Sunday, October 30, 2022

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Joe Biden - Unsafe at Any Age: Biden — using his"car guy persona" drives 118 mph. Here's some funny deadpan from the NYT article: "The president has long used his affinity for cars to burnish his workaday origins and, more recently, to conjure an aura of vitality despite being the oldest president in American history. In the run-up to the midterm elections next month — with control of Congress and the future of his agenda at stake — Mr. Biden is hoping his gearhead reputation will appeal to some parts of the Republican base as he competed in a drag race." - (as if the SS would actually allow it).

Someone needs to tell the NYT that there is nothing "workaday" about a 1967 Corvette convertible worth $160k+, especially in 2022. Rumor has it his left blinker was on the whole time.

Nose Hair Extensions Are The Newest Beauty Craze and I Wish I Was Kidding. Okay, some things just make me take a double take and lately it's been a lot. But the best part is the reactions.

3 Lies and 2 wrong names, then almost falls Off the Stage. A day in the life of the Continuing Adventures of Brandon

MSNBC Guest Wacko Suggest Free Speech is Dangerous to Free Speech. Joining Ali Velshi to discuss Musk’s recent takeover of the social media platform, Nossel argued Musk potentially rolling back safeguards and content moderation policies could lead to the “weaponization of human nature.” Velshi began by quoting Nossel’s LA Times op-ed this week, in which she argued that easing restrictions on free speech could threaten it. What?

Even Courtney Laughed at This One: Twitter Just Fact-Checked Joe Biden's Official Presidential Account!  Less than 24 hours after Elon Musk took over as Chief Twit of Twitter, a fact-check has been placed on one of Joe Biden’s @POTUS tweets because… he’s lying.

Friday, October 28, 2022

Middle Finger Symphony Theater

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Thursday, October 27, 2022

Your Official Almost Semi-World Famous Irredeemable Mid-Week Open Thread

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Tuesday, October 25, 2022

This Never Gets Old 不不不

When the Pedos of 'The Lincoln Project' first got together and launched their Never Trump grift/pervert operation, the chosen media spokesman was Rick Wilson.

Wilson, who is what it would look like if you put glasses on a testicle, thought it a good idea to promote their new grift on one of Steven Colberts 'Inside the Hill' segments.  Being a former Bushie, he should have known this was not a wise move. As it turned out, Wilson gave us a classic clip of a smug elitist getting Pwned by Cartoon Journalists that never gets old. 

Monday, October 24, 2022

Real Leaders Never Quit, Liz—Take It From Us Democrats

Op-Ed by "Anonymous Former Democratic Strategist Not Named James Carville"

What were you thinking, Liz? You quit being prime minister of the UK just because you were a colossal failure? Where’s the logic in that?

In a REAL Democracy, like the one we have here in the United States, Democrat leaders NEVER resign under any circumstances, even if they’ve been caught failing, cheating, or don't have all their mental capacities.

We in the savior Democrat party have had politicians who have openly run epic grifting operation while Secretary of State, who sent pallets with billions of dollars to our enemies, who abused girlfriends and wivesweaponized the nations highest law enforcement agency to spy on journalist, weaponized the IRS against rival political parties. Who rigged election resultstrafficked illegal alien minor children while turning a blind eye to historic drug trafficking that's has killed more Americans than the 20 years of the war on terror.  I could go on.....  

The point is, you name it, we’ve done it. But so what? That’s no reason for any of us to resign.

In America, egregious wrongdoings are just a golden opportunity to flood our constituents’ inboxes with pleas for money. Allow us to explain how that works: We do something terrible, and then when someone points it out, we defend ourselves against “slander” and fight back against disgusting rightwing “lies.”

 You see, Liz? When you’re a democrat, they not only let you do it, they reward you for it. Spreading lies and misinformation is just a means to rake in some sweet dollars. Screaming about "Guns" and "Women's Healthcare" (as we call it) is simply a time-honored democrat way to cash in. We’re not joking here — please sign up for our mailing list and see for yourself. Also, remember to give us money every time we do something appalling.  

But with a reliable base of low info voters ensuring that Democrats retain power in any district dominated by a major city containing large concentrations of black folk and suburban wine-box Lindas, there’s absolutely no reason for any Democrat politician ever to be held accountable again, unless they spill the beans about our secret orgies, that is. It’s a win-win situation for Democrats, Liz, whereas you clearly lost. 

It’s a perfect system for us Leftist politicians who can fail, cheat and steal and never have to worry about our jobs. And I think we can all agree that it’s a far better system than the one you have in the UK, where a PM has to give in to a uppity patriarchal mob and resign when they’re a total and abject failure.

Anyway, it’s over now, Liz. You’re not going to be prime minister anymore, and it’s all because you were a terrible prime minister, which is such a silly reason. Maybe you should be more like us. 

A Good Monday Morning

Sunday, October 23, 2022

Without Further Ado, Your Sunday Open Thread

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Friday, October 21, 2022

Middle Finger Symphony Theater

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