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Monday, August 26, 2019

When She Goes Down, the Left Will freak Out in a Festival of Freaking Outness Unparalleled in American History

Excerpts From Kurt Schlichter@Townhall 
Progressives’ ghoulish glee over the death of an old man turned into barely constrained panic when, later that day, it was revealed that their heroine Ruth Bader Ginsberg was just treated for pancreatic cancer yet again. Their disgraceful joy at David Koch’s passing was yet another reminder of the harsh truth that leftists want you dead or enslaved. Koch’s sin was that he disagreed with liberals (though, in important ways, also with conservatives). For that, these cretins danced around like idiots celebrating his succumbing. And they’ll celebrate when you die too. Always believe people who tell you they hate you and want you dead.
RBG’s latest successful MMA bout with the Grim Reaper is a reminder that we conservatives need to gird our loins for what’s coming when she finally leaves the Supreme Court for good. But our anticipatory loin girding is merely prudent preparation. 
We conservatives don’t want people to die simply because they have different political beliefs.  But she’s very old and she’s very sick and facing that reality is not the same as high-fiving it.   
Not wanting her to die a horrible death is not to sugarcoat the damage she has done with her utterly upside-down vision of our founding document, but to simply reaffirm a point that never should have been an issue but is an issue because of the shameful behavior of liberals like we saw with Koch.
Her constitutional jurisprudence consists of disregarding what she dislikes that’s in the Bill of Rights and making up stuff that’s not in it but that she feels – not thinks, feels – should be in it. 
She’s a terrible justice and conservatives would love to see her step down. But our side expressed no delight in her latest suffering comparable to the giddy revelry that greeted Koch’s kicking the bucket. We’re not monsters, though how long that remains true is up in the air. When you establish New Rules they tend to come back and bite you on the Schumer. 
The Democrats are already prepping the battlespace with this cheesy narrative.
The last time Democrats failed to get their way they tore the country apart. And when this all goes down, the left will freak out in a festival of freaking outness unparalleled in American history. 
The Dem candidates will go nuts. Big Chief Warren will be on the warpath, Bernie will call for revolution, Harris will say whatever she thinks is useful, Biden will start talking about how JFK visited him in the White House, and Beto will continue to be a furry. 
We’ll get lots of the “Orange man bad, orange man not nominate a judge because he bad” babble from the libs and their gimp media. Maddow will cry, Don Lemon will pound an umbrella drink and Tater Stelter will sweat profusely as he reads off the teleprompter about how Trump is literally Hitler. 
The Fredocons will weigh in with their patented brand of sissy submission to their elite tops. We’ll be informed how taking back the Supreme Court like the geebos of Conservative, Inc., promised for three decades is actually not who we are and how we’re better than that. -  Read More

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Friday, June 7, 2019

This Should Trigger Some Lefties: Buzzy Ginsburg Praises Brett Kavanaugh

In a rare moment of honest recognition, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Buzzy Ginsburg praised Justice Brett Kavanaugh in her prepared remarks at today's Second Circuit Judicial Conference. She noted that after Kavanaugh was confirmed the number of female Supreme Court clerks reached an all-time high, given his staffing choices:
"Justice Kavanaugh made history by bringing on board an all-female law clerk crew. Thanks to his selections, the Court has this Term, for the first time ever, more women than men serving as law clerks."
In their perceived prefect world, this should make liberals & feminist shout from the mountain tops! But seeing who accomplished this historic feat, you probably wouldn't even had heard had you not sought out your Tenacious Editrix. 

Ginsburg went on to praise her fellow justices in that the majority of the Court’s decisions so far have not been made along partisan lines. However, she forecasts plenty of 5-4 decisions in upcoming cases (which involve abortion, gerrymandering, executive deference and some LGTBQ crap). She seemed to be signaling the left is about to lose some high profile cases to those who can't read between the lines. We can only hope.....

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