Friday, May 11, 2018

Damn Maxine. Take a Pill Gurl!!

Maybe If Ya Just Quit Breaking The Law........That'd Be Great

Former Leading Member of The Congressional Caucus Of Black Folks, 
US Representative From Chicago, Pervert and Convicted Felon, Mel Reynolds

If you were to tell the former congressman "Go Back To Africa" you'd be racist. But not to worry, he's going back to Africa. There is just one small detail. He can't go till his jail term is over. Mel Reynolds is leaving because America is too racist and the justice system keeps convicting the democrat of crimes he has committed. The honorable Mr. Reynolds was convicted Thursday for tax evasion and sentenced to 6 months in prison.

Reynolds was once a US House Representative from Illinois in the early 1990’s, but had to resign after he was busted and subsequently convicted on 12 counts of sexual assault, obstruction of justice and solicitation of child pornography for a sexual relationship he had with an underage campaign worker. Before the ink was even dry on the judge’s order, Reynolds was also convicted on a variety of bank and wire fraud charges. Reynolds should have spent 11 years in prison, but luckily for him, then-President Bill Clinton who is sympathetic to both rape and fraud, commuted his sentence.

You’d think he would have learned his lesson and straightened up but he was again arrested on tax evasion charges. And yes, this sentence is racist according to the disgraced democrat. He even argued with the judge over the relatively short prison term he received:
"To put me in jail serves what purpose? To teach me a lesson? … I’ve been taught about this racist society … every day of my life."
Reynolds could have gotten 4 years and the prosecutor was seeking 2, but he only got 6 months so this racism couldn’t be any more obvious. Speaking to reporters outside of the courthouse, Reynolds said he’s had enough of this racist society:
“I’m going home to Africa. I’ve given up on America because how long do African-Americans put up with this nonsense?”
Here’s where things get kind of interesting. As we wrote in 2014's 'Former Chicago Congressman Arrested on Porn Charges', while Reynolds was trying to avoid justice on his tax evasion charge, he was living as an illegal alien in Zimbabwe. He was arrested in the African nation on pornography charges related to making sex tapes with a local woman. He was also charged for skipping out on a $24,000 hotel bill. Reynolds was deported from Zimbabwe, but according to him he left on his own because he was fleeing “death squads.”

This guy can’t seem to go anywhere without getting in trouble with the law. Funny thing is, Reynolds replaced Gus Savage as Chicago congressional rep.  Savage, a racist anti-Semite who tried to rape a Peace Corps volunteer during a congressional trip to Zaire and was accused of a drive-by shooting that injured Reynolds during the election campaign. After Reynolds resigned from Congress, Jesse Jackson Jr., who was himself was convicted of fraud, took his seat. Voters of that district really know how to pick ‘em, don’t they?

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(Chicago Sun Times)

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Noted Baseball Aficionado Rips Mike Pence In Vicious Op-ed

Anyone over the age of 30 would probably recognize his name. I once myself admired him not just for the fact we shared a common passion, the game of baseball, but for what I learned from his intellectual and often stiletto defense of conservatism and the Reagan years of America, as well as his ability to neuter liberal lunacy.  But like so many formerly respected people on the right, the Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper columnist, journalist, and author fell victim to Trump Derangement Syndrome.  He now has sadly come to sound gaseous, smug and irrelevant, reduced to conversing with the intellectually challenged as a guest on MSNBC. Any hope he would redeem himself and come back into the light seems lost with a scathing Op-ed attack on Mike Pence. 

via Chicks On The Right: 
Five minutes and a dictionary. That’s what you’ll need before you dive into George Will’s scathing op-ed on Vice President Mike Pence. Here’s the opening paragraph. It’s dripping with intellectual snobbery.
"Donald Trump, with his feral cunning, knew. The oleaginous Mike Pence, with his talent for toadyism and appetite for obsequiousness, could, Trump knew, become America’s most repulsive public figure. And Pence, who has reached this pinnacle by dethroning his benefactor, is augmenting the public stock of useful knowledge. Because his is the authentic voice of today’s lickspittle Republican Party, he clarifies this year’s elections: Vote Republican to ratify groveling as governing." 
Translation: Will just called Pence a submissive, greasy, butt-kissing pig man. He’s just getting warmed up. 
"Last June, a Trump Cabinet meeting featured testimonials offered to Dear Leader by his forelock-tugging colleagues. His chief of staff, Reince Priebus, caught the spirit of the worship service by thanking Trump for the “blessing” of being allowed to serve him. The hosannas poured forth from around the table, unredeemed by even a scintilla of insincerity. Priebus was soon deprived of his blessing, as was Tom Price. 
Before Price’s ecstasy of public service was truncated because of his incontinent enthusiasm for charter flights, he was the secretary of health and human services who at the Cabinet meeting said, “I can’t thank you enough for the privileges you’ve given me.” The vice president chimed in but saved his best riff for a December Cabinet meeting when, as The Post’s Aaron Blake calculated, Pence praised Trump once every 12 seconds for three minutes: “I’m deeply humbled. . . . ” Judging by the number of times Pence announces himself “humbled,” he might seem proud of his humility, but that is impossible because he is conspicuously devout and pride is a sin. 
Trump is what he is, a floundering, inarticulate jumble of gnawing insecurities and not-at-all compensating vanities, which is pathetic. Pence is what he has chosen to be, which is horrifying."

