Tuesday, November 24, 2020

The Line Will Be Forming on the Right

Once upon a time, archaeologists dug up a Babylonian tablet describing a ceremony where the chief priest of Marduk slapped the king, as hard as he could. If the king cried it was a blessing on the nation. Now I'm not saying I want to try out a god-king theocracy or anything like that you see, but this 'to restore cosmological order, slap the king around a bit' concept intrigues me.  Let's explore, shall we!
When he [the king] arrives before Bel [also known as Marduk], the high Priest leaves, taking the mace, the loop and the scepter. He [also] takes the crown of his kingship. He then brings them before Bel and places them on a pedestal before Bel. He leaves and strikes the king's cheek.  If, as he strikes his cheek, tears flow, Bel is friendly. If tears do not flow, Bel is angry. The enemy will arise and bring about his downfall.  He places [the king] behind him and brings him before Bel. He drags him in by his ears. He forces him to kneel down on the ground. The king says the following only once.
"I have not sinned, Lord of all Lands. I have not neglected your divinity. … I have not struck the cheek of those under my protection, I have not belittled them."
After [The High Priest] has spoken, the king retains his dignity as usual. [The High Priest] retrieves the mace, loop, scepter, and crown and hands them back over to the king. [1]
The ceremony has a heavy focus on warding off abuses of power. Along with things you'd expect from an old-timey oath of office like military defense and religious duties, it covers not being an asshole to the powerless.

In any case, the symbolic message is clear. Even kings are helpless, naked mortals before the gods.  The political message is also clear. If this looks like priests making the head of state their lil bitch, well … yeah.

Why is this ceremony relevant today you ask your Editrix?  First, it's a lovely reminder that people have always been kinky.  But second, an most importantly, in modern terms our educated Founding Fathers made "We The People" the Priest,  and the "King" the nation's elected leader.  And just like the Babylonian's priest, the founders insisted America's leaders "not be agents of chaos who interferes in the daily lives of ordinary people."

Correct power imbalances are so traditional, the old gods made kings kneel for it.  So be careful, "Mr. President-Elect". The line to slap you around could soon be forming.

[1] The Babylonian Akitu Festival: Rectifying the King or Renewing the Cosmos? Benjamin D. Sommer. Northwestern University. Journal of Ancient Near Eastern Studies 27(1):81-95.  

Monday, November 23, 2020

The Party of Science. Democrats??

CNN Resident Soft Skull, Don Lemon

Is there anything more hilarious than the idea of someone at CNN, the most vicious divider of the american public, suggesting it might be time now to come together as Americans??  On Friday’s CNN Tonight, Don Lemon and his buddy Fareed Zakaria teamed up for a mutual masterbation session and orgy of bashing Republicans for daring to disagree with CNN. Among other things, Lemon attacked Trump voters as “people who don’t believe in science,” “facts,” and “reality”.

Lots of people (most of them Democrats) think of the Democrat Party as the party of science, in asserting themselves as people of rationality and objective facts (as opposed to people of “blind” faith), and their ideological opponents.

I wonder, was Lemon speaking of disagreeing with his 'Party of Science' that believes a heart beat is not life? That it's vessel is just insignificant tissue and an unwanted intrusion if one chooses it to be so. Science?  Insignificant tissue is the wart on the back of you hand, or a benign tumor. Neither of which could grow to stand on the surface of the Moon, or create Great Art or Music.

Or was he speaking of the 'Party of Science' that believes a man can be a women just because they want to be, that if a person’s gender identity does not match his or her sex, then that person’s sex is determined by his or her gender identity. To assert that a person changes his or her sex whenever his or her “internal sense of being male or female” changes means somebody flunked Biology 101.

Or maybe he speaks of the Party of Science on climate change, of the consensus that the planet has been warming due to human carbon emissions. The climate trend over the last several hundred years is not one anybody credible disputes, because the climate has been Changing For The Last 4 Billion Years!! We are still retreating from the last Ice Age!

I could go on, but you get the idea. Media today like CNN is pure propaganda, with their prominent sidebar of covid death tolls and positive test numbers, but no sign of asymptomatic cases, recovery stats or false positives. Just fear mongering. 

And Science is not always settled. Just as history has to be revisited as facts are discovered, science cannot see absolute truths in some areas. Only what can be ascertained by the facts that are known. But activist and the media, emotions and propaganda, do not hold the keys to the truth. And Don Lemon is a real Dickhead. Don't be like Don Lemon.

or Tater Stelter.......

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Sunday, November 22, 2020

Your Sunday Open Thread

 Your Beloved Blog Editrix turns things over to the readers. Post your links. Say your piece.

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Noted German Doctor of Alternative Medicine and Lockdown Critic Arrested By Merkel's Gestapo Live on YouTube Stream

While Frau Merkel sips champagne at the G20 summit, her state police are raiding the homes and arresting German Covid lockdown critics. With shades of the WW2 Gestapo raid on a Dutch attic we are all familiar with, this arrest was captured live and is causing a stir everywhere but in the American media.

