Thursday, January 31, 2019

These People Just Can Not Tell the Truth

CNN misleadingly touted outright lied that its Monday night town hall with Sen. Kamala Harris, who recently announced a 2020 bid, as the “most watched cable news single candidate election town hall evah, in all the history of the World.

According to the Washington Examiner, in a statement put out on Tuesday, CNN claimed it had shattered a cable news network record in the headline and again in the first sentence. The town hall, CNN said, averaged 1.957 million viewers according to Nielsen data. However, just over two years ago, Fox News held a town hall with then-candidate Donald Trump getting 2.7 million viewers.

A number of outlets, including Mediaite, Politico, and also the Washington Examiner, have in the past 24 hours updated their initial stories on the CNN announcement to reflect accurately that CNN’s record was only a record for that network and not all of cable news."

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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Chuck and Nancy Pick a Real Winner

Yesterday the Democrats announced that failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams would give the dem's response to the coming Trump State of the Union address. I have to admit that if space aliens were to land and I had to explain the current Democrat party this would be one of my best examples on why I believe they should not be taken seriously by visiting intelligent life.

We all remember the November Georgia Election and the resulting whining about the results (i.e. it's not a free and fair election unless they win). Stacey Abrams’ defeat in Georgia was a roadmap to how the Democrats will treat any and every loss of an important race from here on out, and that should worry everyone. 

Abrams is the perfect embodiment of the modern Democrat party. She was funded by far-left groups out of California, funding which she refused to be transparent about amid accusations that she was using campaign funds to enrich herself (how very Democrat). She was the winner of the identity politics lottery in the ever increasing checklist of minority groups that you must belong to for a Democrat nomination so you have to vote for her our you’re a misogyracist.  Understanding that there is a lot of fear in the Democrat party about what new dumb thing there representatives may say that gives us justified reason to point and laugh, it is fascinating that they would go so far down the list and pick the failed gubernatorial candidate for Georgia who threw a fit and refused to concede the election.

We all know that it wasn’t a poignant or calculated response from Democrats, it’s the new standard of Democrat politics that they put a minority female in front of the camera so they can then call anyone who refutes her statements a misogyracist and then they don’t have to face any actual criticism of their policies. But to be fair to our brothers and sisters in the Democrat party, they are still a little shy over making speeches after President Trump because of what happened the last time.

(Wrong Think Radio)
(Daily Daily)

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

America: The New Socialist Frontier

Anyone who watched the coming out party that CNN was so kind to throw for Kamala Harris last night saw exactly what was to be expected. A nakedly ambitious United States Senator with a dubious public service record repeatedly say "I Love My Country" and then proceed to lay out a blueprint for the destruction of the workings and precious ideals the made America the most prosperous and free country on earth. The high profile Senator has publicly opened up the 2020 election campaign with the rhetoric national democrats have so longed to put forth without fear. Outright Blatant Socialism.

Alexander Markovsky wrote last month at The Hill, that with the 2018 Democratic victory in the midterms, we saw new arrivals to the House of Representatives who are interpreting the elections as an endorsement of their own socialist policies. They dropped all the pretenses, they are proud Marxist-Leninists driven by the ideology and committed to converting this country into the United Socialist States of America. This militant crowd is comprised of uninformed and misinformed people looking at themselves as unfortunate, underpaid, underappreciated victims of capitalism, overwhelmed with jealousy that there are people who are everything they are not. They are the face of new Democratic Party – “We have been naught, we shall be all.”

The Democratic Party explicitly casts itself as an inheritor of Marxism. The Democrats’ demands are an almost total inversion of the Constitutional arrangements and traditional American values. The economic redistribution, open borders, repeal of the Second Amendment, the abolition of the Electoral College, the election of a president by popular vote, voting rights and free health care to illegal aliens are just part of the comprehensive strategy of putting the harness of socialism around the necks of the American people. The driving force of the Democratic Party is economic “inequality”, the argument socialists have never tired of invoking since the dawn of capitalism. The mantra brought into play by the French Revolution - “War to the palace, peace to the cottage” - is alive and well today in the Democratic Party.

The seductive idea of wealth redistribution has proved to be irresistible to the masses discontented by the inequities. The philosophy of envy and siphoning from the rich appeals to a large segment of the population that does not realize that the definition of “rich” is a spiral of devolution that eventually will reach every business and every individual who works for a living. Donald J. Trump is a disrupter of what had been a smooth transition to the bright socialist future. In a concerted effort to denigrate the President and paralyze executive authority, they are branding him a racist and blatantly subvert every program on his agenda. To render him ineffective, they actively support a collective mania for ever more sweeping investigations of dubious claims, rumors, unsubstantiated allegations and innuendos that has descended over the President, his family, his associates, and nominees.

