Sunday, September 2, 2012

Democrats Ready Their Launch of Commander Zero Lovefest


The air is full of anticipation.....

We shall hear triumphantly of greatly improving economic numbers, falling unemployment, millions of jobs saved and created,  of revitalizing the  industrial base  and of their respect for the job creators of America. Of plans for shrinking the national debt and tax cuts for families. Of lower numbers of home forecloses and an ever improving housing market. They will speak of saving the American Dream for all and a continuing forward movement. They will speak of saving the country from ruin, a job yet unfinished. 

There will be a lot spoken of their tolerance and valiant defense of the constitution, of protecting American's civil liberties and the first amendment. They will parade out smiling grandmotherly feminist speakers to remind America of the massive Republican open warfare on women. 

They will speak of a compassion candidate who represents all America as uniter, not a divider, who has tirelessly worked across the political isle to bring about an historically abundant legislative record. 

There will be high praise of prominent administration officials and democrat politicians conspicuously absent from the proceedings only because of their immediate important hard work for the people and to bring peace to the world, and of the growing respect by world leaders they bring back to America after years of disdain. There will be talk of their deep respect for our military and their families, and of the world's growing respect of our polices overseas and at home.

And there will be talk of the right wing extremist swinging the Sword of Damocles above the head of the next generation, and their fight on behalf of the stupid and brain dead of society.

They will loving speak of FDR, Truman, JFK, LBJ and Carter.

We will witness the rousing words of the grand tellers of truths of the party, Debbie Wasserman Shitts, Bill Clinton and Nancy Pelosi. And we shall see a gracious and modestly dressed First Lady, showing the country she is indeed a man of the people.

We shall witness the nation's great orator, Joe Biden.

And then there will be the candidate, smiling and wowing the crowd and a skeptical media with his  masterful use of the pronoun I, and his amazing teleprompter skills.

I'm excited. I for one can't hardly wait........



  1. Replies
    1. Thank You Fuzzy, and especially for your kind words while I was away from the keyboard!

  2. @Hey DS,

    Glad you're up and about and pounding at the keyboard again.

  3. It's great to see you back on your "feet" Jan.

    BUT. You must have had too much time to think!

    That picture of Hitlery...(photo-shopped or not, made me hurl.) How's about some Lewinky shots?

    And I've had the Summer Flu for almost a week:)

    Good to see you back in form, tho:)

    1. Thanks Clay. I hope you get well soon. Summer is worse time for an illness! :(

  4. The "lovefest" started already today on the talk shows. I think the DNC is going to be a lot like Fantasy Land.

    1. Yeah, CL. I notice they were trying out the buzz words for the convention.....and getting there lies on a row.

  5. Jan first off God Bless and very happy and relieved to see you are back at the grind. I hope you have no long lasting ill side effects of whatever had you down. We all missed your artwork and great sense of humor.

  6. promises to be a true "ripley's believe it or not" production, a veritable treasure of material for the acerbic witted. you're funny, dude. never read you before. will keep an eye open for more, especially in the next three days.

  7. hey, i just checked out some of your august postings.... how did you manage to stay below my radar. you're witty, caustic and conservative. bravo! don't know what your med condition was, but hope you're feeling well and recovered because we need you dude. this american hating piece of crap must not be re-elected. it simply cannot happen. let them have it every chance you get. i'll turn my right minded freinds on to your work. write diogenes, write!

  8. Way to go! That first photo captures the moment and the second is down right scary. I, myself, refuse to watch the liefest. I've decided to watch the first football game on Wednesday then tape the second for watching on Thursday.


  9. Glad to see you up and about, DS.

    I plan to watch as much of the convention as I can stomach. "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer." (Sorry, couldn't resist. Huge classic movie fan here. :D ) Want to see just how low they'll go.

  10. So glad you are back and feeling better. You were missed.

  11. Good to see you back DS. This post makes up for some of the lost time and tells me you are feeling better. Way to go.