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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

For Anyone Who Doesn't Support DJT

I'm curious. Do you dislike that DJT made torture and cruelty to animals a FELONY, or dislike that he signed the 'Save Our Seas Act' which funds $10 million per year to help international efforts to clean tons of plastic and garbage from the ocean?  Does your dislike stem from him giving billions to help in stopping the rampant opioid crisis, or because he wanted to secure the border to keep criminals, human trafficking and drugs from free flow into the country?  Do you dislike that he has made a commitment to end child-trafficking and crimes against humanity that has resulted in 1000’s of arrests already? Surely not. It must be something else. 

Do you dislike him because we are now energy independent and a net exporter of oil to the world, or that ISIS is destroyed, and that Arabs and Jews are talking peace once again? Do you dislike that he’s ending wars?

Do you dislike that he’s winning and signing new trade deals that benefit Americans instead of costing us our economy? Or do you dislike him because he just slashed the price for medications in some cases 50%, which is driving big Pharma nuts?  Or do you dislike that he signed a law ending the gag-order on pharmacists that prevented them from sharing money-saving options on prescriptions?

Do you dislike him because he has been successful in returning some important manufacturing to our land and despite the health crisis, he created a record number of new jobs? Or do you dislike him because has signed USMCA and other international agreements bringing business to our farmers and small businesses, thus benefiting us all?

Or maybe you just dislike the fact that he made a gay man the ambassador of Germany and then asked him to clean up national security and unclassified as much of it as possible for transparency?  Or do you dislike that he’s kept almost every campaign promise (with a Congress who work against him daily!) plus many more promises he made later because Washington was much more broken than he thought? Do you dislike like that he works for free, donating his salary to different charities?

Or maybe you dislike what he’s done for the black community? Do you dislike that he listened to senator Scott and passed Invest In Opportunity Zones to help minority business? Do you dislike that he passed prison reform, which gives people a second chance and has made quite a huge difference for the black communities?  I'll bet it rubs you raw that he has been praised for his work by the most unlikely representatives of the black community. 

Do you dislike that he loves America and puts Americans first? Do you dislike that he loves his flag and his country, that he respects cops, veterans, ICE & First Responders? Do you dislike that he passed VA reforms to benefit the very people who served our country and defend our freedom? Do you dislike he’s brought home over 40 Americans held captive, the last one from Iran?

Do you dislike that he does not sell out America to other countries, like the leaders prior to him have done? Do you dislike that he’s making the world pay their fair share for the UN for protection?

Could it be possible that the ones who SELL OUT America to line their pockets OWN THE MEDIA AND HOLLYWOOD and hate him so much for trying to expose them and hate him for putting the PEOPLE first that they manipulate our thinking and control the information we get to steer US to hate him?  Do you dislike that he calls out and has shown all of us that they ARE Fake News, and they twist the truth to control and mislead the people?  These people benefit when you hate the man trying to stop them… so they won’t have to give up the wealth they have gotten and continue to get thru taxation and control. Wouldn’t you at least want to RESEARCH this possibility?

Do you actually believe the President encouraged America to inject bleach? They won't tell you of the good he has done despite all the pushback, they just continue to lie. They want you to believe he is stupid because if you figure out that he isn’t, they will lose billions of dollars and their control over you.  Your cultivated BLIND hatred of this man who is literally trying to stave off Socialism is going to be detrimental to our country if you continue to support their hatred. The media has hated him from day one. Impeachment was on the table before he even took the oath of office. He’s never given a chance, yet in 4 years has shown unimagined results that would be hailed as greatness if done by others. He is far from the uncaring monster he is made out to be.

Results don’t lie. Leftist Do.

Monday, October 26, 2020

Troll Level 11+

BPR - The Wifi password the press was FORCED to use at this weekends Trump rally was an absolute genius move! When up against corrupt forces posing as journalists, folks on the right have to get creative in pushing the other side of news stories.

Such was the case regarding the issue of migrant children being separated from their parents when apprehended illegally entering the United States, which was featured in last week’s second and final presidential debate. NBC News’ Kristen Welker, who served as debate moderator, opted to include the issue in the questions posed to President Donald Trump and this resulted in a spirited exchange about who built the “cages” children are sometimes held in.

