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Thursday, November 7, 2019

Noted Squad Member Throws Her Weave Into the Ring for VP

A day after Tank Abrams said she's available to be anyone's VP because racist won't let her run Georgia, and weeks after the anti-Semitic squad members Reps. Iham Omar, Alexandria Ocashew-Cortex and Rashy Tablet all endorsed an old white Jewish commie Bernie Sanders, squad member and fake hair weave enthusiast Ayanna Pressley ended the suspense and officially threw her endorsement to Senator Lizzy Warren for president.

Warren, Sanders, and Joe Biden all reportedly sought Pressley's endorsement, but Ms. High Horse was won over by Warren's plan-making kung fu. Warren's opponents have taken to mocking her plans, which is admittedly easier than coming up with different ones. Black supporters of Pressley were so disappointed in her choice of endorsing a privileged White Woman, some took Twitter to ask Pressley if she knew Warren stole all her ideas from Kamala Harris or that Warren was once a Republican and used to eat black babies at Federalist Society potlucks.

But as Pressley points out, Warren's "plans are about power: who has it, who refuses to let it go and who deserves more of it."  In other words POWER TO THE CORRECT PEOPLE!!!!

Pressley believes "big structural change" can't wait until Republicans decide to play nice or stop nominating corrupt racist demagogues. And y'all remember when Pressley read Trump his ass on the House floor before they'd even finished painting her office? Good Times.

You know throwing her weaves into the ring by endorsing Warren is really about consideration for Lizzy's VP, or at least a juicy high level cabinet post like 'Secretary of Population Re-education' or 'Administrator General of Slave Reparations'.

We all know Epstein didn't kill himself and there has to be a POC on the 2020 Dem ticket, or there will be an epic revolt, and the party will come apart at the seams.

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