Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The UN Declares War On Tits!!!

It's Time to tell the United Nations to move their Circus HQ somewhere else. They're like a crazy aunt living in our attic......

Downtrend - The United Nations is on a roll. Recently they announced their efforts to make cultural appropriation illegal and now they want to ban titties in advertising. I’m not even kidding about this. A UN group is aiming to ban any sexy ads that that reinforce negative stereotypes of women. What that means is anyone’s guess, but clearly the UN has their priorities straight because there are no more pressing issues than scantily-clad women in burger chain commercials.

The Unstereotype Alliance is part of the UN Women’s Group and their mission is “to banish stereotypical portrayals of gender in advertising and all brand led content.” See, I told you I wasn’t joking around. This is a serious thing, or actually it’s something that lunatics take seriously.

According to their mission statement, they will “tackle the widespread prevalence of stereotypes that are often perpetuated through advertising.” How exactly they plan on tackling this made up issue remains a mystery, but apparently tackling is a big part of the solution.

The UN is a ridiculous organization and this new initiative is all the proof you need. There are places where women do not have equal rights. There are countries where women are abused and murdered. A Carl’s Jr. ad doesn’t make Muslims mutilate the genitals of little girls. A Go Daddy commercial with below-average Danica Patrick isn’t why women are stoned to death because that’s what passes for divorce proceedings in certain places. If the UN really wants to help some worldwide, why not go after the after the mostly Islamic countries where women are treated like property?

Three Fake News Journalists Leaving CNN After Russia Story Retracted

According to CNN, three of their of their fake news/investigative unit journalist, including Thomas Frank, formally of USA Today and Newsday who wrote the story, Eric Lichtblau, a veteran of The New York Times and Pulitzer Prize winner, and Lex Haris, who oversaw the unit and previously the executive editor of CNNMoney have resigned after their publication of a Russia-related article was retracted.
CNN Money- "In the aftermath of the retraction of a story published on CNN.com, CNN has accepted the resignations of the employees involved in the story's publication," a spokesman said Monday evening. The story, which reported that Congress was investigating a "Russian investment fund with ties to Trump officials," cited a single anonymous source."
As if that is unusual for the media these days??? Can we say 'Fake Dossier' anyone?
"These types of stories are typically reviewed by several departments within CNN -- including fact-checkers, journalism standards experts and lawyers -- before publication. On Friday, one of the people named in the story, Trump ally Anthony Scaramucci, disputed Frank's reporting and said, "I did nothing wrong." In a staff meeting Monday afternoon, investigative unit members were told that the retraction did not mean the facts of the story were necessarily wrong. Rather, it meant that "the story wasn't solid enough to publish as-is," one of the people briefed on the investigation said."
Think this all kinda laughable now seeing CNN's reputation of passing off rumor and innuendo as news through the airwaves and social media. And obvious what they've done shows their lack of any journalistic integrity. I think this story was, like all the Trump stories we have had to endure, was just more shady sourced BS out of some government office or DC bar (if sourced at all). And I think someone at CNN Corporate, watching the whole news organisation  become a laughing stock, in an attempt to stop the bleeding is starting to put their foot down on the bullshit.

The Trump/Russia story, no matter how much they try and make it go, is going nowhere. And maybe someone finally realized it. Maybe not. 

Now I suggest to CNN, if they really are an investigative news organization and want their street cred back, (short of firing that Don Lemon guy and the crazy woman on in the daytime) would be to get your Woodward and Bernstein on, and point your journalistic snoop dogs towards uncovering the "High Crimes and Misdemeanors" of  Hillary Clinton and company. Helping to rake over the coals and put the first former First Lady in prison would surely get you one of those Pulitzer thingies. Guaranteed!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Secret Service Leaks Details of Clinton Post Elect Condition



STATION: Chappaqua, New York 

PROTECTEE: Hillary Rodham Clinton 

Date: Jan. 24, 2017 


Mrs. Clinton did not emerge from sleeping quarters until almost noon again today, as has often been the case since Nov. 9. Her attention to personal grooming continues to deteriorate, as evidenced by her now customary attire of housecoat and fuzzy slippers, both of which are very much in need of laundering. As has also become customary, she spent the afternoon pacing the house with a cup of coffee in one hand and a tumbler of Wild Turkey in the other, which are replenished as needed by Ms. Mills and Ms. Abedin, respectively. Mrs. Clinton has also taken up smoking cigarettes, unfiltered Camels to be precise, and is often careless with the ashes. The carpeting throughout the house now bears numerous burn marks along with stains from spilled coffee and whiskey. (See accompanying requisition for additional fire extinguishers.)

