Sunday, February 27, 2011

Why I Won't Be Seeing Stars Tonight....Again.

Is There a Doctor in the House?

It's that time of year again that the Orthopedic Doctors in Beverly Hills and surrounding areas of Hollywood Dream Land love the most. It's "Look How Great an Actor We Think We Are" season is upon us. Their wealthy Hollywood patient load, suffering from self-inflicted shoulder injures received patting their egotistical selves on the back, increase dramatical (pun intended). 

There was a day, and not that long ago, in the world of movie make believe when stars were glamorous and the Academy Awards were given based on the quality of the performances. Politics was unspoken by most the actors (and no one really cared) and performances could be enjoyed without bias.  But like a lot of America, I no longer pay attention to them and even try to separate these thespians from their anti-American liberal agenda campaigns and enjoy their endeavors. They have long ago lost my respect and I find them in general to be whining bores living in the lap of luxury, pushing their agendas while condemning the country that gives them the freedom to do so.  There is just something about actors who kiss banana republic dictators asses telling me anything about being an American.  STFU and act, if that what you call it. 

Being a professional musician, I'm as well aware as anyone things in society have changed since the 1960s. But how really dumb have we become that we have to plop ourselves in front of the boob tube to watch three plus hours of self-congratulatory speeches, bad jokes and musical numbers that have little to do with movies and are just time fillers.  And as for the Red carpet interviews,  don't these actresses know that their hair stylists are in fact a bunch of gay misogynists who are laughing behind their backs? Geez! 

The sad truth is that I have always been a film buff and it is painful to admit that I rarely go to a theater anymore because there is just nothing to see that is worth the trip. Yet the awards shows have multiplied and even though the ratings show our disinterest they still manage to get air time. 

The Academy of Arts and Sciences lost all credibility with me as a judge of artistic merit in 1999 when it decided that "Shakespeare in Love" deserved the Best Picture award over "Saving Private Ryan", a brilliant portrayal of military sacrifice in WWII. "Shakespeare" had been heavily marketed by its producers,  and the following year the same poor judgment awarded the Best Picture to "American Beauty" an amoral film that glamorized underage sex. Personally I would have preferred it go to "The Sixth Sense" or "The Green Mile", both a unique audience pleasing experience. But what do I know. 
It's become evident over recent years that the Oscars reflect the personal political agenda of the Hollywood Left rather than an objective judgment on the Oscars which should be awarded for great feats of acting; for performing roles that are difficult yet successfully executed. Let's face it, how difficult was it for Kim Basinger to portray a hooker in "L.A. Confidential"? Hmmm?

I think I'll start reading that new book on Cleopatra sitting on my coffee table or do something adventurous like trying to give the cat a bath, and leave the TV off tonight.  

Friday, February 25, 2011

When You Piss Off the Mimes, You Know it's Serious.

Union Street Mimes join protest in Wisconsin:
National Street Mimes Union Secretary Chuckie Bowles had the following to say about Gov Walker's plan to limit collective bargaining in Wisconsin:
 "                                       .               ,                                          !!

                      ,                       ,                ?
 '         ,'                                                             !?!?" 

Read the entire story Here.              

Picture of the Week.

The process being played out in Madison...
has done us a great public service, however unintentional; it has exposed the naked hypocrisy of the unions, and given us yet one more example of what's wrong with our so-called 'Political Leadership'.
This battle is not about economics (even if economic factors have brought the Madison Protests to the fore), or even of fundamental fairness; it's about maintaining a series of often-outrageous privileges which can no longer be justified, and about the ability of the Unions to buy the politicians who will continue the gravy train.

If anyone ever needed a list of reasons as to why the rest of the planet is kicking our ass economically, and why employers are willing to risk breaking the law and hire illegal immigrants, or flood the State Department with H1-B requests, you need only show up at any mass meeting of Unionized Workers. There you will find, in microcosm, everything that's wrong with the American labor market. 