The answer, of course, is the Obama-Biden administration, which their media allies gloss right over. So, when Trump was campaigning in Wisconsin Saturday, a clever soul apparently assigned the media password for WiFi as:
All of which prompted a wave of tweets reminding the country about who really did build the cages — which are actually chained link fences.
In relation to DJT, those famous words Barky Obama so smugly once spoke, "You Didn't Build That', was never more relevant.

Monday, October 5, 2020

Ricky Maddow Draws the Ire of the Stone Cold Leftist

MSNBC's Ricky Maddow began explicitly linking DJT to classic fascism as early as 2015 and has notoriously spent the last four years manically obsessed with Moonbat Crazy claims like DJT has such a corrupt relationship with Vladimir Putin that it is the Kremlin which secretly runs the U.S. and is using that power to plot harm to large numbers of Americans by seizing the power to cut off their heat in the dead of winter and other assorted crazy.  

Yet upon learning that the fascist, Kremlin-controlled, Nazi-like dictator had become ill, Maddow launched a one-woman crusade suggesting that her fans and fellow liberals pray earnestly for his recovery. She first posted an extremely effusive tweet:
“God bless the president and the first lady. If you pray, please pray for their speedy and complete recovery…”
Presumably in response to widespread liberal confusion and criticisms — wait, you spent four years telling us he’s a fascist racist Nazi-like despot and now you insist that we pray for his health?  

Maddow then devoted a whole segment urging her viewers to react to Trump’s COVID diagnosis with the same compassion and through the same prism as if a friend who smokes cigarettes learned she had lung cancer. 

Of Course this set off some of his fans as well as some of the more notorious soft skull leftist website authors, like at the website you feel you have to take a shower after visiting:
"Rachel Maddow thinks we need to show compassion for the compassionless Donald Trump during his health crisis. I'm gonna pass. Maddow lectured those of us who think Trump “had it coming," like the lousy husbands of the six merry murderesses. Of course, Trump didn't just pop his gum annoyingly. He actually ran into COVID-19's knife ten times. Trump isn't my friend. He's my mortal enemy, because powerful white supremacists like to test the limits of my mortality. Donald Trump is a monster with no redeeming qualities. This is retribution."
But like Ricky, some members of the opposition party did 'publicly' act like adults and offered a kind word and a prayer, if even just to show respect to the office. 

There are a few potential explanations that may account for this extremely unusual and confounding behavior of praying for, rather than against, the well-being of a fascist dictator.

Perhaps Democratic leaders are simply pretending to be hoping for Trump’s well-being for political purposes while secretly hoping that he suffers a slow and painful death.

Or perhaps national Democratic politicians have ascended to a state of spiritual elevation rarely seen in modern political history, in which they are capable of praying for even those they most dislike, including ones they believe are imposing fascism on their nation?

Or perhaps, maybe more likely, Democratic leaders do not really believe the things they have spent four years saying about DJT....

[The Intercept]
[Website That Shall Remain Unnamed]
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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Democrat Operative Warns of ‘Red Mirage’ Landslide for DJT on Election Night

Would it surprise anyone that a Democrat operative is predicting that Joe Biden will win the presidency.....only days later and after all the mail-in ballots get counted?  We are accustomed to sitting in front of the TV on election night and watching the the media call the election like the final minutes of a Championship sporting event, results coming into focus within a few hours.  But Nov 3rd, expect to be told to forget about that exciting, dramatic finish.

Nay, look away! Don't see that!  If you must, just sit there and watch. See this massive landslide for DJT and be warned every minute that this is not real, that there are other uncounted mail-in ballots out there (including the ballot harvested nursing home vote and cemetery constituency) and that way more of those votes are for Biden. 

The leftist news organization Axios posted one of what may be many articles to come as conditioning cover for possible late bags of ballot falling from the sky and other chicanery, and what I believe will be the most controversial and contested election in American history.