While pacing the house, Mrs. Clinton talks to herself, at times making reference to some hoped for but yet unplanned visits to Iowa and New Hampshire. At other times she shouts, often inquiring as to the whereabouts of President Clinton. “Where’s Bill?” she screamed at one agent this morning. “Where the [redacted] is my husband? Where the [redacted] is my [redacted][redacted][redacted][redacted] husband?” 

Mrs. Clinton’s full-time hair-and-makeup staff, which during the campaign numbered as high as 25, saw the final resignation last week. “I can’t do this anymore,” the woman screamed as she ran from the house. For Mrs. Clinton’s attendance at the inauguration, hair and makeup artists had to be recruited from the D.C. area market. Even then, Mrs. Clinton’s mercurial reputation is such that some would only sign on for the task after being assured that Mrs. Clinton would be disarmed and medicated. Household staff also suffers from high rate of attrition due to Mrs. Clinton’s behavior, which grows more erratic by the day.

The decision to surreptitiously medicate Mrs. Clinton prior to the inauguration, though fraught with risk at the time, appears to have been prudent. Members of the detail report that in no one’s memory has she been as easily handled as she was on Friday. “I didn’t hear her curse all day,” said one agent, “at least not until the meds wore off.” More importantly, the medication allowed agents to retrieve and conceal the revolver Mrs. Clinton has taken to carrying, thus lessening (but not eliminating) the potential threat to Mr. Trump during the ceremony at the capitol.

Should the tactic of medicating Mrs. Clinton be employed again for some future public appearance, I recommend additional precautions be taken. Though President and Mrs. Clinton are seldom together, we should guard against President Clinton being accidentally exposed to the substances used to sedate his wife. He appeared to have ingested some stupefying agent on Friday, as revealed by this photograph from the Chicago Tribune. Though unintentional, having President Clinton medicated as well did yield benefits. Accusations of unwanted propositions and other improper behavior toward women are commonplace during President Clinton’s public appearances, yet none were reported on Friday.
H/T Scott Osborn

A Good Monday Morning

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Middle Finger Symphony Theater

* No Tuxedos Required * 

Brought to You By BluesJunky : Honorary Chair of Music- Middle Finger Symphony Music Director

Saturday, June 24, 2017

World Taekwondo Federation Had To Change Its Name Because Y'all Are Dirty

World Taekwondo president Choue Chung-won and delegates pose for a photo before the 2017 World Taekwondo championships in South Korea

Why We Can't Have Nice Things!

The World Taekwondo Federation announced Friday it was rebranding itself as "World Taekwondo" because it is too pure for this dirty world. For 44 years the group has been known as WTF, but that has obviously become, well, problematic. 

"In the digital age, the acronym of our federation has developed negative connotations unrelated to our organization and so it was important that we rebranded to better engage with our fans," World Taekwondo (formerly WTF) President Choue Chung-won said in a statement.  Unveiling a new "f**k"-free brand and logo, the sporting body said the change "reflects its commitment to evolving and adapting to remain relevant with today’s modern audiences."

[BBC Sports]                               Thank You MJA for the Linkage

I Think It's called Stupidity By Osmosis

Friday, June 23, 2017

Dems Are Plotting Against Nan!!

According to Politico, a handful of Democrats met in private to discuss the future of Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi after the disastrous Special election many hoped would demonstrate the electorate had begun to turn on Donald Trump.  Democrats are getting nervous as to whether their hopes to retake the House from the Republicans would be endangered if Pelosi was still leading their out-of-tune band. Pelosi yesterday in an embarrassing news conference stumbled through her accomplishments, saying, "I’m a master legislator. I am a strategic... politically astute leader. … My leadership is recognized by many around the country, and that is why I’m able to attract the support that I do.” Yeah, She told Um!