Picture source: Moonbattery

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Broken Record Budget

From Capitalist Preservation


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Jimmy Carter Says The Brotherhood is Cool. That Outa Worry You Right There.

When we talk about the President's ability to influence events, we saw that was incredibly limited even within the context of Egypt. And now if this starts spreading abroad, it’s going to be so far beyond what the United States can influence here.Monica Crowley, Washington Times

"While the pliant liberal and American news media coo over the so-called “freedom” demonstrations in Egypt, there are riots and protests breaking out all over North Africa and beyond Jordan, Yemen, Algeria, Bahrain, Tunisia." Jane Jamison
*Update 2/17- “Charismatic” Imam Returns to Egypt From Exile

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Yep...I Still Think Pantsuit is Gonna Run.

As I wrote in an previous post Warming Up the Clinton Smear Machine, I believed Hillary Clinton will oppose Obama in the primaries for the 2012 nomination. The discontent in the electorate, Obamas inability to understand elementary economics and all around incompetency in office, spells blood in the water.  All the while, Secretary Clinton has remained for the most part out of view, avoiding controversy while meeting with former Clinton allies’ overseas and gaining trust and foreign policy experience. I expect her to resign as Secretary of State soon and prepare for a run.  The Earl of Ketchup (John Kerry) awaits in the wings to be appointed Secretary of State.
Maybe Barack Obama was wrong; you can put lipstick on a pig, but only if you believe you can continue to rely on the stupidity and short memories of the American Left. 

Dissecting the 2008 primaries as best I can remember, it seems that Obama was originally the Ultra-Liberals attempt to get their views to the fore, because so far as they were concerned, Hillary Clinton was simply George W. Bush with a pantsuit on.  No one expected Obama to win so much as to be the standard bearer of the demented Left. His 'job' was to put their issues on the table, and to warn 'centrist' dems (a contradiction in terms) that the Dingbat Wing of the party should not be taken for granted.  Subsequent events, I think  have proven me correct in this assumption, bearing the last two years in mind,  does it look like Barack Obama was ever prepared to be President of the United States, or that he ever expected to win?
What has resulted from a policy perspective, both foreign and domestic, seems to indicate that no, he was not expecting to win, and when he actually did, he had no plan. None of that vision stuff. What Barack Obama actually did was to let Congress do his heavy lifting while he played golf and bought time to learn what being in charge actually means, a lesson he still seem not to have mastered.
The way I see it, Clinton lost an election she had every 
opportunity to win primarily for three major reasons:

 (1) - She ran her campaign as if she had already won, as if the Office of President was her birthright.  She seemed to be taking the Victory Lap before the race even started. She did everything but measure the Oval Office windows for new curtains (on the off-chance the old ones might still have Bill's you-know-what all over them), and plan to return the silverware that came up missing  when the Bushes moved (back) in.  Politically, Hillary would have been Bush-like, she would have continued the War, she would have kept the Patriot Act and she would not have advanced the same radical Health Care stupidity that Obama did (at least not in her first term). If you were a Whackjob Lefty in 2008, Hillary Clinton was George W. Bush's third term.
If you were a democratic party voter in the fall of 2008, and your choice was between The Crusty Black Pantsuit who talked a good game, but lied to your face, and could be reasonably expected to simply continue Bush's policies with only minor  cosmetic changes, or the Slick Hipster 'Outsider' who had inspired you with lofty rhetoric and a thin resume, but who restored your deluded vision of the heady days of JFK, RFK and MLK, only with a Program of Reparations attached, who would you chose?

(2) - Hillary Clinton carried far too much baggage.  About 200 pounds of it in the form of a guy named Bill.

