Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Dallas Weekly Newspaper has REALLY Bad Timing

It's kind of a metallic, red taste, and it oozes out of your eyes and ears.

The 55-year-old Dallas Weekly is the most widely-read African-American newsweekly in North Texas, and they accidentally had some really bad timing with their most recent edition. Their cover story was on the "Taste of Africa: Family Fun Festival" a free event that was held on Saturday, Sept. 27 and included food tasting from many African countries and a host of speakers. It looked like a great event, and it wasn't going to be ruined by the Ebola scare, which was still only in Africa (and the opposite page) at the time:

Unfortunately, Sept. 26th turned out to be the day Thomas Eric Duncan was first admitted to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital and sent home with antibiotics, and Sept. 28th was when he was rushed back to the hospital with they finally realized it was Ebola.   So, even though their cover story for the week of 9/25-10/1 was supposed to be the taste of a continent's worth of cuisine, it inadvertently turned into a scary propaganda poster about how we're all about to bleed out through our orifices.

So Dallas, maybe you should refrain from blind dates for a while.

(Dallas Weekly)