Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Another Government Backed “Green Energy" Company Disappears (along with your money)

Your tax money which flowed to the plethora of “green energy" projects in 2009-2010 was“special welfare for the rich.” The green energy initiative was politically connected money and was a direct line from taxpayers to the pockets of “investors.” But everybody felt fine about it because “they were doing good while doing well.”

And  if you buy that I've got an algae farm to sell you. 
"The Economist magazine wrote a dispatch about Xunlight and its 100 employees under the headline “Greening the Rustbelt:” “Green investment presents new hope,” the magazine declared.
Federal Election Commission records show the company’s founder, Xunming Deng, donated $3,000 to the campaigns of Marcy Kaptur, a Democratic congresswoman from Ohio. In 2010, he gave $4,500 to the campaign of Ohio’s governor, Ted Strickland, a Democrat, Ohio state campaign finance records show.
U.S. Senate lobbying records show Xunlight spent $100,000 total in 2008 and 2009 to hire lobbyists at the PMA Group, which closed in 2009 after being raided by federal prosecutors..."
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