Sunday, November 9, 2014

Chucky Hagel Seen as Dismal Leader By Military and National Security Community

by Robert Janicki

To those who follow government, this comes as no surprise whatsoever.
"Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has just a 26 percent approval rating among individuals currently serving within the national security community, according to findings from a new survey commissioned by Defense One...." 
Hagel, desperate to have some relevance in the world, accepted Barack Obama's call to duty as Secretary of Defense, when former Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta decided he couldn't stomach the Obama administration any further.  It should be remembered that Hagel almost failed the confirmation process back in February 2013.  Hagel, in his Senate confirmation hearing, came off as an absolute dullard, who could only manage to stumble and stutter his way through the hearings.

Lest we forget, Leon Panetta went on to write a book about his former boss, President Obama, with some not so flattering opinions and views of President Obama and his White House advisers.  It is highly unusual for 'tell all books' to be written by political insiders as long as their former boss is still sitting as President of the United States.  Apparently Mr. Panetta felt America needed to know of President Obama's failings, since the book was released in the heat of the midterm congressional election campaign cycle.  Considering the Republicans focused on the election as a referendum of Obama's performance, Panetta's book certainly did not contribute anything positive for Democrat candidates to justify their support of Obama.
As is turned out, Democrats ran away from Obama's specter at the warp speed of light.