(3) - In the "Great Pecking Order of Worthiest Victim Groups" that is democratic (small 'd' intentional) politics, Hillary The Heir Apparent was stunned to learn that (half-) Black Man still trumped Woman Done Wrong By Cheating and Abusive Husband.  As a result, Clinton took the job of Secretary of State because it was the next best thing; it gave her a serious job (junior Senator from a state you don't really live in is like being an unpaid intern, and besides, Charles Schumer is an obnoxious asshat), and it might even prove a springboard to future success.  And judging from the foreign policy mistakes of this Administration (ones that Hillary will be glad to tell you in the coming primary season were not her doing; she was simply following orders from above...yeah, like that worked at Nuremberg, too) that's not exactly something I would want on my resume.
She will pull out her old 'Centrist Democrat' disguise, something that barely exists anymore thanks to the GOP-Tea Party romp in the 2010 Mid-Terms, and run to Obama's right as a New-Old-Centrist-Blue-Dog Democrat (four lies for the price of one) while out-hawking the GOP Hawks, and do her damndest to be as indistinguishable as the most centrist Republican come 2012.

As for illegal immigration and border security, she’s been silent on both, because if you plan to run for President on the Democratic Party ticket you can't afford to offend all the illegal voters in California, your Mother Lode of illegal-alien-and-welfare-mother-supplied Electoral Votes --54 of them. That's 20% of the total required to be elected, you know. Let's see if the American electorate can still be that stupid two Presidential elections in a row, and fall for someone who's so obviously a poser, or whether the 'Throw The Bums Out' fervor of the Tea Party and the Great Middle continues.

Get your popcorn folks, there's gonna be a fight on the Left very soon. Ya heard it here first.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Joe Biden Performs at 2011 Grammy Awards

 V.P. shows he still has the moves 
as guest dancer for Eminem

Los Angeles - Conspicuously absent from all the administrations statements on the resent events of the middle east, Joe Biden surfaced last night at the 2011 Grammy Awards to perform in the dance troop of legendary rapper Eminem. The Vice President had not been seen in public all last week because of intense workouts and dance rehearsals in a secret location in Los Angeles.

The Vice President told the music press last night that Eminem was not his only chance to dance at the Grammys this year. His first offer came from the rising star "Lady GaGa", but never considered the offer seriously because he said, "that little girl really really creeps me out".

Known by former congressional colleagues by the nickname "The Shoe", Biden once admitted he always secretly wished as a kid that he was Ginger Rogers. Biden was also seen at an after show party kicking back  scotch and sodas with big bucks democrat supporter and fellow  Grammy show performer, Barbara Streisand and her husband...what's his name. Biden was over heard telling his secret service guy "the ol' gal can still sing, but geez, have you ever seen that much makeup in one spot in your life?"   

When asked by a reporter if he was ever invited to rap with Eminem, Biden said no, and he  probably wouldn't be any good it because his mouth tends to outrun it's supply line.  Biden is expected back in Washington early today to conduct two 3rd grade field trips coming to visit the White House. 

Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 18.....Careful What You Reach For.

"A large portion of Egyptians are dissatisfied with their lot in life. What they are crying and bleeding for in the streets of Cairo (just as they did in the streets of Tehran, Beirut, and Damascus) is that they at least want to have the opportunity to choose which demented douche bag inflicts their misery upon them, whether despotic secular or despotic clerical, or a combination of both. This is not, strictly speaking, democracy....." Lunatic's Asylum 


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

On Egypt:

 Excerpts from Lunatic's Asylum

A society which has no history of Freedom, which has gone from Pharaohs,  to Caliphates,  to Foreign Occupation,  to Presidents-for-Life, all of it overshadowed by the threat of force, is a land totally devoid of even the simplest idea of what freedom is.  At the moment, all the talk about "Freedom" in Egypt is little more than people using this month's new buzzword. 

So, for those of you who are beginning to buy the "democratic movement arises in Egypt" theme the American Press so fervently hopes to spin you with, it has no actual facts to back that assertion up  There are no democratic institutions, for a start, and they could not be magically created overnight (see Iraq). Sure, Egyptians could vote, but that's not the same thing. Purple fingers do not a democracy make. In fact, if given the chance to vote in fair, democratic elections, Egyptians are likely to do what the Palestinians and Lebanese have done and vote for the Terrorists and Islamonazis among them. When the smoke clears, and Mubarak and the other despots in the region who are also under threat from this nascent "freedom movement" are gone, we're likely to see even worse forms of government arise.

