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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Enough Already

No one died. No war was lost. No one was diagnosed with an incurable disease. A candidate lost her bid for elected office. She was not entitled to the office. It wasn’t bequeathed to her. It wasn’t “her” time simply because she’s a she. She had to earn it. She didn’t. She lost. 
Winning and losing happens all the time in a Republic. Heck, it happens all the time in life. People lose jobs, lose relatives, lose relationships, lose money, lose games, lose weight. People find love, embrace careers, have babies, build businesses, win games, gain weight. Sometimes good things happen to bad people. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. 
Used to be, when troubling mysteries (like losing something one had staked her whole life on) afflicted someone, she’d get on her knees, pray for wisdom and understanding, read the Good Book, go to church, get some heavenly perspective, and go about her business. Now that secularism is the religion, people turn to each other and freak out. Granted, if salvation depended on the smelly hippie standing next to me, I’d freak out, too. 
The world has had enough of President Mom Jeans and was not interested in being hectored by grandma for four or eight years. It’s time to get some shit done and that means sucking it up, dealing with the loss, and going to work. Either you’re the loyal opposition, or maybe, just maybe, there’s some common ground that can be found so that something wonderful can happen. 
We’re Americans. We’re better than cry-ins and safety pins and foot-stomping marches that end in self-destructive riots in Democrat-run cities. - Melissa Mackenzie