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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

The Raging Beta Boy Beto Says He May Not Be Done Yet!

Y'all remember when Robert Francis "Beto" O'Rourke ran for president? Well maybe not. But he did, I swear. He started strong, with a slick Vanity Fair cover and everything. But Beto just couldn't get pass his younger, smarter, gayer rival Pete Buttgig in the polls. The Under-50 White Guy lane was too crowded. And he too, couldn't out poll Marianne Sparkleshine Stardust Williamson. Beto spent like half his waking hours hopping on the countertops of coffee shops across Iowa,  saying "I am a nice safe white man. But not gay." But to no avail

And now the NYT reports The Psychedelic Warrior is kicking around the idea of becoming the next Governor of the Great State of Texas! Bless His Heart.......
"In recent weeks, Mr. O’Rourke has been making calls to Democratic leaders across Texas to inform them that he is seriously considering taking on Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican who is up for re-election next year. And he has begun talking to supporters about having them join his campaign staff. A decision could be made in the coming weeks, the three people said, possibly as soon as October. 
No Democrat has been elected governor of Texas since Ann Richards in 1990. And no prominent Democrat has emerged to take on Mr. Abbott next year. The governor, who has built up a war chest of more than $55 million, has appeared more concerned with insulating himself from challengers on his right in a Republican primary than worrying about the general election. But Democrats see a potential opening. 
David Carney, a campaign adviser to Governor Abbott and a longtime Republican political consultant, said that he would not be surprised if Mr. O’Rourke jumped into the race. “O’Rourke has been planning to run since he got crushed in his presidential flop,” Mr. Carney said. 
"He is a target-rich environment with positions way, way out of the mainstream....."
Once O’Rourke was no longer a useful idiot in their proxy war on Trump and leftist discovered what a goober he was, they turned their backs on him. But if he decides to challenge the present Governor, Hollywood liberals will back him with cash and tweets once again because they are done fucking up their state already.

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Saturday, June 29, 2019

Beto’s Debate Journal

A Bit of Debate Satire from WFB

It's not uncommon for presidential candidates to scribble down some notes or talking points on sheets of paper during a debate. It is, however, highly unusual for candidates to leave behind a sprawling journal entry of the kind found on Beto O'Rourke's lectern following Wednesday night's showdown in Miami. What follows is a (lightly edited) transcript of the document, as obtained by the Washington Free Beacon:
-  "Here I am in the place where I come to get low. Miami, the bass and the sunset low." — Will Smith 
 -  Tonight, I am a dancing bear, to be jeered at by a fickle press corps who surrendered their hearts to me in Texas, only to decide I wasn't good enough to bring home to mom and dad, that I wasn't "‘long-term" material, that they always saw our relationship as "more of a side chick situation." I'm starting to think they only shacked up with me to get back at Ted. Just look at them, sitting there all smug, talking trash behind my back to all their friends. Assholes. 
-  Miami is the opposite of "punk," but at least everyone speaks Spanish here. On a related note, I owe Jeb Bush a debt of gratitude for reminding me to stop listing my ethnicity as "Hispanic." I'm not sure I could fake another apology for abusing my privilege. They would have roasted me for doing that, and yet somehow Pocahontas over here gets a pass. Maybe she's what the media had in mind when they told me they wanted to "try girls for a change."
-  If they call on Cory Booker before me and he starts speaking Spanish I am going to quit the race right here, right now. His accent is terrible. I wish I was black, though, or at least gay. America is a tapestry.  It's exhausting, spouting all this vague nonsense about "fair" taxation and "universal healthcare access". What am I even doing here? I miss the road. I miss the heartland. I miss the solitude of sunsets. Hell, I miss the blog, that feeling of discovery and the archeology of excavating words from dirt — the great American soil on which dreams are built. If it comes to that, I'll say I'm quitting because I miss my wife and kids. 
-  Relax, Beto. This is your chance to shine. Tienes el poder de las palabras. None of the other candidates would dare attack you. Not with Lyin' Liz Warren standing front and center. Not with Joe Biden leading the pack. You're the underdog, you're going to prove everyone wrong, even the media. - READ MORE

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Beto's O'Rourke's Campaign Events Are So Bad He Is Inviting Mexico to Come

According to the Washington Free Beacon, the apparent lead balloon of a presidential campaign of Beto O'Rourke has targeted social media advertisements at individuals across the frontera mexicana, as can be seen in this screenshot of the Facebook transparency tools. Facebook has for the past year allowed users to see where a group is targeting it sponsored posts using the "info and ads" tab.

The Beto campaign event page posted in English and Spanish shows he was paying to have certain posts targeted at users in Mexico. Among them, O'Rourke paid to blast out to Mexicans an invitation to his campaign stop today at the Jacobs Center in San Diego, Calif. Y'all come on up and stay awhile!   
"It is unclear why O'Rourke is running ads in Mexico for his campaign to be president of the United States. There is a Democrats Abroad primary that will be held next March, but O'Rourke has made no mention of it thus far on the campaign trail. A review of the Facebook pages for each of O'Rourke's Democratic opponents for the presidential nomination found that none were running ads targeting anybody outside the United States."
Well, it's pretty easy to figure this one out......the novelty is beginning to wear off. Beto needs the butts in the seats to make a good show for the media cameras and big money contributors, and to help draw the Hispanic vote, legal or illegal, to do well in the coming border states primaries. Poor Beto's campaign stops have been less and less fruitful lately, and he took a big hit by losing the favor of daytime televisions political science geniuses, the white-male bashing cackling hens of 'The View'.



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