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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Your CNN 'People of No Color For President' Debate Preview

CNN has chosen to grace America with yet another double-header democratic debate featuring half of the 679 candidates scrambling for the democrat nomination, VP and cabinet positions in the presidential administration of Marianne Williamson.

Beclowning themselves last week, CNN gave us Wolff Blitzer and a debate lineup selection show more reminiscent of a mix of bingo game night and a bad game show, the only thing missing was Steve Harvey and bad jokes between selections. Then this morning the 'Most Trusted Name In News" started an extravaganza of wall to wall coverage at a windblown desk outside the Fox Theater in Detroit that looked more like the ESPN's College Game Day broadcast, with a crowd waving Biden 2020 signs instead of  'Go Bama' and big "We're #1" foam rubber hands in the background and anchored by the always lovely Brook Baldwin looking her usual victim of a head on collision with a Max Factor Makeup truck.  Coverage was later taken over by the network's resident carnival barker impersonator, Fredo Cuomo.  My question is who's running CNN these days, the National Lampoon????

So Here America Is Your Candidate Debate Starting Lineup: 

Bernie Sanders, Lizzy Warren, Pete Buttigieg, BetoKlobucharTimRyanThreeOtherTimRyans and of course, President Marianne Williamson.

And so you don't have to watch, here is a preview of the only things of any importance that both nights major players will probably say that they haven't already said a thousand times in a nutshell (literally a nutshell):


Lizzy Warren: I have many detailed plans for solving the problems that America faces. I've brought Powerpoints. Trump is a racist. 

Pete Buttigieg: I am a nice safe white man who also happens to be gay. Trump is a racist

Beto: I am also a nice safe white man. But not gay. Unless being gay would get me votes. I could be gay. Please vote for me...Please??

Harris: I'm a former prosecutor. I will fucking gut Donald Trump like a fish live on national TV if you let me. The Motherf**ker is a racist!

Biden: Hey, kids, I'm not old. Uncle Joe is hip. Look, I can floss! Hey, you're attractive. How old are you? 13? Well, your brothers better keep an eye on you.

DJT: Get a load of these tremendous losers America. Look at them!

Moderator: Mr. Trump, you're not supposed to be here.

DJT: Many people are saying I should be. Many people.

Marianne Sparkleshine Stardust Williamson: If we just focus on the love, the light of the universe from the third eye shall shine down upon us and bask us with the warmth of feeling and bring harmony together across the globe. *lights incenses stick*

You're Welcome!

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Racial-Arsonist & Tax Cheats Anchor Network's Democrat State Convention Coverage. Embargo Rest Of Media

MSNBC, the ugly step-sister of the once respected NBC News, somehow landed exclusive broadcast rights to the South Carolina Democratic Party (SCDP) convention this past weekend. It was unprecedented in it has opened the door to future scenarios of a single voice that similarly undercut the trust in both media and politics, if that's somehow possible. And you'd think they'd check the boxes of anchors that didn't negatively reflect how half a nation sees the Democrat party today? Well, they didn't! They obviously don't read DMF!

Joy Reid, tax cheat, bigot and so-called reformed author of notorious homophobic rants, and the tax cheat, semi-lucid Master of Rhetoric & Grand Poobah of American Race Baiting, Right Reverend Al Sharpton, were chosen to broadcast from the largest gathering of those screeching for the 2020 democrat nomination, considered a big-time newsworthy event and valuable face-time for celebrity reporters. But the news media and the media watchers of the media have their panties in wad because the exclusive broadcast rights included an "unprecedented three-hour embargo on footage" that reporters from other news organizations and publications could use. (presumably for edit time because of Joy & Al's combined known stupidity).

Fox, ABC, CBS, CNN (insert laugh track here) and C-SPAN sent a joint letter to the chairman of the South Carolina Democratic Party to protest the decision to provide MSNBC with all exclusive rights. The usually reserved and unopinionated C-SPAN was the most vocal, with political editor and host Steve Scully chief criticizer. Imagine that: C-SPAN of all people having to call out a political party to ensure it won't be locked out of other party events. The slope has officially become slippery. A big show it was. For one audience, one biased network. Had Fox News been granted exclusive rights to a Republican convention with 24 candidates running, the protest store would run out of pitchforks and torches. Cries of "State-run Media!" would reverberate from the usual suspects, marinated in references to threats to a free, fair press. I'm sure somehow DJT would be blamed for creating a toxic atmosphere for our exalted Fourth Estate.

