Monday, September 23, 2019

Drama Queen Greta Threatens the Nations of the World.

She'd be a star in the daytime Soap Operas.....
"My message is that we’ll be watching you...." 
"The eyes of all future generations are upon you and if you choose to fail us I say we will never forgive you. We will not let you get away with this. Right here, right now, is where we draw the line the world is waking up and change is coming whether you like it or not."

A Good Monday Morning

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Australian Broadcaster's Epic Take Down of Spoiled Climate Change Protesters

Give them a bed roll, a little beef jerky and a canteen of water and drop them in the middle of nowhere for a week. Tell them this is what your green new deal will get you so you might as well practice staying alive. I don’t care what Mrs Hucklebutt told you in science, this is the facts kid. Oh, those cell phones, you won’t be needing them in the future.

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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Middle Finger Symphony Theater


Brought to You By BLUESJUNKY: Chair of Music - Middle Finger Symphony Music Director

Friday, September 20, 2019

Saturday Down South: Week #4

The eight largest sports venues in the world are college football stadiums. Collegiate football for the most part has over it's 150 years remains a pure sport, untouched by drastic rule changes, paid players and unpolluted by destructive busy body left-wing ideology that threaten most sports today. Only the all-american game of baseball can claim the same intensity of life-long loyalty of it's fans like college football. Four of those eight stadiums are in the SEC, where the game football is a religion. And on Saturdays, along with many others stadiums large and small alike across the south, are cathedrals of Football.

This Saturday down south sh*t gets real, as conference play starts in earnest, and two potential playoff contenders face off between the hedges.

Some Games of Interest in the SEC

LSU vs Vanderbilt - SECN 11AM CT
The Tigers roll into Nashville to play the Commodores for only the 31st time since 1902, and only the 5th time this century.  Overall LSU is 22-7-1 against Vanderbilt. 

Being the Tiger offense is running on all cylinders, if the defense has their uncharacteristic deficiencies iron out, I don't see the commodores giving the Tigers much trouble.

I Say Tigers by 24+  

Tennessee vs. Florida - ESPN 11AM CT
No one likes to see a serious injury to a player, especially one that could change to direction of a teams future. The lizards lost their QB last week, but in this case, Florida may be better off than not.  Flippy Franks has never shown the ability he was recruited for, and no one at LSU was sad that he de-committed and went to UF. His backup looked like a capable replacement rallying the team over UK last week.  I think the Lizards will be fine. And Tennessee is a better team then they've looked. This will be a good one.

The Lizards by 7  

Auburn vs Texas A&M - CBS 2:30PM CT
College Station is become one of the toughest places to play in the SEC. This week The Gus Bus rolls into Kyle Field in what could be one of the better games of the week.  Both teams have brutal schedules, and both need this win. I don't call this an upset, because I don't think Auburn is a top 10 team. Home field advantage and QB experience wins this one.

Aggie's by 10  

Notre Dame vs Georgia- CBS 7PM CT
The big one this week is not a conference game. No one really knows how good ND is, and I see Georgia as they were last year just as they came to Tiger stadium. Hyped up by the media, puff chested & overconfident from beating up cupcakes. And ripe for another embarrassing upset.

The Irish by 6  

And One Up Yonder In The BG10

Michigan vs Wisconsin - Fox 11AM CT
Jim 'the cash is flowin' but the trophy case is empty' Harbaugh brings his over-rated Wolverines into Camp Randall to do a Big10 battle of the mustelids.  The Badgers have their usual stout defense and are yet to be scored on this year, and have a guy who can run the rock straight down your throat. All that and the 2019 Wolverine defense has yet to show up means big trouble for whistle britches Harbaugh.

Badgers by 10 +  

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Arizona Progs Not Happy With Senator Hooker Boots

Kyrsten Sinema, probably best known to most for her wardrobe than her legislating, flipped rhino Jeff Flake's former Senate seat last election to the dems.  But the dems 'Our Lady of the Fierce Outfits' is coming under fire for her voting record.  Dan O'Neal, leader in the Progressive Caucus says there is a move afoot to censure, and explained the sudden buyer's remorse. O’Neal, says that the move to censure Sinema is intended to push her to the left.
"We really support Kyrsten Sinema, we want her to succeed, we want her to be the best senator in the country. But the way she is voting is really disappointing. We want Democrats to vote like Democrats and not Republicans." 
FiveThirtyEight confirms that Sinema votes with Trump 54.5 percent of the time, which they see as far superior to Jeff Flake and Boobs McCain's daddy. They both supported  Trump more than 80 percent of the time, but they were "deeply concerned" about it.

Sinema hasn't even been in office a year yet and the afterglow is showing signs of dimming even though 'Our Lady of the Fierce Outfits' has consistently opposed Trump on critical issues. The Progressive Caucus specifically calls out Sinema's vote to confirm William Barr as Attorney General. Barr was confirmed on a nine-vote margin.

Sinema also rasied the cockles of the Progtards as the only Democrat not to support the power grab 'Save the Internet Act', but that's not because she hates YouTube. She just believes there are better ways to regulate the Internet, so I guess that make her a Trump stooge. She also voted to confirm fossil fuel proponent David Bernhardt who wants to drill in your backyard and kill all the polar bears, as Secretary of the Interior.  Maybe Sinema believes a president gets to pick their Cabinet, and she'll do her given job of 'advisein' and 'consentin'. 

