Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Preferred Candidate of Millionaires Is…....

It has been a myth for decades now that the Republican Party is the party of the rich. For the most part, the middle class has been republican since Ronald Reagan made the country realize they were the salt of America, the backbone of the republic.

But with out-of-balance trade agreements and the largest transfer of American technology to foreign countries  during the Bill Clinton administration , thus setting up of the shipping jobs overseas, and democrats politicians turning a blind eye to the excesses of big banking (see housing bubble) the wealthy have made out like bandits.

"Hillary Clinton is the favorite U.S. presidential candidate among millionaire voters and would win a head-to-head contest with former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, according to the third CNBC Millionaire Survey conducted in March.
She may be campaigning to earn the trust of the 99% by promising to steal from the rich and give to the well the bloated federal organizations that once claimed to serve the poor. But Hillary Clinton's most ardent fan base doesn't have a whole lot in common with the common man."

"The survey, which polls 750 Americans with a net worth of $1 million or more, found that 53 percent of millionaires would vote for the Democratic ex-Secretary of State, compared with 47 percent for the GOP presidential hopeful, in a hypothetical general-election match-up. Clinton had the support of 91 percent of Democratic millionaires, 13 percent of Republican millionaires and 57 percent of Independent millionaires." -   Read More
Barack Obama and the democrats have decimated the middle class and have done nothing but produce more dependence on government of the poor, creating the largest income imbalance since the robber barons of the early twenty century. Yet their phony new mantra for 2016 is now "the middle class economy". 

So it's no surprise younger millionaires support Hillary Clinton. It's  massive incomes in Media, Hollywood, and corporate incomes like Apple have Wall Street and their wealthiest investors know on what side their bread is buttered on. 

They look for a new boss, same as the old boss.....

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

From the MFNS Archives: Muhammad and the 3rd Annual No Pants Subway Ride

3rd Annual No Pants Subway Ride - NYC 2004

Alex Jones Has lost Control of the Troops

The High Priest of conspiracy theorists, INFOWAR's Alex Jones, has totally lost control of his Armyof nuts. He has tried to calm the fears of the Operation Jade Helm 15 truthers that a handful of Walmart closings around the country are not being used to dig tunnels to China to facilitate a Red invasion, and have absolutely nothing to do with the TOTALLY REAL Jade Helm conspiracy, which is that routine military exercise that is actually a secret plot whereby President Obama plans to invade and conquer Texas.  

Who can even know what Obama has up his sleeve? But since the troops just won’t listen to General Jones, Walmart has had to jump in and issue perhaps the most awesome press release in the history of Walmart:

  Talking Points Memo  
“There’s no truth to the rumors. The tunnels are part of a series of conspiracy theories surrounding “Jade Helm 15,” a military training operation set to take place later this year in seven Western states....."  
Theorists have suggested that five Wal-Mart retail locations were shuttered abruptly because of Jade Helm 15. They have suggested that the closed stores, one of which is located in Texas, will serve as “food distribution centers” and will be used to “house the headquarters of invading troops from China, here to disarm Americans one by one.”
We really want to know what Walmart's Community Relations Lorenzo Lopez’s face looked like when he had to send that email. Of course, he probably was wearing the evil grin of somebody who’s IN ON THE CONSPIRACY. And oh God, now that Walmart has become One Of Them, where will the Jade Helm conspiracy nuts buy their supplies for the coming Obamapocalypse, apparently involving hordes of Chinese gun grabbing invaders?  

This comes on the heels of the Pentagon ALSO trying to reassure  the possibly clinically insane Jones followers currently stockpiling powdered milk for the coming war that no, they actually are not planning to use a routine military exercise to take over Texas.  

 Of course, Walmart’s reassurances, and the Pentagon’s reassurances, will do nothing to relieve the pants-shittin' fears of those who somehow managed to convince Texas Gov. Greg Abbott that this “crisis” was worth activating Texas’s State Guard. They KNOW the truth. And when absolutely nothing happens, when their fear boners subside, they can always fall back on chem-trails or overzealous masturbation, or whatever other stuff they like to do.

And Now a Word From Sigmund.......

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Our Classless First Lady: Museums are for White People

America's most classless First Lady ever joins in the chorus of
race-baiters on blame for the ills of non-white children.