As for Reid and Sharpton, they did co-host a little watched MSNBC town hall bitch session together on why were are all a bunch of racist recently. How utterly ironic it is for these two lecturing anyone about racism, and presumably homophobia as well. Let that sink in for a moment. And considering Sharpton was the man in charge of racial issues for Barky Obama, it’s makes you cringe to think back to those eight years with a president willing to take race relations back 50 years by having someone like Sharpton on call to organize and recruit the professional protest mobs.  Reid who has reluctantly "half-admitted" to homophobic rants in blog posts, has yet to pay off her still open $5,000 NY state tax warrant that attracted a good bit of attention last year. The good Rev. whose state and federal tax delinquencies are the stuff of legend, has according to records two open New York tax warrants for nearly $600,000. One judgment, dated May 2009 for $103,156.06. The other, from December 2008 for $492,612.41. Nothing else has to be said that hasn't already been said about him. His reputation proceeds him.

But They Be Representin'!!! One wonders what is going through the skulls of the heads of MSNBC these days.

(The Hill)
(Washington Gadfly)
(David J. Harris)

Monday, May 13, 2019

Oh Yeah, NOW I'm Convinced

Everyone's favorite caricature of their slightly mentally disturbed Middle School General Science Teacher, Bill Nye the Science Guy. 

Caution: Strong Language

The rhetoric on environmental issues from the Left is as astounding as it is dishonest. When you hear the statements about how close we are to the brink of no return with global warming, ever hear them speak about stopping countries like China and India from pushing us over this supposed brink?

(Liz Wheeler Tweeter Box)

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Thursday, April 4, 2019

Dubious Unnamed Sources & The Media Circle Jerk

The media spent three years dropping “bombshell” after “bombshell” story alleging that, according to their anonymous sources, DJT would eventually be indicted for having colluded with the Ruskies to swing the 2016 election. So it's no surprise at all that the left, just like a junkie grabbing a new fix, jumped on dubious anonymous sources in a New York Times story claiming that certain 'unnamed members of special counsel Robert Mueller’s team' are unhappy with how the Attorney General had portrayed their concluded investigation.

According to the Times’ famous 'anonymous sources', which have a long track record of being wrong, no real details were given as to their concern. The lack of clarity is not surprising given the source. Despite the spuriousness of these allegations, the Times’ far-left base have bought the allegations hook, line and sinker. No one seems to question why they waited so long to voice concerns. Guess it takes time to set up those late night clandestine parking garage meetings with reporters.  The social media sewer have been posting a new hashtag of “bombshell” stories that hint at some sort of clandestine cover-up,  and of course, CNN's Fredo Cuomo is excited and the Ricky Maddow mouthbreathing conspiratorial paranoids are loving this coverage and about to pee themselves.

There's been 3 years of anonymously-sourced “bombshells” journalists spend 16-24 hours tiring themselves out celebrating on Twitter, only for it to fizzle into nothing. Why not have one more? Now that the Mueller Distraction-by-Persecution of Trump has failed, the usual gang of momzers and miscreants need something to rally around in their darkest of times.

In the meantime, the political theater continues in the committees of the House of Representatives Grandstanders and Charlatans.


Wednesday, November 7, 2018

A Bad Night for The Oprah & Taylor Swift

Nancy Pelosi last night told a cheering victory crowd: “Let’s hear it for pre-existing medical conditions!!” Not Kidding. Maybe this will be good reminder to everyone how crazy the Dems are. And Ocasio-Cortez will remind us too, every time she opens her mouth.

Meanwhile, CNN's resident commie racial bigot, Van Jones, had a real sad and had to admitted the much ballyhooed Blue Wave didn't materialize. More like a Blue Puddle seeing the dems didn't even match the historical average mid-term gain by the out of power party. And the poor star-struck media's favorite Texas anti-Trump giant killer, Bozo O'Rourke, flushed millions entertainment elite dumped in his lap to defeat Senator Ted. Silly Fools.

And, so it appears, the good people of the Great State of Georgia may have rejected The Oprah's gurlfriend that tried to pass herself off as MLK and looks like Mike Tyson in drag, who has hinted at destruction of  Stone Mountain National Monument, and stomping on the Constitution cause she don't like guns. It's of little surprise that the contest has yet to be called seeing the dems started yelling voter suppression weeks ago. Heaven forbid the laws be followed so the rightful voters votes aren't nullified. Everything is racist!