People who cannot even spell “impeachment” demand one without any substantiation. The great historical irony is that unlike the Russian people who understood the perils of socialism and fought the Bolsheviks in a bloody three-year civil war that by some estimates took fifteen million lives, the freedom-loving Americans keep voting themselves into socialism.  

What Do You Get If You Combine The Naked Ambition of A Hillary Clinton With Sanford and Son's Aunt Esther?

The Washington Post recently called Kamala Harris “the next Barack Obama.” The two do have many things in common: they’re about the same age, both trained as lawyers and activists, and exude a certain movie-star charisma *cough*, at least to the 'Identity Politics' liberal supporters. Like Obama,  Kamala's  parents divorced when she was young, and both grew up in all the privileges America offers to all, and in rather comfortable circumstances. Harris’s father was one of the first black economics professors at Stanford. Her younger sister, Maya, the former head of the Northern California chapter of the ACLU, is married to Tony West, who served as one of  the chief lieutenants of Eric Holder’s corrupt Justice Department. Kamala herself lacks Obama’s rhetorical skills, she can actually finish a sentence with saying "uh" ten times, but it's yet to be seen if she can equal his legendary teleprompter skills. But unlike Obama, she has fire in the panties as she showed the nation with her angry black girl act we all remember from the Kavanaugh hearings.

We may be about to witness the most starstruck credulity since Barky emerged on the national scene in 2008 and Chris Matthews admitted that he felt this thrill going up his leg, as the fawning media, daytime female talk-fest, and late night former comedians obsess about her good looks, Chanel handbags, and Manolo Blahnik shoes. And like Obama, her supporters can shield her from severe criticism by invoking skin color, with her plumbing as backup.

Even more than Obama, Harris is a committed leftist. She’s a  supporter of gender and identity politics, supports medicare for all health care (which sounds much cooler than single-payer) free college tuition (and the unmentioned high taxes that follow). And Kamala has in the past publicly  supported the Black Lives Matters movement, but as Obama did when he sought the presidency, generally avoids high-profile controversies. But Harris’s political caution doesn’t always trump her deep-seated progressive instincts. She made a potentially disastrous misstep early in her tenure as San Francisco D.A., when she decided not to seek the death penalty for a cop killer. As Attorney General she also refused to enforce federal immigration laws, vigorously defending San Francisco’s sanctuary-city ordinance and opposing California’s participation in the federal Secure Communities program, which requires local authorities to detain criminal suspects for deportation if they’re illegal aliens.

Beyond law-enforcement issues, Harris has been a reliable advocate for the leftist agenda. She favors gun control and has criticized Congress for failing to pass restrictive legislation following the mass shooting at Sandy Hook.  As district attorney, Harris filed an amicus brief with the U.S. Supreme Court in District of Columbia v. Heller, arguing that the Second Amendment does not protect an individual’s right to own firearms. She's continued her predecessor Jerry Brown’s refusal to defend on appeal Proposition 8, a voter-approved state constitutional amendment supporting traditional marriage, because of her personal disagreement with it.

Kamala may indeed be the female Obama, one whose poor track record in public office will be swept aside and gain no greater scrutiny then Barack Obamas radical past was.

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Monday, January 28, 2019

Monday Shorts

Tom Brokaw Will Be Made to Care. On Meet the Press, Tom Brokaw said hispanic families in the United States need to work hard at assimilating into the country and ensure their children learn English. When my grandfather immigrated to the United States after the turn of the twentieth century, he was told basically the same thing — heavy on the learn English part. It is a bit of common sense.

But the left has decided this bit of common sense is racism and Brokaw is being savaged as a racist for saying it. It’s just truth. The outrage is amped up by a group of partisan progressives who have long decided that assimilation is somehow an embrace of whiteness instead of Americanness, but there is something else here too. The more a hispanic family assimilates into the United States, the more likely they are to identify as conservative. The left can’t have that. So to suggest they work to be part of the fabric of our common society is heresy. Tom Brokaw will have to repent.

Kamala Harris Action Figure – Bed Not Included In the span of a week, Sen. Kamala Harris has transformed into both a 2020 White House contender … and an action figure. The California Democrat is the latest political celebrity to get a mini-me version of herself from the company FCTRY.

Earlier this month, the Brooklyn-based manufacturer announced the release of its special counsel Robert Mueller action figure. It’s also fashioned figurines bearing the likenesses of Harris’s fellow 2020 White House contender Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and former President Obama. The current president has an “Evil Trump” figure — complete with a pointed middle finger — made in his image.

