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Saturday, January 11, 2020

The Year of the Tiger. The CFB National Championship Final: Clempston vs LSU

First Things First. A Note to visiting Tigers fans of both stripes: I have it on good word and can give you pretty solid assurances that the hotels and bars of New Orleans will not run out of Beer as do some other so-called host cities of CFB bowl contest. [/SARC]

Monday Night the Breck Girl and The Fightin' Dabos of Clempston roll into the Superdome to take on Bayou Jeaux and Coach O's LSU Fightin' Tigahs for the Championship of College Football.  Statistically, it will be the second highest scoring offense against the No. 1 scoring and passing defense in America. Statistically. The Fightin' Dabos haven't seen anything like LSU’s receivers.

The Breck Girl has never lost a game as a college QB. But there's a first time for everything they say. A victory by LSU would be their 6th win of their 15 against teams who are currently ranked in the top 9 of the Associated Press poll. A Clempston win would be their 3rd Championship title in 4 years, and win #30 in a row.

I had planed to sit down with a glass or two of my favorite spirits and write an epic detailed pre-game post complete with analysis and numerous reasons I believe my Fighting Tigers are to be victorious, not just to inform and entertain the DMF reader, but to bolster my own confidence of this truth.  But after some meditation on this years season I found it really no longer necessary.

You see, I remember LSU's 2007 Championship season very well, and in my mental wandering in time noticed some remarkable similarities to 2019.  I can assure the readers I have never believed in coincident. And I'm not one to believe in magic. But after this season, I do believe things can be magical.  With that said, I present this info for your consideration:

Mike the Tiger VI came to campus in the fall of 2007 as a majestic two year old and proudly presided over that LSU National Championship season.  His beautiful successor, Mike VII, became two years old this season.

In 2007, Les Miles was in his third season as Head Coach of LSU.
This season is Ed Orgeron's third full year as Tiger HC

In 2007, LSU beat Alabama in Tuscaloosa.
2019 was the first time since 2011 LSU beat Alabama..... and did it  in Tuscaloosa.

LSU won the 2007 Championship in the New Orleans Superdome, again the site of this years crowning of the CFB Champion.  

In 2007, LSU defeated the Ohio St. BuckNutts, a participant in the previous years Championship contest.  Clemptson will take the field Monday as the Defending National Champion.

I once commented to my SEC Sister Curmudgeon (maker of most excellent Game Day graphics) sometime before before this years SEC Championship game, that I was starting to believe the stars may be aligning and the gods of football were gazing favorable upon the Purple and Gold. She agreed. Then this weekend I learned of one more fact that wiped away any doubt in my mind.........  

The very day Billy Cannon,  LSU's only Heisman Trophy Winner died, the 2019 Heisman Winner signed his transfer to play at LSU.  In 1958, Cannon led LSU to a Sugar Bowl win in New Orleans to secure their first National Championship of the modern defeating Clemson University. 

For coach O's Tigers, it's more than just about a ring. More than just about a trophy. It's, indeed, about hours and hours of sweat and pain in the early morning hours of the sultry sun rises of a hot Louisiana summer when most everyone else was still asleep, when no media or TV cameras are on them.  It's about pen-point focus. On a shared goal long set, now just sixty minutes away.

One Team. One Heartbeat. 

Yes, I do indeed believe things can be magical........

Friday, December 27, 2019

Mr. Kool vs. Bayou Jeaux

College Football Playoff Semi-Final 
Oklahoma Sooners vs The LSU Tigers

Saturday in Atlanta, Oklahoma and LSU will meet for only the third time in their long and storied gridiron histories. The last time was the 2004 Sugar Bowl National Championship Game. Oklahoma was heavily favored but came up short, and a guy named Saban put the football world on notice.

As we await Saturday's kickoff, I find it puzzling that the Sports Monkeys and Vegas guys so underestimate the Sooners, a two touchdown underdog to the Tigers.  Sure, Oklahoma didn't mow down their competition in the same fashion LSU did most all year, but have they forgotten who has had an outstanding year calling signals for the Sooners? Jalen Hurts is as Kool under pressure as any, and let's not forget, he's beaten LSU twice already in his career. Hurts is a 1000 yd. running back playing QB, and can sting you if given the least little chance.  Any real obvious advantage the Tigers have over the Sooners can be neutralized by Hurts running loose. That's why I say this is going to be a great game to watch. I have no doubt Burrows and Co. can score on the Sooners. But the Tiger defense, who have been playing their season best, giving up only 17 pts. in the last two games, are going to have to play the game of the year and keep Hurts in check. Mistakes in this game will be costly for the either team.

When you're the #4 team in the nation and are considered to have little chance, that makes you dangerous. I'm sure the Sooners are tired of hearing the underdog thing and will be playing with a big chip on their shoulder. Both teams will be without a major piece of their success so far, but that's football.  I just don't believe that with all the Tigers have achieved on and off the field this year, there's any way they let their goal slip away Saturday. 

