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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

When Your Boyfriend Texts You About the STD Test in Middle of Your Cable News Interview

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Monday, October 5, 2020

Ricky Maddow Draws the Ire of the Stone Cold Leftist

MSNBC's Ricky Maddow began explicitly linking DJT to classic fascism as early as 2015 and has notoriously spent the last four years manically obsessed with Moonbat Crazy claims like DJT has such a corrupt relationship with Vladimir Putin that it is the Kremlin which secretly runs the U.S. and is using that power to plot harm to large numbers of Americans by seizing the power to cut off their heat in the dead of winter and other assorted crazy.  

Yet upon learning that the fascist, Kremlin-controlled, Nazi-like dictator had become ill, Maddow launched a one-woman crusade suggesting that her fans and fellow liberals pray earnestly for his recovery. She first posted an extremely effusive tweet:
“God bless the president and the first lady. If you pray, please pray for their speedy and complete recovery…”
Presumably in response to widespread liberal confusion and criticisms — wait, you spent four years telling us he’s a fascist racist Nazi-like despot and now you insist that we pray for his health?  

Maddow then devoted a whole segment urging her viewers to react to Trump’s COVID diagnosis with the same compassion and through the same prism as if a friend who smokes cigarettes learned she had lung cancer. 

Of Course this set off some of his fans as well as some of the more notorious soft skull leftist website authors, like at the website you feel you have to take a shower after visiting:
"Rachel Maddow thinks we need to show compassion for the compassionless Donald Trump during his health crisis. I'm gonna pass. Maddow lectured those of us who think Trump “had it coming," like the lousy husbands of the six merry murderesses. Of course, Trump didn't just pop his gum annoyingly. He actually ran into COVID-19's knife ten times. Trump isn't my friend. He's my mortal enemy, because powerful white supremacists like to test the limits of my mortality. Donald Trump is a monster with no redeeming qualities. This is retribution."
But like Ricky, some members of the opposition party did 'publicly' act like adults and offered a kind word and a prayer, if even just to show respect to the office. 

There are a few potential explanations that may account for this extremely unusual and confounding behavior of praying for, rather than against, the well-being of a fascist dictator.

Perhaps Democratic leaders are simply pretending to be hoping for Trump’s well-being for political purposes while secretly hoping that he suffers a slow and painful death.

Or perhaps national Democratic politicians have ascended to a state of spiritual elevation rarely seen in modern political history, in which they are capable of praying for even those they most dislike, including ones they believe are imposing fascism on their nation?

Or perhaps, maybe more likely, Democratic leaders do not really believe the things they have spent four years saying about DJT....

[The Intercept]
[Website That Shall Remain Unnamed]
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Friday, August 28, 2020

Hey Claire, Who's Writing Your Hateful Scripts. Biden's Handlers?

MSNBC comes off as so phony sometime. In this short clip, the disgraced and bitter former US Senator and one of the DNC resident MSNBC sock puppets, Claire McCaskill, feigned absolute outrage I tell you, repeating herself almost verbatim as if she's reading from scripted notes to a predetermined question, on two different shows in different AM/PM time slots.  

This is so juvenile, even for a bunch of conspiracy theory clowns at MSNBC and so obvious this is not off the cuff remarks, because the old bag is only slightly sharper than Biden......

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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Don't Blame Donald Trump if the Post Office Loses Your Vote

Just minutes before the start of primetime coverage of the first night of the 4 night Democrat Infomercial "Vote For Biden Because He's Not Trump" was to begin, Conspiracy Central's Joy Reid on her new MSNBC Crazy Negro Hour ramped up dangerously irresponsible rhetoric and conspiracy theories by her and her guests that would make even Ricky Maddow blush.

Not only were they openly accusing DJT of dismantling our democratic process before our very eyes and of intentionally destroying the Postal Service to rig the 2020 election, but of taking calls and directives from authoritarian world leaders on how to ensure he doesn’t leave office in January.