Daddy Starbucks 2020? Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz says he’s considering running for president as an independent, telling “60 Minutes” he might jump into the race without party backing. The news that he might run a third-party bid had liberal heads exploding immediately. Frank Luntz was less than subtle in his immediate reaction:
"In all seriousness, Howard Schultz truly could unite the country… By having Democrats join Republicans in boycotting Starbucks."
If Schultz can attract a following among even a small subset of Democrats and a decent number of independents, he could siphon off sufficient votes to flip a bunch of states that Democrats probably have a good shot at carrying into Trump’s column.

Armed FBI Agents Raid Earl of Taint Studio  "The FBI raided my studio this morning and arrested me as if I were some kind of terrorist on charges stating I have repeatedly triggered multiple government officials “and other VIPS” in violation of federal law. I thought it was the pizza delivery guy. They kicked open the door after one knock – then tossed in a stun grenade and it worked. I was stunned."

A Good Monday Morning

Sunday, January 27, 2019

This week, A Long-Predicted Collapse Hit Digital Media

The old arrangement, where if you wanted your ads to reach Rolling Stone‘s prosperous young readers you had no choice but to subsidize Hunter Thompson calling the White House a den of thieves, did not survive the digital revolution...." 

It's Remarkable what happens when you label half the electorate as evil and deplorable. This week, a long-predicted collapse seemed to hit digital media. The journalists’ Twitter timelines filled up with the names of the newly unemployed—wow, they let him go? the whole opinion team?—and the usual ominous comments on the precarity of the industry. “Precarity” might be underselling it at this point: As CNN reported, “the media industry lost about 1,000 jobs nationwide this week.” The national economy, meantime, is operating at close to full employment. 

The hard-news bloodbath was particularly acute at the pack of lying vermin at BuzzFeed, which lost not only its health team and national news desk, but also the diggers behind a lot of the site’s increasingly questionable national security coverage. What became clear this week is that if the digital natives do survive, it might not have much to do with news gathering, which both investors and advertisers have recently discovered an allergy to. News for a time was a respectable, and respected, subsidized by everything else. Now that price is too high. And the news to fake.

H/T Ann Althouse

Saturday, January 26, 2019

The Left's Futile Atempt to Eliminate the Phrase ‘Fake News’

One thing the left has been extremely successful in doing is redefining the language. Academia and the media have given us phases like "Womens Reproductive Rights" to legitimize their evil, and have recently redefined words like "Diversity " to push an agenda and mask their hate. The left originally coined the term "Fake News" to describe right-leaning news sources like Breitbart and RedState. But during the contentious campaign of 2016, the actions of the media, with their unabashed bias, lies and cheer-leading, Donald J. Trump turned the tables. Since then much crying a gnashing of teeth have followed. 

"The term has become entirely applied to the left-leaning media as a derogatory epithet for mainstream news sites whose political coverage found to be flawed or biased,” complains Slate magazine. It is now “a handy cudgel for people who want to criticize the media for a wide range of failings. The speed with which the term became polarized and in fact a rhetorical weapon illustrates how efficient the conservative media machine has become.”

John Lloyd, a senior research fellow at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at the University of Oxford, laments its use. It portrays the mainstream media "as the tool of an arrogant, out-of-touch elite." There is much truth in that statement Mr. Lloyd, as well as it dripping with sweet irony you fail to see from the ivory towers. 

The left sees the damage the phrase is causing. They want people to stop using it. DJT calls The Washington Post fake news more than almost any other news outlet. Fighting back, Margaret Sullivan declared, “It’s Time to Retire the Tainted Term ‘Fake News.'” She complains that people use the phrase to describe left-leaning political views.

Hossein Derakhshan and Claire Wardle want to “Ban the Term ‘Fake News.'” The phrase, they say, has “become weaponized by politicians who use it to undermine independent journalism in an effort to reach the public directly through their own channels.” And that is a bad thing??

Ask someone what ‘fake news’ means today, and depending on their political orientation, they may be more likely to mention CNN or the New York Times, and for good reason.  In an attempt to discredit the phrase, The New York Times published an article listing dictators and other disreputable world leaders who have used the phrase “fake news.” Although there are plenty of democratic world leaders who have used the phrase, The Times focused only on the unpopular leaders.  The left is also frustrated that mere mistakes as they call them when they are caught red-handed, are being labeled fake news along with biased journalism.  Innocent gaffes, you know, like when the Media framed photos of the crowd at Trump’s inauguration in such a way to minimize the size.

There is one way the left could succeed in reducing the conservative use of the phrase. The AP Stylebook will eventually discourage its use. That would be in keeping with its left-leaning rules. The stylebook has often discouraged the use of words and phrases conservatives prefer, such as banning “illegal immigrants” as just one example.


