Monday, October 4, 2021

If You Don't Get a Similar Notification, You should Consider Changing Banks.

Barksdale Federal Credit Union<>


A new IRS proposal could affect your accounts and how your credit union operates.

As Congress considers new infrastructure spending, lawmakers are exploring unconventional sources of revenue to fund plans. One proposal under consideration effects Barksdale Federal Credit Union and our members — it would require that BFCU (along with other financial institutions and popular apps like Venmo and PayPal) report to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) how much money has gone into and out of all accounts with more than $600 in them.
The proposal is designed to close the tax gap. The financial reports would allow the IRS to compare how much cash came through a person's accounts to how much was reported each year on income tax forms. That can include cash not reported by those who don't list all their tips, people doing gig work for cash, side jobs paid in cash, people who sell crafts or products from home.
We value our members privacy and the security of their data, and this possible unprecedented access to your finances violates your personal privacy by forcing credit unions and banks to provide the government with information that does not reflect taxable activity. 
The Louisiana Credit Union Movement’s Response

Credit unions across the state strongly object to the proposal, which would be an unwarranted infringement on the privacy of our members and create complex new reporting burdens.
We have alerted congressional leaders, submitted a joint letter with the Louisiana Bankers Association, and submitted thousands of messages from credit union advocates. Our advocacy messages highlight that new IRS bank account mining would:
  • Be intrusive and indiscriminate for our members.
  • Increase taxpayer complexity and confusion.
  • Enlist credit unions as agents of the IRS while imposing new reporting burdens.
  • Expose credit unions to penalties for inadvertent errors.
  • Channel more information into the IRS than it can process.
The Louisiana credit union movement will continue speaking out against this proposal and the threat it poses to consumer privacy and credit union operations. Know that we will not simply hand over personal information at any time without it being required by law.
Please let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to continuing to serve you and our community.

Patrick Gullatt
President & CEO, Barksdale Federal Credit Union
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Friday, October 1, 2021

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Thursday, September 30, 2021

Your Thursday Overnight Open Thread

Your Beloved Blog Editrix Turns Things Over to You, the Readers.
You Say You Got Something to Say - Go On. I Dare Ya! 

It's Enough To Give a Democrat Vapors

We're munching popcorn patiently waiting to see the next act in Nancy Pelosi's swan song as Speaker as she tries to save a large portion of Joe Biden's soviet style so called 'Build Back Better' agenda. The current state of play, that might change before you've finished reading: Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema are threatening to tank the whole bloated monster, and in return, AOC and the petulant children of the progtard caucus have threatened to blow up the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure deal. It's like the end of Reservoir Dogs right now.

Pelosi "decoupled" the bipartisan infrastructure deal this week, which led some Democrats to fear she was folding to Sinema and Manchin. The word “betrayal" might've been used. However, Pelosi told everyone to chill the fuck out.

Chuck Schumer is whining that Pelosi doesn't consult him before making course changes, but why should she? She can keep her flying monkey caucus in line and claims she can deliver the needed Rhino votes, but she's not showing up for the party if Schumer's still stumbling around trying to making last-minute deals to rein in votes in the Senate.

The misguided obsession with “bipartisanship" (for media consumption only) gives Republicans all the leverage, and a front row seat for the potential explosion in the “centrist" versus “progressive" showdown. 

The 'Build Back Better agenda is not Joe Biden's Agenda; it's Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal and Elizabeth Warren's Medicare for All and Little Pete Buttigieg's Tax Everything That Moves all wrapped up with Bernie Sanders commie red ribbon of Free Shit For everybody pie-in-the-sky bill.

It needs to be killed with Extreme Prejudice.

Joe Manchin says it's all to much. As for Kyrsten Sinema, democrats may think she's is goofier than a love-struck teenager toking her first joint, but right now she's got their balls in her left hand.  Pass the Popcorn.

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Dorkus Maximus Breaks Ground for Historic Presidential Non-Library Library

There is something distinctly unhealthy for democracy in our new tradition of building bigger and bigger museums for each president as if they were pharaohs in ancient Egypt trying to construct bigger pyramids than those erected for their predecessors. Such institutions are a reflection of the inflation of each president into something earlier Americans would think of as a monarch rather than the elected leader of a republic. In this case we are talking about the inflated ego of one Barky Obama.

After a series of starts and stops and a lengthy legal battle with city and neighborhood residents who don't want it in the area and healthy bribes over construction clearance, Barky’s presidential library is pressing ahead with the site of the future non-archives.

According to the New York Times, it "won’t actually be a presidential library." There will be no research library on site, no physical archives room and none of Obama’s official presidential records. Instead, the Obama Foundation will pay to digitize and edit the roughly 30 million pages of unclassified paper records from the administration so they can be made available online, and presumably for the control to edit and rewrite history as needed to keep Barky out of prison.