Democrats will vote by mail more than Republicans due to fears of the covid, and it will take days if not weeks to tally.  Imagine America, with our polarization and media manipulation if the vote tally swings wildly from DJT to Biden days later as the mail ballots are counted.  That is just what the group, Hawkfish, which is funded by Michael Bloomberg and also does work for the Democratic National Committee and pro-Biden Super PACs, is warning is a very real (if not foreordained) outcome.
"We are sounding an alarm and saying that this is a very real possibility, that the data is going to show on election night an incredible victory for Donald Trump, Hawkfish CEO Josh Mendelsohn said. 
When every legitimate vote is tallied and we get to that final day, which will be some days after Election Day, it will in fact show that what happened on election night was exactly that, a mirage.... "
Under one of the group's modeling scenarios, DJT could hold a projected lead of 408-130 electoral votes on election night, if only 15% of the vote by mail ballots had been counted. Once 75% of mail ballots were counted, perhaps four days later, the lead could flip to Biden's favor. This particular modeling scenario portrays Biden as ultimately winning a massive victory, 334-204. 

That's not as worrisome as a landslide for DJT declining into a narrow victory for Biden.

Save a blowout, I'm afraid whoever loses may find themselves unable to accept the results. Americans are already in an emotionally chaotic state, and the media and the politicians are doing their best to keep us anxious, belligerent and divided.  The only hope is that in the end the winners' landslide will be so big that the losers will have no out other than accept their loss.  It's hard to imagine how big that landslide will need to be to produce that acceptance. We all remember how childishly Democrats reacted to DJT's very clear victory in 2016. And America's grasp on reality has declined since then.
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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

That Trump Chick's 15 Minutes of Fame

excerpts from ANDREA PEYSER'S review in the NYP

Mary Trump introduces herself as a trained clinical psychologist, and does not hesitate to indulge in psychobabble to diagnose DJT's alleged mental disorders,  who’s presented as a cross between Hannibal Lecter and Bozo the Clown — a frightening and ridiculous figure who looms titanic over every aspect of Mary’s waking and sleeping life.

Her reason for telling the tale now is simple and urgent: Mary Trump believes, with the conviction of the Hillary Clinton supporter she was, that she must prevent her uncle’s re-election — by any means necessary. In 214 often bleak, raw and tear-jerking pages, she sets out to avenge the untimely death of her father, Frederick Christ Trump Jr., a chronic alcoholic known as Freddy.

As she tells it, Donald’s once-handsome and vital older brother, the guy bred to run the Trump family real-estate business, died broken and bitter, in 1981 at age 42. Mary Trump acknowledges reluctantly, Freddy Trump never wanted to work for Trump Management, and did everything in his power to escape, earning his pilot’s license, buying fishing boats and fancy cars, and attempting to live as something his grandfather sneeringly called a “chauffeur in the sky.’

But he lost his dream job as a TWA pilot, followed by losing a series of gigs because of decades of chronic alcoholism. His wife, Mary’s mother Linda, divorced him some time after he aimed a gun at her face while laughing uproariously.

Being a member of the Trump clan, even one who looks down on the means to the family fortune, brings with it loads of privilege, from holiday gatherings in the Queens mansion where Donald grew up with his kin, to family dinners at Peter Luger Steakhouse in Brooklyn, private educations, free health insurance and apartments in the outer boroughs of New York City.

Yet Mary’s complaints are varied and, at times, unintentionally hilarious: She moans that her dad had to pay rent to the company for his apartment (so why didn’t he move elsewhere?) and complains that his flat was kept at freezing temperatures. Plus, the building had no doorman. Horrors! 

After the death of her grandfather, Fred Trumps Sr. Mary and her son were essentially cut out of his will, leading to a court battle, the details undisclosed.

Still, she proceeded to accept her uncle’s invitation to the White House in 2017, where she was shocked to observe a partially eaten apple on a table in the Lincoln Bedroom. But if she ever learned the perpetrator of Applegate, she didn’t tell.

Perhaps the book’s title should be adjusted to reflect the reality that Donald Trump may be many things — brash, blustery, and, in the eyes of house guest Mary, disastrous for the country.

But dangerous to whom? It is Mary who is attempting to cash in by committing attempted character assassination against her own uncle, accusing him of everything from teaming up with his father to run her dad into the ground to making the unprovable claim that Donald hired someone to take the SAT’s for him.

All in all, Mary’s diagnosis of President Trump fails to persuade. But baring all her version of the family’s laundry may be therapy for her. 

Psychologist, heal thyself.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Democrats Suddenly Outraged by Large Crowds Again

You were supposed to stay home. You were supposed to lock your doors, cower in your basement, socially distance, and wait for the coronapocalypse to blow over. The worst thing you could do is be in a crowd. Unless, that is, you were protesting. Protesting trumps everything. If you were thinking about joining peaceful protest, or even a riot, you were encouraged to abandon the safety of your bunker and get out into the streets. Progressives wanted boots on the ground, and the lockdown was suddenly unimportant.