Friday, January 25, 2019

Middle Finger Symphony Theater

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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Popular Dating Site Says Avoiding Anyone With Different Political Views Is Now More Important Than Not Having Cooties

Never used an online dating site, and never would. From what I know of them, the whole thought to me is scary.  But I found this little story kinda interesting, and a microcosm of our time.
“Great sex” has been the widely favored reply since dating app OkCupid first started asking its users this question in 2003 ― until now. For the first time in the app’s 15-year history, users in major cities like New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles have tipped the scale in favor of compatible politics, OkCupid told HuffPost. 
The overall number of women prioritizing politics over sex doubled from 2016 to 2018, and the percentage increased from 27 percent to 42 percent across the country. Over the same period, the app has seen a 1,000 percent increase in political terms on people’s profiles ― reflecting a major shift in values that its executives have been watching closely since Donald Trump’s election. 
Summers Eve Finkelman - OKCupid User
“It’s truly, truly unprecedented the change in how people are using politics as a signal in dating,” said Melissa Hobley, chief marketing officer of OkCupid and a professional matchmaker. “Without a doubt, the recent presidential election and current administration have driven young women in particular, but millennials of both genders, to say, ‘Swipe left if you support Trump,’ or ‘I don’t even want to see you as a match if you don’t vote.’ 
The sudden rise in dating political divides OkCupid has witnessed, particularly over the past two years, reflects the polarization of politics under Trump and the growing rage of his opponents ― particularly women. OkCupid is in a unique position to track that trend, as it is one of the few dating apps that requires its users to answer at least 15 questions about sex, politics and other values....."
I'm sorry, but I personally can't stop equating online dating sites with sleazy used car lots.

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DJT Delays State of the Union Address Until Shutdown Ends

Speaker Pelosi and Her Puppet Chuck On Capital Hill 

According to the Associated Press, the president said late Wednesday night he is postponing his State of the Union address until the government shutdown ends, following a high-stakes game of dare and double-dar.  DJT conceded that "no venue can compete with the history, tradition and importance of the House Chamber" and that he was not looking for an alternate option after Pelosi served notice earlier Wednesday that he won't be allowed to deliver the address to a joint session of Congress next week. Pelosi had taken the step after Trump said he planned to show up in spite of Democratic objections to the speech taking place with large swaths of the government shut down.

The president cannot speak in front of a joint session of Congress without both chambers' explicit permission. A resolution needs to be approved by both chambers specifying the date and time for receiving an address from the president. The Constitution states only that the president "shall from time to time give to the Congress Information of the State of the Union," meaning the president can speak anywhere he chooses or give his update in writing.

The address has been delayed before. Ronald Reagan's 1986 State of the Union address was postponed after the Challenger space shuttle disaster on Jan. 28 of that year. But there is no precedent for a State of the Union invitation being rescinded. Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower and Jimmy Carter all issued their final messages in print.

And now we return you to the important news of the day:

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Are You Too Masculine For Your Own Good? We Can Help

New MedSpa Aims To Cash In On Masculinity Reduction Craze

EARL Done This

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The New York Times Doubles Down on Covington: Racism, Toxic Masculinity & Whiteness

COVINGTON, Ky. — On Friday night, all anyone at Covington Catholic High School was talking about was that their star Colonels basketball team had unexpectedly lost to the rival St. Xavier Bombers, 55-45. For the “Colonel Crazies,” as locals call them, identity is wrapped in state championship titles, and their all-male brotherhood.

But by Saturday afternoon, the Northern Kentucky school off the Dixie Highway had been ripped out of its overwhelmingly white, heavily Catholic, and largely Republican world and thrust into a national firestorm that touched seemingly every raw nerve in this polarized country — race, President Trump and the behavior of young white men. - Read More


Some personalities on social media have suggest that the school needs to be burned to the ground with the children still inside (post that have still not been taken down) and many on the Left are refusing to back down from their attacks against these kids.  Instead they have shifted from “disrespecting a native American” to “smug privileged white boys”. This isn’t outrage because of what they saw happen, even if the story was what the media claimed it is. This is an excuse for the Left to assault, humiliate, and outright destroy anyone who has a different opinion than them, even if they happen to be minors......

