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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

“We the People” Vs. Insane Utopian Zombies

"If you have come to feel that the inmates are running the asylum, and have the nagging suspicion that you have been, and are being, lied to by your government, entertainment industry, “news” media, politicians, pundits, and darn near everybody else and their cousin, then take heart—you aren’t crazy, they are.
Their insanity is the end result of a long, Byzantine trail of intellectual and spiritual missteps that can be traced back to the Enlightenment and the reason-driven teachings of the philosophes, which in turn led to the philosophical rebuttal of the emotion-driven Romantic movement, and so on through numerous permutations on up to the present day. Connecting the dots between the various associated philosophies, movements, doctrines, and ideologies is no doubt a fascinating journey, but it is not one we shall be embarking on in this article.
Suffice it to say that through centuries of trial and error the left-wing intelligentsia have parlayed a hope-filled optimistic foundation of sanity, morality, Deism, and reason—into a grim, amoral, envious, pessimistic, misogynistic, misanthropic, nihilistic, Godless, senseless mess. No mean feat that. What was bad is now good, and what was good is now bad—this state of affairs is sometimes called the “Luciferian Inversion.”
[Sidebar: It is worth noting that although spiritual experiences can have a great intellectual and/or emotional impact, a true spiritual experience is not an intellectual or emotional construct.]
Be that as it may, it is important to realize that the current Liberal/Progressive agenda is not the result of some fearless search for truth, but the result of a slavish devotion to promoting a predetermined outcome (a collectivist utopia). Clever propaganda and duplicity are zombie collectivism’s stock in trade....."
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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Isn't That Interesting.......

…in 2010, Barack Obama made a video in order to explain to America all the wonderful things ObamaCare would do for them and how it would improve the healthcare business.
Oddly, after ObamaCare was forced upon the country and we’re all learning how it is not ‘free’ after all and it is doing more damage and costing more than ever imagined…the video is no longer accessible at
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Thursday, December 6, 2012

It's Time to Fire John Boehner

The Left Coast Rebel

We've made no bones here about our disgust with GOP leadership, especially statist Speaker of the House, John Boehner. At every single point, even when he had the upper hand, he folded like a moth-balled 20-dollar suit.
He handed Obama everything he wanted and more in every single three-ring-circus "negotiation" we had the misfortune of witnessing. And his recent promise to exact reform or deep budgets cuts as the debt ceiling increase creeps up before the election?
Please, give us a break...
As independent conservatives and libertarians, we shouldn't be surprised.
If you inspect his big-government record, like a trained seal, you'll find he's doing exactly what he was trained to: he's just a slimy Good Ol' Boy backroom-dealing big-government Republican charlatan.
How did he ever get the speakership? Answer: because the Good Ol' Boy big-government Republican back-scratching statist network is alive and well - even as America burns.
They don't give a crap that America is deficit spending untold billions per day. They could care less that we are bankrupting our children and our children's children. They don't give a flying rat's ass or a rolling donut that their acquiescence to the every Democrat pet program (including national bankruptcy) means the nation's certain failure.
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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Obama the Destroyer

President Obama, like the vast majority of  America's progressives and their toadies in media, have whined about “income inequality.” According to The National Review Online income inequality has shrunk during this administration. Unfortunately, it has shrunk for the wrong reasons:
"In the last two years, it’s way down. Recessions are bad for the rich. If you care about inequality per se, recessions are great. That appears to be true, so in 2009 the top 1% I calculated at 17.6%. I’ve seen other calculations a tad under 17%, but it’s basically gone from 23.5 to 17. What’s interesting about 17 is that inequality in 2009 is actually lower than it was during any year of Bill Clinton’s second term."
“The Rich” have taken a hit during this administration. Thanks to President Obama not getting the economy running, the percentage of money millionaires made is 20% less than when Obama took office. And we're not talking about overnight Hip-Hop millionaires or your over payed Athletics here either, we're talking business owners and such.  Jim Hoft, the Gateway Pundit, has frequently called President Obama the “Worst. Jobs. President. Ever.” I think it should be:
"The. Biggest. Wealth. Destroying. President. Ever."

Most presidents increase the country’s wealth. President Obama’s policies have shrunk American wealth. It isn’t just “the rich” that’ve gotten hurt, either. There are more people on food stamps now than ever before. The middle class has shrunk significantly. At some point, people will know that Obama a) a harmful to their bank accounts health, b) has pursued policies that won't ever create wealth or prosperity and c) has increased debt, both personal and national, at a faster rate than any other president in U.S. history.President Obama’s stimulus fed his political allies. His policies have assisted his rich bundler's and union thugs alike. Everyone else has pretty much gotten the shaft.