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It's My Job Is To Make This Presidency Successful

What a difference a decade makes. From the dank archives of the interwebs we present one of the best examples of an open confession of media bias ever recorded. The man with the tingle up his leg appears on an early addition of Morning Joe, long before lovebirds Squinty & Meat Puppet were swapping spit and bumping nasties off air.

From a discussion of the Obama Administration's transition confusion and disorganization, something we were told was unique to Trump and a sign of a disastrous Presidency to come,  MSNBC's Chris Matthews admits to what in short order was to become the M O of a sycophant media complex who dare not criticize 'Their Man'.

Reverse Funnels of Death!

I'm continually amazed at elitist media people, especially the ones who by the things they say reveal to us they rarely leave their high-rises and concrete jungles and can say the most ignorant things while explaining things to other ignorant people.

Thursday's shooting at a Maryland newspaper involved a 12-gauge shotgun. I'm sure this was very disappointing to ghoulish liberals who were probably hoping the victims were gunned down with an "AR-47" so as to help push their efforts to ban all semi-auto firearms. Shotguns are generally pump-action and liberals, who know only of them from movies where they are used to blow out entire walls or making cars explode, have yet to pounce on these weapons. But according to NBC News, shotguns are 'reverse funnels of death' that require no skill to use, so obviously they will have to go.

Here’s dumb tweet, not-so-coincidentally enough from an MSNBC news critter:

Pete went on the air with it:
“A shotgun, uh, uh, you know, if you’re not familiar with a shotgun, it sets out a spray of pellets and because a bullet simply goes in a straight line and shotgun is sort of like a backwards funnel, it spreads it out so that you don’t have to aim very precisely....It can do a lot of damage to the people that you aim it at, but you don’t fire a lot of rounds with a shotgun, so I think that has something to do with it.....”
It should be noted that Pete Williams is NBC Supreme Court correspondent and not their resident gun expert, though you probably figured that out just from the tweet.  The narrative they are trying to push is that shotguns are so easy to use that people can just aim them in any direction and kill lots of people. This is of course pure BS, but it’s not like the news media has ever gotten anything right about guns.

As someone who owns and occasionally uses shotguns to murder clay pigeons, I can tell you that aiming them is important if you are interested in hitting a target. There are obviously different types of chokes you can use to create a wider spread, but you still have to be on target or it doesn’t matter. In the case of a common 12-gauge, just the sight of one would probably scare the hell out of your average northeastern latte drinking liberal newsroom population.

The point is, shotguns aren’t “idiot-proof” killing machines.  The media says gun-grabbers only want to get rid of  'Assault Weapons" because they are designed to kill as many people as fast as possible ....they look really scary, but they have no problem with shotguns. But now a shotgun was used in a mass shooting so those innocuous weapons are now reverse funnels of death.  But don’t worry, they don’t have a problem with revolvers. That is until one is used in a shooting and then revolvers will become “rotating cylinders of murder”.

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Middle Finger Symphony Theater

* No Tuxedos Required *

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More Great News For DJT

Poll of Registered Voters Signals Top

 Dem Candidates for 2020

A Harvard CAPS/Harris’s June poll of registered Democrat voters on their preference of candidates for 2020 is sure to have President Donald Trump smiling, and doesn't do much for the image of the party that claims to be all about diversity and stuff.  

Here's the voters list of their favorites in reverse order:

Coming in at # 4 is Senator Lizzy Warren, aka Princess Spreading Bull. Age 69. Public servant, former alleged Indian college professor. Favorite of  lily-white elitist northeast liberal Democrats who consider themselves experts on knowing how other people should run their lives. Known to be delusional and ethnically challenged. A shrill voiced enthusiastic advocate for most all left-wing causes. Obviously hasn't received the memo from the progressive wing of the party that old white people are the enemy, or from The New England Historic Genealogical Society. Told CNN earlier this year, “I am not running for president in 2020.” Praying for a "Draft Lizzy Campaign"

At # 3 on the list is Senator Curmudgeon, Bernie Sanders. Aged 76. Sounds like a commie, pretends to be a socialist. Anti-Deodorant Choice Activist and Orgasm ProponentFailed Presidential candidate. Ran afoul of the Clinton Political Machine but somehow got away with his life. Could have been Champ, but wound up a loser. Leached off the public sector entire life, now a millionaire and real estate investor. Greatest life achievement -  getting tens of thousands of millennials to send him $20.
Viva La Revolution!