Monday, January 21, 2019

University of San Francisco Law Professor's Scathing Critique of Kamala Harris' Law Career and Personal Ambitions

University of San Francisco law professor Lara Bazelon wrote a blistering op-ed in the New York Times last week focused on the prosecutorial career of Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA). Harris, who claims she is a progressive, took her seat in the 2020 democrat clown car, announcing she's running for president this morning to little fanfare on ABC's Good Morning America. She was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2017 after climbing the political ladder in California, partly as a result of regularly getting into the pants of the powerful mayor of San Francisco while district attorney of San Fran, and then on to the office of Attorney General of California. During that career, Bazelon argues that Harris routinely demonstrated poor judgment and her career was full of wrongful convictions and winning cases by technicality. She provides a laundry list of evidence you can read at the link, but here’s a brief overview:
"Time after time, when progressives urged her to embrace criminal justice reforms as a district attorney and then the state’s attorney general, Ms. Harris opposed them or stayed silent. Most troubling, Ms. Harris fought tooth and nail to uphold wrongful convictions that had been secured through official misconduct that included evidence tampering, false testimony and the suppression of crucial information by prosecutors."
Bazelon writes about a 2010 incident in which Harris was criticized for failing to act when she discovered a police lab technician was “intentionally sabotaging” her work. A judge “condemned Ms. Harris’s indifference to the systemic violation of the defendants’ constitutional rights,” and 600 cases in which the technician was involved had to be dismissed. Perhaps even more concerning are Bazelon’s examples of Harris vigorously fighting for wrongful convictions, sometimes winning on mere technicalities.
"Ms. Harris also fought to keep Daniel Larsen in prison on a 28-year-to-life sentence for possession of a concealed weapon even though his trial lawyer was incompetent and there was compelling evidence of his innocence. Relying on a technicality again, Ms. Harris argued that Mr. Larsen failed to raise his legal arguments in a timely fashion. (This time, she lost). “All too often, she was on the wrong side of that history."
Journalist Jill Filipovic argued on Twitter that she judges Harris’s history less harshly because black women “shoulder additional burdens” compared to white men, and because women have to prove that they are “tough.” Filipovic acknowledges that Harris’s race and gender don’t “excuse” her record, but she insists, “context matters.”

Harris has also been accused of covering For San Francisco Archdiocese Sex Abuse.

(The Intercept)


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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Glaring Example of How Out of Touch the Self Absorbed Media is With Most Americans

Longtime CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin lamented during a round-table discussion his fear that many Americans would dismiss the news media as a “bunch of leftist liars” in the wake of the BuzzFeed story (and the epic media circle jerk it spawned) that was squashed publicly as being false by special counsel Robert Mueller’s office. EARTH TO JEFFREY TOOBIN: where have you been?

Mr. Toobin seems totally unaware a large part of america may trust what their local news man tells them about the rise in taxes for trash pickup, but after two years of the media, in particularly his network, day-in and day-out running false or repeating unverified and inaccurate stories, attributed to unnamed sources just to damage people and bring down a president, does he really believe the media has any credibility left. Especially CNN!! They still cling to a reputation long since past, and I guess Mr. Toobin, like most of the national media imagines himself a cut above. But this video is as funny as it is sad watching them try and distance themselves from a story they reveled gleefully in just hours before while trying to save face....

Friday, January 18, 2019

Middle Finger Symphony Theater

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Pelosi Takes Heat For Ignoring Her Minions Antisemitism

Nancy Pelosi is taking serious heat for appointing newly elected Rep. Ilhan Omar to the highly influential House Foreign Affairs Committee. This is a shocking move even for Pelosi. The Freshman Congresswoman Omar is an openly anti-semitic and anti-Israel and seems proud of the fact, so the question is why is she anywhere near anything to do with foreign relations? While the Democrat party has long been ripe with closeted antisemitism, this looks like a bone thrown to the new far left progtards in her party to appease them, a move Nan may live to regret. 

Republican leaders came out to denounce the move and to call for Pelosi to rescind the appointment. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy had this to say:
“I would love to know what changed because Democratic leaders just promoted a pro-BDS Democrat to a key committee that deals with the State of Israel. Anti-Semitism has no place in Congress and certainly not on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.”
In what can only be explained as an utterly bizarre interview…the newly anointed Democrat Rep. from Minnesota appeared on CNN to discuss some of her rather disturbing behavior on Twitter. It’s very rare that we give CNN credit for anything, but during the interview Jim Sciutto and Poppy Harlow didn’t hold back any of the serious questions that actual journalist should be asking of the radical anti-Israel Congresswoman.

Near the end of the video, Harlow switched gears and started asking Omar about a tweet that she sent out in 2012. Harlow read the tweet aloud, “Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel.” The CNN host asked her about her tweet, saying, “You’ve commented a lot since then, trying to explain that, and I wonder just what your message is to Jewish Americans who find that deeply offensive?” I uh—don’t know how my comments would be offensive to Jewish Americans.”