First lady Michelle Obama used a speech Monday that was supposed to be celebrating the opening of a new museum to instead dig deeper the racial divide that’s been growing ever wider during her husband’s presidency.
“Museums and concert halls,” she said, just don’t welcome non-white visitors – especially children – the way they welcome whites.
Speaking at the new Whitney museum in New York City’s meat packing district last week, Obama said she grew up thinking that museums were not places “for someone who looks like me.”
"You see, there are so many kids in this country who look at places like museums and concert halls and other cultural centers and they think to themselves, well, that’s not a place for me, for someone who looks like me, for someone who comes from my neighborhood. In fact, I guarantee you that right now, there are kids living less than a mile from here who would never in a million years dream that they would be welcome in this museum.
And growing up on the South Side of Chicago, I was one of those kids myself. So I know that feeling of not belonging in a place like this. And today, as first lady, I know how that feeling limits the horizons of far too many of our young people."
According to Twitchy, Obama’s remarks went largely unnoticed outside of the event, until a local radio host reported on “Museums as White Spaces.”

Michelle Obama clearly illustrates what is wrong with America and it's leadership. Why does she believe "there are kids living less than a mile from here who would never in a million years dream that they would be welcome in this museum ?"  Because she was probably taught to believe so, just as many children today are being taught they have their own 'culture' and should relate only to their own kind, even if it's detrimental to their achievement and success in life.

Or maybe her problem is the museums and halls are filled primarily with the works of people of European decent, the very people who gave her the system of civilization and human advancement that allowed even someone like her the opportunity to become the wife of the most powerful man in the world of the President and First Lady of a country that she seems to so dislike. 

Museums and Concert Halls are filled with a "Cultural Experience" that belongs to humanity, not a skin color. If you feel you don't belong there, that's a prejudicial problem of yours,........and you own it.

And Now a Message From the Portland Tourist Bureau

"Why We're the Whitest City in America"

Obama Hints He Will Continue To Aggravate America After Leaving Office

Some see Barack Obama as symbol of achievement and sucess, the first black president. But most see him a divisive figure who divided the country and expanded an already hopelessly bloated government. He is a failed president.

He failed at what could have been his most important achievement, to help help the country transcend the issue of race.  But instead he appealed to his base instincts and exploited (exploits) racial differences in the name of political gain. He is a product of a politically correct culture (Columbia, Harvard) and he allowed the pseudo-intellectual disease to infect his administration. In fairness, it is what he knew.

Obama could have been much more than a community organizer who stumbled into the presidency. He could have done some serious good for the country.  In the end – as we now see – the president instead chose the easier path. The stubborn path. The small minded path. The divisive path. The destructive path. And by doing so he hurt the country deeply.

Now Obama hints that he will go into private life to become an agitator and continue his career in the netherworld of “activism” and academia. To further divide this country along racial lines.... Shakedown some companies here... Sit on some boards there. Who knows what else?

He has failed so spectacularly and wounded this country so profoundly it would be nice if he showed some class and just went away and played golf or something and let the country heal from his presidency.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Lunacy and American Higher Education

Students Demand Colored, Gay “Companions”
For White College Mascot

Down Trend
Students at New Jersey’s Rutgers University are demanding that their white, male, blue-eyed mascot is racist and they demand he have “companions.”
Just like all the happy furry, differently colored friends on Sesame Street, students are woozy with the thought that their white mascot may not represent the diversity that is Rutgers, Campus Reform is reporting.
Freshman Emmet Brennan was the first crybaby to notice that their mascot isn’t gay, or black or transgender or anything but the evil Caucasian.
Brennan said there “were some concerns over the mascot possibly being offensive if it wasn’t done properly.” To assuage those concerns, Brennan consulted with the university’s black, Latino, and Asian cultural councils and has encouraged his peers to contribute to the process of creating diverse mascot friends.
“What we were really hoping is that this would be a discussion with the entire student body,” Brennan said. “So we would have a working committee of the different multicultural [groups], possibly the Queer Caucus — basically students who represent a unique voice, and have them all working together at the same table to make sure red flags that arise with any of those groups — that mascot would immediately be tabled.”
According to Brennan, the decision to create additional mascot friends rather than eliminate the current Scarlet Knight stems from his expectation that some alumni and administrators would be reluctant to replace something so traditional.
“There’s always going to be people who complain, but I think we won’t receive that much pushback because we are keeping the current knight,” Brennan said. “We’re just, I think, taking pride in our current diversity as a school as we are now, but also recognizing where we were.”