It didn’t matter how many other people were out there. It didn’t matter who was out there or what they were doing. All that mattered was “optics.” Just ask Frau Whitmer, the “Queen of the Quarantine.” Unfortunately, that’s all over. Now that they have planted George Floyd, quarantine reprieve has come to an end. Now, crowds are bad again. What has caused this oh-so-shocking about face? Take a guess…

Apparently, the Kung Flu virus discriminates. Anti-Trump mobs are totally safe. Trump crowds are dangerous carriers of death and disease and will, no doubt, cause the explosive return of the Chinese Death Virus. The hypocrisy is obvious…

So, to review: Republican 1st Amendment expressions bad. They will be called out by your media superiors. Left-wing 1st Amendment expressions, or violent riots good. They will therefore get a pass.

[Robert Laurie]
[Detroit Free Press]

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Monday, May 4, 2020

Man Teetering on the Edge of Insanity Says DJT is Not Well

Squinty Joe Scarborough, once a respected congressman (the dead woman found in his office aside) now regulated to a morning filler show regularly bested in the ratings by a square pants sponge cartoon character, a man who chooses to be on the wrong side of history, and not to mention married to a former adulterous peroxide poisoned co-host, should know a little about being mental disturbed.  A man who rants obsessively about the President now, as any good medically trained cable news pundit is likened to do, the plastic poser is giving mental health advise to the president.  
NB- In a transparent ploy to shift the focus from a doddering Joe Biden now beset with a serious allegation of sexual assault, Joe Scarborough did his best today to suggest that President Trump was not mentally "well," should "get checked out, take a rest," and "let Mike Pence run things." Scarborough first criticized President Trump for tweeting about Joe himself. After then rapping Trump for his comments on Presidents Obama and George W. Bush among other subjects, Scarborough launched into his concern-trolling spiel. 
In his best faux, oh-so-serious, voice, Scarborough recited what seemed to be a canned statement:

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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Jim Acosta Travels to India to Have Foot Inserted In his A$$

In the past we have documented the very entertaining ongoing animosity between Donald Trump and CNN's Soft Skull Chief WH Reporter, Jim Acosta, who has a history of arrogant disrupting of press conferences. I'm beginning to believe DJT is starting to enjoying kicking Acosta around like a soccer ball.

The President and First Lady have been in India this week to talk trade deals and tariffs and to tour the country. During a presser in New Delhi this morning, he called on Acosta. The exchange came after Acosta again embarrasses his network by asking if the President would pledge to reject any foreign interference in the upcoming presidential campaign. (boot insertion begins).
Trump’s right on the money about the big New York Times story on supposed 2020 “Russian interference” that CNN had to walk back. I’d say to CNN that maybe they should stick to “reporting” about simpler things like the President's eating habits. But considering they can’t even get that right, either, I’m at a loss to advise as to what type of reporting they should fall back on. And since all the circuses have closed down, Acosta has to work have work too. 

H/T Sister Toldjah

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

All The Media Lying to Manufacture Hate for DJT, He's Still More Popular Than Barky

Renowned Leftist Pillow Bitter and ABC Daytime Media Hate Spewing Bozo-Sapien 

Breitbart - Real Clear Politics, a non-partisan (and indispensable) site that tracks countless polls and averages them, also tracks the job approval numbers for President Trump and former President Obama in a way that allows us to see how the two presidents compare on this same day during their respective presidencies.

On the very same day the deranged media and demented Democrats announced two articles of impeachment against Trump, his average job approval rating is higher than Obama’s was on this same day during his first (failed) term as president. As of today, Trump enjoys an average approval rating of 45 percent. On this same day during his (failed) presidency, Obama averaged just a 43.5 approval rating.

We are now entering our fourth year of a media jihad against Trump, a hate campaign unlike any other in modern history. Literally, billions and billions and billions of corporate dollars are being spent by every corner of the establishment media to destroy one man, this one man: Trump. The “Very Fine People” Hoax, the Russia Collusion Hoax, the Fish Food Hoax, the Brett Kavanaugh-Rapist Hoax, the Kurds Are Being Exterminated Hoax — I’m forgetting a hundred more — and now we have this laughable Impeachment Hoax.