Last year after an very emotional loss to Jalen Hurts and his former SEC team mates, Coach O' announced "We're coming.......and we ain't backing down". Some people quietly laughed.
No one is laughing now......

 Larwyn's Linx@ Doug Ross Journal for the Linkage! 

Friday, December 6, 2019

To Be King of All You Survey: CFB Conference Championship Weekend

Most Excellent Graphic Courtesy of SEC Sister Curmudgeon @Political Clown Parade 

The Southeastern Conference Championship
The SEC East Georgia Bulldogs (11-1) vs The SEC West LSU Tigers (12-0)

The LSU Tigers' march across the south and defeat of all of those who came against them now brings them to Atlanta and The SEC Championship Game against SEC East Champs, the Georgia Bulldogs.  Loftier goals remain for the Tigers, but Saturday is about representin', and kicking the Dawg's mangy butts and making sure the SEC Championship continues to reside in the West. Where It Belongs!

This will be only the fourth time LSU and Georgia have met to decide the SEC Champion, the Tigers taking two of the three previous games. This Saturday will be a battle of an up tempo offense built to confuse defenses and striking fast with explosive plays, against a defense built to force you to put together long drives. It's a classic showdown of the league's best offense against the league’s best defense (statistically speaking). Auburn had some success slowing down the tempo of LSU’s pass offense, but the Tiger's run game stepped up and gassed the Auburn defenders. 

Joe Burrow put together a season that belongs on the shortlist of the best ever. His next TD pass will break the SEC’s single-season record. He broke the single-season passing yards mark last week. And in the backfield with Burrows is one Clyde Edwards-Helaire, 10th in the nation in all purpose yards. The defense is now healthy and at full strength. Coach O' has the Tigers focused. And Hungry. 

Georgia QB Jake Fromm will have to have a career day against the Tigers. The Dawgs have managed to put up 400 yards and 27+ points just once in their last 6 games, and Fromm has completed less than 50% of his passes in 4 consecutive games. 

The Bulldogs defense has played well holding 9 of 12 opponents below 100 yards rushing and all but one below 4.0 yards per carry. They have allowed only one rushing touchdown all season. The Dawgs are the only team in the nation that has held every opponent to 17 points or less in regulation, but ranks in the bottom half of the SEC in both tackles for loss and sacks.

Georgia plays a boring 'Kirby Ball' (i.e. Alabama Offense circa 2011). Wrestle control of the tempo in the first half, stake out a double-digit lead in the second, retreat into a shell, and sweat out a possible late rally by the opposing offense in the fourth quarter. If Georgia’s defense can do to LSU what it has done to every other offense it’s faced this year,  then the Bulldogs will be perfectly content to grind out another 20-something to 17-ish victory along the usual lines. I find that unlikely.

Part of the fun of watching the 2019 LSU Tigers this year has been listening to the skeptics as they aced every test, hit every note and defy every odd en route to the championship stage. Joe Burrow has done stuff that has made it impossible for the Tigers’ opponent to win.  This game won’t be any different. No blowout, but a solid win.  Beer and Flea Baths for everybody!

20 Reasons It's Better to be an LSU Fan Than a Georgia Fan 


The Big10 Championship
Big East Wisconsin (10-2) vs Big West Ohio St. (12-0)
I really really really want to call upset. But I hesitate. It's extremely difficult to defeat a good team twice in one season (believe me, I know of what I speak) But as good as the Badgers are, the Bucknutts are not going to be denied the top CFB Playoff seeding even if it means resorting to sacrificing virgin cheerleaders to the football gods on the sidelines. 

The ACC  Championship
Clempston (12-0) vs Virginia (10-2)
Daboo is awful whiny for a defending National Champion.
Bless his heart. 

BIG 12  Championship
Oklahoma (11-1) vs Baylor (11-1)
Their first meeting was a squeaker. This one is a complete toss-up for me. Their one loss each was by a combined total of 10 points.  And I have to say, it would be great to see Jalen Hurts be the first Quarterback to lead two different teams to the College Football Playoff.  

PAC 12 Championship 
PAC North-Oregon (10-2) vs PAC South-Utah (11-1)
I hear Utah is pretty this time of year. 

Friday, November 29, 2019

Heaping Bowls of Rivalry and a Long Waited Plate of Revenge

Week 14 of college football brings to an end the 2019 regular season. For some, it's their last chance for glory in school colors, save a bowl appearance, and the culmination of memories that may never be eclipsed in their remaining lives. For others, it's last steps before the beginning of their professional career. And for many, one game in particular means more then all the others - winning their school's storied rivalry games.  This is rivalry weekend for many programs.  But in the LSU Tigers case, this weekend is not about prized rivalry trophies and bragging rights, but of unfinished business.

