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Judge Who Blocked Executive Order on Funding for Sanctuary Cities Worked on Immigration Cases For Obama Justice Dept.

Obama's Judicial Appointments Are Politicizing the Courts
And Rotting It From the Inside Out
WJ -The federal judge who on Tuesday blocked President Donald Trump’s executive order aimed at denying federal funding to sanctuary cities raised money for former President Barack Obama in 2008 and worked for the Obama-era Justice Department on immigration-related cases. According to Public Citizen, U.S. District Court Judge William Orrick III, who in 2008 was still an attorney in private practice, was a bundler for Obama, raising more than $200,000 for Obama. Public Citizen also reported that Orrick gave $30,800 to the Obama campaign.  Orrick did not remain in the private sector very long after Obama took office. In 2009, he joined the Justice Department. There, Orrick oversaw the Office of Immigration Litigation. In 2012, Orrick was nominated to his current post. He was confirmed a year later.
In its reporting on Orrick, the Washington Examiner noted that during Orrick’s confirmation hearing, he said he would remove himself from “cases involving issues, policies or initiatives developed by the Obama administration” in which he was involved at the Justice Department. Leon Fresco, who succeed Orrick at the Justice Department, was asked about any conflict between the Trump order and Orrick’s past. “In one way, if there’s a lawsuit about a Trump-era executive order then the record is confined to the Trump-era and he does not have to recuse himself,” Fresco explained. “But in the other way, because he was an employee of the DOJ Civil Division, and a lot of who would be litigating this were his colleagues and there was discussion of these matters while he worked there, then he would have to recuse himself.”
At Orrick's confirmation hearings he told the Senate Judiciary Committee he supported the concept that the federal government was supreme in issues related to immigration. “It is important that the country speak with one voice on immigration." He lied. He is also the same judge that blocked the release of the embarrassing and very telling videos of Planned Parenthood's Murder Inc., granting the injunction requested by the National Abortion Federation. 

Obama Warns Young Inspiring Leaders: Be careful With Those Selfies

Barky, speaking before a group of young adults in Chicago Monday, warned aspiring politicians to be careful of what pictures they take of themselves, and said if there were pictures of some of his activities while in school, he may not have been elected president.
"It is true that if you had pictures of everything I had done when I was in high school, I probably wouldn't have been president of the United States. So, I would advise all of you to be a little more circumspect about your selfies, and what you take pictures of.....Just a suggestion."
We all know Barky was a notorious pot head in high school and probably pictures of other rumored more lascivious activities still not admitted to are buried deep under wraps. But he failed to tell the crowd to also be careful what images get taken after you do get elected. There will always be someone watching.......

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Monday, April 24, 2017

Entire Senate Summoned to Briefing at White House

According to Politico, all 100 members of the Senate chamber have been summoned to meet at the WH for a private briefing with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Secretary of Defense James Mattis, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Joe Dunford and Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats on the situation involving North Korea. Whether or not for security reasons, no congressional staffers will be allowed in the members' briefing.

The Administration has expressed mounting concern over North Korea’s nuclear and missile tests, and its threat to the United States and Asian allies.  Fox News reports U.S. commercial satellite images indicated increased activity around North Korea’s nuclear test site, while Kim Jong un has said that the country’s preparation for an ICBM launch is in its “final stage.” The USS Carl Vinson carrier strike group has been ordered to sail to waters off the Korean peninsula in response to mounting concern over the North's nuclear activity. In it's usual bluster, North Korea said on Sunday it was ready to sink a U.S. aircraft carrier to demonstrate its military might.

I think this meeting may be a clear signal to Little Kim he's pushed his luck, and about to find out he's not dealing with appeasing push-overs like Bill Clinton or Barky Obama. 

Under the Cover of Darkness and Protected by Snipers, New Orleans Begins Erasing It's History

image via the Twitter

In the wee hours of Monday morning, a day celebrated as Confederate Memorial Day in other southern states, workers dressed in black vests and wearing pieces of cloth to cover their faces removed a monument in New Orleans. The removal began just before 1:30 a.m. Eastern, after a small group of protesters departed from the monument and a wave of officers with the New Orleans Police Department barricaded points of entry to the monument, The Times-Picayune reported.

Snipers were stationed on the parking deck looking down at the monument. Just before 2:15 a.m., two flatbed trucks arrived at the monument, carrying equipment to haul it away. The name of the company on the truck's sides was concealed by tape and cardboard, and the workers wore black vests, yellow helmets, and pieces of cloth to cover their faces. Just before 3 a.m., workers started drilling to remove the obelisk. The monument was driven away around 5:35 a.m.