Worst yet, this evening's most renowned Crazy Negro was the unhinged fear-mongering liar, Russiagate conspiracy theorist Malcolm Nance, who said if worse comes to worse and DJT wins, Americans will have to take to the streets like in Belarus and try to remove Trump from office by force. Video Here.

By now you've probably heard from various soft skulls like CNN's Tater Stelter that DJT and the Postmaster General "are sabotaging democracy in plain sight" through a mix of nefarious ploys ranging from removing "blue Post Office drop boxes" to scrapping mail-sorting machines to allegedly mandating a slowdown in delivering the mail,  supposedly doing everything possible to block what is expected to be a historically high level of mail-in ballots.

The truth is far less incendiary, though still troubling. As USA Today concluded in a fact-check of various rumors floating around:
...."it is false to say mail is intentionally being slowed, despite reports that a new USPS [United States Postal Service] system might inherently cause delays. 
The Trump administration said the president did not direct USPS to slow down its deliveries, and USA TODAY found no evidence of that claim being true either."
In any case, as NPR and other supposed news outlets have reported, the president has said he'd sign a bill including more funding for the Postal Service, including aid dedicated to processing any surge in mail-in votes.

Here's a little bit of math that should give voters succor.
In 2016, about 140 million total votes were cast in the presidential election, according to the U.S. Election Assistance Commission. Now assume, for the sake of argument, that the same number of votes will be cast this year as in 2016. 
Even if all voters used the mail and posted their ballots on exactly the same day, that would comprise only 30 percent of the amount of mail the USPS says it processes every single day.
So if the USPS screws up delivering votes in a timely and efficient manner this fall, it won't be because of any sinister actions by the White House.

It will be because of longstanding, well-documented managerial and cultural problems that gave rise to such stock portrayals of letter carriers as Seinfeld's Newman and Cheers' Cliff Clavin.

It may take weeks for a final tally of all votes this fall depending on the closeness of the race on Election Day, and that waiting period may be excruciating to live through. But that has less to do with the USPS and more to do with local and state voting boards.

For those who are interested in the post office's chronically bad performance and "unsustainable" situation, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) has produced a long list of studies on where the problems come from and how they might be addressed. The short version is that Congress and government workers unions have blocked all sorts of serious reforms to an operation that has seen a 33 percent decline in mail volume since 2006.

If the election is stolen or rigged in any way, you can bet it's done by our friends who lost touch with reality, and vow revenge for what they believe was stolen from them in 2016.

[Reason Mag]
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Friday, August 7, 2020

Quite an Interesting Video on Second Inspection

As most news interview go these days, we've all learned that at least half of what we hear isn't true,  and the other half is suspect. But in the case of the short video below, those rules don't apply.  I have never seen a video quite like this one.

It's a NewsBusters clip of MSNBC's  Queball Vishnu substituting for Larry 'Stop That Hammering' O'Donnell on his basement rated sludge fest, 'The Last Word',  interviewing NPR's chia pet, chief WH press agitator Yamiche Alcindor, and associate editor Renee Graham of the once respectable but dead in the water, Boston Globe. On first play my self said WTF did I just hear her say? 

What makes this short video remarkable is that not one statement, save the first few words on the percentage of the black population by Alcindor that is only slightly exaggerated and then proceeds to go off the rail, not one statement expressed by either guess is factual.  Go to the google thingy and look for yourself.  Even the negro genius from Boston got the covid numbers wrong. 
It's one thing for a paid analyst to spout bullsh*t in line with the newworks biases, that's what they're paid to do. But to watch two people who pretend to play journalist lie on network television like this is a sad commentary of what we've become as a society and sure sign the establishment media as a source of truth of any kind is dead. On the integrity scale the media ranks just below Pimps. 

