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The DMF Asshat of the Year 'Lifetime Achivement Award'

It's been awhile since we have awarded the honor of 'Ass Hat of the Year' at DMF. The main reason being that in the later years of the Obama administration there has been so many qualified candidates in politics and the media falling out of the trees we simply could not narrow it down to one.  But with the sunset soon to descend on the career of one special Ass Hat of note, we must take this opportunity to recognize his stupendous Ass Hattery as we prepare to say goodbye good riddance

Our award winner came to national prominence in 2004 after the citizens of the great state of South Dakota came to their senses and booted off the public payroll (because they had grown increasingly frustrated by his aggressive opposition to most of George W's legislative initiatives and judicial nominations) the former King of the Senate Democrats, that vile and corrupt little man Tom Daschle. The dem's then chose as there Grand Poobah  the socially conservative, pro-life pro-gun Senator from Nevada.

The Stormin' Mormon, Dingy Harry Reid.

Harry was an odd choice for an odd time. It was the dark days of the Bush years: tax cuts for everyone and burning Dixie Chicks CDs and bombing the shit out of the crazy Muslim's sandbox.   

In 2006, Harry became the true exalted  King of the Senate Democrats, The Majority Leader. He quickly shed his cloak of moderation and became the consummate obstructionist of all and everything Republican. 

In 2008 Harry was a major force in backing as a candidate for President the black guy of which he described as: "light-skinned" appearance and speaking patterns "with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one." Harry soon began, with the help of his House pal Nancy Pelosi, ramming the Negro with no Negro dialect agenda down the throats of America.

At some point, age began to catch up with Harry. He began to say stupid things, even for a King of the Senate Democrats.  Who can forget that strange and bizarre press conference during the 2012 election of which out of the blue Harry said this about Mitt Romney:  
“He didn’t pay taxes for 10 years! Now, do I know that that’s true? Well, I’m not certain,”
After Republicans seized control of the Senate in the devastating midterm election of 2014, Senate Majority Leader Harry was demoted once again to the lowly Senate Minority Leader position from which he came. The demotion was devastating and the slide into crazy became fast and steep. 

Harry began ranting and raving daily, in almost all his time at the Senate podium obsessing about the Koch Brothers. Day after day, speech after speech the ugly face of Koch addiction reared it's head until even some in the media started to question Harry's condition.

Then last year, tragedy stuck. While in his bathroom the little boxer got roughed up by getting on the bad side of his exercise resistance band named Vinnie. It beat him up pretty good, breaking a number of ribs and bones in his face, but seems to have cured his Koch addiction in the process. He should stop working out with big Italian guys.

Then last March, Dingy Harry announced he was retiring from the Senate. It must be a bitch for a power hungry politician to be regulated to second string.  But his constituents are grateful. A brothel in Nevada with an extinctive sex menu has offered to host Harry's retirement party to thank him for efforts that have “positively affected” the hookers of Nevada and health care for their tools of the trade.

The way we look at it, if Ted Kennedy was the "Lion of the Senate" Dingy Harry was the "Turd in the Punch bowl". And if you're driving through Nevada and see some guy in sunglasses mumbling and wander around aimlessly in the desert, just keep driving.......

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On January 27, 2006 this Lunatic Warn Us That We Would Destroy the Planet With Man Made Global Warming in 10 Years......

Well, Get Busy.
We Have Just 24 Days to Finish the Job!

Remembering the MSNBC Shows We Lost in 2015

2016 DMF 'Snark Hall of Fame' Inductees

After much debate, discussion, drinking, throwing of furniture and counting and recounting of votes, the soon to be highly coveted DMF/MFNS 2016 'Snark Hall of Fame' Awards are today announced. Honored this year are 2, for their wit, insight, original writings and photoshop talents, as well as their amazing ability to avoid being scooped up by the secret Service.....

It is our honor to present:

Our first inductee was last year inducted as part of a group effort, and we found her new singular venture every bit as worth of recognition. Dianny's new blog, Patriot has quickly gained readership and a loyal following as she slashes her way through progressive thought with an excellent satirical slant and conservative opinion. Dianny is a self published writer and author, who's witty graphics are always well done, on target and makes you think, and laugh. You can find her work just about anywhere you go in the conservative blogoshere, including such prestigious pages as The American Thinker and IOTWReport. She works diligently to present original content with Dianny's own northeastern brand of snark and and satire. We are honored to include Dianny and The Patriot Retort as one of this years inductees. 

Our second inductee this year is long overdue for award and recognition. One must look past the fact that for one week every year, this inductee and I are playful bitter rivals, gazing down the 50 yard line from opposite sidelines. Thankfully, the rest of the year we are friends, blog sisters and fellow patriots. Known to her readers for her every changing unique banners reflecting the mood and news of the times, to the biting original worded right jabs to the jaw of the political left. Her graphic work (an excellent example can be seen in the banner riding proudly at the top of this blog) is always crisply satirical, on spot and as professional looking as can be found anywhere on the internet. It is my joy and pleasure to induct Curmudgeon of 'The Political Clown Parade' into DMF Snark Hall of Fame. 

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WAPO Columnist: We Have To Talk About Bill Clinton’s Penis Again.

Graphic via Freaking News

It’s a good thing Hillary Rodham Clinton is running for president, or else some people would be forced to find creative no-holes-barred ways to mention Bill Clinton’s most famous asset. Ever since he left office, it’s been hard to figure out by some how to insert the former president's notorious member into conversation. Which really hasn’t stopped anyone from trying. (Good job, Maureen Dowd!)

But now that the former Senator and former Secretary of State is running for the highest office in the land and blah blahing all the time, all over the place, about how we need a Strong Leader with girly parts, it’s irresponsible to talk about America's most notorious political penis.  Tell us why "Liberal" columnist Ruth Marcus: 
"Ordinarily, I would argue that the sins of the husband should not be visited on the wife. What Bill Clinton did counts against him, not her, and I would include in that her decision to stick with him. What happens inside a marriage is the couple’s business, and no one else’s, even when both halves crave the presidency." 
Marcus is one of those “liberal” “feminists” who is still SO MAD at Hillary Clinton, for letting her husband do infidelities to her, so of course there is a but:  
"Hillary Clinton has made two moves that lead me, gulp, to agree with Trump on the “fair game” front. She is (smartly) using her husband as a campaign surrogate, and simultaneously (correctly) calling Trump sexist...." These moves open a dangerous door. It should surprise no one that Trump has barged right through it....."
It makes perfect sense when you look at it that way, so long as you’ve also taken a whole metric load of acid first. Since Hillary “Doormat” Clinton unforgivably forgave her husband for doing stuff with his penis, and she has the audacity to let her spouse kiss the babies and the butter cow on the campaign trail like every other presidential candidate in history and she has observed (along with the rest of the radical man-eaters' sentients) that Donald Trump is a gross nasty sexist pig, Hillary Clinton started it, and it’s her fault for forcing Trump to bring Bill’s Big Dog into this, by being married to him.

Oh sorry, you probably didn’t take quite enough acid for that, did you?

The bottom line is that Hillary’s run for the Oval Office means the radical feminist and the  internet blogosphere can finally, in the name of “politics,” return to their national obsession of the past with the actions of Bill Clinton and his famous member!

Me, no I wouldn't think of stooping to that......