Sunday, August 17, 2014

Huffington Poo Journalist Tweets His Stupidity

Ryan J. Reilly is a D.C.-based journalist reporter who writes for the Huffington Poo and usually covers topics related to The Justice Department and the Supreme Court stepped outside his normal area of expertise, taking to the mean streets of Ferguson early Sunday morning to report on the conditions of the city after the first midnight curfew was imposed by Gov. Jay Nixon.

Upon stumbling across what he thought was a “rubber bullet,” he posted a picture on Twitter in order to get clarification from his followers:

Reilly then received immediate outpouring feedback from his fans on Twitter:

Reilly made headlines on Wednesday after being one of the journalists reporters arrested by Ferguson police at a McDonald’s after he refused to stop recording as a SWAT team descended upon the restaurant. Now it appears as though he has another story to make him famous.

(h/t Mad World)

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