Friday, May 15, 2020

Media Ramps Up Frontal Assault on Unmasking Scandal

Lacking any self-awareness of being on a channel that routinely engages in nutty left-wing conspiracy theories and outrageous rhetoric, MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle kept up her network’s insistence that there was “nothing” to see regarding the controversy swirling around top Obama administration officials – including Joe Biden – urging the unmasking of Michael Flynn.

Following days of her fellow liberal hosts down playing the scandal in between the scare-mongering and the Orangeman bad choruses, Ruhle assured viewers the scandal was “completely made up” and a “nonsense story.”
“This morning, nearly 86,000 Americans have died from coronavirus....But the President and his allies are laser focused on a different story, one they completely made up,” Ruhle declared during the 9:00 a.m. ET hour. She bitterly added: “Something that they now are calling ‘Obamagate.’ It means nothing........The President has called it the greatest political crime in our country’s history, but it’s not.”

Thursday afternoon, Deadline: White House host Nicolle Wallace used nearly identical language, ranting that the scandal was a “fantasy,” like “the political version of the Tooth Fairy” or Santa Claus.  

Despite Wallace’s spin that this was Trump deflecting blame, her quickness to dismiss a legitimate story as a conspiracy theory, plus Joe Biden’s repeated lies that he was in no way involved in the investigation into Michael Flynn, may say more about how worried they are for 2020, than it does about Trump.

No doubt, The High Princess of Conspiracy Theories, Ricky Maddow, is surely feeling all invigorated about now....

[Media Research Center]

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Let's All Join Hands [virtually, of course] and Say a Prayer for Poor Squinty Scarborough

Poor Joe Scarborough: the pro-Trump media is so mean to him!  Squinty Joe opened this Mornings Squinty & Meat Puppet Show by moaning about how the pro-Trump media criticizes him for his "mistakes" lies.  In contrast, sobbed Scarborough, those same meanies ignore Trump's many "lies." Play us a sad song, Joe...
NB- Joe was awfully upset over being called out for having falsely claimed, as we noted, that "everybody saw [coronavirus] coming in early January." In fact, as late as March 10th, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio was on . . . Morning Joe, encouraging people to go about their lives normally, claiming there was "very little threat" for the majority of New Yorkers. 
And Joe was similarly distressed for having been criticized when he retweeted a doctored video falsely suggesting that Vice President Mike Pence was carrying empty boxes of PPE as a photo op. Working to weasel out of that blooper, Scarborough came close to blaming his children, suggesting he was distracted because "actually being dad, I was running around." Those darn kids! 
As Morning Joe viewers know, Scarborough likes to ride his verbal hobbyhorses into the ground. Today's was "fainting couch," with Scarborough repeatedly saying that Trump supporters in the media got on their fainting couches over Joe's "mistakes." 
Be sure to check the end of the video, where Scarborough pretends to be on the verge of a breakdown as he imitates the outrage of the pro-Trump media. (No Oscar for you Joe)
Note: just yesterday, a supposedly contrite Scarborough, commenting on his Twitter feud with Sen. Ted Cruz over the doctored Pence video, tweeted, "I gotta work on some things myself. I've got to do better." That didn't last long!

Monday, May 11, 2020

Fact Free MSNBC Claims Vlad Putin Was Behind Dropping the Michael Flynn Case

After weeks of Andrea Mitchell Reports gladly repeating Chinese Communist Party talking points, Mitchell and former FBI Assistant Director for Counterintelligence and current MSNBC contributor Frank Figliuzzi declared without any evidence at all that Russian President Vladimir Putin had something to do with the Justice Department’s decision to drop the case against former General Michael Flynn.

After Mitchell breathlessly summarized the “stunning” and “unprecedented” decision on Flynn, she saw something sinister in the Thursday phone call between President Trump and Putin. “Frank, first, all of the implications here, and the fact that he then called Vladimir Putin yesterday. She then asked Figliuzzi to, “Talk to me about your counterintelligence concerns here.”