And of course, what would a media event these days be without the media making a fool of themselves. After praising our now divided government at the same time bemoaning the further division of the country they refuse to admit they themselves played the largest part creating. 

Their Victory will be hollow. Their exuberance short lived.

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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Alexandria Ocashew-Cortex Claims Democrats Conquered the Moon and Gave You Electricity

It's always amazed me how much crazy that leftist are able to squeeze into such a small space. In this case it's the cranium of "The new face of the Democratic Party", who made some absurd claims in a speech at the annual meeting of the Nutroots Netroots Nation in New Orleans. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t seem to know anything about economics or politics, and it turns out very little about history. I think it only fair that Boston University refund the money for her education because it clearly didn’t stick. 

Here’s a little taste of Ocasio-Cortez’s 'power to the correct people'
 speech at the Netroots Nation event in the Big Easy.

No, Ms. Ocashew-Cortex, the interstate highway system was an Eisenhower initiative, MLK never endorsed a Democrat politician, and the majority of democrats in congress opposed the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Now I could be wrong, but I don't think The Democratic Party filled a space capsule full of liberals and shot it to the moon. While politicizing the moon landing is ridiculous, taking Democratic Party ownership of electricity is downright insane.

She did manage to get one thing right: they are the party of Roosevelt, and as we all know FDR put thousands of Japanese Americans in prison camps, so maybe claiming him isn’t the best boast democrats can come up with. He’s a leftist hero, but by their own standards he was also a racist monster. She also conveniently left out a few things: Dems are also the party of slavery, the KKK & Jim Crow. They were the slave owners who revolted against the United States. They were the ones who lynched black people. They are the ones who segregated public places for “white’s only.” I guess she could have given dems credit for inventing global warming and the internet, but just ran out of time.....

[New Orleans Times Picayune]    

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Saturday, May 26, 2018

A Pivotal Moment in Human History, Brought to you by The Starbucks Corporation.

Starbucks' '5/29' to End Racism Next Week

PJM - Starbucks is actually branding their much anticipated upcoming employee racial sensitivity indoctrination event as "5/29." They're not calling it "Don't Be a Racist Day" or whatever. It's just... 5/29. They're 9/11'ing it. Now there'll be pre-5/29 thinking and post-5/29 thinking. It's the day everything changes forever. This is a pivotal moment in human history, brought to you by the Starbucks Corporation. 
Prediction: No Starbucks employee in the entire world will be any more or less racist after this struggle session. Any Starbucks employee who is genuinely bigoted -- whether it's against black people, white people, or any other sort of people -- will continue to be that way. And the other 99% of the staffers will resent being scolded for things they haven't done, and/or grateful for a paid day off to dick around watching videos and talking about their feelings. Or at least what they want everybody to think their feelings really are. 
How about this: Try making a cup of coffee that doesn't taste like the runoff after a house fire. Start there, and maybe then work your way up to utterly transforming the nature of modern society. First things first, right? - Read More

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Left's All-or-Nothing Mentality

Pretty Much My Attitude About Leftist Protest These Days

PJM - These days we've almost become immune to the stunts that members of the left in this country pull to get attention. Nothing liberals do seems far-fetched anymore. That's what made the suicide by immolation of attorney David Buckel so shocking. Buckel set himself on fire and ended his life not over the issue of gay rights, but as an environmental protest. His suicide note stated that he had burned himself with fossil fuel to serve as a metaphor for the destruction of the planet.  

Buckel is one more example of the all-or-nothing mentality of the left in America. To borrow the old phrase from the '60s, the personal is political for American leftists, and the political is personal for them too. Witness the tribalism in this country. Yes, we see it on the right too, but the smugness of liberals and their seeming willingness to shut down all debate raises the stakes of tribalism. Taking a look at the aftermath of the 2016 election as the best recent example, Pew Research revealed that almost half of liberals surveyed said that a friend's support for Donald Trump would "put a strain on friendship," compared to only 13 percent of Republicans who said the same about friends who voted for Hillary Clinton. 

This mentality is the same one that led New Yorker writer Dan Piepenbring to label Chick-fil-A as "creepy" in a recent piece. It's not possible to enjoy some of the best fast food around if you're a liberal. No, Chick-fil-A must be rejected because its founders are Christians who take conservative positions on social issues. All or nothing! The desire of so many on the left to achieve totality is so great that it turns many leftists against each other.