The Arizona Republican Party censured Boobs McCain's daddy in 2014 for his "liberal" record and that only helped his carefully cultivated image as a principled maverick. In this case Progressives forget that she represents Arizona, not la la land California and it's not a Blue State. Progs seem always ready to eat their own and ever anxious to overplay their hand. Just peruse Daily Kos and see how the keyboard commandos are always riled up that Democrat politicians are not able to assume godlike powers and push DJT and his minions right out of power, and hoping for unicorn candidates and rainbow ice cream poop right now.

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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

A Grossly Disproportionate Response To Irrational Fears

Sandy Hook Promise, founded by parents of some of the kids killed in Newtown, rolled out a pretty disgusting piece of propaganda in the form of a public service announcement today. The online ad, titled "Back-To-School Essentials," is a dark twist on back-to-school supplies, featuring kids enjoying the nice things their parents got them for school.

"We're trying to unite people in the common good of saving kids' lives, as opposed to saying we should ban guns," the chief creative officer at the advertising agency that created the Sandy Hook Promise spot told The New York Times. "It's not about picking a side and defending it."

That is obviously not true. Sandy Hook Promise and its allies have picked a side. It's the one that favors overreacting to an objectively tiny but emotionally resonant danger. It's a side so confident in its own virtue and good sense that it cannot imagine how any decent, reasonable person could disagree. Your son or daughter is much more likely to die going to and from school then they are at school for any reason.

OH, and don't forget the back to school clothes.

[Sandy Hook]

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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Down With The Pootriarchy

The New York Times has published an article that discovers a new cause for feminist maniacs to rage against. I sometime think the Times has pieces like this all loaded up in the chamber, ready to crap them out when they need to divert the story away from their latest shit-the-bed moment. 
Apparently the same thing that happens in their newsrooms. Much of the conversation on Twitter the last four days has been dominated by a couple of women who pooped at the New York Times.

From the NYT:
"We may be living in an age where certain pockets of the corporate world are breathlessly adapting to women’s needs — company-subsidized tampons, salary workshops, lactation rooms. But even in the world’s most progressive workplace, it’s not a stretch to think that you might have an empowered female executive leading a meeting at one moment and then sneaking off to another floor to relieve herself, the next." 
"The bathroom is saturated with gender in fascinating ways,” said Mr. Haslam, a professor of psychology at the University of Melbourne, who noted that women’s aversion, particularly at work, is not entirely unfounded: One unpublished study he mentions in his book found that a woman who excused herself to go to the bathroom was evaluated more negatively than one who excused herself to tend to “paperwork” — while there was no difference in the way participants viewed the men."
Poop shame is real. In other words, the patriarchy has seeped into women’s intestinal tracts. Let’s just call it the pootriarchy.

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Monday, September 16, 2019

Why Twitter Will Never Die......

The leftist on Twitter has proven to us all that the gene pool is polluted beyond redemption. But the Twitter will always remain a garden of delights for those on the right, the clever among us and those with a sense of humor, as a platform to poke in the eye and parody the insanity of the left.
#Free Tit
And without the tweeter how would the world know how much advancement in thought and technology all mankind humanity are indebted to the cultures of the Far East?? 

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Step Off Julio

Damn Julio. What were you thinkin'? We all know it's outright heresy in the democrat party to criticize the family members, especially one who has a fetish for little girls and likes to cop a feel from grown women during photo-ops, says stupid things, makes things up and tries to pretend he was anything more important than the Obama Administration Court Jester. And you do realize he backed down a black gangsta named Pop Corn once upon a time, and has threatened to take people behind the Gym and beat their ass?

Everyone knows Biden is a boob. But No. With that smug Hispanic Laraza mug of yours you had to go there didn't ya. Pretty much called Joe Biden senile and have since double-doubled down on that.  And now your gonna go lose support from some loyal Texans. [insert Longhorns Down hand sign here]. Not even bribing black folks with reparations and promising Chiquita with open border will save your sorry ass now. Just Step Off Julio.
Democratic presidential candidate Julián Castro lost one of his congressional endorsements Sunday, with Texas Rep. Vicente González switching to support former Vice President Joe Biden. 
González was one of three Texas representatives who endorsed the former HUD secretary, along with Castro’s twin brother, Rep. Joaquin Castro, and Rep. Colin Allred. González announced his endorsement for Julián Castro in March, saying at the time, “I know firsthand his passion for expanding opportunity for the Latino community, people of color, and historically disenfranchised communities, as well as his unparalleled dedication to building a bench of dynamic Democratic candidates in Texas and nationally.” 
González announced his switch to CNN’s Jake Tapper on Sunday morning, saying: 
“I think at this point in time we need to narrow the field and unite as Democrats to defeat Trump in November 2020. And that is why I believe I’m moving my support to Vice President Joe Biden.”
Julio is polling a strong single digit in the back of the pack, and the last uppity debate performance won't change that. Piérdete Julio.