Compare that to Barry Obama, a man this same media spent billions and billions and billions of corporate dollars to shield, to protect, to assure and reassure the public of his unique magnificence, competence, and holiness. And after all of that, all of this propaganda, all of this effort and money, according to not just one poll, but all the polls, Trump is more popular. What’s more, he is more popular while the Democrat Party and the media are rigging nothing less than his impeachment.

For six weeks now, the media and Democrats (but I repeat myself) have rigged the impeachment process to make Trump look as terrible as humanly possible. In an effort to smear him as a traitor, as an extortionist, the president has been stripped of his due process rights, even as Democrats held secret hearings in the Capitol basement and selectively leaked lies to a willing media. All this media lying to manufacture hate for Trump and all the media lying to manufacture worshipful adoration for Obama, and Trump is still more popular.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

The Great Shakedown

The Democratic Party and its liberal supporters are perplexed. They presented hours of evidence of an their perceived impeachable offenses, although they studiously avoided charging DJT with impeachable offenses also carried out by Democrat presidents, including little things like the continuation or expansion of presidential powers, violating due process and misusing executive orders. Because civics is no longer taught in most American schools, they devoted a day to 'constitutional scholars' who provided the Civics 101 case for impeachment. The liberal press, cheerleading the impeachment process, saturated the media landscape with live coverage, interminable analysis, constant character assassination of Trump and giddy speculation reminiscent of a teenage girl choosing a prom dress. And yet, it has made no difference. Public opinion remains largely unaffected.

Perhaps, supporters of impeachment argue, they failed to adopt the right technique. Perhaps journalists, by giving such a large megaphone to rabid proponents of impeachment who live in a world not based in fact, created a false equivalency between truth and lies. The liberal class and the Democratic Party leadership have failed, even after their defeat in the 2016 presidential election, to understand that they have squandered their credibility. No one believes them. And no one should.

This attempted shakedown of a rightfully elected leader has led to bizarre conspiracy theories and fabrications peddled freely by media commentators, deceptions bolstered by the lies told by those in the media tasked with keeping the society rooted in truth and verifiable fact. This shakedown is leading to the end of the rule of law and the destruction of democratic institutions that, if they fail to function as designed by more insightful people than we are governed by today, could prevented the rise to power of a true destructive leftist demagogue. 

There is zero chance DJT will be removed from office in a trial in the Senate. The Democrat Party elites have admitted as much. They carried out, they argue, their civic and constitutional duty. But here again they lie. They picked out what was convenient to impeach Trump and left untouched the rotten system they helped create. The divisions among Americans will only widen. The hatreds will only grow. And leftist tyranny will continue to slowly wrap its deadly tentacles around our throats.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Pete Souza Steps on Rake. Rake Wins

Pete Souza, the former White House photographer for Barky Obama, has made it no secret that he dislikes DJT and has taken shots at him in the past. In haste to remain relevant and one of the cool guys, he sent out a tweet that went everywhere quickly, suggesting that the picture showed Trump wasn’t in the White House when the action taken against Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi took place.

Of course, Souza was wrong. Trump was back in the White House before the raid and before the picture was taken. 
It has 15,000 retweets and over 38,000 likes as of this writing. But as with most fake news, you can see it got much less attention than the original false story. And people are still spreading the lie. And most of the blue checks still have the false story up and haven’t taken it down, much less apologized for spreading the insanity. Media and Democrats immediately cried conspiracy, as Twitchy notes, spreading it further.
[The Tweeter Box]
H/T Konan The Bar Barron

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Thursday, October 10, 2019

Irrelevant Hollywood Unhinged Join Forces in War on DJT

As the impeachment process continues unabated by pathetic grandstanding sore-losing Democrats in Congress, some of hollywood's irrelevant weirdos have joined together their B list star power and are rolling out the War-wagon of a self-righteous campaign called the 'Impeachment Task Force' [insert laugh track here]. Less a task force and more a smear campaign, hoping to recruit more than 100 actors and 1,000 activists of various stripes ranging from Hillary Clinton supporters to immigration activists. They all have two thing in common: a disturbing pattern of allowing hatred to overcome commonsense and are disgruntled that DJT is the President of the United States.