It's about a 74-72 in 7 overtimes. It's about controversial calls. About suspect replay overturns that left even seasoned commentators shaking their heads. It's one thing to lose. It's another to have it taken from you. 

Saturday, Texas A&M is in the unfortunate position of now having to come to Baton Rouge and play the Tigers, who after the last meeting, have a big chip on their shoulder. This one's personal. And nothing would be more satisfying to the LSU faithful than the final game in Tiger Stadium this year be the avenging of the A&M loss, and the finishing touch on a perfect 12-0 regular season.  The weather is expected to turn ugly around kickoff and could alter the face of the game, turning it into a grinder.  Tigahs Win.

So on to Some Rivalry Weekend Games:

Ole Miss vs. Mississippi State (21-20 State Wins)
We've long known why the Good Lord put a mighty river between Louisiana and Mississippi:
Ole Miss falls after WR's urinating dog celebration  & Mississippi State coach Joe Moorhead -  'You'll have to drag my yankee ass out of here' 

Georgia vs. Georgia Tech
I'd really like to call Upset on this one.....I just can't pull the trigger.
Leghumpers finish undefeated.
SEE YA in Atlanta!

Alabama vs Auburn
With all that's happened this season, I just don't see Bama letting this one get away.
Tide Rolls

Florida vs Florida State
State wins the coin toss.
Chomp Chomp!

Clempston vs. South Carolina
Breck Girl burns the Gamecocks with 300+yds passing
Clempston gets a scare early

Oklahoma vs Okie State
Jalen Hurts put Sooner on his back
Sooners make their argument for playoffs

Ohio St. vs Michigan
Rain expected in Ann Arbor

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Friday, November 8, 2019

Showdown in Tuscaloosa - Saturday Down South: Week 11

Saturday afternoon the Associated Press No.1 & No.2 ranked teams, LSU and Alabama, meet in Tuscaloosa for the much hyped and anticipated SEC West showdown. Coincidentally, the last time the AP top two team met in regular season play........was LSU and Alabama in 2011.  It was the two of the best defenses in the nation that battled to a final 9-6 score in overtime. Those were the days of the ground-and-pound run game, bubble screens and end arounds.

That was then. Now, the two undefeated will meet with powerful offenses averaging over 500 yards a game. Both are Quarterbacked by Heisman Trophy Candidates that dominate all the CFB passing game categories, save one, and who routinely shred opposing defenses with ease. Both possess elite receivers. Both possess elite pass defenders. They both possess runners who can break open a big play. You need not be much of a football expert to deduce what kind of game this could be to watch. Hell, the President is even flying in to see this one in person!

Needless to say, a lot is riding on this game. A win all but secures the opportunity for the victor to go to Atlanta and kick around the Dawgs of Leghumper U. in the SEC Championship Game, and secure a CFB playoff berth.  But also riding on the game is an all-you-can-eat spicy Popeye's Chicken bet between our much beloved Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy and Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby.  But more importantly, there's the traditional friendly bet on the game between Moi and my SEC Sister and Alabama booster, Curmudgeon of Political Clown Parade, which results in a healthy contribution given to one of our favorite Charities, The Shriners Hospital For Children. (and be sure and check out Curmudgeon's always excellent game post).

The hype and build up to the game all this week has been over the top and impossible to listen to. The game has been dissected, X and O'd and predicted to death by the expert sports monkeys in their accentuated bloviating verbosity.  It's now time to get to it.  Defeating the Crimson Tide has been the insurmountable achievement for the LSU Tigers for the last seven seasons. Coach O' has built the team he promised, and now the chance presents itself to prove the naysayers wrong once and for all by showing that he WAS the right man for the job. I for one have no doubt.

The saying goes "The road to the SEC Championship goes through Tuscaloosa."


Friday, October 25, 2019

Saturday Down South Week #9: There's Only Room For One Kat Round Here!

6-1 Auburn Tigers @ 7-0 LSU  2:30PM CT - CBS

Week 9 of the college football season is upon us, and it brings a couple of crucial games in not only the SEC, but up there in the big10. Saturday night The Gus Bus Rolls into Baton Rouge for another date at 'The Place Where Dreams Come To Die'. The Auburn Tigers have not beaten LSU at home since 1999.  They come in Saturday ranked #9 after murdering the Hogs in Fayetteville last week.

Over the years some of the most memorable games ever played in Tiger Stadium were between LSU and Auburn. This game has implication for not only the SEC West Crown, but also CFB playoffs considerations.  A win by LSU would be its 3rd over a top 10 opponent and set up a showdown of #1 vs #2 with Alabama on Nov. 9. 

As expected, the Auburn defense has been solid most all year. Their key to winning is to disrupt Joe Burrows timing and making him uncomfortable. No one's been able to do that enough to affect his game so far. Auburn’s has the DC and horses up front to do it. And with Gus calling the offense from the sideline, anything can happen. 