Take the gay rights movement that is often called upon to speak for the wider LGBTQA community. These figureheads are overwhelmingly white, cis-gendered, able-bodied men and women — and that can be a problem, given that they are representative of only one aspect of the LGBT community. After all, one can't speak for everyone if one holds one form of "privilege" over others. It's all or nothing to the left even when it comes to dealing with each other!

I believe that this all-or-nothing attitude on the left stems from the fact that the so many on their side are activists, while the majority of conservatives are out living their lives and only touching on politics from time to time. The idea that liberals tend to associate with only others like themselves feeds this taking of politics personally. David Buckel's case does represent the all-or-nothing mentality of the left to its extreme, but given how the personal and the political collide for so many on the left, it makes you wonder how many more cases like his will we see? - More at the Link

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Grand Poobah of Fake News Loses It Over Sinclair Broadcasting's Promising to Be Factual

Dan Rather, the "father of fake news" and a growing number of other network talking heads think it obscene that the Sinclair Broadcast Group should produce an advertisement promising to tell only the truth. I kinda wish we could get a similar statement from the rest of the mainstream press, but I didn't get a pet giraffe I wanted as a child either. After a CNN report early last month by the one Dianny calls "Puddin' Boy Brian Stelter", where he was clutching his pearls about Sinclair’s promise to be truthful *GASP*, it was back in the news Monday after Deadspin put out the supercut video of Sinclair’s anchors speaking all at once to make it feel creepy.

That was the catalyst for the new wave of pointless hyperventilating from the liberal media, including Newsman Dan, who took to Facebook in a sad attempt to sound relevant and basically lose his shit over criticism of the leftist media:
"Let's be clear, news anchors looking into camera and reading a script handed down by a corporate overlord, a script meant to obscure the truth not elucidate it, isn't journalism. It's propaganda. It's Orwellian. And it is on a slippery slope towards some of history's most destructive forces. To those who say this rhetoric is hyperbolic, I submit that attacking the press as honest brokers of information has been one of the constants of this Administration and all those who normalize it. But this is not normal. This is not how the freedoms enshrined in our Constitution, that beloved First Amendment, is supposed to operate. 
The faces of the men and women you see delivering this chilling message are befitting those of a hostage video. Maybe some of these local anchors took to it with gusto, but I believe that number is few. That is the bet that Sinclair and its allies in media and government are betting on - that they can chip away, with small strikes of the chisel, at the bedrock of American democracy. That is why it is incumbent for Americans of all political persuasions to say this is intolerable. 
Congress should hold hearings and call the executives of Sinclair to account, but one suspects that is highly unlikely in the current political environment. Will this spur citizens to elect representatives who recognize that this is a clear and present danger? Will enough people be outraged to bombard stations, and advertisors, with letters, phone calls, and tweets to suggest this is unacceptable?"
I have always found it entertaining to listen to hypocritical, lying shit-bags pretend to take the high ground and argue from position of morality and goodness. I think we all know someone like that. Rather’s career came to an embarrassing end when he relentlessly pushed lies a fake news story about George W. Bush. He still claims his BS is true. What he basically has is a problem with is Sinclair capitalizing on the public's distrust in national media and confidence with local reporting. If he really had a problem with a corporate message tainting reporting, he should stop going on CNN.  The Real Threat To Democracy is a Prevaricating & Dishonest Media. 
H/T Crazy Cousin Olivia

Thursday, March 29, 2018

"You Owe It To Us" Says the Man Dressed in Women's Clothing.

It's inevitable that on occasion we all will see a man dressed like a $20 street hooker, strutting down the street in heels looking like a possible villain from the horror movie “Drag Me To Hell.” And most sane parents would try to divert their kids’ attention away from such freak shows to something else and remind them that, “It’s not nice to talk about strangers.” That seems like a reasonable strategy to me. It’s polite, it’s respectful and it helps parents avoid having to address freakish sexual proclivities with their innocent children.

But that's not a good thing to mentally confused, lipstick-wearing, dress-adorned “genderqueer activist” Jacob Tobia, who recently wrote an open letter to BuzzFeed to scold America’s parents and demands better of you. Tobia lectures parents about the proper ways to respond when he confuses our children by parading around in drag.

In the lengthy screed, complete with about a half-dozen pictures of himself in lipstick and miniskirts. Tobia complains that children often stare and point at him, and their parents fail to make use of the "teaching moment" he has so helpfully provided. "You have to do better. You owe it to me."