The purpose of this “task force” is to up the ante on social media through a continuous onslaught of tweets and retweets of any statements vilifying DJT and his policies. The news media will then take notice, retweet and report on the attacks and present it all as “unbiased news.” This will then give some cover to those vulnerable Democrats in Congress so the theory goes.

You can likely guess some of the task force members. There are the unhinged Rosie O’Donnell, Ron Perlman, George Takei, Bubble Head Debra Messing, and everyone’s favorite childhood star not named Ricky Schroeder, Alyssa Milano.  Milano, in particular, should send a bow-wrapped “thank you” card to DJT for making her somewhat relevant again, even if that relevancy is unwarranted other than pointing out her stupidity or mental derangement.

Meanwhile, Flatulence O’Donnell is apparently taking a vacation from the fat farm and letting deranged gay meth head do her hair,  while Takei obviously has a shortage of Comic Book and Star Trek conventions to attend.

Others on the task force reportedly include a couple of authors, former tennis star Martina Navratilova and gun control activist Fred Guttenberg who's probably praying for a another mass shooting to get his mug on MSNBC.  Milano, who suffers from near fatal TDS,  is particularly active and has assumed her responsibilities and sense of self-serving relevancy by equating whistleblowers in the administration with women who have accused Trump of sexual improprieties. Debra Messing did her best Joe McCarthy imitation by trying to blacklist Hollywood personalities who show even a modicum of support for Trump by denying them any work.

Democrats, Leftist activists, Hollyweirdos and NeverTrumpers care less about facts and more about a slick propaganda campaign likely doomed to failure.  This campaign is like a large-budget special effect production. But special effects are fake. They are not reality. The reality is that the country seems to be doing just fine with DJT as President by whatever metric one wants to use. So, rant on and make fools of yourself, Hollywood. Not liking a man, his policies or the fact he won an election fair and square is not a “high crime and misdemeanor.”  

[Institute for Regressive Policy]

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Stormy Daniels Case Finally Reaches Climax

We perceive scandals only as long as they are projected onto us, and this has never been truer than it is now. Particularly in the case of DJT, where the media diverts all other news to the back burner in order to disparage and delegitimize the Commander in Chief.

They hold a controversial or infuriating stance in our faces until such a time as they find another, larger, more salacious carrot to dangle. It's all an act and due to the nature of the theatrics, we often don't hear about or care about the final results. We are truly only concerned with the impact that the accusations have at the political level. Such was certainly the case when it came to Stormy Daniels and her accusations against Donald Trump. As the legal proceedings draw to a close, exoneration for the President has arrived once more.
"President Trump’s legal team is declaring victory, as a federal judge said in a court order Wednesday that the investigation of hush-money payments arranged by Michael Cohen – which Cohen claims were at Trump’s direction – has come to an end. Judge William H. Pauley III announced that prosecutors in the Southern District of New York revealed this development to the court in a status report, as media companies including The New York Times, Associated Press, CNN, and Dow Jones & Co. have pushed to unseal the search warrant materials related to the case. 
The end of the investigation likely means no additional charges will be filed against anyone, including the president....."
This legal victory for the President comes months after the Stormy Daniels case has faded from the public mind. The media has pushed away from the story, knowing that it was a sham and vindication would come, and in favor of stories that to this day are damaging to the President.

(Freedom Outpost)
(Fox News)

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Monday, July 8, 2019

If Donald Trump Were a Democrat.

Using a combination of scientific research and learning A.I. algorithms, this is an approximation of President Trump's media coverage if he were a Democrat.

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Friday, June 21, 2019

Trump Pulls Out. Media Left Unsatisifed.

They were all primed, the blood rushing to their tiny bits. They had their experts(?) lined up, their fire-breathing democrat favorites all ready to go, the scripts written with the "Trump Is A Warmonger" and a "Racist for Attacking Iran"...etc etc (I'm sure Don Lemon wasted some valued cuddle time with his boyfriend to write a nasty little script for tonight's CNN). All of DC was waiting for an imminent strike on Iran after the FAA closed Iranian airspace over the Gulf of Oman to US flights.

But then, the New York Times reported that DJT had changed his mind, ordering planes already in the air(?) headed to take out Iranian missile and radar targets to stand down. Trump was concerned about a "disproportionate" response. Some media sycophants were beside themselves. He didn't realize before that someone might get all died or hurt they said???