At #2 is her majesty herself, former First Lady Hillary Clinton. Aged 70. Ever increasing angry left leaning political philosophy. Rose from the gutter to make history as the First women to lose a presidential contest. Head of The Clinton Crime Family Foundation, expert grifter, enabler of a sexual deviant husband, grandmother and walking postmenopausal health disaster. Known for her poise under enemy gunfire, as well as ability to bore to the entire English speaking world with her "It's everybody's fault but mine I lost" book tour. Well known for her shrill speaking style that has been known to give some attendees severe intestinal distress and/or headaches. Mother of one daughter, rumored to have been fathered by Howdy-Doody. 

 And The Voters Top Choice:

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. Aged 75. 
Favored by 32 percent of respondents. Comedian, former Court Jester of the Obama White House. Rumored to believe that he actual thought he was Vice President

Served in the US Senate where he was most known as the guy who rode the train to Delaware all the time and has a train station named after him. Politics are centrist/left leaning. Deep Thinker, tenacious debater, a man of the people, foreign policy expert, fearless warrior, and a great administration spokesman. Run Joe, Run!

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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

That Popping Noise You Hear are Liberal Heads Exploding

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy Retiring 

In a statement, the Supreme Court said the 81-year-old Kennedy will step down effective July 31. The judge called it "the greatest honor and privilege to serve our nation in the federal judiciary for 43 years, 30 of those years in the Supreme Court." Kennedy wants to spend more time with his family, even though they were content with him staying on the court. 

Placed on Suicide Watch:
Daily Beast - The judicial apocalypse is here, and there’s nothing Democrats can do to stop it.
Salon- A clear warning that our most cherished values are in jeopardy, and now hang in the balance. 
Splinter - F*ck, F*ck, F*ck, F*ck,F*ck
Democratic Underground - Gloom Despair And Agony On Me 
And of course this from the left's sleaziest loony bin, 'Wonkette' - Go F*ck Yourself Anthony Kennedy

Happy Retirement. 

Where Do You Draw the Line in Today’s Crazed Political Environment?

"If you vote for Trump, then you the voter, you, not Donald Trump, are standing at the border like Nazis going ‘you here, you here". – Donny Deutsch on MSNBC last week 

"Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you."Friedrich Nietzsche a long Time ago.

With each passing day, DJT's hardcore detractors become more deeply hysterical. With every turn of the news cycle they are increasingly convinced that only they and their allies can save the nation from total ruin. Superficial resistance is what you see from establishment Democrats and MSNBC, peddling the fairytale that Trump the person is the problem, not the system itself. Trump the man isn’t our huge problem; excessive, secret and unaccountable government power is. 

Obsessing about Trump the man has caused many of his high profile detractors to become myopic and downright foolish. A perfect example of this occurred last Friday when Donny Deutsch, an advertising guy and pundit, explicitly instructed people to consider Trump voters Nazis. What he said was ludicrous, dangerous and petty. But then again, he is a regular on MSNBC's Morning with Squinty & Meat Puppet, who even SNL ruthlessly mocks. Standing up to and making government officials uncomfortable is part of American political heritage. But what we see today borders on superficial, nonsensical and completely phony resistance promulgated by elitist cable television pundits, untruthful reporters and washed up corporate Democrats such as Nan Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

[Liberty Blitzkrieg]

Monday, June 25, 2018

Study Finds District Of Columbia Has More Psychopaths Than Any Other Place In The Country

The Nation's Capital has an Infestation

WJLA WASHINGTON DC (ABC7) — Washington D.C. has more psychopaths than any other location in the United States, a recent study by Southern Methodist University found. The study also found that the surrounding areas of Virginia ranked as number eleven and Maryland number twelve in their finding.  The university studied five personality traits they called the "big five" -- extraversion, agreeableness, openness, conscientiousness and neuroticism.
"Areas of the United States that are measured to be most psychopathic are those in the Northeast and other similarly populated regions. The least psychopathic are predominantly rural areas. The most extreme data point is the District of Columbia, which received a standardized score of 3.48. The next highest data point is Connecticut, which received a 1.89 standardized score. The presence of psychopaths in District of Columbia is consistent with the conjecture found in Murphy (2016) that psychopaths are likely to be effective in the political sphere. 
The top five observations in psychopathy are the District of Columbia, Connecticut, California, New Jersey, and a tie of New York and Wyoming for fifth. The states that are least psychopathic are West Virginia, Vermont, Tennessee, North Carolina, and New Mexico. 
The occupations that were most disproportionately psychopathic were CEO, lawyer, media, salesperson, journalist, police officer, chef, and civil servant."

