Thursday, December 31, 2020

My Thank You to All You DMFers

I'd like to take this last opportunity of 2020 to Thank You All for your support of DMF, our best year yet.  And to also wish each and everyone one of yous guys (seen and unseen) A Safe and Hopefully Healthy & Prosperous 2021. - Jan

Let's hope this time next year we can look back at 2021 and say this was the year's theme song......

2020 Was a Great Year........

From an essay by James Madison

"In 2020, the elites learned to live in complete isolation from the riff-raff, working from home, dining on Cava from Uber Eats, and resupplied with hand disinfectant and toilet paper by Amazon. They may never return to the polluted, unlivable, expensive, crime-ridden, lousy-school, high tax environs they created. And why should they?  The whiny Millennials have nothing vested in those downtown, hip condos they bought on Reddit.  So they will buy a car on Carvana, place a Bernie sticker on the bumper, rub the sticker to make it look old, and head for greener pastures.  They are choosing to take up new residences and vote for Democrats in places like Georgia, North Carolina, and Texas.  They are compelled by justice and Instagram to turn those places into the places they left. We cannot blame them.

Our new elites spent their infancy (years 1-22) in paper diapers, so they were taught to poop in their pants/nests and then, leave it for others to clean up.  These bankers, lawyers, web millionaire-wanna-be’s, and malleable executives, represent the elitist of “elite privilege,” and elite privilege is better than white privilege or a bottle of Pétrus with a ‘friend’ who is not my wife at “Daniel” in New York.  After all, elite privilege can buy your child acceptance to the best mediocre state college or a prestigious job with a boutique, investment raider.  So, 2020 was the year for the elites to abandon city life, and adopt new mantras like, “Goodbye Manhattan, I’m off to the shore by way of Staten”, “It is hasta luego to dull San Diego”, and “So long to ‘ol Boston, I landed in Austin.”

Meanwhile, those who work with their hands or in service got $600 to end in 2020. Praise be to the patricians who rule us!  And even better, that pleb political movement led by a barbarian rube was doused in a national ‘selection’ just in the nick of time before the methane in the DC swamp ignited.

So let’s give a loud hosanna for the administrative state! The return of the ruling class to town is being greeted with celebrations and salutations in the diverse media ranks (mostly white males) as our saviors ride into the capital bearing that breezy bag-of-wind vane Joe “IQ” Biden on their backs.

Those of us who are part of the 74 million deniers have much to be thankful for. We, along with the 83 million people both dead and alive who voted for the President-Select, will all soon feel the nation’s woke centurions spread their warmth and love in 2021, and we will feel it good and hard. Thank you 2020.

2020 was also the year the media confirmed why newsprint is so cheap by reporting on everything from the hidden facts behind Russian Collusion, the sinister Russian misinformation campaign about Hunter Biden’s internships, and the kindly efforts of Antifa and BLM to bring about peaceful harmony.

But the media’s main stories were fables.  Using replica truth, CNN, AP, WaPo, NYT, NBC, George and Amal Clooney (from their private plane and modest villa on Lago ‘Cuomo’), and The China People’s Daily, remain dedicated to “making the world a better place” or, at least, in their own images which are really quite beautiful.  They remain steadfast in refuting the lying eyes of the common man and his primitive value system, replacing it with the Code of the Hamptons, the Vineyard Compact, the French Laundry List, and the Rodeo Drive Tablets.  The people must live a modest, green life with crime, bad schools, and thermostats set to 55˚, so our burdened rulers can fly on their private planes to Palm Springs for a round of golf (or off to the French Caribbean For Christmas).

Thus, the mass media is dedicated to this paramount principle: Tell the people what to think and if they disobey, accuse them in scrolling chyrons of being primal, racist, nativist, gender-phobic, racist, anti-science, violent, sexist, racist, right-wing terrorists, dumb, ugly, without fashion sense, left-handed, racist, poor, stupid, allowing-their-Vogue-subscription-to-run-out, racist, uneducated, and unwilling to bow down to doctorates in education from Delaware Tech and Auto Repair School, …, as well as being racist of course.

A new patrician aristocracy made up of the old aristocracy has returned to save us in 2021.  Yummy. They did so well before."

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

And Now They're Mugging Homer

I've read The Iliad & The Odyssey five times. Once reluctantly because I had to. Four times because I wanted to. It was part of my youth and education that I cherish to this day because of the way it was taught to me. Some will understand that. Most won't. But it was really no surprise considering the present day cancel culture when I opened my email and saw the link sent to me by a old schoolmate. It made me realize this is truly no longer the world I was born into.......

