Sunday, July 6, 2014

Win or Lose in November, The War on Women to Continue

Yes, the war on women will continue unabated by pushing for Voter ID laws, so a dead woman in a Chicago Cemetery doesn't cancel out your rightful and legitimate vote.

The War on women shall continue, by opposing through Affirmative Action, the promotion an unqualified woman to a position over a more qualified candidate (man or women) simply because of their race or happen to possess a Va-Jay-Jay.

The War on Women shall continue to fight those who wish to pass restrictive laws in the name of 'safety', and thus denying the basic right of self defense.

The war on Women shall continue to "be in your uterus" by having you pay for your own morning after abortion pills instead of your employer or the American Taxpayers, who do not believe in killing the innocent unborn for convenience or lack of responsibility.

The War on Women will continue to expose the party who not only protects their leaders from the consequences of their lecherous behavior towards women, but go even further to promote them to superstar status within their party.

The War on Women shall continue to refute the patronizing rhetoric women are "One Issue Voters", cannot learn for themselves, and have to be told how to vote.

The War on Women shall continue to press for cutting the budget, lower taxes on income and saving, to further female entrepreneurship and restore individual freedom and the American Dream.

The War on Women shall continue to be in opposition to someone receiving equal pay in an important position,  without merit and performance to back it up, as someone with years of experience in that same job (man or women). 
NOTE:In 2008, single, childless women between ages 22 and 30 were earning more than their male counterparts in most U.S. cities, with incomes that were 8% greater on average, according to an analysis of Census Bureau data.  

The War on Women shall oppose tax payer funded federal grants to students for the purpose of  acquiring worthless degrees in a content free, useless and bigoted field like Gender Studies, and to fight tenure for union protected bad teachers who we entrust the young to learn and grow into responsible citizens.

Women all over this country are in positions that they have never been in before: for the first time, are taking over the mantle of breadwinner because their husbands have lost their jobs. Many more are regulated to using food stamps to feed their children for the first time in their lives and realizing that the hope and change that they voted for aren't translating into their every day existence. It's great on a hallmark card but hard to live off of.

Listening to the never-ending abortion rhetoric under the guise of “war on women” is insulting for those of us who have family and friends we are watching struggle. We want to know why Obama, in between vacations and golf outings, hasn't already done something about the 47 million on food stamps, the soaring poverty and devastating lack of employment in this country?

WHO Wages the Real War on Women?


  1. You know - I'm starting to think that women should not be able to vote (at least without taking some sort of logic test.)

    1. I don't know about that one, Adrienne, but I'm convinced that in national elections at least, nobody should be voting except those who are paying taxes, are AT LEAST 21 years old (maybe 30), and probably own property. If I had my way, you'd probably need to have been married and have legitimate kids, too, but maybe that's pushing it too far. ;)

  2. Lacking either of those adjustments, the simple requirement that anyone voting produce a valid state ID card to prove they are who they claim to be would be nice along with a cleaning up of voter roles to remove those no longer living in an area or not breathing anymore.