"Parents, I’ve decided that we need to have a little chat, because you can do better than that. You have to do better. You owe it to me, to the trans community, and to your kids’ emotional development to do better. As a gender-nonconforming person, I get a lot of attention — both wanted and unwanted — anytime I walk around in public."   
Tobia insists that our first job in life is to affirm everything he does. This is the kind of insane pride that lies at the foundation of most of the "gender nonconforming" trend. And to really drive that point home, Tobia gives us a script we are to follow when talking to our kids about gender issues.

No, this guy is a freak. He’s an aberration. He’s not normal. That’s an objective fact. To Jacob Tobia and the other gender crusaders of the Left, I say this: We don’t owe you anything. We owe our children something though. We owe them a proper moral and intellectual formation, and we will not let you interfere with that process. We will not let you tell us how to raise our children. You don't get to govern my reaction to your outlandish pageantry. You don't get to control what I say about you or even what I say to you.

Self-expression is a right that they want to keep all to themselves. The rest of us must express ourselves in a way that conforms precisely to their wishes. They demand that we adjust our language — adjust our perception of reality itself — to meld with their delusions.

"Here is the script you must follow," announces the man who refuses to even follow his own biology.

(Daily Wire)                                        Thank You MJA for the Linkage!
H/T Marshmallow Jones

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Progs Have Their Panties All In A Wad Over the 2020 Census

Attention Y'all!. The Commerce Department has confirmed that the 2020 census will ask respondents if they are U.S. citizens or not. So y'all just gonna have to fess up and admit that you're a red-blooded American.  On the face of it, that’s a pretty innocuous question. It was used until 1950, and only a few times since. But the lefties now believe that beneath the surface it’s part of a vile Trump style voter suppression move. They say the Trump administration has also ruthlessly pursued people from south of the border without due process, even if they are being sent “back” to countries they haven’t lived in since they were kids. They're Illegals!!!!  They say Immigration and Customs Enforcement have used any information available to enforce the law. That's Because They're Illegal Aliens!!! New York City, who continues to coddle illegal aliens and defy Federal law, created a “NYC-ID” card that was meant to help undocumented illegal aliens with a card for identification, health care, and governmental services (you can bet there's no hanky-panky going on there) all payed for with New Yorker's hard earned tax money. 

Vanita Gupta, a former Obama toadie and president & CEO of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights (they do love to give themselves names with Civil and Human Rights in the title don't they) said today that “there is already data that the heightened level of fear among Latino populations, created by the Trump administration’s hostile policies and rhetoric and could depress their participation in the 2020 census. You mean a heightened level of fear because They Are Here Illegally?!

The results according to experts means less power for Democrats. Under-counting of latino populations, which will in turn affect government services, budgets, and voter rolls. No, they shouldn't be accounted for in 
government services & budgets. They Illegally Entered the Country!!  Non-citizens can’t vote, (yeah, you keep sayin' that BS ) but they are still counted for congressional districts and state congressional representation, which they shouldn't be because They're Here Illegally! 

But a Right Wing Conspiracy is at foot they say!! It’s quite possible that California will lose one of its seats in the House of Representatives if enough illegals don’t respond to the census, so says the California Attorney General. This is also particularly galling to snowflake progressives because the 2020 census will also not count how many LGBT queers there are in America, mainly because they are counting heads, not sexual orientations... and no one really cares!! 


Monday, March 19, 2018

The Week Has Barely Begun and The Crazies Are Already Jumping Out Of The Trees

Washington DC City Councilman Trayon White (D)

Ever wonder why it snows?  *glances to the right and then the left * The Jews Man!
Sounds like something that would spew forth from the mouth of the Nation of Islam leader Calypso Louie, blaming a snowstorm on a conspiracy by international Jewish bankers to create natural disasters to somehow line their pockets.  But no, it comes from a nasty dredlock wearing elected official in the nations capital.
DT - DC Concilman Trayon White posted a Facebook video of himself driving through a weekend snowfall:  
“Man, it just started snowing out of nowhere this morning, man. Y’all better pay attention to this climate control, man, this climate manipulation. And that’s a model based off the Rothschilds controlling the climate to create natural disasters they can pay for to own the cities, man. Be careful." 
The Rothchilds are the European banking family, mostly Jewish, who conspiracy theorist claim secretly run the world. The accusations against the Rothchilds often come in the context of anti-Semitism, as in “the Jews control the world.” Maybe unsurprising, White occupies the DC council seat once held by crack-smoking hooker-fan and former mayor of DC, Marion Barry. I see there are some unique qualifications to hold this particular seat. 
White naturally took some crap for claiming “the Jews” were manipulating the weather and issued an apology: 
“I did not intend to be Anti-Semitic, and I see I should not have said that after learning from my colleagues.” 
White kind of addressed the anti-Semitic aspects of his statement, but doesn’t come close to acknowledging the insanity that he believes Jewish people or anyone for that matter has a weather-control device that they use to build wealth. This is an InfoWars level of cuckoo and nobody seems to have a problem with an democrat politician holding this crazy belief." 