Bo Nix has turned out to be a talented but unpredictable true freshman quarterback. We'll see how well he handles his first trip into the hostility of Tiger Stadium.  LSU has to disrupt Auburn's running game, the best in the SEC @ 239.6 yds a game. The Gus Bus can't keep pace without it, because even he knows you can't throw the ball in the Tiger's house. This is a game that could swing on a turn over or a bad call. Let's hope the Refs bring their seeing-eye Dogs...... 

The Football Gods have not looked kindly upon the Auburn Tigers when they travel to Death Valley. Auburn has come into Tiger Stadium ranked in the Top 10 four times. They are 0-4 in those trips. Saturday night it will be 0-5.
I say LSU by 9  

H/T to Saturday Down South for 20 reasons it's better to be an LSU fan than an Auburn fan. 

Elsewhere This Saturday

Arkansas (2-5) @ Alabama(7-0) - 6PM CT ESPN
A Tua-less No. 1 Bama gets a break considering their schedule and gets some time for Tua's backup to get some needed game reps against the anemic Hogs, and then a week to prepare for LSU in two weeks if needed. With nothing to lose, expect the Hogs to bring the house early and often against the Bama QB. And look for Tagovailoa #2 to play if necessary to win. Let's hope Tua heals in time for the Tigers visit to Tuscaloosa.

The Tide Rolls.
Bama by 17+ 

Wisconsin @ Ohio St. - 11AM CT - FOX 
UPSET! Badgers slows down the Bucknutt's offense and pulls out a win in Columbus by a field goal.
Bucky by 3 

Notre Dame @ Michigan - 6:30PM CT ABC
UPSET! The Irish go down hard at the Big House
Wolverines by 10 

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Friday, October 11, 2019

And Lo! For The Lizards Shall Enter The Valley of Death. Saturday Down South - Week 7

Two Go In, One Comes Out
6-0 Florida vs 5-0 LSU

The last time the Florida Gators and LSU Tigers met as both undefeated top 10 teams was Oct. 2015 in Baton Rouge.  Saturday Night in Tiger Stadium they met again as one of the top offenses in CFB meets one of it's top defenses. If I may quote from my preseason post:
"But I will say this - with the exit of the Squirrel McElwain at Florida, I believe Dan Mullan can recruit better there than he ever could at Cowbell U. and is going to bring the Gators quickly back to prominence in the East. This year? Who knows which Fippy Franks will show up?
The latter question is answered, and the former seems even more likely than when I wrote those words.  The Gators have been winning ugly, but no matter, you have to respect 6-0.

Saturday will be the biggest test for both teams so far this year. Each of the past 7 games between the two has been decided by a touchdown or less. That may not be the case this time. This will be the best defense the Tigers have faced as well as the most productive offense the Gators have had to defend against. The Tigers lead the nation in scoring at 54.6 points per game and are second in total offense at 571.2 ypg. The Gators lead the SEC in defense and are 5th in the nation in points allowed at 9.5 per game. Somethin' gotta give.

Both teams lay claim to DBU. That will be settled Saturday night. There's a lot of talent on both sides and I expect to see more than one interception before it's over.  All in all, I think the Gators are more then capable enough to slow down the Tiger offense. But if they don't bring a better game then they did last week, I don't think they can hang with the Tigers all night.

This is night game in Death Valley, and the Gators won't be playing against a freshman QB.

Friday, September 20, 2019

Saturday Down South: Week #4

The eight largest sports venues in the world are college football stadiums. Collegiate football for the most part has over it's 150 years remains a pure sport, untouched by drastic rule changes, paid players and unpolluted by destructive busy body left-wing ideology that threaten most sports today. Only the all-american game of baseball can claim the same intensity of life-long loyalty of it's fans like college football. Four of those eight stadiums are in the SEC, where the game football is a religion. And on Saturdays, along with many others stadiums large and small alike across the south, are cathedrals of Football.

This Saturday down south sh*t gets real, as conference play starts in earnest, and two potential playoff contenders face off between the hedges.

Some Games of Interest in the SEC

LSU vs Vanderbilt - SECN 11AM CT
The Tigers roll into Nashville to play the Commodores for only the 31st time since 1902, and only the 5th time this century.  Overall LSU is 22-7-1 against Vanderbilt. 

Being the Tiger offense is running on all cylinders, if the defense has their uncharacteristic deficiencies iron out, I don't see the commodores giving the Tigers much trouble.

I Say Tigers by 24+  

Tennessee vs. Florida - ESPN 11AM CT
No one likes to see a serious injury to a player, especially one that could change to direction of a teams future. The lizards lost their QB last week, but in this case, Florida may be better off than not.  Flippy Franks has never shown the ability he was recruited for, and no one at LSU was sad that he de-committed and went to UF. His backup looked like a capable replacement rallying the team over UK last week.  I think the Lizards will be fine. And Tennessee is a better team then they've looked. This will be a good one.