According to experts, Psychopaths are "superficially charming" and "tend to make a good first impression on others and often strike observers as remarkably normal." Yet they are self-centered, dishonest and undependable, and at times they engage in irresponsible behavior for no apparent reason other than the sheer fun of it. They tend to be largely devoid of guilt, empathy and love, they have casual and callous interpersonal and romantic relationships. Psychopaths routinely offer excuses for their reckless and often outrageous actions, placing blame on others instead. They rarely learn from their mistakes or benefit from negative feedback, and they have difficulty inhibiting their impulses.

Yep, sounds like DC for sure....... 

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Sunday, June 24, 2018

If They Keeps This Up, They’re Going to Get Somebody Killed

We've already seen violent full-blown media driven liberal hate acted out at a baseball diamond in DC in an attempt to murder in mass Republican politicians. The media downplayed it as "an act of mental illness" and no Democrat, not one, took to the microphone and said hey it's time to settle down people and solve our differences the right way. Not One.  And now the fully rabid political left having been pushed into the streets by the media's ridiculous and irresponsible Hitler rhetoric and comparisons of illegal alien children to kids murdered at Auschwitz, along with the unhinged freak Maxine Waters continuously throwing around words like resist & revolt, the possibility that someone is going to end up dead is every increasing.

Following harassment targets like a Presidential Cabinet Secretary as she dined at a D.C. restaurant and the subsequent harassment by  surrounding of her home, a liberal fanatic restaurant owner refusing to serve the White House Press Secretary and the menacing of the Attorney General of Florida by a spitting hate mob at a movie theater, along with fury over a lost election have set the conditions for another tightly wound lunatic to spill blood. 
“And so, let’s stay the course. Let’s make sure we show up wherever we have to show up and if you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere." - Maxine Waters
This is dangerous escalation by a deranged and militant political left that has been instigated by the media and emboldened by those with hate coursing through their veins who dominate and influence via the social media platforms. Harassment is now the newest political tool of the left. And its but a matter of time before the violent tendencies of another leftist comes out.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Middle Finger Symphony Theater

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So This is What It Has Come To???


White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was kicked out of the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Virginia by the owner because of her work for President Donald Trump, she confirmed to The Daily Caller. The reports first surfaced on social media after a waiter at the restaurant posted about the incident on social media. The incident comes as several members of the administration have been heckled while dining out because of their work.

Friday, June 22, 2018

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Peak Hysteria Achieved

"Trump Voters Are Nazis"

Many in the media have skirted the word, using only terms like "concentration camps" and one even using the word "solution" in quotation marks, a veiled reference to death camps. But all have stop short of blaming the electorate directly. No more. Peak Hysteria Has Been Achieved. 

Friday on 'Mourning with Squinty and Meat Puppet', longtime contributor Donny 'the mouth' Deutsch closed out a full week of covering illegal migrant children at the U.S. border with a blunt rebuke of Trump voters: if you voted for Trump, you are a Nazi.
* “If you voted for Trump, then you, the voter, you, not Donald Trump, are standing at the border, like Nazis going ‘you here, you here. And I think we now have to flip it and it’s a given, the evilness of Donald Trump. But if you vote, you can no longer separate yourself. You can’t say, well he’s okay, but, and I think that gymnastics and I think that jiu-jitsu has to happen.”
The comparison drew no rebuke from the elitist panel on set, which has grown increasingly comfortable name-dropping 20th-century tyrants like Hitler, Mao, Stalin and Pol Pot to articulate their disgust with DJT.  Deutsch has long been one of the loosest cannons at “Morning Joe,” and his remarks about President Trump and his administration are as caustic and ridiculous as any found on the network full of the gender confused and conspiracy theorist. After DJT insulted show co-host Meat Puppet Brzezinski, Deutsch was so outraged to the point where he said he would become physically violent with Trump if he saw him on the street.