Had he been a white Republican making a similar offensive and insane statement, he’d be headline news on CNN and the Anti-Defamation League and South Poverty Law Center calling for them to resign. But White is un-ironically black plus, he’s a democrat, so this controversy is already done.  Fini.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Flying Headlong Into The Belly of the Beast

Nestled in a gated community, the secretive nature of the event is by design, as Southern California isn’t exactly Trump country. Donald Trump’s fundraising dinner party on Tuesday at an undisclosed location will be very un-Hollywood. The President's surrogates have thus far done a remarkable job in keeping the venue — in or near Beverly Hills — a secret. Attendees have provided their personal information to the president’s security team and assured the powers that be that they’d not reveal details of the event, according to people who spoke to The Hollywood Reporter on condition of anonymity.

Several Facebook groups, in fact, are planning protests, even though they won’t know the president’s exact whereabouts. One industry invitee when asked about the unusual level of secrecy quipped:
"The atmosphere in Hollywood is so toxic — you wouldn’t know unless you were on the receiving end of it. We’re not talking about classy people like Cary Grant and Lauren Bacall, they’re worried that some nobody actor will scream 'motherfucker' at the president." 
"Obama would come to town with 30 cars and close down Wilshire Boulevard, but the President's people want to get in and out quickly."  
While the cheapest ticket runs $35,000, or $50,000 for a couple, some are encouraged to donate up to $250,000 to go to a variety of conservative causes. On the other hand, there will be some at the party who paid nothing, invited because Trump wants to meet with them or reward them for past support. - The Hollywood Reporter

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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Why the Left Opposes Arming Teachers

by Dennis Prager for TownHall

Why does the left oppose allowing a small number of highly trained teachers and other adults who work at schools to arm themselves? When asked, their response is consistent: “It’s a crazy idea.” And “We need fewer guns, not more guns.”
A New York Times editorial offered the following argument against having any armed teachers:
“Nationwide statistics on police shooting accuracy are not to be found. But if New York is typical, analyses show that its officers hit their targets only one-third of the time. And during gunfights, when the adrenaline is really pumping, that accuracy can drop to as low as 13 percent.”
But if that is an argument against armed teachers, why isn’t it an argument against armed police?
And that argument was Aristotelian compared to this one from a Los Angeles Times editorial:
“If a pistol-strapping chemistry teacher had grabbed her .45 and unloaded on today’s gunman after he killed, what, one student? Three? Five? That would be good news?” 
Of course, no murder is “good news.” But to most of us, one or three or five as compared with 17  murdered is good news. Only those who think it isn’t good news think permitting some teachers and other school staff to be armed is a bad idea.
Beyond such arguments, the left rarely, if ever, explains why allowing some teachers and other adults in a school to be armed is a crazy idea. They merely assert it as a self-evident truth. But, of course, it's not a self-evident truth. On the contrary, having some adults who work at schools be trained in the responsible use of guns makes so much sense that the left's blanket opposition seems puzzling. It shouldn't be. On the question of taking up arms against evil, the left is very consistent. - Keep Reading


This Kentucky school district just voted to let teachers carry concealed guns - 

Monday, January 29, 2018

And Bernie Makes Four....

Crazy Ol' Commie Coot To Rebut SOTU Address from His Alternative Universe 

As the Democrats continue to retreat into their make-believe world of Russian conspiracy theories, race-baiting, gender politics and betting the farm that voters will turn out for a party that is on the record as more concerned with illegal aliens than U.S. citizens, are getting ready to pour more gasoline on the smoldering wreckage of a party with their upcoming responses to President Trumps State of the Union address.