Other monuments slated for removal include the Robert E. Lee statue, the Jefferson Davis statue, and the P.G.T. Beauregard equestrian statue. Mayor Landrieu signed an ordinance calling for the removal of these four monuments in December 2015, and members of the City Council voted 6-1 in support of it. That ordinance formally declared all four statues to be "nuisances pursuant to Section 146-611 of the City Code of New Orleans." 

Each of the four monuments in question had been vandalized, with "Black Lives Matter" spray-painted on the Beauregard statue in 2015. Opposition to the removals also ran strong, with a lawsuit seeking to halt the removal reaching the 5th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in March. Ultimately, the suit was struck down.

Mayor Mitch Landrieu in a statement Monday declared:
"The removal of these statues sends a clear and unequivocal message to the people of New Orleans and the nation: New Orleans celebrates our diversity, inclusion and tolerance. This is not about politics, blame or retaliation. This is not a naïve quest to solve all our problems at once. This is about showing the whole world that we as a city and as a people are able to acknowledge, understand, reconcile .....and most importantly......choose a better future."
Diversity, Inclusion and Tolerance?

New Orleans is one of the unique cities in America. Because of it location, it's culture and it's commerce, it became one of the important players in the making of early America. The site of two great battles of American History, had N.O. not fallen in the civil war, that conflict would have continued on for years. That is a large part it's it's rich history. Now the city is one of the few democrat strongholds in the South. After the disastrous handling of Katherina by that power base, they turned a Blue state almost solid Red.  

The Landrieu family and it's leftist base have slowly turned a rich cultural city into a hell hole, and they are not finish with her yet.

The three other monuments are slated to be removed this week, also under the cover of darkness, with snipers at the ready. 

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A Good Monday Morning

Sunday, April 23, 2017

A Special Middle Finger News Investigative Report

Breaking – Exclusive MFNS Special Report On The Possible Connection Between American Airlines Small But Cocky Customer Service Berserker And His/Her Alleged Modeling For Adult Themed Gag Products That Shame Those Who Are Short, Fat, Bald-Headed And Practically Dickless.

Read the entire shocking report HERE, and related story HERE

NOTE: The Editor denies any involvement in a bawdy, ladies-only celebration of impending nuptials. *cough *

Sarcasm: A Higher Calling.

Because of the nature of my business, its been “overnight” for a couple of days now, (get your minds out of the gutter!) and my inner clock is totally broken, so I've been thinkin' about all of the great comments, and responses to those comments, posted here at DMF in response to my posts. I've come realized that one of our greatest common denominators is our shared sarcasm. Sarcasm often gets a bad rap because many people confuse it with its psychotic cousin, Cynicism. But we can all be proud a recent lengthy and in-depth scientific study has finally restored sarcasm to its rightful place as a higher calling.

If you prefer to stay away from the sarcastic souls, if sarcasm is a ‘Term’ you underestimate by tagging as lowest form of wit, if sarcastic conversations appear to you as mere ‘insult or criticism’, you literally need to polish your knowledge. Columbia University, Harvard University and INSEAD Business School worked on the decision making abilities of the people and the organizational behavior expressed by them showed that sarcasm can be linked to the words like ‘creativity’, ‘intelligence’ and ‘smartness’.

Sarcasm is an art to state or comment something which is intended to convey a veiled meaning. An amalgam of humor, wits, sensibility, understanding of the other person’s mentality, coordination between the abstract hidden idea and the uttered words in order to filter out and grasp the sarcasm are all the traits to define a smart person. If you possess the genes of sarcasm, for sure you have traits that are better than the majority in the world. The Sarcastic Souls stand out in the crowd.

Here are a few of their findings:
They create a positive influence on their friend circle– staying with sarcastic people benefits you passively. It demands you to put an extra ounce of pressure on your brain in order to grasp their jokes and comprehend their thought process and pull out the irony of it. So search for a sarcastic friend as hanging out with them would add point in your favor.
They know the art of creating balance between mild insult and fun– conversation with a sarcastic person can leave you awestruck. The art of playing with words is what let them win the game every time. At the instance you would be laughing at your own insult. Sounds disgusting! Isn’t it? But the credit goes to the charm with which they convey the double meaning expression.
They possess a healthy brain– the research by University of California, San Francisco on the brain stimulus say that people who are bad at picking sarcasm signifies a damaged brain. Hence it gives another point to rejoice for the ones who cannot resist from passing on sarcasm-full remarks.
They don’t pretend to be the vulnerable beings on this planet– even if you would attempt to counter back with sarcasm; they won’t let themselves be your victim. Bearer of a strong heart as well as a strong mind is their character trait. Anger and jealousy can never overpower their sarcastic skills.
They are encyclopedia of solutions– without any sort of hesitation; you can make an entire list of those weird problems that demand an extraordinary solution. These sarcastic friends will juggle up the box of creative solution to find the best one for you. Creativity is synonymous to them after all. Spontaneity is a well spotted trait in them– these jerks of your life are actually very smart and instant thinkers. It takes nanosecond for their brain to pop-up the wittiest response.
They are the mind readers– sarcastic people are damn good at analyzing people’s mentality and though process. A psychologist at the university of Haifa correlates sarcasm and ability to understand others emotional state of mind. You need to be cautious as these super power possessors can pick up your weakness and trigger your emotions.
They are excellent abstract thinkers– frequent encounters with sarcastic ideologies give them chance to expand their bandwidth. In order to extract the meaning from the sarcasm they work-up their brains. Creativity if ignited at this particular moment.
Now, take a moment and let your friends know, with the backing of solid world-wide scientific research, just how fantastically smart, snarky and sarcastic you are. Bragging a bit won’t be wrong in this case.

