Monday, December 16, 2013

A White House Christmas......

Meanwhile, under the mistletoe , Uncle Joe does the traditional 
Biden Holiday Grab-Ass with a member of the media.....

Reagan was Right on Mandela and South Africa


Desmond Tutu denounced Reagans' policy on South Africa as: "Immoral, evil, and totally abomination, an unmitigated disaster. You are either in favor of evil or you are in favor of good. You are either on the side of the oppressed or on the side of the oppressor. You can't be neutral." 
Good point, Mr Archbishop. Because on the welfare of Castro's regime you, sir, are hardly neutral, enthusiastically lending your name to the Stalinist regime's most important propaganda campaign, urging the release of convicted KGB-trained spies and terrorists.
The media's recent orgy of vituperation and snark against president Reagan's policy on South Africa finally got a much-needed corrective from Reagan's communication's director of the time Pat Buchanan. To wit: 
According to President Ronald Reagan in 1986: "Apartheid is an affront to human rights and human dignity. Normal and friendly relations cannot exist between the United States and South Africa until it becomes a dead policy."...but and a BIG BUT:
"Reagan, whose first duty was the defense of his nation in the Cold War with the Soviet empire, saw not only the moral issue but the strategic imperative.
In 1986, there were 40,000 Cuban troops in Angola, where South Africa was a fighting ally and backer of anti-Communist Jonas Savimbi.
In Zimbabwe, Robert "Comrade Bob" Mugabe, having butchered thousands of Ndebele of rival Joshua Nkomo, was communizing his country. Southwest Africa and Mozambique hung in the balance.
Reagan was determined to block Moscow's drive to the Cape of Good Hope. And in that struggle State President P. W. Botha was an ally.
In view of Political Correctness, however, Mandela's ANC apparently did more to promote worldwide freedom than the U.S. military!
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A Good Monday Morning

Friday, December 13, 2013

I Swear, These People Still Don't Get IT!

 Senators Introduce Bill to Crack Down on 'Lavish' Portraits 
Fox News - 
"A bipartisan Senate duo says they want to crack down on what they call the government’s “lavish” spending on oil paintings of congressmen, the costs of which can top $50,000 each. 
Sens. Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H., and Tom Coburn, R-Okla., said in a Thursday press release they are introducing a bill that would only allow $20,000 of taxpayer funds to be spent on each portrait, and would only cover paintings of lawmakers in the line of succession to the presidency."
Hillary Clinton Sits for Secretary Of State Portrait in 2010
“At a time when vital services and programs are facing cuts, we need to be looking at every way we can stop excessive spending practices in Washington,” Shaheen said.
Coburn says their bill is a way to rein in excess spending in Washington, and ensure taxpayers are not paying for unnecessary projects. 
“Hardworking taxpayers shouldn’t foot the bill for lavish official portraits, especially when government officials spend more on paintings of themselves than some Americans make in a year,” Coburn said. 
ABC News reported earlier this year that the Obama administration spent nearly $400,000 on paintings of officials in just a two-year- period, and the Washington Post reported in 2008 each portrait can sometimes cost over $40,000.   The bill would allow other funds to be spent on the portraits after the taxpayer funds were exhausted."

Excuse Me!  $20,000 of  taxpayer money on a portrait of a congressman? These are elected public servants, not royalty!

And who the hell is painting these things for $50,000. A 300 dollar 40x60 digital photo print should suffice in the case of congress. And come to think of it, there can be additional savings when it can also later be used as an official mugshot when they are impeached or indicted after leaving office....

Most of our elected officials of both parties need a good ol' fashion 'Coming to Jesus Moment' before next November. 

Lawmakers Receive Millions from Intelligence Companies.

Every member who sits on the Senate and House committees that oversee government intelligence operations has received campaign contributions from the top twenty largest intelligence companies in the United States, according to a new report.

