Sunday, June 7, 2020

Reader Email

Since the [onslaught] of the Chinese Virus and resulting stay at home orders, reader email to your Illustrious Editrix has experienced an unprecedented uptick, mainly chit-chat and some personal questions.  Some were interesting *cough* and some made me laugh, some surely written before the medication took affect, and some I thought should be answered publicly in the name an informed citizenry.

That said, you guys can stop requesting I send pictures of my breasticials, as the sheer vision of their magnificence could possibly trigger a cardiac episode in some valued readers, and I would feel responsible. So I find that a bad idea.  So Stop. Ain't gonna happen.

from bejohnce@.....................

Dear Ms. Sarcastica, 
Look me in the eye baby and tell me how boats work.

Dear bejohnce, this is simple string theory metaphysics. You see, water wants to go down, so does the boat, so water pushes the boat up to get boat out of the way. The trick is you need to find a boat that wants to go down less than the water does. Once you've done that, the boat remains on top of the water (which is real slippery) you can push it.  Your welcome, and don't forget to floss.  

from crispy_fried@...........................  

Yo Dio,
Is it gay to be a man??? I mean assuming an Aristotelian view of mind-body dualism, you'd be inside a man at all times, No?

Dear Crispy, 
There are two things that come to mind when reading your question, things that modern man should refrain from participation. (1- never sit duct-taped to a chair, locked in a room with a three year old playing with a loaded gun. (2- never attempt to explain our present world gone crazy in terms of the ancient philosophers. Were they alive now, they'd be standing in a pool of their own pee on a street corner in Berkeley yelling at passing cars.  But to answer your question, Yes you're Gay.

from bactrac24@......................... 

You once mentioned you had some Scottish blood. Me Too, cousins maybe?  What is one of you favorite memories of Scottland?

Dear Bactrac, Yes, my paternal grandparents are proud Scots. I mean, Really Proud.  Some of my fondest memories are of summer travel in the Scottish countryside.  You don't know what fun is until you witnesses a drunk on the Edinburgh to Glasgow train screaming "a hate fuckin' hedgehogs...come at me ya jabby wee cunt" while angrily circling a hairbrush that's been dropped on the floor.  

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Middle Finger Symphony Theater


Brought To You By BLUESJUNKY: Chair of Music - Middle Finger Symphony Music Director

Trump Tries to Kill Press Corps with Chairs, Acosta Pees His Pants at Sight of Soldier, DJT Retreats to Land of The Whites.

See how easy it is ? Just twist a few words and you too can be a journalist with a breaking story.  Just never you mind that there are images & video clips of what really happened that dispute your version. Someone will cover you. 

Yesterday was a perfect example, another epic flip-out Friday for the media after a disappointing morning as the job numbers came out and ruined their prepared negative screeds about DJT's flailing economy and failed policies. It took most of the day to find a way to spin the positive numbers. 

To no ones surprise, Jim Acosta and PBS' disrespectful yelling dim bulb Yamiche Alcindor were among the triggered White House reporters over the seating at the morning rose garden press conference,  called a "a flagrant violation of CDC guidelines on social distancing and a move that puts reporters at risk for the purpose of turning the press corps into a prop for a so-called ‘press conference." While Alcindor headed over to MSNBC to do her daily "Trump is a racist",  CNN treated the seating arrangement like a crime against humanity, covering it four times on Friday afternoon. Acosta breathless told host Wolf Blitzer that he “was in the Rose Garden and saw the whole thing firsthand.” Blitzer call the incident "Dangerous".

One comenter on the tweeter asked why didn't they just move the damn chairs?? Why, because then it wouldn't be about them, and they would have had to talk about the good job numbers. Oh Hell No!
And later, in Dear Diary moment, Acosta tweets out a picture of a military vehicle in DC:
OMG! He’s eating! He probable had a real gun too! Yo Jimmy, looks like you spilt something on your pant leg there big guy.  Guess he was too triggered to walk up and ask the soldier how he felt to be a pawn in DJT dictatorial hoax of protecting the streets of DC from peaceful monument defacing protesters that attempt to burn down churches. 