Figliuzzi was certain that the phone call and the decision to drop the case were connected, “Yeah, I think they’re actually linked. The dismissal of charges against Flynn and conversation by the president with Vladimir Putin, stone cold adversary of the United States on the very same day, that’s not a coincidence.”

Whether Trump is allegedly a puppet or merely trying to appease Putin was left unsaid, but Figliuzzi maintained that the Flynn investigation was an urgent matter of national security, “The Flynn interview that is at issue here by the FBI was all about resolving the question of whether Mike Flynn was a counterintelligence threat to the nation as he entered into the national security adviser role. It was about figuring out how to neutralize, resolve and counter that threat. So when the president gets on the phone with Vladimir Putin and the topic comes up in the same conversation, the concerns have not yet been resolved.”

A retired three-star general is a national security threat? That’s a bit of a stretch.

Mitchell and Figliuzzi are simply wrong. The Trump-Putin phone call was on Thursday, the same day that the DOJ made the decision public, but the recommendation to drop the plan was made last week by U.S. Attorney Jeff Jensen. But since when did facts mean anything to the bunch of soft skulls at MSNBC.

So, We’re back to Russia.. WOW.. That’s not a double down, that’s like a quad-down. These people know no shame.

And I might need remind the reader, this same nutty F**ker Frank Figliuzzi, former FBI Assistant Director for Counterintelligence, who once told Lyin' Brian Willams Trump was signaling White Supremacist by raising the American Flag from half staff on August 8th 2019.

I kid you not:

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Thursday, April 23, 2020

The Award for 'Best Staged Media Theatrics' of the Week Goes to The Duo of Squinty & Meat Puppet

Joe Scarborough opened today's 'Morning with Squinty & Meat Puppet' by mentioning that rather than watching DJT's press conference yesterday, he listened to the Rolling Stones to calm his nerves.  Squinty Joe, known for his scripted rants he stays up nights writing, because we all know he's not sharp enough to 'Off the Cuff It', opened up on his tens of hundreds of viewers with a pretend meltdown which didn't fool me a bit, literally screaming and pounding the table as he railed against DJT and an unnamed "network" [obviously Fox News] regarding the coronavirus.

Dutifully playing her appointed part, Meat Puppet Mika almost acts concerned about her husband's mental health as they went to break, asking Scarborough "do you need to go listen to the Stones, or are you okay?"

This is media Faux outrage and play for attention at it's best. I present to you the winner of 'Best Staged Media Theatrics' of the Week":

[NewsBusters Video]

Monday, March 30, 2020

You would think people who have a habit of stepping on rakes would be a little more careful where the step.....

When DJT announced that two US Navy hospital ships would be deployed to support the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, Ricky Maddow scoffed. He mocked the president’s promise in a segment that was filled with his standard mixture of lofty arrogance, righteous indignation, and obnoxious condescension. Oh Ricky. Foiled Again! 

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Friday, March 6, 2020

This Ladies & Gentlemen is Elite Media Brain Power in Action

Monday, March 2, 2020

A DMF Tribute to the Late Great Chris Matthews

Chris Matthews tonight announced his retirement from MSNBC after twenty years with the network: "After a conversation with MSNBC, I decided last night will be my last Hardball."  In other words, they called him out for being a creep. He said goodbye and walked off the set. But in honor of one media personality that never failed to give such rich and robust material to the conservative blogosphere, we look back on a few of Chris' highlights from years past.

Chris Matthews to Donate Leg to Obama
Presidential Library

MFNS -Washington - MSNBC political commentator Chris Matthews today announced he would proudly donate his famous "Tingling Leg" to the future Barack Obama Presidential Failure Library said to be planned for construction in Hawaii. 
"Every since I made that statement on-air about the tingle up my leg the night of the election, the conservative bloggers have been shellacking me with it night and day!. So I plan when Barack leaves office to amputate it and donate it to the Obama Library and make all those bastards look like fools" Matthews told Middle Finger News. 

