Monday, May 4, 2015

A Message from Garland Texas to Baltimore

"A clear and timely message to Baltimore, Maryland from Garland, Texas last night: police officers, risking their lives to do their jobs, keep civilian society safe. Proven countless times and now once again: Civilian lives are safer, thanks to thousands of police forces across America, whose intent is ‘To Serve and Protect’.
Where is the praise from the White House for police who saved the day?
What happened in Garland last night underlines how the riots in Baltimore—which at heart seek to replace police forces with the military-styled one coveted by President Barack Obama—have ties to terrorism. The Nation of Islam—personally thanked by Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, who have thrown in with the Bloods and the Crips, are masquerading as the ‘good guys’ fighting the ‘bad guys’ (police).
Meanwhile, the one hash-tag that should dominate the digital world should be the one that reads: #copssavecivilianlives."

A Good Monday Morning

Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Barack Hussein Obama Seotoro Presidential Liebarry

Middle Finger News Service Wire
Earl of Taint Reporting
"Anonymous sources are reporting the Barack Hussein Obama Seotoro Presidential Library (“The Liebarry”) will in fact be located in the great city of Chicago Illinois.
This is encouraging news for yours truly, as I long ago submitted my entry in the Barack Hussein Obama Seotoro Presidential Library Conceptual Design Contest. 
Figuring it couldn’t hurt, I claimed to be a one-legged lesbian refugee from Somalia with a Masters in Architecture and a Doctorate in Urban Planning and Critical Race Theory. I also attached a photo of my mutilated genitalia (not pictured here) to solidify my standing as a member of the Oppressed. And I chose Chicago Illinois as the location!"
Read Earl's complete report and see he's most certain to win design entry.

The Painful Unvarnished Truth Why Our Economy Sucks

The inimitable Karl Denninger, businessman, finance blogger, and political activist, sometimes referred to as a founding member of the Tea Party movement, has written an article of importants at Market Ticker I'm going to quote it in full (because his links usually expire within a few weeks). Please take the time to read it through:

The Classic: Lie, Obfuscate and Deflect

You knew it would come, right? The attempt to blame all on.... liberalism.
"Of those governments, perhaps the most salient fact to the objective political scientist, tasked with anatomizing the failed system, would be that both governments have long effectively functioned as one-party systems. Baltimore last had a Republican mayor, Theodore M. McKeldin, in 1967. (A wire photograph from April 1966 captured McKeldin, a bear of a man, chatting amiably with Dr. King in Baltimore, two years before the civil rights leader’s assassination in Memphis.) Maryland elected its incumbent Republican governor, Larry Hogan, in November – but that made Hogan only the second GOP governor in the Old Line State since 1969.
Incumbent mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, a Democrat, deals with a city council comprised 100 percent of fellow Democrats. Other important power blocs in the political and civic life of Baltimore are likewise controlled by Democrats, such as educational institutions and public-sector unions."
See, that's easy. Just blame "one party" rule, as if the Republicans have "better ideas" without demonstrating how their ideas are better or even providing examples of alleged ideas to be implemented. Nobody, of course, wants to ask the salient question: Exactly how did these cities become one-party political machines?

That, of course, is because if you were to go there you'd expose the soft underbelly of corruption in the political process -- the making of political promises that the maker knows cannot be fulfilled but doesn't care as he or she is buying votes, not results. In the meantime behind the scenes even more-perverse and outrageous corruption is taking place; the selling of America, literally, to the highest bidder.

And rather than perform its job as a guardian at the gate the press fawns over such people and their espousing of various programs without a single critical examination of the issues at hand or a question being raised.

Let us put reality out there for everyone: No, not everyone is exceptional. In fact most of us are downright ordinary and even there, if we're in the middle of the bell curve somewhere instead of out on the ends, fully half of us are on the wrong side of it!

The question to ask becomes simply this: What are you going to do about that fact given that we all must somehow manage to find our way in the world?

This is a cancer that we invited into our nation with so-called "free trade" and the exporting of our manufacturing base. It is the one we refuse to discuss and debate, yet we must. We instead try to placate and paper over it while at the same time destroying the programs and structures that led individuals in that situation to have productive, happy lives.

We then wring our hands when despair turns to crime and rioting.

Baltimore was a thriving industrial community that produced, among other things, a huge amount of steel. But Baltimore lost over 100,000 manufacturing jobs by 1995, all due to foreign imports produced under near or actual slave labor conditions with zero regard for environmental impact. One third of the residents of Baltimore fled the city. Worse, 90% of the jobs in Baltimore today are low-paying and often part-time service-sector jobs.

Did liberals alone promote all the so-called "free trade" that led to this manufacturing displacement? Hardly; that charge can equally be leveled against Republicans.

 At the same time deficit spending, which both political parties consider sacrosanct, has destroyed the ability to accumulate wealth for anyone that is in the lower economic classes. Adding to this was outright and documented predatory behavior by financial institutions toward city residents, especially black city residents, via subprime lending.

Where is the debate on these topics? It's missing from the political sphere for a very good reason: To address this you must address facts -- such as the fact that if the "average" IQ is 100 then half of the people will be above and half below; unless you're willing to literally murder the lower half of the population you need a social, employment and political system that provides opportunity for all.