Today, communist coot Bernie Sanders announced that he would also be giving a rebuttal to the President's Tuesday State of the Union Address. He joins the privileged whiny self-obsessed celebrities and their idiotic “People’s State of the Union” address on Monday, the official Democratic rebuttal featuring the alabaster white Rep. Joe Kennedy III (aka Mr. Diversity whose selection can’t please the identity politics member of the crybaby caucus) and the Lunatic Fringe conspiracy theorist and race-baiting fanatic Maxine Waters who refuses to attend but will be giving her own twisted rebuttal on Black Entertainment Television
Sanders’s office didn’t hint at what the Vermont lawmaker will say. But he simultaneously blasted out a note to supporters from his campaign account knocking Trump and predicting what the president won’t discuss during the prime-time address. 
“He will surely not be apologizing for the many lies he told American voters: how he promised to defend the interests of working people, but then sold them out to Wall Street and the billionaire class,” Sanders said in the note to supporters. - The Hill
Power To The Correct People....or something. 

(The Hill)

Friday, January 12, 2018

Maybe Someone Needs To Rethink The Saying "It's So Easy Even a Caveman Can Do It."


DT - The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results, but that wisdom is lost on Democrat Al Green and his quixotic mission to bring impeachment charges against President Trump.

Green is one of the more obnoxious members of the self-segregating Congressional Black Caucus as well as one of the butt-ugliest human beings that has ever prowled the halls of Congress. The former head of the Houston NAACP turned politician has repeatedly seen his efforts go down to defeat, often in an embarrassing manner. But for what Green lacks in intellectual firepower, he more than makes up for in persistence. Green is once again vowing to impeach Trump over referring to “shithole” counties as “shithole” countries because like everything to a black identity progtards with a twisted worldview EVERYTHING is racism when it comes from the man who replaced Barack Obama in the White House:
Congressional condemnation of racist bigotry is not enough. In Congress, talk is cheap-it’s how we vote that counts. Next week, I will again bring a resolution to impeach @realDonaldTrump. I will put my vote where my mouth is. #RepealandReplaceTrump.
Green’s imbecilic outburst should also provide fodder that a similar constitutional amendment be created mandating a basic civics test for members of Congress. The Constitution pretty much defines what is and is not an impeachable offense and unfortunately for goofy Green, having a serious case of red-ass over your guy losing an election isn’t one of them. This sorry excuse for a congressman wouldn’t recognize the document if it sneaked up behind him and bit him in his ignorant, grandstanding ass.

In a sane society with a functional media and political leadership that puts America first it would be funny to watch the Democrat clown car careening around but unfortunately, we don’t live in one. The lunatics have truly taken over the asylum since Hillary’s crushing loss and they are making a break for the fences… READ MORE

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Monday, January 8, 2018

Another Fat Black Gurl in the White House? I don't Think So.

"Sunday night’s Golden Globe Awards was all that Hollywood has come to be about in their post-Hillary season of discontent. Scads of wealthy self-important, blathering reprobates all resplendent in their ANTIFA black and unifying behind the crusade against sexual harassment (translation: the war on men) as they mobilize to avenge the stunning loss of their champion Hillary.

What went down at the swanky Beverly Hills Hilton should be an ominous sign for the Democratic party which appears to be losing Hollywood as the celebs have become so arrogant and superior to everyone else in America, that they are about to go it alone. The gazillionaire talk show queen who presides over a vast entertainment empire gave a rousing speech, railing against the hated patriarchy and vowing that “a new day is coming” for this faction of the left.

It was the night that #MeToo officially became #FuckTrump because that is what all of this horseshit has ALWAYS been about – the poor shattered egos and fragile feelings of the Star-Bellied Sneetches on the left coast who were deprived of their black gown parties at the Hillary White House. Anyone who believes otherwise is a shmuck of a liberal, but I repeat myself.

The Democrats are NEVER going to capitulate to the celebrity snobs by running Oprah. There are too many within the party who have their eye on the prize and groveling for dollars to be with all of the beautiful people doesn’t translate into a desire to hand the keys of their political party to them. Let them split off and run Oprah, they won’t be drawing votes from Republicans, conservatives or Americans who have had enough of these egomaniacal bloviating hypocrites." - Donn Marten

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

If an You're Illegal Alien, a Felon or Just Like to Get High - Go West Young Man

Pranksters Troll California's Sanctuary Declaration

California officially became a “sanctuary state” on Jan. 1, because of a bill that California Gov. Moonbeam signed into law in October. In effect, the law shields California’s estimated 2.3 million illegal residents from federal immigration laws.

Not surprisingly, pranksters and opponents of the new declaration were there to troll Moonbeam and the Golden State’s government by posting official looking highway signs that greeted motorists entering from Nevada and Arizona that read: "Felons, Illegals and MS13 Welcome! Democrats Need The Votes!"