The Lizards by 7  

Auburn vs Texas A&M - CBS 2:30PM CT
College Station is become one of the toughest places to play in the SEC. This week The Gus Bus rolls into Kyle Field in what could be one of the better games of the week.  Both teams have brutal schedules, and both need this win. I don't call this an upset, because I don't think Auburn is a top 10 team. Home field advantage and QB experience wins this one.

Aggie's by 10  

Notre Dame vs Georgia- CBS 7PM CT
The big one this week is not a conference game. No one really knows how good ND is, and I see Georgia as they were last year just as they came to Tiger stadium. Hyped up by the media, puff chested & overconfident from beating up cupcakes. And ripe for another embarrassing upset.

The Irish by 6  

And One Up Yonder In The BG10

Michigan vs Wisconsin - Fox 11AM CT
Jim 'the cash is flowin' but the trophy case is empty' Harbaugh brings his over-rated Wolverines into Camp Randall to do a Big10 battle of the mustelids.  The Badgers have their usual stout defense and are yet to be scored on this year, and have a guy who can run the rock straight down your throat. All that and the 2019 Wolverine defense has yet to show up means big trouble for whistle britches Harbaugh.

Badgers by 10 +  

Friday, August 30, 2019

Saturday Down South - Week #1

Yes indeed, it is at long last College Football season again.  Fresh jerseys, refurbished helmets, new cleats and all new, longer and much improved fake weaves to flow from beneath the helmets. (I hear they give you that extra half-step on your competitor). The Expert Sports Monkeys have picked their top 25, conference champions, National Champs and even the Heisman Trophy winner. And more often than not, they will be wrong. But the season starts in earnest this weekend.  

The SEC is already off to a 2-0 start, with Florida getting things rolling with a 'W', looking like.....the Florida we all know. Texas A&M got their 'W' at home looking like a real, possible could be genuine maybe SEC West contender. In all fairness, this being Week 1 with mostly over matched non conference warm ups for Division One teams, everyone is jazzed, rough around the edges and prone to mental argument against early polls & rankings. 

There are few games of real importance this first week, but a couple worth paying attention to.  One is Auburn vs. Oregon. The ducks return 10 starters on offense from a team that went 8-4 and finished unranked last year, and somehow are now pre-season #11. Yeah they have a QB that is NFL bound........the same one that went 8-4 in the Pac 12 last year! Am I missing sumpthin here?? The ducks, who have won hands-down the DMF 'Ugliest Uniforms in College Football' award every year there has been a DMF 'Ugliest Uniforms in College Football' award, have to play Auburn's freshman QB.... and one of the best D lines in the country.  Uh...Advantage Auburn.

In a way to early SEC East Conference game, one of my projected two SEC losses for week one (the other being Ol' Missy) we wait and see how much coach Kirby lets his Georgia Bulldogs run up the score on hapless Vanderbilt to pad their stats to fuel the hype machine and the professional sports monkey's hard-ons, and throw a little mania to the most obnoxious fan base in the SEC.

Alabama draws first blood this season from Duke. The bad news is that Bama will not only be short 4 players due to suspensions, they have lost both their starting defensive anchors and play callers to season ending injury. This could complicate their season later in the year, or maybe not. But for now, all this increases Duke's chances of winning from 996-1 to 995-1.

LSU opens 2019 hosting Georgia Southern. This is not a team coach Oeaux is taking lightly. They went 10-3 last year and play a triple option offense that is rarely used these days, and is very difficult to defend against. Georgia Southern and their triple option inspired one of the more memorable and hilarious epic rants by Nick Saban during an Alabama press conference a couple of years ago when questioned about playing FBS teams. Ya Gotta watch it.

I really don't expect the Tigers to show a whole lot of their revamped offense as not to give much away to the Longhorns who they face in Austin next week. But it wouldn't surprise me if GS keeps it close till they've shown all their cards, then the Tigers go full throttle and knock off some of their own rough edges in the process.


And to Kick Off the Season, All SEC Teams Got a Single Wish
 from SEC Fairy Godmother

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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

The 150th Season of the Sport of College Football

Down South, we only have three seasons, Spring, Summer and Football Season. And of course a few weeks a year that you actually have to use the heater in the car.  This year, before we even have a 100 degree day, lo and behold we're on the cusp of new season, the 150th Season of College Football.

The 2018 Season is now fading in the rear view mirror. In the SEC it was a year that brought many surprises. Like the Sports Monkey's assurances of the rising dominance of the SEC East which created some over-inflated egos, but really just turned out to be a long awaited parity among conference teams.