Ask if he was absolutely serious about the statement he  told us,  "Look, we were indeed drinking heavily during commercial breaks in the election coverage, but on air I was sitting next to Rachel Maddow for Gods sake! And while she was wild eyed and had on a nice pair of fishnets and playing footsie under the table with Andrea Mitchell.... I know the tingle wasn't because of them! That was 100% adrenaline and admiration for Barack Obama because of the outcome of election night." 

There has at this time been no official statement from the White House, but Press Secretary Jay Carney  suggested the addition of the famous amputated leg, preserved in a glass case in the entrance to the future library would be an towering symbol of the love and support by members of the media for the 44th President in his heroic struggle to save America.

" Barack will get the leg when he leaves office.....I'll show those bastards!" said Matthews.

Post Inaugural: Chris Matthews' MSNBC Panel Fawns Over Michelle Obama's.....Buttocks

MFNS-Washington DC.- In the final minutes of the MSNBC coverage of Donald Trump being sworn in as 45th President, in order to steer the subject away from Trump, Chris Matthews invited several of the network’s past and present commentators who covered the Obamas over the last 8 years to pay tribute to former First Lady Michelle Obama.

It was classic Chris Matthews MSNBC lunacy.....

CHRIS MATTHEWS:  A couple of days ago the remarkable Michelle Obama celebrated her 53th birthday. I thought we would end tonight’s show by taking a few moments to reflect upon a sensational African American first lady. Ed Schultz, my good union friend, your thoughts on our gracious former first lady.

ED SCHULTZ: I know that she’s a beautiful lady, Chris. I can tell you that.

MATTHEWS: So you wouldn’t kick her out of bed for 

SCHULTZ: For eating crackers? Heck no. She can eat all the crackers she wants. Hell, she can eat a greasy double cheeseburger with a side order of cheesy fries and wipe her hands on the sheets.

AL SHARPTON: (smiling) What would a good lookin’ Black African American woman of color be doing in bed with a fat white boy like you, Ed?

SCHULTZ: (laughing) Hey, even fat white boys have fantasies.

SHARPTON: Are you frantrasizing about Michelle Obama or the double cheeseburger?

MATTHEWS: What about you, Rachel. You’re a lesbian, would you kick the first lady out of bed?

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Feeling Their Irrelevance, Squinty & Meat Puppet Claim DJT Wants To Jail Them

Becoming increasingly butthurt that even after all this time, DJT will not take a shot at Squinty Joe Scarborough and his peroxide overdosed makeup test dummy Mika and their little morning MSBNC Trump-bashing show, Joe gave his viewer Wednesday morning a dish of hyperbole smothered in self-importance.

In denial they are really just network time-filler and believing they are of any relevance in today's media, Joe claimed that if he could, Trump would arrest Mika and him, along with every other journalist he didn't like, and throw them in jail to silence themScarborough began his delusional assertion with, "our constitutional republic and the institutions in it, literally, are being challenged every day."

The media tried this tactic before the election. None of this has ever happened, but they just keep predicting it. They have to pretend pulling Jim Acosta's "news" credentials for a week is somehow like wasting away in the Gulag somewhere. The reality is that all presidents have had an adversarial relationship with the press. You need look no further than President Trump's predecessor. Then New York Times reporter James Risen called Barack Obama's administration "the greatest enemy of press freedom in a generation.”  

Two things Joe. (in Joe Biden's voice) No.1 - You have no viewers and ain't that important.   No.2 - Why would DJT throw in jail the thing he, with just one tweet, can make an entire profession wet their pants with rage and expose as the false monolith of truth you really are??  

Squinty Speaks:


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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Move Over Don Lemon. Katy Tur Has Taken Over the Mantle of the AOC of the Broadcast Media

Broadcast Journalist Anchor of MSNBC Live, Katy Tur

MSNBC’s Katy Tur is most notably known for three things. Not being very bright.  Being one of the few women in the universe to date Keith Olbermann.  And perhaps most famous for proclaiming journalists are like firefighters, because after all, reading from a teleprompter and writing articles is totally like risking one’s life to go into a burning building and saving people. It was at that moment that the media’s inflated sense of self-importance became undeniably clear and it’s been a basis for parody ever since.