And not to be outdone, over at CBS, Paula Reid, CBS’s version of one of CNN's Brook Baldwin's epic makeup experiments gone terrible wrong, was uncovering some insipid DJT racism:
Vermont is actually the whitest state in the country and is no coincidence, represented by the whitest person ever, Bernard Sanders. I foolishly wasted my time looking for tweets or articles from CBS accusing Bernie of racism for representing such a white state.

This is what things look like when the liberal media has run out of stupid crap to bitch about. In one single day, they lied about a Trump quote, accused him of trying to kill journalists with chairs, cried about a soldier eating lunch, and accused the President of racism for visiting Maine. This is why nobody trusts these dregs of humanity to deliver the truth and they wonder why their popularity rest somewhere between a rat turd and a root-canal.

Friday, June 5, 2020

Nothing Says Peace & Unity Like a Black Power Fist in Your Face

It's good to see the experts in serving burnt coffee with those Medieval Feminist's Philosophy or Ancient African Aviation Studies Degrees displaying their university education so well.

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Thursday, June 4, 2020

Lao Tzu Leaves For the Mountains

Pundits are twisting themselves into pretzels as they wrestle with the death of George Floyd and the ensuing demonstrations, riots, murders, looting, and government enabling of said chaos.  The self-righteous and sputtering circumlocutions call Looney Toons to mind: “George Floyd shouldn’t have died … but lynching the police officer who kneed Floyd isn’t justice … but we must acknowledge and respect the understandable anger of American blacks … but looting and arson are never right, especially when the businesses and homes belong to blacks … but protestors and rioters must be distinguished from one another … but ….” Absurdity has overtaken and overwhelmed even the cleverest commentators.

The mythical Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu–credited with authoring the Taoist wisdom classic Tao Te Ching–left his city to live alone in the mountains during an analogous period in Chinese history. The takeaway from the legend is clear: wisdom and virtue have no business in a civilization coming unglued.  Ideas don’t matter; dialogue isn’t useful or appreciated; and traditions distilled from millennia of life might as well be a third antler on a deer.  In the midst of the confusion, many Americans are coming to realize that–particularly in big, progressive-controlled cities–moral and law-abiding citizens no longer have any reason to persist.  Politicians have no interest in protecting or encouraging urban middle-class citizens, only dancing a jig to the social justice tune played by underclass minority demagogues and wealthy liberals.  Law enforcement’s hands are tied from keeping order, lest even a single racism unfold and provoke Armageddon.  Citizens are certainly not allowed to protect themselves, their homes, their communities, or their businesses.  That would be vigilantism, and the police are uncharacteristically enthusiastic about squashing anyone who stands up to casual lawlessness and intimidation.

As W.B. Yeats observed more than a century ago, we have entered an era when “the best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.”

Herein lies the crowning absurdity.  The opera of ‘St. George and the Blue Dragon’ unfolding across America’s stage has nothing to do with the unfortunate story of the man George Floyd and everything to do with panic over President Trump’s campaign to lay bare both classical and progressive liberalism’s inherent contradictions and impending collapse.  The hastily concocted George Floyd myth is one more pawn advanced up the board to corner the King.  Liberals do not apprehend they are committing the age-old fallacy of hating the player instead of the game.

As I write, looting continues and police are being violently attacked. Meanwhile, law enforcement leaders are kneeling with protesters to show their “solidarity”. Winston Churchill’s quip comes to mind: “Each one hopes that if he feeds the crocodile enough it will eat him last.”