Dear Nan. You're Grounded.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Women's March Leadership Is Even Too Radical For The DNC

The Democrats Can Run, But They Can't Hide From Their Party's Inbred Bigotry

The Democratic National Committee Removed Its Name 
From List of Event Sponsors.

The annual Women’s March is just three days away, but the Democratic National Committee has quietly withdrawn its support less than 24 hours after March leader's refused to denounce the notorious anti-Semitic hatemonger Louis Farrakhan on national television. The groups leaders, a La Raza supporter and radical Hispanic activist, a rag-head pro-Palestinian anti-Semite, a black Louis Farrakhan lover and a self-loathing ugly white chick named BOB; I ask why any decent American would take these people seriously?

Tuesday, march leaders Tamika Mallory and Bob Bland took to the airwaves on ABC’s morning democrat infomercial and leftist propaganda hour, “The View” to address “criticism of their leadership and allegations of antisemitism that have been levied against them by former members of their leadership team. They only dug themselves a deeper hole.  The View’s” Sunny Hostin called out Malloy about photos she took with Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam, which she captioned with the acronym, GOAT, meaning greatest of all time. “I didn’t call him the greatest of all time because of his rhetoric,” Mallory said. “I called him the greatest of all time because of what he’s done in black communities.” She failed to say what she believes Farrakhan has done for her people. (other then extort money and teach hate for white people). 

The DNC baled on the march and joins a laundry list of liberal organizations that once proudly supported the Women’s March but are no longer sponsors, including EMILY’s List, the Center for American Progress, and NARAL Pro Choice America. The Southern Poverty Law Center, which labels the Nation of Islam as a “hate group,” also withdrew its sponsorship. It’s been a rough year for the Women’s March, which lost more than half of its 550 sponsors from 2018 for its event this year. 

Last July, the Women’s March sent out a press release announcing its opposition to President Trump’s Supreme Court pick, “XX,” clearly demonstrating the group intended to attack whomever the president selected, regardless of qualifications.


Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Former Bronx Bartender Pledges to Gang-Bang 'We The People' with Her Prog Agenda

MEDIAITE – Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez mocked her critics in a Washington Post interview, telling them to “enjoy being exhausted for the next two years while we run train on the progressive agenda.”
According to Urban Dictionary — not always a reliable source, but useful in this case — “run train” is colloquially defined as “to gangbang” someone with “several friends.”Ocasio-Cortez’s pledge to gang bang the progressive agenda comes in the transcript of an extensive interview with the WAPO, in which she was asked about “conservative media” setting her up as “another boogeyman on the left.”
This is one case where I have to say I am very glad I didn’t know what ‘run train’ means. I’d never heard of it until today. She seems to have acquired the 'Biden Syndrome'.....her mouth outruns it's supply line. Surprisingly the same WAPO gave her four Pinocchios last month, but this will not continue as she becomes more entrenched in the Democrat party.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Middle Finger Symphony Theater

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Friday, January 11, 2019

Dem's Newest Attack on Liberty, HR1 - Seizing States' Control of Elections

While the news has been dominated by the Government shutdown and Border Wall arguments, not much attention has been payed to the Democrats top legislative priority. It isn’t health care, immigration, or taxes.  No, their first attempt to seize more power and newest scheme to further erode liberty is to centralize power over elections in Washington, D.C.  H.R. 1 is number one on the legislative agenda because democrats proved to themselves they couldn't even win a rigged election, making HR1 the priority of House Democrats, leftist groups, deep-pocketed dark money and those who use, by hook or crook, the election process rules to help win elections, or at least to cause chaos and throw it to the courts.

PJM - The bill is a 571-page dreamscape of wild wishes and federal mandates on states. The Constitution decentralizes power over American elections and puts states in charge. H.R. 1 would undo that. Decentralization promotes individual liberty. When power over elections is centralized, it is easier for that power to be abused. When power over elections is decentralized, no single malevolent actor can exert improper control over the process. That is precisely why Democrats are so eager for Washington, D.C., to have more power over our elections.