The renowned German Chemist and Alternative Medicine Doctor, Andreas Noack, was arrested while engaged in a live stream internet (Webinar) conference. The Doctor has criticized the lockdown measures and the new law the german government just passed called the 'Infection Protection Law.' They didn’t just send normal police, they’ve sent in the USK (Unterst├╝tzungskommando) which usually raids hideouts of terrorists and known armed and dangerous criminals.

The video shows the doctor’s door getting kicked in, and police treating him like a violent insurgent for his expression of ideas. Policemen can be heard banging furiously on the door of the place, where Dr. Noack was broadcasting. “It’s the police,” a man can be heard saying off-camera in panic. The video then shows police barging into the building forcing Dr. Andreas Noack to the ground. The police then proceed to terminate his live stream. 

With the way NYC's oppressive treatment of some religious minorities have been lately, let's hope Mayor Wilhelm De Blasio doesn't get any ideas.... 

[Global Research]

Friday, November 20, 2020

Middle Finger Symphony Theater


Brought To You By BLUESJUNKY: Chair of Music - Middle Finger Symphony Music Director

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Thursday, November 19, 2020

Now Boys & Girls, Let's Pay a Visit to Mr. Keith's Padded Room

Who Knows What the Truth is Anymore.....

After four long years of sustained, berserk attacks on the fabric of reality by the democrat Party, and "We have Them now, They're all going to jail, Just wait" BS coming from the right, the media they both support has become a parasitic organism that has latched onto the throat of the nation and will not let go. There is no way to repair or rehabilitate a media who's mindset is too hardwired into their business model, the careers (and book deals) of too many influential voices in the press are built on it, and too many young minds are irreparably warped too early on and too deeply as they are coming up and osmosing the norms of their profession.

Every time I hear or see or read the same, lavishly remunerated sock puppets jackhammering home the same, patently false narratives for the umpteen millionth time from impregnable media fortress that reach several million more people a week than I ever have or ever will, this is what it sounds like to me:
"Alpha children wear grey.  They work much harder than we do, because they're so frightfully clever.  I'm really awfully glad I'm a Beta, because I don't work so hard. And then we are much better than the Gammas and Deltas. Gammas are stupid. They all wear green, and Delta children wear khaki. Oh no, I don't want to play with Delta children......" - Aldous Huxley, BNW
As corrupt and crippled as our politics has become, our system still demands that, every few years, the people who make our laws undergo a certain amount of scrutiny and an up-or-down hiring decision by the people they propose to represent. But as you may have noticed, that scrutiny is now routinely bent out of shape, so wildly distorted that on any given day all we seem to have is a choice of poisons; a fire-hose of relentless lies, irrelevant trivia, breathless horse-race gibberish, poll number recitations and 30 second ads.

And that is because the deciders who dictate the parameters of that political discussion, the Villagers who conspire to whisper "I'm really awfully glad I'm a Beta, because I don't work so hard. And then we are much better than the Gammas and Deltas. Gammas are stupid. They all wear green, and Delta children wear khaki." into our nation's ears a hundred times a day from a dozen angles, are themselves almost never scrutinized and held to account at all.

Monday, November 16, 2020

Congratulation to Squinty & Meat Puppet. All it took was a Hemlock Martini

We've spent most of the last four or five years making fun of, excessively degrading, and pointing out the rank hypocrisy of Joe & Mika and the soft skulls at MSNBC.  But now, in the present call for healing, and in the spirit of reconciliation, we humble ourselves and congratulate the Dynamic Duo of Morning TDS Drama Talk for being Numero Uno in that always important media time slot,  when most of America is shitin' shavin' and showerin', or thinking about the ecstasy of their first sip of their morning caffeine fix, or screaming to stop shoving Cherriors up you little brother nose!!

But be careful Joe, and don't strain your elbow patting yourselves on the back.  Just remember, as your hero Barky O' once said, "You Didn't Build That."

You see, it wasn't your morning dramatic repackaging of the very same rhetoric you used the morning before, or your foot stomping, doorslaming critique of everything DJT.  It wasn't you postulating everything you were once against or your frequent unhinged conspiracy theories No, it wasn't your illustrious crew; little pip Willie Geist nodding in agreement, gleefully awaiting his reward, or the disgraced, ethically challenged presidential historian John Meacham.  Nay, even the never-trumper and grifter extraordinaire Ricky Wilson or the Right Reverend Al who has added so much to your broadcast could take credit.  

No Joe. It took Fox News to drink the poison and commit suicide by alienating 60% of their viewers. Sorry to tell you Joe. 

But tell Mika to keep her tits up, it could be a lot worse. You both could be on CNN.

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