The report from Maplight, a nonpartisan research organization that reveals money in politics, highlights the donations from political action committees (PACs) and individuals from the intelligence services companies to these members. The report shows donations amount to over $3.7 million from 2005-2013.
"MapLight analysis of campaign contributions from political action committees (PACs) and individuals from the top 20 intelligence services contractors working with the Department of Defense, ranked by total value of contracts received, to members of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. Data source: Federal Election Commission from January 1, 2005 - October 4, 2013. Department of Defense intelligence services contracts source: USASpending (contract totals as of September 26, 2013)
* In total, members of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence have received $3.7 million from top intelligence services contractors since January 1, 2005. 
* Members of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence from Maryland -- home of NSA headquarters -- led the committees in money received from top intelligence contractors. Representative C.A. "Dutch" Ruppersberger, D-Md., is the largest recipient, having received $363,600 since January 1, 2005. Senator Barbara Mikulski, D-Md., is the second largest recipient, having received $210,150. 
* Republican members of House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence have received $1.86 million since January 1, 2005, while Democrat members have received $1.82 million over the same time period. 
* Members of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence have received $2.2 million since January 1, 2005 from top intelligence services contractors, while members of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence have received $1.5 million. 
* Lockheed Martin has given $798,910 to members the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence since January 1, 2005, more than any of the other top 20 intelligence service contractors. Northrop Grumman has given $753,101, the second highest amount, and Honeywell has given $714,913, the third highest amount."

Fishnet Friday

Thursday, December 12, 2013

"I'm Sorry About the Noogies - I Was Just Messing Around."

Kim Jong Un Has Uncle  Executed

North Korean overlord Kim Jong Un will not have any bitch-ass traitors around and don't be pulling the family card cause that   don't fly with the Un-man. 

North Korea announced the execution of Kim Jong Un's uncle, calling the leader's former mentor a traitor who tried to overthrow the state.

Jang Song Tthaek, the uncle, was arrested along with his aides last month as part of a massive Stalin-like purge of everyone who was giving Kim Jong Un a pain in his ass at that particular time. For added fun, Kim Jong sent his own pistol-packing brother along to arrest Jang Song. And that wasn't all. Kim Jong's aunt went along for the ride too. Yup, the wife of the guy who got arrested. 

Sign Language Interpreter Inadvertently Embarrasses Obama

The Unknown Interpreter  
JOHANNESBURG (MFNS) - A man who provided sign language interpretation on stage for Nelson Mandela's memorial service, attended by scores of heads of state, was said to be a "fake", or was he?

South African sign language covers all of the country's 11 official languages, according to the director of the Deaf Federation of South Africa. It wasn't immediately clear if the unidentified man was using a different method to communicate the many speaker"s words.

Dr. Clone Swenson and a team of African sign language experts reviewed the tape of President Obama's speech and have come to a startling conclusion. 

Swenson told MFNS  "while we don't understand his method, the man did indeed translate a number of  phases correctly in African sign language".  We now believe the man was not interpreting President Obama's words, but his unconscious thoughts as he spoke.

"We believe he was a Psychic Interpreter, which would explain the correct interpretative signing of the phrases " I wear my wife's underwear" and "no fun here - wicked witch is watching" in the second paragraph of Obama's speech".  The team also found the interpreter correctly signed the phrase " 9 iron - sand-trap on the right"  in the sentence that followed.

"These are just a few examples we found", said Swenson," most of the interpretations couldn't be repeated in polite company you see". 

Some on the team are no so convinced, but could not give any explanation for the peppering of the translation from beginning to end with the correct signing of phases like "Raul is cool" and the obscure Kenyan words for "Hot Blonde" and "Boobies".

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Unscripted Moments Aboard Air Force One…

George Bush: Holy Alamo, Barack! What part of protect and defend the Constitution don’t you get?

Barack Obama: I see his lips moving but I don’t hear a thing this white boy is saying to me..uhhh..wonder if there’ll be a fundraiser for me when I get back.

Laura Bush: Why is President Obama’s babysitter on Air Force One?

Lady at the end of the table: You need to brighten up, Michelle! You look like someone dumped a box of tacks down your panty hose.

Valerie Jarrett: It’s good to be king….my preciousssss.

Talk Straight

* This is a telling photo in itself as to why our country is in such a mess. Seated at the table are the three most influential  people in Barack Obama's Life.