Like AOC, Tur has lots to say but pretty much all of it is stupid. But in her defense, her only degree is a BA Philosophy and her father is a transgender named Zoey, so who knows what crazy things are going on behind those eyes.

Recently, she bemoaned “gerrymandering” in Senate races, which happens to not be a thing since state lines can not be gerrymandered.  Not to be outdone by herself, Tur simply moved her beer to the other hand as she illustrates the bubble more media types live in these days by making another ridiculous comment. In case you missed this bit of broadcast brilliance from a few days ago, here is another one of Tur's AOC moments:    

I'm not sure if Sununu caught the error in real-time and was being a gentleman or not. But it would have been so cool if he had stopped and said lady what the hell are you talking about.
Coupled with the gerrymandering comments, it paints a picture of a “journalist” who seems to have less common sense than the very people she routinely preens at. Tur also happens to be one of the more biased “journalists” out there, using her platform to drone and routinely spin Democratic talking points nicely arranged for her on the teleprompter, and that are way over her comprehension level.  

But fear not, Don Lemon. We all know it won't be long before we see another video clip of your famous AOC moments. Few are in your league.

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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

The Left and Their 'Tin Foil Hat' Problem.

Nuttier Than Your Average Squirrel Turd - MSNBC Loonie Central's Joy Reid 

by Clint Fargeau

A philosopher once observed: “If someone falsely accuses you of doing something, it’s a good bet they are doing it themselves.” Those who have the misfortune to peruse the organs of Leftist opinion will find no shortage of op-eds descrying the crazy conspiracy theories of conservatives.  Silly conservatives. Bunch of paranoid loons they are.

The barrage of leftist gaslighting over the last three years supports the philosopher's  more intellectual formulation of “He that smelt it dealt it.” Most of us are painfully familiar with the more infamous examples of conspiracy theorizing on the Left. To wit:
Donald Trump is a closet white supremacist in league with neo-nazis–like Ben Carson, a black man, and Stephen Miller, who is Jewish–to make America white again.
And on the really fruity end of the spectrum:
Jews control the weather; their nation state secretly plans to exterminate Arabs; and the whole lot of them have hypnotized the world with Hebrew mind control.
These conspiracy … “theories”, or more like “fever dreams” … spill forth not from basement bloggers in tinfoil hats but from supposedly nailed-down folk. Politicians, mainstream journalists, and (formerly) respectable intellectuals juice these lemons day after day, in defiance of common sense, hard evidence, or even a compelling pattern. Their constituents drink this sour mixture, proclaim it ambrosia, and cry for more.

The opinion leaders on the Left rail incessantly against “The Rich.” But when they say “The Rich,” they don’t mean the population with assets in excess of X million dollars. Those would just be people who happened to be rich. They mean “THE CONSPIRACY OF The Rich”–bastards who connive to suck up all the goodies. Collusion is how they got rich, not a combination of luck, intelligence, and hard work.

“Eat The Rich” cheerleaders like Robert Reich, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Elizabeth Warren talk like “The Rich” share a party line–complete with gold-plated Bat-phones–earnestly discussing as a group: “How can we keep the little guy down and murder the climate at the same time?”

Another long-running “conspiracy of” category is “White People.” Activists, politicians, and opinionators reference “(the conspiracy of) White People” on topics ranging from police shootings to NFL owners who manifestly plotted to exclude Colin Kaepernick from his rightful place chucking a ball on the TV. NFL owners can’t possibly have thought separately and individually that hiring Kaepernick–who damaged the entire league and who spouts Marxist, anti-white, anti-police garbage at every opportunity–might turn out to be a poor choice, leading to perennial headaches for any team stupid enough to toss him a jersey.