What an illuminating assemblage of defecation. Or as a commoner would say, a flaming pile of crap.  This is the most intellectual masturbatory things I have ever read from Will, verbose for the sake of verbosity. If I didn't know better, I'd say this was a parody of what a “leftist intellectual” sounds like in the throes of depression. Sadly, he meant every word........

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It's All In a MAGA Days Work......

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and fix that right up.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Attorney P.T. Barnum and More Mundane Drenched Conspiratorial Nonsense

The news cycle is short, but some stories are red meat for the self appointed cable channel ministers of truth and loathsome left-wing websites. It won't be about the much anticipated 'Blue Wave' that is beginning to look more like a Tidy Bowl Commercial than a revolution. And probably not even this morning’s major announcement that three prisoners are on their way home from North Korea.  No, it's likely a another greasy lawyer Michael Avenatti “bombshell” troll that some media are going to predictably lap up into a frenzy. The Stormy Daniels nutters will run with this because it’s what they do. The daytime Trump-Hate talk show lady's panties get wet, the late-night comedy writers light another marlboro and get down to work and Rachel Maddow's jockstrap bulges.  But by weeks end, this story will have gone nowhere and it’ll be on to the next piece of red meat. But until then.....

The New York Times puts forth some juicy details:
"A shell company that Michael D. Cohen used to pay hush money to a pornographic film actress received payments totaling more than $1 million from an American company linked to a Russian oligarch and several corporations with business before the Trump administration, according to documents and interviews…" 
"Among the previously unreported transactions were payments last year of about $500,000 from Columbus Nova, an investment firm in New York whose biggest client is a company controlled by Viktor Vekselberg." Columbus Nova’s attorney Richard Owens stressed in a statement that the company is “solely owned and controlled by Americans” and said that, after Trump’s inauguration, the firm hired Cohen as a business consultant “regarding potential sources of capital and potential investments in real estate and other ventures,” but that it had nothing to do with Vekselberg"
So, a lawyer sets up a consulting firm to capitalize on his increased profile following the election and to cash in. (that's not against the law) Companies looking for information about how Trump operates paid him to consult on coming negotiations they’d be having with the administration. (that's not against the law) In regards to the Russian menace, this Mr. Vekselberg has been personally slapped with fresh sanctions since the election. How does that square with the conspiracy theory arising from this that he bought influence by being a client of a company Cohen consulted for? Answer: It doesn’t. It makes no sense at all.

So what’s the real story here??

Well, it’s the democrat's unofficial mascot and Avenatti’s meal ticket, Stormy Daniels of course. Avenatti’s newest claim will help keep the little greasy squirrel's face on CNN & MSNBC, and prompt round tables of speculation in the next 48 hours that this consulting money, paid to a completely different company, “may have” been used to reimburse the Stormy Daniels payment. Oh my! Stop the Presses! This is just the greasy Avenatti once again throwing nothingness against the wall while knowing that the media will run to lick it off like a litter of starved puppies.

Monday, May 7, 2018

She's Out To Annoy The Entire English Speaking World

Will She Ever Run Out of Places To Go and People to Annoy

It amazes me that this woman can still find anyone who is actually interested to hear what she has to say, but then here come the news that Hillary has loaded up the 'Grievance Tour Tent' and headed down under to bother the good people of New Zealand. May The Lord Have Mercy On Their Souls......

According to the New Zealand Herald, Clinton spoke to a group of about 3000 people in Auckland on Monday night about "North Korea", her wish she had "bit back after Donald Trump stalked me on stage during a debate" and "the strangest goings on we are living though" in the United States.
"Clinton rarely mentioned Trump by name but he was a constant presence in her discussion - and she did not spare her own country from a critique of concerning developments internationally."
"We're having a very important struggle in the United States right now. It's difficult to fully grasp because there are 20 stories and people are getting overwhelmed by the strange goings on we are living through. 
New Zealand's success in bringing together people from different backgrounds and beliefs, having such a vital democracy as an example which we so desperately need in the world really means more in the 21st century than perhaps you even recognise....."
How, Oh how America could we have failed to elected such an Paragon of Humanity???

Clinton went on to tell the crowd she was appreciative of the offers to permanently move to New Zealand after the election loss. If I were you New Zealand, I'd find out who extended those invites and consider mental health evaluations and isolation from the rest of society. Y'all dodge a bullet almost as big as we did! With that I would be remiss to my readers down under if I failed to alert you to the fact SHE'S ON HER WAY TO AUSTRALIA NEXT!!!!

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