What has happened in Egypt up to this moment was,  to a point, entirely predictable. This is why our government,  press, intelligence and diplomatic services all seem to have been taken by surprise. Even the dumbest people on this planet, given time, will eventually get fed up with some situation and then decide to do something about it, even if they're not quite certain as to what they're pissed about, or what to do about it. I'm not going to pontificate on whether or not Mubarak is a prince amongst Men, or the worst sort of douche bag, because I have no first-hand experience, and because I know that at least 80% of what passes for information on the nightly newscast is someone's opinion, rather than facts.  But my guess is when the American punditocracy (a.k.a The Flapping Rectums) asks the question in another decade, "Who Lost Egypt?", the first people they'll look to blame will be the American political class, but the real culprits will have been the Egyptians themselves.

Edited for content by Diogenes 

Sunday, February 6, 2011

And Now a Word From Charlie Sheen.......

You've got wars, famines, Egypt about to burn to the ground, Alec Baldwin threatening to run for congress, crazyass muslims running around cutting peoples heads off and a world class boob running your country, and all you people are talking about is my bullshit! 
That's pathetic! - Charlie Sheen

Friday, February 4, 2011

Appealing an Unappealing Idea.

This week a federal court judge ruled the ObamaCare reform bill passed by Congress last year was unconstitutional. The Obama Administration has already issued a statement saying they will go ahead with an appeal.
At first, this seems like a good idea, after all, it's been one of the few legislative victories of any importance Obama has had since becoming President.
But, like most of the Obama administrations ideas, on second thought it seems like a bad idea on many different levels.

Reason #1 - Fearless Leader has been exposed as weak on the issue. The longer this issue goes on, the weaker Obama appears on the issue. From the day he announced his intention to pass health care reform to the date of its passage and now with the legal challenges, Obama has not come across as a strong advocate for the measure. Instead, he came up with the idea and punted it to Congress to iron out the details. Because of his lack of leadership off the golf course, his crowning jewel is possibly on the verge of being ripped away from him. The other damning factor along these lines is footage from the 2008 Democrat debate where Obama came out strongly against some of the provisions he signed into law. For health care reform advocates, this has to be hard to justify.

Reason #2 -  A loss in court undercuts Obama's legacy. Health care reform is one of the few bright spots so far for Obama, if not the brightest. There were bound to be legal challenges to it because, well, the Republicans said there would be. Having heard them loud and clear, the Obama team should have been better prepared for the challenge because of the political implications of a loss at the Supreme Court level. If that happens, it strips away Obama's major policy initiative, which leaves nothing much left to hang his hat on for reelection.

Reason #3 - They can't blame this on the Republicans. Democrats love to paint the GOP as the "party of NO,"but Dems held majorities in both houses of Congress and utilized that power to pass the health care reform bill as written. Republicans had little to no influence on the bill itself. That means any failure, legal or otherwise, is on them. Forcing a court battle will only bring that fact further into the  light. Good intentions with bad law don't mean anything in the end. This is on Dems' heads.
Reason #4 - It's just bad law. The health care reform bill as passed reached too far legally with too many loopholes and exceptions. The federal judge's ruling and justification for it exposed the flaws in the existing law, which will make it tough for the Supreme Court to put up a legal defense of the health care bill, if they even decide to hear the case at all. And I bet the moron that suggested dissing the Supreme Court Justices during a state of the Union Address last year, the very people who may just may hold the fate of the entire thing in their hands, doesn't think that was a great idea now.
The Bright Side: 
Believing themselves invincible, unbeatable in the mid-term elections and feeling they owned the country after the Obama election, the Democrats once again underestimated the American people by passing ObamaCare. That "bend over and smile" and "we know what's best for you and you're gonna like it cause we say so" attitude seen nightly during the health reform debate helped to forever change many American's views of a political party, it's philosophy and it's leaders. 
Let's hope they never forget!