In the West, the Crimson Tide turned in a perfect A+ 12-0 regular season to the teacher, only to fail their final exam. The Gus Bus hit the ditch (kinda of a surprise, lets say) and Ed Orgeron started the year on the hot seat, but wound up sitting upon a throne of purple and gold. The LSU Tigers, who no one expected to be anything but  7-5 spoilers having one of the toughest schedules in Division 1, were all but written off. But the Tigers had a little something to say about it. 

The high lite of the season for moi was October 13th, after the Tigers had already knocked off the #7 & #8 ranked teams in the nation, as LSU hosted #2 - the sports monkey's heir apparent to the Crimson Tide's SEC dominance, the 6-0 Georgia Bulldogs. Bolstered from the hype of the previous season and puff-chested from beating up on powerhouses like Austin Peay and Middle Tennessee, little did the Dawgs know what awaited them that Saturday afternoon at Tiger Stadium. This being the only game I was able to attend last year, it was a pleasantly cool afternoon of covertly sipping Old Charter 10 from my friends purse, watching Mr Heisman Trophy Candidate running for his life and frequently having to pull the Tiger stadium turf out of his face-mask. It was a brilliantly called & executed dirt stomping. I left Baton Rouge that night about as proud to be a Tiger as I had been since 2003.

LSU ended the season spanking and sending home the 22-0 self proclaimed Mythical 2017 National Champion UFC Knights in the Fiesta Bowl. Bless Their Little Hearts.

So what can we expect from the upcoming SEC season? 

My short thoughts:

This year I intentionally did not read the sports media's summer preseason click bait and hyping of team story lines. In doing so it seems I missed all the off-season silliness like Tom Herman whining about opposing players not being sentenced to life in prison for using the “Horns Down” gesture or Nick Saban's newest creative excuse for not winning a NC, and which Florida players have been arrested.  Preseason polls, rankings and power indicators before anyone's played a snap are purely conjecture and mean absolutely nothing, except to make every other conference hate the SEC for taking up so many spots.  LOL!!!  

So my thoughts here are based solely on what little I did read last weekend of this coming season and influenced directly by how much Rue De Perle Bordeaux 14' I've consumed this evening. 

SEC West - Plainly put, until SEC teams can give the Crimson Tide a two loss season, it a forgone conclusion they are and will be the top dog of the SEC. If Tua stays healthy, with their schedule, we could be looking at another 12-0 season for Alabama....If Tua stays healthy.

Jimbo Fisher is recruiting well at A&M and has cleaned up the affirmative action mess he was left with. With a experienced QB, the Aggies could be especially difficult to deal with. Clepson and Alabama are early loses and their schedule is brutal. But where have we heard that stumbling block before??

Auburn, will be Auburn. They too have a brutal schedule, and a freshman QB.  But, as he did at eleswhere, Kevin Steele is still building top 10 Defenses there, and that alone can help keep you in the game.  With Gus in his goofy visor and atrocious wardrobe callin' plays from the sidelines, anything can happen, and probably will....Beep Beep

There's lots of expectations in Baton Rouge right now after this spring LSU scored the addition of N.O. Saints pass offense assistant Joe Brady, and College Hall of Fame coach John Robinson as a game plan consultant. Joe Burrows has proven he's not shy and will call his own number if necessary, and is said to have a command of the offense not seen in Baton Rouge since 2011.

In the East - I'll be straight up and say it, I'm going against the grain. Until they prove otherwise,  I'm not convince Kirby Smart and the Georgia Bulldogs are a top 5 team they are said to be. Polls before week 3 are just conjecture. Name recognition plays a good part here I think. I'm not saying they not a good team, I'm saying some have bought the hype. Diogenes Don't.  

But I will say this - with the exit of the Squirrel McElwain at Florida, I believe Dan Mullan can recruit better there than he ever could at Cowbell U. and is going to bring the Gators quickly back to prominence in the East. This year? Who knows which Fippy Franks will show up. I'd pick the Gators to win the SEC East, but I hear there may have a depth problem, among others, and Georgia does has a puff schedule. We'll know Nov 2nd.

I'll go no further, and mean no disrespect to the rest of the SEC Teams. Rather I will leave it at this; looking at the SEC schedules, I'm not totally ruling out a sleeper who could reek havoc. I firmly believe there is going to be some really big upset wins and unexpected losses this year. The odds are in favor.  And the wine agrees. 

I do plan on trying to set aside some time to do football post this season, if only for the more important games, along with my prediction for the SEC and a few games for our long suffering DMF  Big10 fans, like YankeeBubba & Michael L. and a few others.

Here's a little Preseason Humor For Yous Guys........