But, there will be a Barky museum where no doubt Chris Mathew's famous leg will be on display, a sports space, a test kitchen, an art plaza, a kids’ area, and a new branch of the Chicago Public Library to compliment the giant egotistical monument to #44.

Back in 2017, Middle Finger News™ was given an exclusive sneak peek of the mock-up of the proposed entrance to the hallowed halls of The Obama Presidential Library (pictured below) after Barky's Presidential Farewell Speech.

And our own intrepid Middle Finger News Service Senior Political Reporter and Man About Town, Earl of Taint, early in 2015 submitted his own design to the Presidential Library Conceptual Design Contest.

We are still waiting eagerly to see if Earl will be honored with his design acceptance as the final design graphic has not been released.  If so, Earl will personally be on-site to oversee the massive complex construction of Library, Amusement Park and Progressive Friendly "George Michael Memorial Public Restroom" facilities.

You can read his full report here.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

To Counter Blue State EV Mandates, Red States Should Start Mandating a Percentage of Gas Powered.

In Case the Loyal Readers of DMF Are Thinking of Taking Up a Collection
to Buy Your Beloved Editrix a Nice Christmas Gift, This Will Do Just Fine.

Excerpted from a Longer Essay by Buck Throckmorton
"The internal combustion engine is the engine of freedom. Gasoline-powered cars with internal combustion engines are the conveyances of liberty. You can drive 1,000 miles in a day if you desire, refueling whenever and wherever you like in a just a matter of minutes. The left wishes to deny you that freedom, and the two biggest blue states, California and New York, have now banned the sale of gas-powered cars by no later than 2035. Only the sale of “emission free” electric vehicles (“EVs”) will be allowed. 
It is imperative that Texas, other oil-patch states, and all freedom-loving states (hello Florida) start fighting back. 
If New York can pass a law mandating that 100% of all new vehicle sales are EVs, then Texas (and Florida, and Tennessee, and Louisiana, etc) can pass laws mandating that no less than xx% hypothetically - of all new vehicle sales in their states must be gas-powered vehicles.  
In a sane world, consumers in every state would have the freedom of choice to buy whatever types of cars they want. But sanity has been lost, so a mandate to sell gas-powered cars in red states is necessary to ensure that consumers will still have the choice to buy something other than EVs. But wait – we conservatives are worshipful about how the market will sort things out. Let Texans buy whatever they want, and if they want gas-powered cars, the market will supply them, right? 
I used to believe that, but it’s not true anymore. The liberal obsession to terminate driving freedom is unrelenting – they will not pause in their war against gas-powered cars until no one, anywhere, can buy one. If our “conservative principles” mean that we do nothing in response, the marketplace of major auto manufacturers will take the path of obedience to the left, and they’ll only manufacture EVs. 
Well, what about start-up auto manufacturers filling the void if legacy manufacturers stop building the gas-powered cars that Texans want? That free market just doesn’t exist anymore. The cartel of tech utilities, money center banks, government regulators, etc. can and will collude to crush any start-up that defies the corporatist obedience to “the climate crisis.” Lines of credit, ERP software, payment transfer technologies, and so forth would be denied by the cartel of woke capital. Rather than sell their ubiquitous software to a startup auto-manufacturer selling gas-powered cars, companies like Salesforce would more likely be leading the charge to get corporate America to boycott the start-up. 
What if Texas and Florida were somewhat restrict market access to major auto manufacturers unless they sell a required percentage of gas-powered cars? (I like 90%.) 
A principle of responsible state governments is to promote their agricultural and industrial products. As you may have heard, Texas produces a heck of a lot of petroleum. So do Oklahoma, Louisiana, and other states. The destruction of the petroleum industry is one of the objectives of the blue state EV obsession. 
Texas and other petroleum-producing states cannot just sit back and let the Gavin Newsoms of the world destroy their oil and gas industries. Texas, Florida, Louisiana et al should make a stand and mandate that gas-powered cars remain a percentage of vehicle sales in their states." 
If for no other reasons, National Security and Emergency Evacuations should be of concern.

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Saturday, September 25, 2021

Finally Something We Can Agree On With Joe Biden

Joe Biden left the White House on Friday for another few days outside of Washington, as he now regularly runs from the White House every weekend.  According to Bob Woodward and Robert Costa's new book, Joe Biden reportedly hates living in the White House, describing it as “the grave.” In the words of 46* chief of staff, Ron Klain, “He doesn’t feel comfortable living in the White House.”

Guess what Joe, we don't feel comfortable with you living in the White House either!!!

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Friday, September 24, 2021

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