Earlier editions of “Morning Joe” this week included the Trump administration was taking children “hostage” and Scarborough himself said that the president was “incarcerating” babies. Last week, Scarborough equated America’s immigration laws and Border Patrol to something “coming out of North Korea.”
** “I know children are being ripped from their mother’s arms, even while they’re breast-fed. I know children are being marched away to showers, marched away to showers. Being told they are — just like the Nazis — said that they were taking people to the showers and then they never came back.”
I personally have a hard time believing this is all 100% hate in their hearts, or completely faux outrage, but a swirling cocktail causing a self inflicted unhinged group psychotic episode. Either way, the media and the left have lost their every lovin' minds.........and you're a Nazi.

* [The Wrap]
** [NewsBusters]

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Pelosi & Schumer's Secret Plan To Regain Control of Congress

 Chuck and Nancy Walk into a Bar.....
Nancy Pelosi called Chuck Schumer and said, "Chuck, I have a great plan to help us win the midterms and regain control of Congress." 
“Great Nan, but how?” asked Chuck.. 
“We’ll get some cheesy clothes and shoes, like those.... deplorable Middle Class people wear, then stop at the pound and pick up a Labrador retriever....everybody loves labs ya know. Then, we’ll go visit some nice old country bars somewhere in fly-over Montana and show them how much admiration and respect we have for all the little people living there.” 
So they did, and found just the place they were looking for in Bozeman, Montana. With the dog in tow, they walked inside and stepped up to the bar. The Bartender took a step back and said, “Hey! Aren’t you Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi?” 
“Why Yes We Are!” said Nancy, “And what a lovely town you have here. We were just passing through and Chuck suggested we stop and take in the local flavor.” 
They ordered a round of bourbon for the whole bar, and started chatting up a bullshit storm with anyone who would listen. 
After a little while, a grizzled old rancher came in, walked up to the Labrador, lifted up its tail, looked underneath, shrugged his shoulders and walked out. A few moments later, in came another old rancher. He walked up to the dog, lifted up its tail, looked underneath, scratched his head and left the bar. For the next hour or so, another dozen ranchers came in, lifted the dog’s tail, and left shaking their heads.
Finally, Nancy asked, “Why did all those old ranchers come in and look under the dog’s tail? Is it some sort of custom among the little people?” 
“Oh Lord no,” said the bartender. “Someone’s out there running around town, claiming there’s a Labrador Retriever in here with two assholes!”
H/T - Marshmallow Jones 

Today is National Selfie Day

In honor of the day we bring you one of the first known celebrity selfies taken by author and social activist Helen Keller in 1923, given to her teacher and mentor Anne Sullivan with a note written on back, "My hair is a mess, such a windy day."

Before They Were Cool, A Selfie by Helen Keller

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Moving The Goal Post In Record Time

DJT signed an Executive Order today that essentially allows families to be detained together in order to stop the issue of separating children from parents. This, we were assured, was the primary concern of the most virtuous among us who have driven a news cycle of hysteria the last week. Furthermore, this was a situation so dire they said, so terrible, that the President needed to simply ignore the law and stop separations on his own.

So what happens when he actually does what they want?
“Rather than separating children from parents, the Trump administration will hold children indefinitely with their parents, violating a court settlement and inevitably triggering a legal challenge.” – The NYT’s
If you had under 6 the total number of hours it’d take for the Democrats and media figures to decide that ending family separations isn’t a good thing, collect your winnings at the window.

But wait, I thought there was no legal reason for Trump to be separating families at the border and it was wholly his fault? You can expect the media, the same high minded media who told us family separations WERE THE ISSUE, to now champion legal challenges to the President’s EO that keeps families together…because of course they will.

"The ink isn’t even dry on the new executive order ending separation policy & some Democrats already arguing that keeping families together isn’t enough. Now they want them & their parents released after unlawful entry knowing full well that high % will never appear for hearing." - Sen. Marco Rubio 
There’s the mask slipping. This was always about catch and release being forced to return, not concern for kids spending 20 days in well equipped HHS shelters before going to live with family members in the interior. Surprised?  Of course you aren’t.  Anyone that thought this was all good faith outrage from the left was kidding themselves. Democrats didn't care under Obama, and they don't care now. This isn't about the kids. With Democrats, it's never really ever about the kids.

[Diaries List]                             
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Jane Fonda's Idiot Brother: "Put Barron Trump In Cage with Pedophiles"

Just Another Classless Hollywood Jerk  
This story illustrates two things; intelligence and great acting are not necessarily passed down through a person's genes, and Donald Trump is continuing  to expose the tolerate left's hate and Derangement by showing them as the phonies they really are. Case in point, the late actor Henry Fonda's idiot offspring Peter.