Leftist conspiracy mongers credit conservatives and Republicans with borderline-magical abilities to leverage powerful forces for sinister plots and schemes. In so doing, they have turned their constituency into a hysteria feedback movement. Their sole source of energy now appears to be: “Nazis and robber barons in the bushes! Treasons and plots! Grab your Reynolds Wrap and prepare for resistance!”

Perhaps most odd from a conservative viewpoint is that many of the “conspiracies” Leftist opinion makers “uncover” are open, commonly held beliefs on the Right. Opinion makers on the Left don’t listen to conservatives. Then, stumbling upon conservatives’ openly expressed views, they mischaracterize those beliefs as hidden and secret motives. The devious plotter living in every conservative means that nothing they say may be accepted at face value. The devious plotter living in every conservative means that nothing they say may be accepted at face value.

Francis Wilkinson’s hilariously ignorant opinion piece in Bloomberg exemplifies the left's paranoia at work. Wilkinson’s title– "The True Aim of the Gun Sanctuary Movement", Wilkinson theorizes that Second Amendment advocates (or as he calls them the “guns-everywhere-for anybody movement”) don’t *really* believe in the Constitution; they just want to subvert the American majority.

*Sigh*. Okay Francis, you got us. Conservatives really don’t believe in the wisdom of the Constitution, that bit of “legal finery.” We are conspiring in secret to give every felon, child, and psychiatric inmate an AR-15 and turn cities into dystopian slaughterhouses. Darn it. We almost snuck that one by, but Wilkinson was too smart for us.

A note to the Guns-Everywhere-for-Everybody Cabal: we will not meet this Friday, because Wilkinson’s column has made us sad and angry. But next Friday, come with your best ideas to trick the Left into believing we support the constitutional right to self-, home, and community defense on its merits. We will meet in room 302, right next to the Evil Jewish Bankers Who Control Everything Society.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Bet You Won't See This Story on CNN

Anyone who has wasted time watching either CNN or MSNBC knows who April Ryan is. White House correspondent for National Urban Radio (what ever that is) and an obnoxious cable news channel racial flame thrower, she's been one of the loudest of the media mouths to criticize DJT's attack on Fake News, and a leading proponent of the delusional idea DJT is suppressing free speech. She also has gone as far as insist that as members of the media they are in danger of physical attacks because people believe they don't tell the truth anymore, as if that is a new development. 

So it seems quite ironic, not to mention a wee bit of hypocrisy, that she would be involved in such action as happen at a recent event where she giving a speech. A reporter with New Brunswick Today, an independent community news organization, had his camera removed at her signal, and then moments later physically attacked by Ryan’s personal goon at an event held at The Heldrich Hotel in downtown New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Video footage (below) captured by the outlet shows Ryan, complete with her newest wig-hat, starting to deliver a keynote speech right before the altercation occurred. As she begins speaking, she glances in the direction of New Brunswick Today reporter Charlie Kratovil’s camera in an odd manner. Soon after, her security approaches her, and she nods approvingly. Ryan then just stands there silent up until the moment someone snatches the camera. Ryan then continues to speak.

According to New Brunswick Today, the reporter was invited media and that his camera had been “rolling the entire night” until Ryan directed her security guard to snatch it from him.

Looking like a ghetto street mugging, complete with your obligatory yelling black female..........hotel footage shows the later part of the confrontation outside the room as Kratovil tries to retrieve his camera and gets bodily thrown out the door. 

"If my invitation was a mistake, it was one that was repeated, confirmed in writing by the person who sent me the invitations, affirmed by the authorized on-site event personnel, and consistently reinforced over the course of several days leading up to the event, and on the night in question.
Until you look a little closer, do you understand why not one mention of this incident in the news even though it involved a black woman and self important member of the media. The event was titled 4th Annual New Jersey Parent Summit, hosted by "Project READY", a minority run non-profit pushing racial equity & diversity training and multicultural (there's that word again) curriculum.