So as we await the beginning of 150th season of the sport of College football, and the 97th LSU home opener in Tiger stadium, I end with what ESPN Sports named one of the best traditions of South Eastern Conference Football, one which brings a deafening roar rising from one of the great cathedrals of college football, and one that first time visitors to Tiger Stadium rarely soon forget:  The prologue to every LSU home game  - The immortal words of public-address announcer Dan Borne:

"Ladies and Gentlemen, The Sun Has Found Its Home In The Western Sky.
It Is Now, Saturday Night In Death Valley!"

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Friday, November 10, 2017

The Hogs Come A-callin

Arkansas vs. LSU 

After a trip to Tuscaloosa and giving the Crimson Tide all they could handle in a valiant losing effort last Saturday, the Tigers return to Death Valley this week to host the Arkansas Razorbacks in an early Saturday game.  Papa Hog and his Hapless Pigs haven't been much of a danger to anyones season this year, and shouldn't be much of a problem for the Tiger running backs, who were able to run for double Alabama's game average last week. That said, this is an Arkansas - LSU game with a long history that tells us the unthinkable is always a possible. 
I say Tigers by 17  


Florida v. South Carolina - 11AM CT - CBS
The Squirrel McElwain is gone, but the fact remains the Gators still suck. 
I say Gamecocks by 14 

Georgia v. Auburn - 2:30PM CT - CBS
Okay, Jarrett Stidham is for real, at least against lesser defenses. They've played against 2 good ones and loss to both. I'm still not convinced the Gus Bus is on the same level as Alabama and Georgia.  But this should be a good game. 
I say Dawgs by 10  

Alabama v. Mississippi St. - 6PM CT - ESPN
If MS studied the film carefully of the LSU game at Alabama last week, they could learn a lot about Alabama's defense (even the LSU radio play-by-play guys noticed something revealing) and they could make this a game. If not, no amount of cowbell is gonna save them from their wrath........
I say Tide by 17 

Upset of the week:
TCU goes to Norman and beats the Okla. Sooners in their own house.  

Diogenes stands at 15-6 thru week #9

Friday, October 13, 2017

And Lo, For The Gus Bus Shall Enter The Valley of Death

Auburn vs. LSU 
2:30 PM CT - CBS

The last time Auburn Univ. defeated LSU in Tiger Stadium Nick Saban was still two coaching gigs away from Alabama, I was a sixteen year old music student at the Conservatoire de Lyon and Bill Clinton was President of the United States.  It was 1999.

Some say the most exciting and memorable games ever played in the rich history of Tiger Stadium were played between Auburn and the LSU.  Saturday Auburn and the "Gus Bus" once again enter Death Valley, this time ranked as the #10 team in the nation. But as any college football fan knows, when the game clock starts those numbers are mostly meaningless. 

The Gus Bus has been shifting gears, and the Tigers played last week......more like the LSU Tigers for a change. The Expert Sports Monkeys are saying this is a mismatch, and it may very well be true.

But if all the Tiger defense starters are all healthy and able to play this week and can do as well as their stand-ins did last week slowing the run and make the Auburn Whiz Kid throw the ball, the Tigers could make a real game of it. The only secondary Auburn has faced as good as LSU, they loss to.  
And like all first time QB's visit to Tiger stadium, if you rattle easy they will see it, and they'll be coming for ya. Ask Jalen Hurts.  It also depends how well the mostly freshman offensive line can handle a very good Auburn defense that is playing at the top of their game. So if the Tigers have recovered from their (fill in the blank) that plagued them before the Florida game and can keep it close, I think it makes Auburn ripe for a possible upset. 

Yea, The Football Gods have not looked kindly upon the Auburn Tigers when they travel to The Valley of Death.  Auburn has come into Tiger Stadium ranked in the Top 10 three times. They are 0-3 in those trips. 

I Say UPSET: LSU by 3  

SEC Games of the Week:

South Carolina vs Tennessee - 11AM CT - ESPN
Butch Jones is on the hot seat bigtime. This week he plans to start his freshman QB to try and get things going. I think it's exactly what the Vols need to do. They get off to a slow start but Butch and the Boys in Orange(GRRR!) put it on the Gamecocks. 

I Say Vols by 7  

Arkansas vs. Alabama - 6:15 PM CT - ESPN
Okay, for this game to have any semblance of a fair fight, I call on the SEC to require both teams wear their Red Helmets and Red Jerseys at the same time in this game. Do I hear second??

I say The Tide by 20+ 

Texas Aggies vs. The Florida Suspects - 6PM CT ESPN2
It took the full 4 quarters for Alabama to shake off A&M last week. As much as I hate to say it, I think the Aggies are a better team then their record.

This week the Aggies travel to the Swamp to play The Squirrel and his Gators, who will be wearing some butt-ugly swamp green camouflage type uniform, either as punishment for last weeks loss, or to attempt to actually sneak up on the goal line and try to score some points.........