Peter Fonda, who has managed to ride one good movie role all his life into conning people out of money to make a long string of shitty films no one can name, is joining in and helping ramp up the leftist immigration rhetoric by tweeting out in all caps:
"We should rip Barron Trump from his mother’s arms and put him in a cage with pedophiles and see if mother will stand up against the giant a**hole she is married to." 
The filmmaker also called for people to surround the schools of Immigration Customs and Enforcement agents’ kids in an effort to frighten them. In response to another Twitter user calling for people to target ICE agents’ bosses, Fonda wrote:
“Sounds great. We don’t have to take the agents [sic] kids, we only need to surround their schools and scare the s**t out of them and worry the f*** out of the agents frm CBE ICE & REGULAR BORDER PATROL AGENTS.” “We need to scare the f*** out of them! Need to make their children worry now.” 
Fonda had previously tweeted:
"We should hack this system, get the addresses of the ICE agents CBP agents and surround their homes in protest." 
"We should find out what schools their children go to and surround the schools in protest. These agents are doing this cuz they want to do it. They like doing this."
Because of DJT, the hatred for middle America has finally driven these liberal lunatics out into the open. Now the gloves are off and it's about time. Where was the Hollywood outrage at similar actions in the past? There is plenty of documented evidence, including photos, of the same kind of family separation taking place under the Obama administration complete with evidence of abuse and neglect. Yet not a peep from left-wing celebrities.  

I've heard somewhere there's going to be a long line of people who fought for their country and felt stabbed in the back waiting to piss on your sister’s grave peter, how about when the time comes you get planted next to her and save them some travel time? You've earned the honor also........

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Monday, June 18, 2018

Rapper Whose Video Depicted Him Hanging a Little White Boy Meets Karma and Her Companion

You may remember this story from last September of a little know talent-challenged rapper named XXXTentacion who had just released a music video that was very disturbing to say the least.  XXX was said to have long had a real problem with white people, and according to the Black Entertainment Network (BET) the leading experts on Negroism, he's was not a very nice person....

The rapper, who's real name is Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy, drew national attention with his video which includes a scene depicting him hanging a little white boy. Monday, just before 4 p.m. outside a motorcycle shop in Deerfield Beach,  Fla., XXXTentacion got a personal introduction to Karma and her sometime companion, the Angel of Death.

According to the TMZ, the ghetto rat was leaving a motorcycle dealership when two people in hoodies walked up and put a bullet in his head. He was awaiting trial for aggravated assault of a his then pregnant white ex-girlfriend, false imprisonment, domestic battery by strangulation, and also witness-tampering. The 20-year-old was facing more than a dozen felonies and potentially lengthy prison sentence. The citizens of the great state of Florida have been saved the expense of a lengthy trial and incarceration.

Despite the controversy and mediocre talent, the rapper had developed a loyal following and his second album, “?,” debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 album chart in March. People bought his “music” and thought he was cool. People thought the video of hanging a little boy is “iconic.”

Kanye West tweeted out thanking him for being an Inspiration.

My Mother once said if you can't say something nice, say it in french. Brûler en enfer Mère Fucker!  There is a virulent and ugly undercurrent within rap music. Turn the sound down and watch the imagery in this new video.

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FLYING PIG ALERT: Fact-Checking Site Confirms CNN Actually Aired a Totally Truthful Report

It's not surprising that the left leaning fact checkers 'PolitiFact' would rule that a CNN host words were "True." But it was surprising that Fareed Zakaria's "True" statement was "Yes, the Democratic Party is at nearly its weakest point in a century." So why is that a surprise? Because our media has this amazing tendency to spend all its political-pundit time gleefully discussing the terrible shape the Republican Party is in. 

Zakaria proclaimed on his opening commentary:
"Over the last decade the center left has been destroyed electorally across the West. Unless Democrats face up to this reality and devise a strategy to reverse this tidal wave of defeat, they might find themselves surprised one more time this November. When you tally up their representation in Congress, state legislatures and governorships, the Democrats almost have their lowest representation in about 100 years."
PolitiFact's John Kruzel cited the Real Clear Politics index:
"Under the RCP index, we found only three historical instances where Democrats held a weaker position, relative to Republicans, than they did following the 2016 election: in 1920, 1926 and 1928."
What Fareed Zakaria fails to admit is that center-left politics are in decline not only in the United States, but across the Western world. Democrats have no one but themselves to blame. 8 years of destruction of the American middle class with weak leaders, phony Hope and Change, identity politics, racial division, destruction of a culture and borders being overrun by the third world have alienated larger swaths of the electorate then they realize. Listening to blithering idiots making speeches and a media no one any longer trust to tell them the truth cannot overcome the democrats problems. Only remaking the demographics of the country can do that. And we're on to that too......