This event at the Heldrich Hotel was not for white people. New Brunswick Today sent a melanin challenged reporter with a camera to a closed door, invite only event thrown by a progressive regressive education organization partnering with the black dominated school district, with the keynote speech by an instigator and well known member of the leftist media, an event where things could be said openly that others of us can't say, and certainly don't want them recorded. Ryan's brand of toxic racial, anti-Trump triads on-air border on insanity, even though you can tell she's holding back, something she probably wouldn't do among a friendly minority long as there are no cameras rolling.

Meanwhile, with her mind eaten up with TDS and newly felt elitism of having her own bodyguard to order around, April Ryan still has her seat reserved in the WH briefing room, despite the fact she's a disruption, disrespectful, a bigot, fat and ugly and a major league bore.....


Saturday, August 10, 2019

Squinty Scarborough - The Russians Did It.

Shortly after billionaire Jeffrey Epstein was reported dead, Squinty Scarborough came out of his stupor and took to the Tweeter to share his thoughts. If you still have any doubts at all left that Squinty Joe's cheese is about to fall off the plate, Check this out:

Most of Twitter on Saturday morning was blanketed with people not buying the official story, or at least asking how this could possibly have happened, a few offering their own theories of the death of the wealthy and connected sex offender. Although no one in the entire world could possibly have predicted this, the first thing the MSNBC host brought up after the death of Jeffrey Epstein was......Russians.   Part of the increasing infection of TDS Mind Rot includes not knowing one is infected.

Speaking of TDS Mind Rot, Joy Reid says "Hold My Beer":

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Trump Derangement Syndrome at its Most Unhinged.

Thinking it would be hard to top the sheer vile slander uttered by Nicolle Wallace on her MSNBC show Monday, actually claiming that DJT is "talking about exterminating Latinos", Mika Brzezinski takes TDS to an ugly new level with her accusations against DJT, actually accused the President of wanting mass murders to happen: 

This is Trump Derangement Syndrome at its most unhinged. It was even too much for Squinty Scarborough, who while accusing Trump of "inciting hatred," didn't embrace her lunatic notion.

And, it seems the whole network is gone full BOZO the 2:37 mark in this segment with Lyin' Brain Williams, MSNBC contributor & former FBI Assistant Director for Counterintelligence Frank Figliuzzi says this: 

[Ann Coulter's Tweeter Thingy] 

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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Oh Ricky!

MSNBC's Russia Hoax Queen’s ratings have come crashing down to the lowest since DJT was elected. Ricky Maddow spent two years juicing her ratings by promising her gullible audience she had the goods on Trump, that she alone could connect the Russia Collusion dots, that she was guaranteeing Trump not only colluded with Russia, but that he will be impeached, arrested, and jailed as a traitor. For two years this grifter strung her audience along with the promise that tonight’s show will be the Trump killshot…

But it was all bullshit, all lies, all desperate paranoid delusions of collusion invented by con woman/conspiracy theorist who got high sniffing her own press clippings. Sure, Maddow still has a sizable audience, but 500,000 of her viewers have finally had enough, finally got tired of being lied to, finally figured out they were being played for rubes.

She looks foolish now, exposed, and that is something almost impossible to overcome or to live down. Her intellectual bravado comes off a little hollow now, a little shrill… She’s not the old tried, true, and confident Rachel Maddow anymore and she never will be; no one is after they grift away their credibility and integrity. Maddow is so tarnished now, the far-left New York Times — New York Times! — refuses to allow its reporters to spear on her show. And this ban has nothing to do with her being a left-wing opinion host. The Times still allows its reporters to appear with other left-wing opinion hosts, like CNN’s Jake Tapper — even though Tapper’s ratings are about a fourth of what Maddow still delivers.

The problem is that Maddow is now damaged goods, damaged beyond repair, a fool and a liar exposed beyond redemption.

And the news just keeps getting worse for the Progturds at CNN... 

I'll drink to that!
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