Tuesday, January 29, 2019

What Do You Get If You Combine The Naked Ambition of A Hillary Clinton With Sanford and Son's Aunt Esther?

The Washington Post recently called Kamala Harris “the next Barack Obama.” The two do have many things in common: they’re about the same age, both trained as lawyers and activists, and exude a certain movie-star charisma *cough*, at least to the 'Identity Politics' liberal supporters. Like Obama,  Kamala's  parents divorced when she was young, and both grew up in all the privileges America offers to all, and in rather comfortable circumstances. Harris’s father was one of the first black economics professors at Stanford. Her younger sister, Maya, the former head of the Northern California chapter of the ACLU, is married to Tony West, who served as one of  the chief lieutenants of Eric Holder’s corrupt Justice Department. Kamala herself lacks Obama’s rhetorical skills, she can actually finish a sentence with saying "uh" ten times, but it's yet to be seen if she can equal his legendary teleprompter skills. But unlike Obama, she has fire in the panties as she showed the nation with her angry black girl act we all remember from the Kavanaugh hearings.

We may be about to witness the most starstruck credulity since Barky emerged on the national scene in 2008 and Chris Matthews admitted that he felt this thrill going up his leg, as the fawning media, daytime female talk-fest, and late night former comedians obsess about her good looks, Chanel handbags, and Manolo Blahnik shoes. And like Obama, her supporters can shield her from severe criticism by invoking skin color, with her plumbing as backup.

Even more than Obama, Harris is a committed leftist. She’s a  supporter of gender and identity politics, supports medicare for all health care (which sounds much cooler than single-payer) free college tuition (and the unmentioned high taxes that follow). And Kamala has in the past publicly  supported the Black Lives Matters movement, but as Obama did when he sought the presidency, generally avoids high-profile controversies. But Harris’s political caution doesn’t always trump her deep-seated progressive instincts. She made a potentially disastrous misstep early in her tenure as San Francisco D.A., when she decided not to seek the death penalty for a cop killer. As Attorney General she also refused to enforce federal immigration laws, vigorously defending San Francisco’s sanctuary-city ordinance and opposing California’s participation in the federal Secure Communities program, which requires local authorities to detain criminal suspects for deportation if they’re illegal aliens.

Beyond law-enforcement issues, Harris has been a reliable advocate for the leftist agenda. She favors gun control and has criticized Congress for failing to pass restrictive legislation following the mass shooting at Sandy Hook.  As district attorney, Harris filed an amicus brief with the U.S. Supreme Court in District of Columbia v. Heller, arguing that the Second Amendment does not protect an individual’s right to own firearms. She's continued her predecessor Jerry Brown’s refusal to defend on appeal Proposition 8, a voter-approved state constitutional amendment supporting traditional marriage, because of her personal disagreement with it.

Kamala may indeed be the female Obama, one whose poor track record in public office will be swept aside and gain no greater scrutiny then Barack Obamas radical past was.

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