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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Middle Finger Symphony Theater

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Friday, June 15, 2018

Rudy Triggers the Lefties for Picking on the Mentally Deficient

Joe Biden Tells a Disposable Enema Manufacturers Convention How on a Trip To Chile the 
Secret Service  Super-Glued His Finger Together So No One Could Obtain His Fingerprints

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani continues to be a lightning rod as a part of President Trump’s legal team. Rudy will be Rudy, and little has changed since he was nearly universally beloved as “America’s mayor” for his leadership of the Big Apple in the aftermath of the 9/11. He’s always shot off his mouth, but now that he has signed on with DJT, he has become one of the most despised figures in the country. You have to take the good with the bad, like bragging about the hot lil' southern MILF he's shtupping. (but at his age if you can still shtup anyone you should be able brag about it) There are also moments of brilliance when he unleashes comments that rattle the cages of liberals and get them into an ass-gnawing fury. 

Like Friday when Rudy dared to insult curmudgeon Joe Biden, who he referred to as a ‘mentally deficient idiot’ and too old to run for president. That one had to hurt, even to the point of riling up one of the Cackling Hens of 'The View', and some on the left haven't been so upset since Giuliani suggested that Stormy What's Her Name was a disreputable whore with no credibility. To the deranged mouth-breathers on the left, hearing the truth is like dousing a vampire with holy water. But let’s face it; anyone who has regularly read these pages knows we have well documented Joe Biden IS A Moron.
"Giuliani isn’t just taking the fight to special counsel Robert Mueller — he’s also dressing down Democrats considering taking on Donald Trump in 2020, including Joe Biden. The former New York mayor called the ex-vice president “a moron” in an interview with HuffingtonPost on Friday, and the name-calling didn’t stop there.
“Claiming that Biden finished last in his law school class at Syracuse University and had been unable to understand issues Giuliani tried to discuss with him when he was a federal prosecutor and Biden was a Delaware senator. “I’m calling Joe Biden a mentally deficient idiot.”
I truly hope he does run for president in 2020. Not only is he unelectable, a Biden presidential campaign will be the funniest thing any of us have experienced in a long time, and I would look forward to some real comic relief in politics for a change.

Unable to qualify to be a Wal-mart Greeter, Joe Biden aimlessly wanders supermarket 
parking lots taking selfies with unsuspecting local residents. 

Thank You Gerard VanderLeun @ American Digest for the Linkage! 

[Middle Finger News Service]

Fishnet Friday

Thursday, June 14, 2018

'It was like summer camp on steroids.' - Obama's Air Force One and Drug and Booze Fueled Press Pool Travel

White House stenographer Beck Dorey-Stein has made some salacious claims in her upcoming memoir, 'From the Corner of the Oval' due out next month. While we’re way beyond debating whether or not Barky had a “scandal-free” administration as he and his lapdogs in the media claim, the former President's stenographer has penned the new book with several revealing claims from her copious notes taken during her time in the Obama WH, and travel to over 60 countries over five years aboard Air Force One.

In 2012 Beck Dorey-Stein was 25 years old working part-time jobs when she casually answered an ad on Craigslist for a stenographer. Two interviews later, she was offered a job in Barack Obama's White House. Her assignment - with mic in hand - was to record everything the president said, type it up, and release the transcript to the press office and presidential archive. She also made copious notes on the details of her personal life in the WH and witnessing Obama's life in midair.

Her new job would give her insight into the obscure party culture within the press pool, a glimpse of the president's personal life, and would even land her in a hot and heavy sexual relationship with a White House staffer. Air Force One, where pool reporters had their own press cabin,  has everything one could ask for in comfort – endless entrees, snacks, cocktails. "Traveling with the president was like summer camp on steroids."

The “steroids” in this case would be a steady supply of pharmaceuticals, which staffers were constantly taking while cheating on their significant others on the road, such as senior staffer Jason Wolf.  Boarding Air Force One for the first time, she thought she saw actor Jim Carrey sitting near the front of the plane. He turned out to be the man she fell hopelessly in love with, Jason Wolf,  the man she left her hotel room door ajar for in foreign cities.