"A sustained effort is under way to deny children access to literature. Under the slogan #DisruptTexts, critical-theory ideologues, schoolteachers and Twitter agitators are purging and propagandizing against classic texts—everything from Homer to F. Scott Fitzgerald to Dr. Seuss.

Their ethos holds that children shouldn’t have to read stories written in anything other than the present-day vernacular—especially those “in which racism, sexism, ableism, anti-Semitism, and other forms of hate are the norm,” as young-adult novelist Padma Venkatraman writes in School Library Journal. No author is valuable enough to spare, Ms. Venkatraman instructs: “Absolving Shakespeare of responsibility by mentioning that he lived at a time when hate-ridden sentiments prevailed, risks sending a subliminal message that academic excellence outweighs hateful rhetoric.”

The subtle complexities of literature are being reduced to the crude clanking of “intersectional” power struggles. Thus Seattle English teacher Evin Shinn tweeted in 2018 that he’d “rather die” than teach “The Scarlet Letter,” unless Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel is used to “fight against misogyny and slut-shaming.”

Outsiders got a glimpse of the intensity of the #DisruptTexts campaign recently when self-described “antiracist teacher” Lorena Germán complained that many classics were written more than 70 years ago: “Think of US society before then & the values that shaped this nation afterwards. THAT is what is in those books.”

Jessica Cluess, an author of young-adult fiction, shot back: “If you think Hawthorne was on the side of the judgmental Puritans . . . then you are an absolute idiot and should not have the title of educator in your twitter bio.” An online horde descended, accused Ms. Cluess of racism and “violence,” and demanded that Penguin Random House cancel her contract. The publisher hasn’t complied, perhaps because Ms. Cluess tweeted a ritual self-denunciation: “I take full responsibility for my unprovoked anger toward Lorena Germán. . . . I am committed to learning more about Ms. Germán’s important work with #DisruptTexts. . . . I will strive to do better.”

That didn’t stop Ms. Cluess’s literary agent, Brooks Sherman, from denouncing her “racist and unacceptable” opinions and terminating their professional relationship. The demands for censorship appear to be getting results. “Be like Odysseus and embrace the long haul to liberation (and then take the Odyssey out of your curriculum because it’s trash),” tweeted Shea Martin in June. “Hahaha,” replied Heather Levine, an English teacher at Lawrence (Mass.) High School. “Very proud to say we got the Odyssey removed from the curriculum this year!”

When I contacted Ms. Levine to confirm this, she replied that she found the inquiry “invasive.” The English Department chairman of Lawrence Public Schools, Richard Gorham, didn’t respond to emails.   
“It’s a tragedy that this anti-intellectual movement of canceling the classics is gaining traction among educators and the mainstream publishing industry,” says science-fiction writer Jon Del Arroz, one of the rare industry voices to defend Ms. Cluess. “Erasing the history of great works only limits the ability of children to become literate.” 

He’s right. If there is harm in classic literature, it comes from not teaching it. Students excused from reading foundational texts may imagine themselves lucky to get away with YA novels instead—that’s what the #DisruptTexts people want—but compared with their better-educated peers they will suffer a poverty of language and cultural reference. Worse, they won’t even know it."

If there is something wrong with classic literature, it's because it's not being taught. Students who do not have the right to read such great works will suffer from language poverty and lack of cultural references. Τhe sad thing is that these views of proglodytes and fanatics are becoming more and more numerous. Western civilization, instead of moving forward by holding on solid foundations, is moving towards the disappearance of its very essence.

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Monday, December 28, 2020

Joe Biden's Pickle

I have listened with interest to what is, and has been for awhile now, coming from the mouths of the soft skulls on the far-left. I have enjoyed in particular the so called black social justice warriors, now in full racial bluster with their new network shows spouting off their bigotry with full license from their networks. And also to what is being said, or should I say veiled attacks, from some on the far left pointed at Joe Biden. The far left believes it's their time. They long ago signaled their true intentions.  Joe Biden is seen now as their unruly Useful Idiot. 

The Far Left (as now anything left of center should be tagged) made it through the first “crisis”, the rancor of the 1960s,  and were greeted with appeasement from the Right. They got everything they wanted more or less.  Abortion, affirmative action, virtually open borders, normalizing perversion and even at will able to redefining word usage without a hint of  push back for conservatives.  Instead of holding the line, the Right bought a few years of peace. That only achieved a short-term benefit without realizing the consequences to subsequent generations.