The signs are similar to one posted on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu last year, according to the Los Angeles Times. That sign read: “Official Sanctuary City ‘Cheap Nannies and Gardeners Make Malibu Great!’ (Boyle Heights Not So Much).” That sign was posted after Malibu declared itself a sanctuary city. The signs are similar to one posted on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu last year, according to the Los Angeles Times. That sign read: “Official Sanctuary City ‘Cheap Nannies and Gardeners Make Malibu Great!’ (Boyle Heights Not So Much).” That sign was posted after Malibu declared itself a sanctuary city.

With marijuana dispensaries now open on Jan 1 for sale of weed for recreational use, state government snubbing their nose at federal law protecting illegals and a social movement afoot soon to come to California to restore voting rights to convicted felons (a new democrat voting block - the prison vote) if your your a hip, self loathing white gender confused dem, a member of a violent Mexican street gang or experienced in ganja sales and service, Go West Young Man. Please, do us a favor, Go West...... 

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Friday, December 22, 2017

Ideal Last Minute Stocking Stuffer For The Self Loathing Social Justice Warrior Snowflake On Your Christmas List...

DT - Just in time for Christmas a flaming west coast liberal has put out a coloring book as a sop to Black Lives Matter and precious snowflakes who constantly bemoan so-called white privilege. To assuage the whiners, Seattle-based  Jim Corbett has put out the “I Am So Sick of White Guys” coloring book as a way to help emotionally fragile losers who can’t get over losing a freaking election to cope. By the way, Corbett himself is white.
Jim Corbett wants to help political democrats and progressives cope with the current times by coloring. The Yorktown, N.Y. native, now based in Seattle, has co-authored an adult coloring book, “I Am So Sick of White Guys,” which offers a message about white privilege and unchecked power. The 61-page book contains images of political humor that take aim at controversial policies and politicians. Instead of unicorns and snowmen, readers can color images of Donald Trump and illustrations that represent freedom of speech, Russian collusion theories, the Ku Klux Klan and football civil rights action. 
“It came completely out of me screaming at my TV, and the way the GOP is taking the country off in a totally different direction,” says Corbett. “I’m just a concerned citizen,” says the law librarian, in a phone interview. Corbett and Tim Jones (another white guy) wrote the text; the 27 illustrations were done by veteran artist (and African-American) Steve Hartley. 
The coloring book is available online at Amazon for $10; Corbett says 10 percent of the profits from sales are being donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center. 
“For us, this is a humorous coping mechanism. I am very frustrated and sad,” Corbett says. “But we want to make sure people understand this is not a vehicle of intolerance or hate. We are not trying to get people to hate white guys. We need people to have good coping mechanisms.” 
Liberalism belongs in the DSM-V right alongside Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Journalist Upset Cause No One Will Sexually Harass Her

Uh...I Think I Have A Good Idea Why.....

Evidently Charlie Rose was is a racist for not sexually harassing black women at his workplace, or at least that's what Esquire's Rebecca Carroll suggested in a recent column. It makes me wonder if a woman who insist looking like she just stuck her finger in a light socket and making herself look gender confused and as
unappealing as she can to a normal red-blooded white male has anything to really complain about.... 

"In 1997, I joined the production team of Charlie Rose’s popular interview show. I was the only black journalist on staff. At the time, there was little to no recognition of what it meant to be black and female in a workplace dominated by white men. Twenty years later, in this watershed moment of examination and reckoning as one powerful white man after another is disgraced following allegations of sexual misconduct ranging from harassment to assault, we’re still not talking about the ramifications for black women—or the broader connection to structural racism in America." 
"… And while many of us on staff were subject to Charlie’s unsolicited shoulder massages and physical intimidation, as he towered above us at a height over six feet tall, the women Charlie preferred and preyed upon—at least that I witnessed—were white. It was an environment that all but erased me, while simultaneously exploiting me as a black woman."
"In America, the most desirable woman in the room—the most sacred, coveted, enshrined woman—has always been the white woman........" 
"To be clear, I’m not suggesting it would have been preferable for Charlie to have preyed upon me, too—but rather, his sexualization of white women was a manifestation of gendered power dynamics in the same way that his not sexualizing me was an expression of racialized power dynamics."
Poor Woman. Confused by a radical ethnocentric view of life, she just doesn't get it.  Charlie Rose may be guilty of having had bad judgement.........but he's not freakin' blind.