On her first trip out, Beck found herself in $500-a night hotel rooms with breathtaking views of Cabo San Lucas before continuing on to Costa Rica, Tanzania, Laos. She'd listen to old-timer boozy party animals tell stories about the different administrations, presidents, and international incidents they've witnessed. She describes experiencing 'the best sleepover parties ever' where everyone took their drug of choice on long flights – Sonata, Xanax or Ambien – which made any "awkward intimacy with colleagues suddenly just funny and bizarre."

With the end of Obama's term in sight, Beck wanted to be outside the HRC bubble and away from what felt like power players in Washington hungry to prove something. It was hard for her to imagine not traveling together with this crew of colleagues she had circled the globe with in Air Force One. 

The author wound up staying on with the Trump administration, or what she describes as the 'insane clown posse', and the White House executive parking lot now filled with Porsches and Maseratis' instead of Priuses and Chevys. "What was once joy has become 'a waking nightmare. I'm now a stenographer in the Trump administration". She's has very little if any restricted access to the president, and one of the few people who hear EVERYTHING.........

The Daily Mail has more on her book HERE.

(Random House Pub)
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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Media, DJT and the Mind Voodoo Medicine Men

Of course, returning from what seems a very successful summit and a call from overseas for a Nobel nomination, the notorious left-wing news propaganda site 'Salon' decided it was a good time to post an interview, that has been widely linked, with an allegedly noted Psychiatrist discussing the state of Donald Trump’s mental health. 
NB - In an interview with Dr. John Gartner, a former professor of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University Medical School and co-editor of "Rocket Man: Nuclear Madness and the Mind of Donald Trump," labeled Trump “a madman” and explained why he believes Trump suffers from “malignant narcissism.”
Gartner, of course, hasn’t personally evaluated Trump. Still, he’s sure Trump “truly doesn't care if he destroys us all. In fact, there's a part of Trump that would almost take glee in it.” Gartner added for good measure, “He's impulsive, he's erratic, he's seeing the world in a grossly distorted way. 
How does Gartner know? “Trump tortures anyone who doesn't give him what he wants.” Oh... 
The president, according to the shrink, is in a state of deterioration. A characteristic of malignant narcissists like Trump is that “when they gain power, they become more inflamed in their grandiosity and in their paranoia.” In Trump’s case, what many would see as a show of confidence expected of a leader, Gartner sees as a delusion of “papal infallibility.”......[ ] 
The interview and long distance diagnosis represented just one more small-minded attack on the President. Instead of taking on his policy decisions in a civilized argument, the media has once again resorted to slandering his mental health instead. Since CNN's poodle boy Brian Stelter’s opinion wasn't enough, the media once again trots out a pseudo-medical expert like Dr. Gartner who doesn't know, nor has ever even been in the presence of the subject, but with enough lack of professionalism to be willing to support their claims.

And I don't know about you guys, but I have about as much respect for Psychiatrist as I do psychics. They're both cons, talk a bunch of crap and take peoples money. Besides Dr. Gartner, you don't need no costly, high highfalutin' degree in Psychiatry or such voodoo of the mind stuff to pronounce someone you don't know to be crazy, cause we can hear the same nonsense about DJT's mental health every day from that whacked-out bint Joy Behar on 'The View'. And she just has an English degree.....and probably makes a whole lot more money than you.  🙌


Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The Democratic National Committee Turns To Hollywood for Help in Messaging for 2018/2020. No Really.

"We’re a messaging strike force" - Mathew Littman, former Joe Biden speechwriter 

Because Killing Babies and Taking Away Constitutional Rights
Isn’t Enough of a Winning Message. 

While DJT is in Singapore negotiating World Peace, Hollywood Liberals trying desperately to remain relevant are yelling F*ck Trump on national television. They can't seem to do the math.....but messaging is their business. What could go wrong?

"The Democratic National Committee and members of Congress are turning to Hollywood for help with voter turnout and messaging ahead of the midterm elections and 2020 presidential campaign, quietly consulting with a group of actors, writers and producers here."
"DNC Chairman Tom Perez, several House members and other top elected officials have already met with the group, formed by members of the entertainment industry in the wake of the 2016 election, that participants liken to a TV writers’ room, complete with producers of such programs as “Veep.” 
"The existence of the group and details of the meetings have not been previously reported. The group has discussed targeted voter-registration programs with visiting Democrats, as well as the party’s framing of issues ranging from abortion rights to gun control. In one recent meeting, a Midwestern senator sought advice about how to discuss gun control with conservative-leaning voters in his or her state, multiple participants said........"
"One of our strengths is an incredibly creative community that knows how to message and knows how to reach people and can come up with hopefully some kind of messaging for the DNC and others that can help going forward,” said Craig Zisk, a director and producer involved in the group. “We do it for movie posters, we do it for TV Guide slug-lines, and we want to be able to do that for the DNC."