Excerpted from a longer essay by CLINT FARGEAU

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Someone Get Jim Acosta Some Burn Ointment

Kayleigh McEnany Sends Jim Acosta to the Burn Ward

The last time Jim Acosta tried his typical “gotcha” question games with Kayleigh McEnany, it didn’t go so well for him. Nevertheless, CNN’s chief White House correspondent was at it again today during the daily press briefing, grilling McEnany with loaded questions about the Lafayette Park incident Monday where the Park Police confirmed that smoke canisters and pepper balls, not tear gas, were used on protesters who were allegedly throwing projectiles including bricks at officers who had told the crowd three different times to disperse as President Trump prepared to walk to burned St. John’s Episcopal church nearby.
Every time he asked it, McEnany fired back, first by setting the record straight that tear gas was not used on any of the protesters, and secondly that it was done in response to protesters allegedly throwing things at officers and law enforcement finding “caches of glass bottles, baseball bats and metal poles hidden along the street” shortly before 7pm, which was curfew time.

When Acosta continued to press on, McEnany whacked him by reminding him of the things that happen when police get caught off guard, such as the four officers who were shot in St. Louis during a recent riot, the Las Vegas officer who is now on life support after being shot in the head, and of other violent incidents involving rioters attacking police officers in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd. Officers have the right to protect and defend themselves and secure the perimeter, she again noted, while also pointing out that they protect him and his right to come to the White House press briefing room to ask questions during briefings. If this keeps up, Jim Acosta might want to invest in a few gallons of burn ointment along with a jock cup if he insist on getting kick in the nut regularly, because he’s going to need it.

[Sister Toldjah@RedState]

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

NYT's Journalist Justifies Looting, Property Damage

Tuesday, the author of the ahistorical “1619 Project” Nikole Hannah-Jones, made some disturbing arguments justifying violence to PBS’s Christiane Amanpour. She claimed it was “immoral” to call looting violence.
Destroying property which can be replaced is not violence. And to put those things -- to use the exact same language to describe those two things, I think really is not moral to do that.  We're 13% minority in majority white country. We are descendants of people that were enslaved in this country. So ultimately our protest is only as successful as we can convince white Americans to actually comply with the Constitution and treat black Americans as full citizens. 
I think I would not describe looting as violence, looting is property damage, but it is not violence. We need to have to have some perspective on what exactly we’re seeing when we call that violence and looting. When you talk about someone taking something from a big box main store, it's symbolic. One pair of shoes that you've stolen from the Foot Locker is not going to change your life, but it is a symbolic taking....."
In her Orwellian newspeak saying violent activities weren't actually violent means burning down someone’s house or business is considered a “peaceful” activity to the NYT journalist.

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Monday, June 1, 2020

Progressive Newspaper Editrix Celebrated Protesters - Then the Chickens Come Home to Roost

A news editor for a small, independent leftist rag was in support of the protests-turned-riots, until they broke into the paper's office and had their way and she had to take cover in the basement. Leigh Tauss, an editor for the progressive news outlet Indy Week in North Carolina, was stunned to find that the protesters-turned-rioters did not look favorably upon her business when they swept the area.

She tweeted out on Saturday, saying "the crowd is extremely peaceful and groups and many are wearing masks and trying to keep distance."It was only a few short hours later that Tauss tweeted again about the protests. This time her tone was difference.
"I went into the hallway. I heard someone l enter the office and what sounded like smashing inside. We are a small newspaper with a handful of desktops. I’m now hiding in the basement." — Leigh of House (@LeighTauss) May 31, 2020.
And then on Sunday morning, Tauss posted what had become of her office at the hands of the rioters 
Sounding like an rank amateur William Shire reporting of Brownshirt violence from Berlin in 1939....... 
“Who the fuck is next?” A protester shouts. “Your daughter? Your grandma? That’s why we out here.” #raleigh — Leigh of House (@LeighTauss) June 1, 2020 
It’s midnight. The protesters have spread out throughout downtown, evading the cops. Some are going around smashing windows and lighting fires #raleigh — Leigh of House (@LeighTauss) June 1, 2020 
Not sure why, but dozens of officers just charged at the few remaining protesters. Smoke bombs and fireworks go off in the street #Raleigh — Leigh of House (@LeighTauss) June 1, 2020
That last tweet should tell you all you need to know about this leftist bint. And it looks like her little paper is not were *woke* enough for those super-righteous anarchists.
[The Post Millennial]
[Jim Pinkerton's Tweeter]

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