One analyst just couldn't believe Trump "would be concerned about the fate of a bunch innocent Muslims", and "we're still waiting on that scientific, NOT WORD documentation of the shoot down." But the Washington Post was willing to take the word of  commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard's aerospace division, who says that the US drone was accompanied by a manned surveillance plane, which the Iranians compassionately decided not to shoot down.

The media is NOT HAPPY that they've been in a circle jerk, flogging this splendid little war all week, and a chance to yell 'Warmonger', only to have the rug pulled out from under them. The least he could have done was tell them that the new script calls for "proportionate response," or whatever in their infinite wisdom they chose to call it. Guess this calls for more time on the couch and another Therapy Session for many in the media already on the edge. It makes me wonder what they would have said about Barack Obama's false machismo and the psychology of his indecisiveness had he waffled on an attack and pulled back before the shooting started because he found the response unacceptable in that it might kill civilians.

OH Wait, He Did.  


Tuesday, June 11, 2019

The Continuing Adventures of Mr. Wolff: Skullduggery Crew Guts the Pinhead Author of New Anti-Trump Book

While portraying himself as a reliable chronicler of DJT’s White House in a previous bestselling, but widely panned book, author Michael Wolff made the mistake of going on ABC's "The View" where Boobs McCain went banshee and ripped him up like a bad loan application. He then got ceremoniously kicked off MSNBC's Squinty & Meat Puppet in the Morning for sticking to his guns over an unproven allegation. As we wrote earlier about his newest book, his calmed he's “barely a journalist” and has made that quite evident by parroting celebrity media reporters who often hallucinate their own truths. Yo Michael. We can't all be Jim Acosta ya know!

The guy you might expect to see exiting a back-alley Dominatrix Dungeon late at night, recently accepted an invitation to what he thought was a friendly, liberal leaning Yahoo Skullduggery podcast interview. He wound up being gutted and field dressed by the host.

Oh Michael. You've already proven to us you're a phony opportunist. Perhaps you should write a novel, one about a creepy little weasel who dreams people tells him things that never happened. You don't have to call it an autobiography.

You can skip the introduction and small talk, and jump straight to 25:00 in the video and watch the crew take him to task for his "facts."

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Monday, June 3, 2019

The Nicaraguan Piglet Apologizes to the U.K. For DJT

Bitter and Fat is No Way To Go Through Life

Monday is media kickball day at DMF. They never seem to disappoint us. They've had all weekend to gather together at parties, or lay around and get drunk and dream up their next verbal assault against DJT. This weekend offered a bonanza of opportunities, with the official Royal visit across the pond to the see the aging Queen of the former British Empire. The Nicaraguan born Piglet Ana Navarro was no exception.

The former Republican strategist, current Anti-Trump CNN contributor and part-time co-host on 'The View', had a singular message to all of the United Kingdom, no doubt to their collective relief.  She delivered her message as Donald Trump‘s state visit got underway and cable news has been wall-to-wall with clips and images of the royals and the Trumps mixing and mingling, just waiting for a DJT to crash. God save the Queen from Donald Trump. But unable to conjure up anything nice to say, the cackling hens of 'The View' discussed how Trump has lost more money than anyone, and whether he’s actually talking about policy or politics. They talked about how he is less popular than the ‘Black American Princess’ *COUGH* Meghan Markle, and the big baby balloon that protesters fly when Trump comes to town, and the feud with London Mayor Squid Khan, in rapid fire style.

As they prepared to go to break, Navarro said “well listen, just one last message to the Brits?” “I’m sorry,” said Navarro, to the laughter of her co-hosts and applause from the audience.

If there is any apologizin' to be done, it should be Ana herself, mainly for regular appearing with the dumbest man in cable news, Don Lemon, on his toxic hate fest sideshow on CNN. If anything, she should apologize for night-after-night twisting the words and policies of the president and repeating the dems propaganda lines.  She drips with animosity while pretending to still be a Republican.

Ana, your acrimony and bitterness is very unbecoming, not to mention very unprofessional. Not that I would call all but a few media types anything other than unprofessional propagandist these days. But maybe that's why you're 48 years old and it took you so long to finally find someone willing to marry you.

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