Here's a few of the details of HR1: 

  • H.R. 1 has 218 cosponsors. It forces states to implement mandatory voter registration. If someone is on a government list -- such as receiving welfare benefits or rental subsidies -- then they would be automatically registered to vote. Few states have enacted these systems because Americans still view civic participation as a voluntary choice.
  • H.R. 1 also mandates that states allow all felons to vote. Currently, states have the power under the Constitution to set the terms of eligibility in each state.
  • H.R. 1 would force states to have extended periods of early voting, and mandates that early voting sites be near bus or subway routes.
  • H.R. 1 also undermines the First Amendment by exerting government control over political speech and undoing the Supreme Court’s Citizen’s United decision.
  • H.R. 1 mandates same-day voter registration and would obliterate state registration procedures. Same-day registration is the practice that enabled sufficient voter fraud in Minnesota to give Al Franken a seat in the Senate.
  • H.R. 1 limits the ability of states to cooperate to see who is registered in multiple states at the same time. Democrat Congressional nominee Wendy Rosen was able to vote for President Obama twice in the same election in Maryland and Florida -- a federal felony -- because Maryland does not participate in interstate cross checks of rolls.
  • H.R. 1 would nullify state laws that permit election observers to work as partners with election officials to file a formal challenge to a suspicious voter registration. Election watchdogs have been essential players in ensuring that the dead and ineligible do not cast ballots.

Democrats know they can rely on leftist lawyers who populate the bowels of the DOJ Voting Section to oppose voter ID, citizenship verification, and any other law that might impact their ideological and partisan preferences. These same lawyers abused this power when it was in effect, despite being sanctioned repeatedly by federal courts for abusing it. The lawyers who abused power are still employed, or enjoying sojourns as opinion columnists in the Washington Post. - READ MORE

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Rumor Verified: Jim Acosta Does Have Little Lady Hands

Screenshot via Acosta's Tweeter

Jim Acosta confirmed long time whispers of fans of CNN and professional watchers of the media that said the media mouthpiece of the anti-Trump Resistance and self adsorbed, grandstanding  jerk regularly went to great lengths to hide his small effeminate hands from the viewing public. But Thursday, while attempting to mock DJT and the border wall with a self made video posted on the tweeter, Acosta accidentally showed the world ...tens of hundreds of his resistance fans his rumored embarrassing girly hand.  In the past, with instructions to his cameraman, most viewers saw only short glimpses of Acosta's exaggerate hand in a death grip on the shaft of electronic media's all powerful phallic symbol as he reported to the nation, not the relaxed, small teen like digits he himself exposed. 

One unnamed fellow reporter laughed as he watched Acosta's video and said no wonder that petite female White House intern could wrestle a microphone out of Jim's hands, he's lucky she didn't break his wrist. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Just When You Think the Trump/Russia Conspiracy Can't Get Any More Weird, They Throw In Jesus For Good Measure

The seemingly unending saga of the greatest political conspiracy in modern history is getting weird now. Not that it wasn't weird before, but it's officially even weirder now that it looks like Mueller has little or nothing on DJT or to show for his time and money, and has the disappointed left scratching the ground like hungry armadillos for something - anything.

Take note comrades, there have been rumblings across the pond over the past few months about how the sale of this one painting - the most expensive art sale ever, of an extremely rare da Vinci that might not even be a da Vinci, or if it is, it might have been painted by Leonardo's cousin Billy Ray da Vinci - and might be one of the keys to unlocking the whole Trump/Russia conspiracy. But Jesus, really? A painting?

Trump-Russia journalist Zev Shalev has written the narrative out in such a way that he thinks it's time we all pay attention. First of all, some basic facts. The painting in question is called "What Are You Doing Up In That Tree, Jesus?" the Salvator Mundi, quite an unusual perspective for a da Vinci, a depiction of Jesus with an orb in one hand and doing some kind of Jesus hand sign with his other. It's known in art circles as an homage to the Mona Lisa, which was kind of da Vinci's big break and eventually playing a large part in having a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle named after him. The Salvator Mundi was recently sold for $450 million in what was the most expensive art transaction of all time.

The buyer? Mohammed bin Salman, crown prince of Saudi Arabia, because all murder-happy Muslim crown princes like to come home to a nice picture of Jesus over the mantel after a hard day of ordering journalists bone-sawed to death. He seems to have overpaid for the painting, by about $300 million. The seller? Dmitry Rybolovlev, the fertilizer oligarch, one of Putin's closest associates and just happens to know you know who......

Got your attention now? - READ MORE

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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

DJT To Put His Chips On The Table In Address To The Nation

DJT will take to the airwaves in an address to the Nation at 9:00PM ET tonight that will be carried by the networks who first insisted they would not air it but then decided to go with it after Count Schmuckula and the San Francisco Dragon Lady asked for time for a Democrat response on CNN.  DJT is also planning a trip to the border this Thursday, that you can guarantee the media will turn into a sh*tshow of an event if protest show. The President has stated he was strongly considering declaring a national emergency over the issue of border security and the decades-long lack of any via active sabotage by the Democrats and their GOP confederates.