And I agree. I think the dems should keep Nan as their leader. After all, she represents everything the dems stand for. And she comes from good dem stock. Her Father and brother both ruled over Baltimore as Mayor, and we know how wonderful a  bastion of democrat principles it became. And she represents San Francisco, where visitors can witness all the diversity and cultural enrichment the dems love to promote. 

Visitors to her district home can wittiness the likes of  a live-action Night of the Living Dead starring hammer-wielding illegal alien homeless people, a locale now as devoid of children as any Ayn Rand novel, nice Victorian homes boasting the ugliest prices of any major market and a sad anti-Happy Meal ordinance, store clerks charging customers extra money for a grocery bag, and grant permits for public parades featuring guys with feather dusters stickin' out their butts! 

Yes my friends, we should all encourage the House democrats to keep Nancy as their politically astute leader. Some in America need to occasionally be reminded of just what the dems are, and what they stand for. And who better to be their standard bearer? 

God Bless America!

Fishnet Friday

For Perfessor Plum 😊

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Minneapolis Installs SHARIA HOTLINES for Muslims to Report ‘islamophobians’

Pamela Geller - Minneapolis has the largest Somalia Muslim community in the country. It has been hotbed of jihad activity for years. That city’s response to surrender to the supremacism and install hotlines for islamophobia. Muslims are encouraged to turn in their kuffar neighbors. The more terror in America, the more sharia. 
"The city of Minneapolis has set up a hotline for residents to report suspected hate crimes, including “speech and actions,” according to statements on the city’s website. The city’s Department of Civil Rights clearly states on its website that it only enforces hate crimes against certain “protected classes.” A city official further indicated the impetus for the hate-crimes hotline was the election of President Trump and that the targets would be his supporters."-WND  
It’s as if the conquered authorities are begging Muslims to conjure up tales, rat out their neighbors, and subjugate everyone else to the sub-class status they have voluntarily submitted to. This is sharia. Instead of hotlines to report jihad-related activity, Muslims are encouraged to report the kuffar (much like in Muslim countries like Pakistan.) You thought the islamophobia narrative was bad before. Just wait.

Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges shown here at a meeting with Somali Muslims wearing
 a hijab in April 2014.- WND

Thank You MJA for the Linkage!

A Bitter Caucus of Congressional Black Folks Refuses Invitation to White House

The Congressional Black Caucus has decided to turn down a meeting with President Trump due to frustration with the administration's apparent disinterest (?) in its priorities and an opposition to being a willing photo-op "that the president could use to bolster his standing among African-Americans."

The 49-member CBC also reacted poorly to the invitation from the White House, extended by former Apprentice contestant Omarosa Manigault:
"As requested by the president, we would like to schedule a follow-up meeting with the entire membership of the Congressional Black Caucus to discuss issues pertinent to your members," Manigault wrote in the invitation, obtained by Politico. But multiple CBC members said they were put off that she signed the invitation as "the Honorable Omarosa Manigault," saying she hasn't earned that title nor has she helped raise the profile of CBC issues within the White House as promised. [Politico] 
As one senior Democratic aide put the CBC's decision not to meet with the president: "No one wants to be a co-star on the reality show."

Now I used the google and searched for articles on Trump's disinterest in black priorities and issues but found nothing. What I did find was his pledge to Presidents of the nations Historic Black Colleges to help advance the education opportunities of blacks, which leads to better job opportunities.  I also found the promise to try and help make black neighborhoods safer for children to play and law abiding citizens who now live in fear of crime.  And here, even after all the nasty partisan rhetoric the CBC have pointed at the president, they are given a chance to speak in private, directly with the leader of the nation to discuss their concerns and issues, and they refuse. 

The CBC is just a bitter group of bigoted elected officials who have lost power, and did nothing to advance their people when they did have it. Not only do they not represent their law abiding constituency, but don't represent american values. They're power hungry shysters riding the backs of the poor. They have need to segregate themselves from their fellow lawmakers by their skin color. The man to the right in the picture above perfectly represents our sentiments regarding this group of useless politicians.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

If the Democrats Were A Sports Team

Michael Moore took his anger out on Democrats following Tuesday night's crushing defeat in the GA6 special election, rightly labeling his cohorts a bunch of doltish buffoons who can't "get a friggin' clue."
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