Friday, September 7, 2018

Fist Bumping at the DOJ?

Trump’s Internal Resistance Celebrates. There were smiles—and fear that the anonymous New York Times op-ed could backfire on those inside the bureaucracy trying to blunt the president. Some officials interviewed by The Daily Beast cheered the underlying message of the anonymously written op-ed. But several worried about its lasting impact, beyond provoking a familiar Washington parlor game: outing a dissenter.

Handling the fallout of politically motivated anonymous quotes or leaks is a rite of passage for every president. Early in Barack Obama’s administration, a 66-page report on the future course of the Afghanistan war, penned by then-commander Gen. Stanley McChrystal, was sent to Bob Woodward before the president had announced his formal decision. Later in his time in office, a White House official famously described Obama’s foreign policy as “leading from behind.” “It was sort of a breach of the Obama ethos,” said one top aide from Obama’s comms shop. “But on the scale of everything we were dealing with, it was a small deal.”

What Trump is confronting now is far different, veterans of past White House stressed. The leaks and anonymous quotes aren’t being offered to influence a political outcome or force the president’s hand one way or another. The piece thrust much of Washington, D.C., into a whodunit mystery, with rampant speculation about the authorship and outright shock from veterans of White Houses past that it happened at all. Matt Bennett, a former Clinton aide, emailed, “Even during the impeachment, when all of us were horrified by his personal conduct, no one in the Clinton White House (or administration) would EVER have done anything like this… I can’t imagine this happening in any modern presidency other than Nixon’s.”

At the Department of Justice—which has been eyed suspiciously by the White House for nearly two years as a source of insubordination—the atmosphere was tense Thursday morning. Two officials inside the department said they’ve been passively resisting the president since he took office in 2017. “We see ourselves as rebels,” one official said laughing, adding that the op-ed marked a perfect time to celebrate. “We even went around fist-bumping each other,” another official said. But a third, who feels similarly about Trump, sounded darker notes about where Trump’s ire over public embarrassment could lead.

(Daily Beast)
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Sit Down, Spartacus.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has no meaningful cards left to play, so we get embarrassing verbose grandstanding and melodramatic cosplay by junior Senators.  This situation is of the making by the American left. They developed the doctrine, which magnified the political importance of the judiciary. They politicized and personalized the Court and the appointment process. They made ideology the primary qualification for a judicial appointment. They shattered institutional norms and precedents in pursuit of victory.

Republicans are now playing by the Left’s rules and winning. What we are seeing in Kavanuagh’s confirmation hearings is the visual manifestation of the Left’s impotence, for which they have only themselves to blame.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

You Couldn’t Script a More Media Ready Example of 'Fictional Resistance Porn'

Bob Woodward's new book "FEAR" is the latest in a series of questionable insider tell-alls about DJT's tumultuous first year in office following on the heels of the unindicted perjurer James Comey’s "A Higher Loyalty" and journalist author hack writer Michael Wolff’s mostly unsourced flight of fantasy / hit-job "Fire and Fury." It's been labeled perfectly as"Fictional Resistance Porn." After a day watching members of the media clutching their pearls over Woodward’s new book, I’m convinced that the more salacious details are not culled from 'deep-background', but sounds more like fiction manufactured by career deadbeats who have "worked in the White House” probably as far back as the Clinton years.

I’m working from memory here…
  • People around Trump routinely snatch papers off his desk because if he sees those papers then he’ll likely start a nuclear war. Or just start enslaving people indiscriminately. Or maybe both.
  • Everyone who works at the White House hates Trump in every way.
  • Everyone who works at the White House is convinced beyond any shadow of a doubt that Trump is literally insane.
  • Everyone who works at the White House thinks that if they don’t stick around, then Trump will start a nuclear war. Or just start enslaving people indiscriminately. Or maybe both.
  • Trump loves mocking people from the South, and even uses a Southern accent just to be a total asshole about it.
  • His lawyers had to draw pictures for him to understand what perjury means, and then went on bended knee and begged Mueller not to question him out of pity for his inability to tell the truth.
The vast majority of the allegations, certainly the ones outlined above probably all came from one or two people who likely have little to no actual proximity to DJT, or his closest aides. They are likely holdovers who technically “work in the White House” and felt it their duty to provide Woodward with the type of salacious detail that would paint the President in the worst possible light. The details, the quotes,  all perfectly tuned to make President Trump look and sound ridiculous, needle and annoy him with surgical precision, and provide fuel for the rabid resistance.

And now we learn there is supposedly someone in a high position who claims they're sabotaging the White House from the inside. The New York Times is so giddy they have broken their own rules and have allowed an anonymous editorial. But first, remember that all democrats and liberals lie to forward their agenda. So it really doesn’t matter what is says, consider it a lie on its face until proven otherwise. Secondly, the NYT thinks this will be a nail in the coffin of Trump, but they fail to recognize that a coward hiding behind a newspaper has exactly zero credibility.