The Left is never satisfied since they are fanatical in their desires. Their wants, desires, and demands increase in lunacy to the point they've even blurred the lines between the definitions of the sexes. They push harder and harder to the point where being white is considered evil (they use the word “privileged”), that there should be no such thing as national borders, that Christianity and doctrine is “so 1600’s,” and that anyone who speaks out against them should be censored (they call it “fact-checking”). They are emboldened because any effective resistance was minimal at best, and because they captured the very institutions that could have been a check on their desires- academia and the media.

Since the 1960s, there has been a slow build up of grievances. There have been well-meaning attempts at reconciliation, a compromise here or there that slapped a band-aid on the problem, some misjudgments, and a perception that “this crisis” will soon blow over and we will all be alright. Kumbaya and all, ya know. 

But, something happened in 2020 that makes me think there may be no surviving the most recent crises. Lockdowns in the face of a pandemic, the peaceful violence we saw on the streets of our cities at the hand of BLM/antifa in the name of justice, and the ultimate kick in the crotch, a fraudulent election, may have drained any good will that minimally existed pre-2020. 

Today, we hear dangerous words more at home in the mid-1800s like “nullification,” “secession,” and “revolution.”  Crazy talk and bad decisions need not succeed to allow the drunk drivers of politics, the socialist Left and their Democrat Party patsies, to redefine in their demented image what this country is and represents.  Only total, committed opposition is what will save this country from either total balkanization or government tyranny.

Biden’s talk of “healing” is simply hollow words from a hollow man. The lengths to which the Left went to demonize DJT and then install Biden as their puppet has left a chasm of ill-will in its wake. The fanatical drunk driver will never learn their lesson until they fatally crash into a tree. In this case, we need to assure that tree is the Tree of Liberty. 

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Saturday, December 26, 2020

Your Sunday Open Thread

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Wednesday, December 23, 2020

An Open Letter to Journalists at the End of the Toughest Year of our Careers

 by JulieWolfe - News Director @WHAS11 Louisville, Kentucky

This is fantastic letter, Julie. We’ve never needed journalists more than we do right now to guide us to the truth. Being a journalist takes brains, determination, modesty and the ability to see both sides of.....🤣…I can’t. I tried. 

Curb your self-importance sweetie!

The Cognitive Dissonance here should be studied in a lab. You really have it rough compared to all those people who lost jobs or their business.  You had to work from home while they just had to sit around and enjoy their funemployment. Thank goodness you made it ok.  How many journalists have lost their incomes and livelihoods as the result of the “toughest year of their lives”?  The world is melting down, people are losing everything and the average corporate journalist has to try and climb up on that cross.

And Master zoom?? So we're doing that whole participation trophy thing for journalists now too? Like a 6 year old remote learning his colors. Impressive. Stunning. Brave. Patting yourself on the back for “mastering zoom” is like feeling accomplishment for successfully velcroing your shoes. But one journalist really "mastered" Zoom this year, 'Jackoff Jeff '.

Jackin' Jeffery Toobin

Is "2020 Journalist" the new word for "activist" now that "activist" means "peaceful rioter?" It's hard to keep up with internet slang. 

Journalism is basically dead. Establishment activists are posing as journalists to abuse the benefits and protections given by the title. It's been happening for years and any anti-establishment voice is now smeared as "far-right". These activists are the enemy of any free person. Yes there are good journalists, but what most seem to not understand is this has been a hard year for EVERYONE. Journalists weren't hit harder, yet they act like martyrs. Out-of-touch, elitist, self-aggrandizing journalists (which seem to be the majority) make the profession hated. People don't hate journalists, they hate liars. The problem is the degree to which those roads have converged.

Journalists are the only ones who think journalists did anything of value this year. I don't think you appreciate the level of hatred and contempt the average person feels toward the media as a whole.  Honestly crying and depressed corporate journalists is one of the few bright spots of 2020.  Congratulations on going from a disliked group of people to an extremely extraordinarily distrusted and disliked group of people! Cheers!

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Bend Over and Smile. The Emergency Covid Bill is Finally Here

If you're watching the government spend $900 billion to cut $126 billion in relief checks, and you still think government-run healthcare will *save* money, you're a hopeless fool.

After months of Democrats delaying tactics to win an election, a COVID Relief bill has finally passed congress. A bill so large it had to be rolled into the capital on a cart.  Now that the details are seeping out we find out the years people spent getting political on warring sides, dividing this nation socially is now shown to be misspent energy.  With this bill both parties are now seen as corrupt and venal entities.