I Say Aggies by 10+ 

Went 3-0 last week making Diogenes 12-5 YTD. going into Week 7.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Oeaux vs.The Squirrel

2:30PM CT - CBS

The luckiest coach in college football and the one who hopes his luck has turned this week meet at the Swamp in Gainsville for the SEC "Underachiever Bowl" Saturday.  The Little Squirrel and his Gators have managed to squeak out a couple of wins that have kept their heads above water in the SEC East, but have looked unimpressive doing so.

And as for the Tigers, well what ever was the problem in Baton Rouge better be fixed now.  The team that shutdown BYU with ease was not the Tigers we saw the last couple weeks. Missed assignments, blown coverage and turnovers are not Tiger Football.

It's crunch time in the West, and it's uphill all the way now for coach O' and the Tigers. A meat grinder of a schedule lay ahead.

This game with Florida has taken on the feeling of a true rivalry for both schools, one of more then just genuine dislike, especially heating up the last few years after the Squirrel McElwain's post-game comments.  I would suspect after last week, and with the memory of last years game in Baton Rouge when the Tigers ran up and down the field on Squirrel's much vaunted defense, only to hand them the game and the SEC East title on a silver platter on the last play of the game, that the Tigers are coming to play. 

This is a winnable game and a chance for the Tigers to redeem themselves.  Well at least a little, after all, it is the Florida Gators.  It all depends on if the Tigers can run on the Gators, and if they can get to the Florida QB and force mistakes, and not make mistakes of their own, a problem that has plagued them all season so far. 

And a win at the Swamp by the Tigers won't be the upset as the sports monkeys proclaim it would be, but instead an oh-so-sweet revenge, being that Florida decided to change to this game their Homecoming. That's poking the Tiger in the Eye.......

I say the Squirrel's Luck runs out  

TIGERS BY  10  ✔ Chomp Chomp

SEC More: 

Alabama vs Texas A&M 6:15 CT-ESPN
The reason no one beats Alabama is because they play basic football, executed flawlessly and don't make mistakes. Don't believe me? Just Watch......

Tide by 17+ 

Ole Missy vs Auburn 11AM CT-SECN 
Locale boy Shea Patterson is going to be a great college Quarterback, but hasn't the team around him yet. The Auburn defense may pose a problem for his air attack......maybe not.

Auburn by 13  

Not calling any games in week 5, but calling 4 of 5 correct the previous week, Diogenes is 9-5 on the year going into week number six.

Friday, September 22, 2017

The Orange Guys vs The Cats

Syracuse vs LSU
6PM CT - ESPN2  

After the worst defeat in the 111 year history of the Miss. St vs LSU football, some impatient LSU faithful and many of the professional sports monkey media are saying the sky is falling.  I'm not one of them.  Some have totally lost sight of the fact the Tigers are a very young team, with 20 freshmen in the rotation on both side of the ball. Mistakes are going to be made and losses not to be totally unexpected. I sensed something wasn't right Saturday night from the very beginning, from the shoving at the coin toss to the targeting ejections by veteran players. I said preseason I was cautiously optimistic, and it's still early season yet. And as many Alabama fans will tell you, one game does not make a season. Last week is in the books and hopefully a wakeup call, and Coach O' fixed what ever was wrong last week.

Saturday night the Tigers welcome the ACC Syracuse Orangemen to Tiger stadium. The teams last played in 2015 with the Tigers walking away with a 34-24 win.  I have already well stated my utter disdain for the color orange..........especially within a sea of Purple and gold. Tigers get back on track. 

I say Tigers by 13  

Elsewhere in the SEC:

Alabama vs Vanderbilt - 2:30PM CT- CBS
I think this may be one of the toughest first half games Alabama will face all year. Vandy has the fire, is playing at home and is gonna go for a kill. Don't be surprised if it's a low scoring close game. But in the end Alabama wears them down in the 4th and walks away.

I say Tide by 10  

Florida vs Kentucky - 6:30PM CT- SECN
The Squirrel and his Gators got lucky last week, but it's short lived luck. They ain't playing in the Swamp and Kentucky knows where the end zones are......

I say Wildcats by 9  

Miss. St vs Georgia - 6PM CT - ESPN
I'm not ready to buy Miss. St. stock just yet. They beat Georgia at home I'm in. Not Till Then. LSU was not a #12 team, I think Georgia is. Playing in Athens gives The Dogs the big edge.

I say Georgia by 12  

Texas A&M  vs Arkansas - 11:00AM CT ESPN
The Hogs and the Aggies suit up to play at Jerry's World in Dallas Saturday. Neither coach can afford to lose this game and the one that does will be on a hot seat for real. If the hogs can protect Austin Allen and give him time to throw, the hogs can win this one. I'm Thinking that ain't gonna happen. 

I say Aggies by 9  

Last week was a bad week all the way around for The Kid. Not only did my team get trounced, but for the first time in two years I was less then .750 on my predictions, missing all threeThat leaves me at 5-4 going into Week 4