That in turn means you cannot export your lower-wage and lower-ability-required manufacturing jobs to places like Vietnam and China as they must be retained so your citizens have gainful employment available to them.

At the same time you cannot deficit spend because for the person in the lower economic and intellectual quantum there is no defensive move available to them to mitigate the damage done to their financial security by such policies.

Finally, accountability for every dollar spent is far more important when you have few dollars to contribute to government programs in the form of taxation. In this regard both Democrat and Republicans fail; our current so-called "educational" system is an utter and complete joke when looked at in terms of return-on-investment.

Are you ready to have a debate on these topics yet, America?

Or will you wring your hands and point fingers, as is often the case, at this bogeyman or that while ignoring the elephant in the room -- the intentional destruction of working-class jobs in this nation over the last 40+ years, and our utter refusal to put a stop to the abusive and outrageous "trade policies" that enable it. 

 You can read more views on this subject @The Bayou Renaissance Man

(I ask you: Why can Apple make 486 Billion Dollars last quarter by making iPhones for $12 overseas and sell them for $600, but  cannot provide jobs for American workers?)

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Photographic Proof : Education / Wealth Doesn't = Class

Lower Standards for a Better America

You Can't Write Satire Like This....

Feminist Organization to Give Award for Embodying Feminism  to 
Overweight, Abusive, Self-centered Pig that Beats Her Boyfriend.  

Miss Piggy With An Award

The Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art has announced it will be giving Miss Piggy — the puppet — an award for embodying feminism.
The famous Muppet is scheduled to receive the Sackler Center First Award at the Brooklyn Museum June 4 as one who has “broken gender barriers and made remarkable contributions in their fields.”
Best known for her abrasive personality, narcissism and violent fits of rage, Piggy deservedly joins an august pantheon of extraordinary women who have previously received the award,” said Elizabeth Sackler, the namesake of the award, in a statement. “Miss Piggy embodies exceptional spirit, determination, and grit.”
Speaking with Newsweek, Sackler explained the decision to honor Miss Piggy. 
“In spite of what some people might perceive as obstacles, being a pig, being maybe a little overweight, nonetheless has this extraordinary sense of self.”
She believes Miss Piggy can inspire younger women: 
“Her clear tenacious strength is very inspiring without it being hard; she’s not a harsh strength, she’s just a strong strength. I think that’s very inspirational, especially to young girls who may feel a little bit on the outside of things.”
The June 4 event is scheduled to feature an acceptance speech by Miss Piggy and a 20-minute film highlighting her career. There will also be a discussion with Gloria Steinem, to whom Miss Piggy has been compared in the past.
Come to think of it, overweight, abusive, self-centered narcissus prone to violent fits of rage pretty much describes ever self- admitted feminist I've ever known......

Friday, May 1, 2015

The People Who Brought You Fiery Exploding Electric Cars Now Bring You Solar Batteries For Your Home

 Tesla Announces Low-cost Batteries for Homes

Elon Musk the chief executive of Tesla Motors, the electric car company that brought us very expensive limited edition four-wheeled portable electric fireplaces,  has announced its entry into the energy market, unveiling a line of low-cost solar batteries for homes, businesses and utilities hailing it's new direction toward sustainable energy.
"The batteries, which will retail at $3,500 in the US, were launched on Thursday at a Tesla facility in California by the company’s ambitious founder, Elon Musk, who heralded the technology as “a fundamental transformation [in] how energy is delivered across the earth”.
Wall-mounted, with a sleek design, the lithium-ion batteries are designed to capture and store up to 10kWh of energy from wind or solar panel. The reserves can be drawn on when sunlight is low, during grid outages, or at peak demand times, when electricity costs are highest.
Musk also unveiled a larger “Powerpack”, a 100kWh battery block to help utilities smooth out their supply of wind and solar energy - which is generated intermittently - or to pump energy into the grid when demand soars. 
He said on Thursday about two billion Powerpacks could store enough electricity to meet the entire world’s needs. “That may seem like an insane number,” he said. “But this is actually within the power of humanity to do.”
Tesla is currently taking orders for the systems, with the first units expected to ship in August.
No word from environmentalist on the hazards of millions of pounds of used lithium-ion batteries containing various hazardous materials, including heavy metals and acids that can pose serious environmental risks to Mother Earth. 

Calm the Hell Down Wingnuts!

Military Equipment headed north from Port of New Orleans for refurbishing / decommission

(1) The Jade Helm type military exercises are not new… urban warfare training has gone on since the WWs.

(2) There is NO standing order to disarm us or round us up.

(3) The reports of “trains with shackles” were invented by yet another disgruntled retiree planning a book.

(4) The uniforms pictured in the stuff flying around the web are not current military issue. They were decommissioned about a decade ago. Forest camo is now surplus available to any schmo with a few bucks.  As some one working closely with cops, ex-cops, and ex- military in my charity and civic actives, I can tell you that even if there are a few active guys out there wanting to round you up: there are twenty more out here ready to defend your family as well as their own.

Too many people want this to be the start of next all out war with government. Tell me… If you were a leftist looking at the current prospects of the left keeping any power in the next election… what would you do? (A) actual all out war with the people, (B) cause enough panic to give you an excuse to eliminate opposition voters by making them felons for jumping at shadows and lashing out?

As a magician once told me …You are focusing on the wrong hand.

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