New School” Graduate, McMillan also participated in the anti-Gov. Scott Walker protests in Wisconsin and is a proud member of the Democratic Socialists of America."
Isn’t she a sweetheart? Guys: I hear she’s single!


  1. That's a lot of hostility, worked up just for some vague notion of anarchy. Like most of the Zucc-Park hippies, it's not even clear if she knows what she's 'struggling' for. If somebody could just convince her to go protest on the White House lawn, she won't last long, but she might serve a purpose.

  2. Wow, what a sicko! Sad that someone so young gets so angry. She must have had a feminazi mother that spewed the vitriol 24/7. And these people want us to shape our behavior to match their worldview. She should get with Michael Moore and do a movie on how bad their world sucks then maybe self-immolate for the happy ending.

  3. Think this scrunt needs to fall down about 10 flights of stairs accidentally on purpose; to learn about hard knocks, and consequences of being a fuckhead with the police. And if she reduced to house plant, I'm ok with that.....

  4. I'm pretty sure I can fix her problem with my size 14 boot. ;-)

  5. Not with your dick mate.