Considering that we potentially have upwards of 10% of our population residing here illegally, which is a massive drain and cancer on every aspect of our society and economy, which not coincidentally serves to bolster the Democrats and their allies who seek the overthrow and destruction of America as founded for their benefit. It's a national crisis on a par with war. In fact, all things considered, it is a war since our government, society and way of life are in mortal danger. It's just that the enemy is essentially an internal one, both the 20-30 million illegal aliens and the Democrat Party itself.

And now that the Democrat-Left controls the House, beyond all the impeachment rhetoric, we have the insane talk of abolishing the electoral college as well as trying to further destroy the Senate (as if the 17th amendment wasn't enough) being belched up all over the place from the usual gaggle of Leftist sub-morons and potential tyrants. And then I have to read about Nancy Pelosi's dentures clattering out some galling remark that Trump wants to abolish Congress.


Sunday, January 6, 2019

Scientists Report Society Endangered by New Strain of Fact-Resistant Humans

JTP Hogsdon and His Nondiverse USWCM Social Media Research Team

A Middle Finger News Service Exclusive:

Scientists have discovered a powerful new strain of fact-resistant humans who are threatening the ability of Earth to sustain life, a sobering new study reports. The appearance of the phenomenon is being called "Cortex Neurophy Numbosis" or CNN for short - but not to be confused with typical Liberal Brain Shrivel. 

The research, conducted  Dr. JTP Hogsdon  and his team at the University of Southern West Central Minnesota, identifies a virulent strain of humans who are virtually immune to any form of verifiable knowledge, leaving scientists at a loss as to how to combat them. More worryingly, Hogsdon told us, as facts have multiplied, their defenses against those facts have only grown more powerful.  The normal functions of human consciousness have been completely nullified.
"What we find most puzzling are the strain of fact-resistant humans that seem to deny that aiming a gun at a law enforcement officer is not going to end well, strapping a bomb to themselves does not advance the religion of peace, and most puzzling to us in our findings, why people continue to vote Democrat?" 
While scientists have no clear understanding of the mechanisms that prevent the fact-resistant humans from absorbing data, they theorize that the strain may have developed the ability to intercept and discard information en route from the auditory nerve to the brain. 

While reaffirming the gloomy assessments of the study, Hogsdon held out hope that the threat of fact-resistant humans could be mitigated in the future. “Our research is very preliminary, but it's possible that they will become more receptive to facts once they are in an environment without food, water, or oxygen,” he said.

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Saturday, January 5, 2019

Friday, January 4, 2019

Former Editor Says The NTY's Anti-Trump Bias Has Cost Them Their Credibility

Gee, Ya Think? It’s really never been a secret to anyone with an IQ above room temperature that the American print media have long had a bias they really haven't tried to hide. As the first female editor of the New York Times and author of “Obama: The Historic Journey,” Jill Abramson, was the paper’s executive editor from 2011-2014 until she was unceremoniously booted out of the NYT's Ivory Tower, and as was the 'woke' thing of those days, replaced with a black male. Being a good little leftist soldier that she is, she quietly excepted her station in those gotta be politically correct times.

In a piece she wrote early last year for The Guardian, Abramson fessed up that she has been so distraught by Donald Trump's ascension to the Presidency and all that has come with it, that she carrys around a Barack Obama “therapy doll” in her purse:
"It’s easy to look at what’s happening in Washington DC and despair. That’s why I carry a little plastic Obama doll in my purse. I pull him out every now and then to remind myself that the United States had a progressive, African American president until very recently. Some people find this strange, but you have to take comfort where you can find it in Donald Trump’s America."
But now, despite the mental traumaeven Jill Abramson and some present news analyst can see past the end of her nose and actually admit what can unmistakably be applied to most every news outlet in the land.

Howie Kurtz:
A former executive editor of the New York Times says the paper’s news pages, the home of its straight-news coverage, have become “unmistakably anti-Trump.” Jill Abramson, the veteran journalist who led the newspaper from 2011 to 2014, says the Times has a financial incentive to bash the president and that the imbalance is helping to erode its credibility. 
In a soon-to-be published book, “Merchants of Truth,” that casts a skeptical eye on the news business, Abramson offers some harsh words for her successor, Dean Baquet. And Abramson, who was the paper’s only female executive editor until her firing, invoked Steve Bannon’s slam that in the Trump era the mainstream media have become the “opposition party. 
Though Baquet said publicly he didn’t want the Times to be the opposition party, his news pages were unmistakably anti-Trump,” Abramson adding that she believes the same is true of the Washington Post. “Some headlines contained raw opinion, as did some of the stories that were labeled as news analysis.....”
Needless to say, because of Abramson's sin of truthful criticism, her invites to NY and DC liberal elite dinner parties may just have taken a really big hit.  Bless Her Heart......