*Excerpts reprinted with permission of "The Minds Journal" *

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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Middle Finger Symphony Theater

* No Tuxedos Required *

Brought to you by BLUESJUNKY - Honorary Chair of Music - Middle Finger Symphony Music Director

Fearless Girl Takes Her Icy Stare on the Road

Confederacy of Drones:
"Fearless Girl has gotten a little cocky since she stood up to the Wall Street bull, that symbol of financial optimism and prosperity. So brash in fact that she’s graduated from turning this bull into a steer and now takes her intimidation on the road. Her search for other icons that she can threaten with her icy stare and bravado is taking her on a world-wide excursion. We’ve captured the best moments in this photo essay as FG traveled the globe." 


Your Obligatory Earth Day Nonsense Post

NYT - "When Jada Shapiro decided to raise her daughter from birth without diapers, for the most part, not everyone was amused. Ms. Shapiro scattered little bowls around the house to catch her daughter’s offerings, and her sister insisted that she use a big, dark marker to mark the bowls so that they could never find their way back to the kitchen. “My sister wasn’t a huge fan,” she said.

But “elimination communication,” as the diaper-free method of child-rearing is called, is finding an audience in the hipper precincts of New York City.

Ms. Shapiro, who is a doula, a birth and child-rearing coach, says it is practically now a job qualification to at least be able to offer diaper-free training as an option to clients.

Caribou Baby, an “eco-friendly maternity, baby and lifestyle store” on the border of artsy Greenpoint and Williamsburg, has been drawing capacity crowds to its diaper-free “Meetups,” where parents exchange tips like how to get a baby to urinate on the street between parked cars. Parents are drawn to the method as a way of preserving the environment from the ravages of disposable diapers, as well as reducing the laundering of cloth diapers and preventing diaper rash.

Many of them like the thought that they are rediscovering an ancient practice used in other cultures, though they tend to gloss over the fact that many of those cultures had never heard of Pampers...."

Note the obligatory reference to “an ancient practice used in other cultures”. It must be better then! Next up, human sacrifice.

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Friday, April 21, 2017

Okay White People, Knock It Off Why Doncha!

Self Loathing Lefties Eat Their Own: Earth Day Is Just Too White

An in article by Emily Atkin, published yesterday in the lefty rag New Republic titled, “Earth Day Is Too White and Out of Touch With Reality,” she argues that Earth Day is a hollow celebration that doesn't properly address the concerns of minorities. Seems Earth Day focuses too much on making white people feel good about recycling and driving Pruises,” rather than, “helping those suffering from injustice.

The bizarre article refers to indigenous peoples as the “original guardians of the earth.” There was also a concern about the “white supremacist roots” of the environmental movement, such as the involvement of “anti-immigration” groups like Federation for American Immigration Reform and NumbersUSA.
"The first Earth Day marked the environmental movement’s break from its white supremacist roots. Last month, on the occasion of the Sierra Club’s 125th anniversary, Mair wrote, “Few Sierrans realize that race, population eugenics, and ‘natural order’ were critical features and values of our founders and naturalist societies of the late 19th and 20th centuries, which largely blamed environmental degradation on developing and non-European populations. "Owning that history is a critical piece of changing history.”  
"But echoes remain of the environmental movement’s ugly history. Anti-immigration groups Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) and NumbersUSA, for example, have played a “major role” at Earth Day events. Their argument is that strict immigration policies prevent overpopulation, and thus reduce stress on the environment. The next step: increasing diversity among event organizers, which is no small feat given that the membership and leadership of the major environmental groups is disproportionately white and middle class."
So, you white devils, you need to stop hogging this sacred day as a feel-good exercise for well-off liberals.  Frankly I don't see much interest in Oakland, Chicago or Baltimore, nor by immigrants, legal or illegal, in your damn tree hugging. They have a few other things to worry about.  But I do suggest, in the spirit of Earth Day, you guys dig yourself a hole, jump in and beat yourself into organic compost. But before you do, be sure and hug tree, and an oppressed minority.

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