The vast majority of movies and TV shows are mediocre or flops, but by all means enlist those “creative” people responsible for so much failure to mold the Democratic Party message. That the DNC really thinks anyone or anything in Hollywood will be helpful in delivering votes just shows how elitist and out of touch they are. America has begun rejecting the celebrity echo chamber novice political opinion, and if democrats are hanging their hopes on Hollywood delivering voters with flowery worded posters and thinly veiled TV propaganda, they will continue their slide into chaotic irrelevancy. Carry On!

* Thank You MJA for the Linkage! *

Monday, June 11, 2018

Irrelevant Gasbag & Soy Boy Prime Minister Team Up to Help Trump Re-election Campaign

Who’d a thunk it? Here we have Robert De Niro and Justin Trudeau, who personify elitism and hypocrisy, teamed up this weekend to do their part in helping re-elect Donald Trump. As if working in concert, the duo made their initial contributions to the Trump campaign within hours of each other over the weekend. Trudeau went first.

Long before the G7 summit, Trudeau had proclaimed: "World at ‘pivot point,’ needs to embrace free trade." Trudeau stated in an interview aired Sunday that the reasoning behind implementing new U.S. tariffs on Canada was "insulting and unacceptable. Canada is “polite, we’re reasonable but we also will not be pushed around," Trudeau added.

Aboard Air Force One heading for the Singapore Summit, Trump learned of Trudeau’s swipe and instantly directed his staff to unfix his name to the G7’s final communique. He also noted this of the much ballyhooed “pro-free trade” Canadian Prime Minister, by taking to the tweeter:
“Canada charges the U.S. a 270% tariff on Dairy Products! They didn’t tell you that, did they? Not fair to our farmers!” 
It is said one of  Donald Trump’s darkest talents is his ability to identify an opponent’s delicate spot and stab it remorselessly. *cough* CNN *cough* From his knack for condescending nicknames (Low Energy Jeb, Little Rocket Man) to inviting Bill Clinton’s accusers to the second presidential debate, there’s no denying the man has a skill for knifing sensitive spots. And now he has found Canada’s vulnerable flank: Dairy Tariffs. 

As the CBC reminded:
"Canada levies a tariff of 270 percent on milk, 245 percent on cheese and 298 percent on butter in an effort to keep U.S. and other foreign dairy imports out.” These tariffs exist almost exclusively for the benefit of the agriculture sector of Quebec, a province with a unique stranglehold on Canadian politics." 
Now, Trump having successfully pointed out that the Canadian Dairy Emperor is a hypocrite and has no free trading clothes, he has begun righting the ship of tariffs and I'm sure to the delight of American dairy farmers. A more basic contribution to his re-election, this one courtesy of Justin Trudeau, would be hard to imagine.

Hard to imagine, that is until Sunday evening.

Not to be outdone by a mere Canadian prime minister in the drive to re-elect Trump, actor Robert De Niro stepped to the nationally televised stage in NY City at Broadway’s Tony Awards. Standing in front of an audience of glitzy wealthy American liberal elites, De Niro proceeded to drive the TV censors crazy by launching his profanity-laced tirade of expletives that sparked a roaring reaction from the audience, with most standing up to cheer.

It would be hard to understate the value of De Niro’s contribution to the Trump campaign seeing all the media publicity it garnered. Taking Hillary's snooty “basket of deplorables” snobbery to an entirely new level, De Niro and his fellow Hollywood/Broadway light in the loafers elitist snoots effectively gave the middle finger to average Americans from coast to coast. One can only be amazed at the powerful combination of such utter, blatant and quite vivid hypocrisy (from Trudeau) combined with the even more haughty arrogance of a famous and rich liberal actor (De Niro) as they collectively made Donald Trump a truth-telling hero to Americans. Even some in the media had to agree. 

Justin Trudeau and Robert De Niro. Helping re-elect Trump to keep Making America Great Again. Who knew?