If you can remain anonymous, one can say just about anything. Just like my sources at Simon & Schuster that shall remain unnamed, tell me people there make fun of the way Bob Woodward talks like he has brain damage, and that he likes to eat boogers.......and he prefers other people's to his own.

(Daily Beast)
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Believe In Something, Even If No One Knows What The Hell You're Talking About

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Protesters Paid In Cash To Disrupt Brett Kavanaugh Hearing

Author and commentator Adam W. Schindler interviews three Texas doctors who traveled to Washington D.C. to attend the confirmation hearings for Judge Brett Kavanaugh. While waiting on line, they say they witnessed protesters being paid in cash to cause trouble in the hearing and in the public line to get in, Tuesday on Capitol Hill. - See Video 

CBS News’ Nancy Cordes confirmed that Sen. Schumer held a conference call with Judiciary Committee democrats over the Labor Day weekend to discuss the strategy of grandstanding they deployed in a coordinated manner, interrupting the start of the hearing to call,one after the other, for a delay in the proceedings while protesters disrupted the proceedings from the back of the room. 

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Video: Dems - Protesters Turn Kavanaugh Hearings into Chaos

Monday, September 3, 2018

John Kerry Doesn't Rule Out Joining the Dem's 2020 Circus

John Heinz-Kerry Tearfully Accepting the King’s Crown from The International Douchebag Society - 2014

In an interview Sunday with CBS Face The Nation Hostess, the lovely Margaret Brennan, the venerable Duke of Heinz -Earl of Ketchup - former Secretary of State John F. Kerry, refused to rule out a run for the White House in 2020, saying "talking about it now is just a distraction." In political speak he means if Dems can't win in the midterms, who'd want to be active in a party of a bunch of pathetic out-of-touch losers. Best known as husband of Teresa Heinz Kerry, the former senator and failed presidential candidate writes in his new book about John F. Kerry that "our nation is stronger when citizens stand up and decide that the way things are isn't the way things have to be." Like most democrats with acute TDS, he too fails to understand THAT'S WHAT THE LAST ELECTION WAS ALL ABOUT!

A multiple Purple Heart recipient now in private life where no one pays him any attention but his dogs, John F. Kerry laments on regrets about his miserable 2004 failed bid for the White House, including the choice of the lying lecherous pretty boy John Edwards as his running mate. John F. Kerry now sips chardonnay as he watches most of his political legacy, mainly the fraud of an Iran nuclear deal, the ridiculous climate change accord as well as the crown jewel of his foreign policy efforts, the Non-Aggression Pact with Canada, all being regulated to the dumpster of historical blunders by DJT.

And seeing John F. Kerry decided to use his high position to stir up some shit by personal calling out DMF's News Division 'Middle Finger News Service' at an International Awards Ceremony for our critical, but fair, coverage of his incompetent exploits as Barky's SOS, John F.Kerry made himself of one our favorite kick balls, giving us beaucoup amounts of material

But, in the name of healing the country and (to cultural appropriate a saying) bury the hatch so to speak, we at DMF/ MFNS wholeheartedly encourage John F. Kerry to seriously consider joining the Democrat Circus for 2020. You have so much to contribute. The Democrats need you Mr. Kerry.

(Sunday Morning) 
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A Good Monday Morning

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Bless His Heart. Rapper M&M Is All Butthurt & Confused Cause DJT Is Still Ignoring Him and His Childish Petulant Rants

Eminem, The Alyssa Milano of Hip Hop

It's difficult to take seriously anything said by an uneducated blonde-headed 45 year old white guy in a hoodie pretending to be a badass black thug, who is starved for attention. The annoying and talentless entertainer Eminem, best know as a white boy anomaly in the world of Hip Hop noise, and for his amazing ability to do what 6 year old school children are good at, rhyming words, got seriously pissed off that Donald Trump continues to outright ignored him after an extremely emotional display of childlike anger and frustration in a four-minute freestyle rap at last November's BET Hip Hop Awards. Eminem was expecting a response.

He was hoping for retaliation, and maybe some major league publicity. But it never came. Never happened. Not even a tweet. Nothing. Butthurt Soon Set In.

In a interview later that month with some urban radio station, the 'Great White Dope' expressed his displeasure that the president didn’t respond to his rantings......
“I was and still am extremely angry. I can’t stand that motherf***er. I feel like he’s not paying attention to me. I was kind of waiting for him to say something and for some reason, he didn’t say anything.......”
Undaunted, the rapper is again attempting to draw the president into his one-sided public feud, (because NO ONE pays him any attention these days) by continuing his attacks on DJT on “Kamikaze,” a surprise release of sampling and repetitive nonsense that was spewed forth Friday. He now claims in his lyrics babblings President Trump sent the Secret Service to question him about threatening lyrics from that 2017 BET freestyle. I doubt DJT will respond this time either.

When even Donald Trump thinks you are too insignificant to respond to in this day and age, it’s time to come to grips with your own irrelevancy. Maybe M&M should just try and snag the next vacancy with the Trump vilifying, screeching banshee Joy Behar and her nasty looking sidecar, Whoopie Goldberg, and the rest of the ladies of "The View".

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