Thinking there is a significant difference between these avaricious bodies is foolhardy. For months these bickering brigands were posturing as if they were desperately hammering out aid for the citizenry. In fact, it is a just budget bill that has the relief bill spot-welded to it in order to justify the wasteful payouts. The two bills had been connected so the House voted to avoid the normal 72 hour period to vet the content. This was done in order to pass this like the fecal matter through the proverbial goose, much like they did with Obamacare. 

There is so much unneeded and wasted handout in this fiasco of a rescue that you will be asking for the riots that were tearing apart Portland for months to be unleashed inside the beltway.

This relief bill should have consisted of a single page — a dollar amount, and a sum delivered. Done.

Included in this new bill are the paltry $600 checks to be sent out that amounts to only $200 billion of the $900 billion bill. There are other needed assists in the bill, like $325 billion aimed at small business relief, and another $125 billion is paid out for unemployment benefits.  But this bill will do little to save the nation's second largest employer, the restaurant business. In total these payouts amount to roughly $600 billion, so where is the rest of this payout going?

For starters, the politicians saw fit to include not only illegal immigrants in the payouts this time around but also their family members. They also made this payout retro-active, so those who had been excluded in the first relief package will receive that payment as well. This translates to non-citizens becoming eligible for a $1,800 payment.

And remember the The Kennedy Center for the Arts? They got a cool 25 Mil. last round of covid relief,  and then shuttered the doors. Yeah, they got 40 Mil. this round. You can Read More about the details, but I warn you of potential indigestion if you do. 

Monday, December 21, 2020

Beam Mr. Sulu To the Nearest Unfriendly Planet

George Takei, best know to most as Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu, the guy who pretended to drive around a big ass flying saucier with Cadillac fins and being yelled at by William Shatner on television has always been a pretty nasty, angry leftist. Now he's just an elderly washed-up antagonistic Homo, spouting bizarre or hateful things to and about Republicans on the tweeter. This weekend he channeled this inner bitch and sounded as if he was openly wishing for the severe illness or possible death of one of them. Saturday Senator Marco Rubio tweeted out that he was so confident in the COVID-19 vaccine that he took it himself.

Takei didn't let the opportunity pass him by:
Friend and Foe alike showed their displeasure. A Sample:
@Joelmpetlin - "You can strongly disagree with someone's policies without wishing them a painful death. It's sad that this has to be said periodically on Twitter, but here we are nevertheless." 
@TheRightColumn - "The US Left wishing death on the US Right, while simultaneously thinking of themselves as the good guys, is very on brand." 
@PBeq2 - Amazing how libs say they are tolerant of other but always go personal first. You may be a Sci Fi icon, but so are a lot of B actors. 
@josephcphillips - I’m betting this sounded a lot more clever before you hit send. It also violates Twitter policy" 
The tweet is still up on Twitter and Takei hasn’t issued an apology or tried to walk it back.

So, we have yet another example of what happens when celebrities bubble themselves in their own culture. Takei believes that wishing harm on someone just for a difference in political or religious views is just okay. 

If this is the kind of “unity” the Democrats want then I can say with some measure of confidence that this is going to be the most divisive and violent unity the world has ever witnessed. If the left has this much hatred in its heart that it believes in visiting evil on innocent people who merely disagree with them politically as a moral good then this is going to be a very nasty next four years.

[509 XP]
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Dear Santa,
    I can explain.  How much do you know??

Love & Kisses
Lil' Jan 

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Friday, December 18, 2020

Middle Finger Symphony Theater


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Thursday, December 17, 2020

The Newsman Dan Award Confirms Honorable Journalism Is Pretty Much Dead

The University of Texas at Austin’s Moody College of Communication announced Wednesday the Dan Rather “Medals for News and Guts” awards.  Considering the 2004 “fake but accurate” scandal involving former CBS News anchor’s fake news “reporting” on George W. Bush’s National Guard service, you’d think no journalism school worth its salt would have the gall to actually create awards in his honor. But they did.
"The medals, to be awarded annually, further Rather’s goal of supporting and defending excellence in journalism by recognizing those journalists who defy overwhelming odds to report on important stories — no matter the size of their newsrooms."
I'll wait while you laugh.
Of course this is not the first award in honor of Newsman Dan. Diogenes'Middle Finger created way back when "The Dan Rather Award for “Excellence in Media" as part of our weighty, semi-renowned  Infrequently Annual Golden Turd Awards.

The Real Threat To Democracy is a Prevaricating & Dishonest Media. And there is nothing honorable about it these days. But I have sometime found it entertaining to listen to hypocritical, lying shit-bags pretend to take the high ground and argue from position of morality and goodness. I think we all know someone like that. Rather’s career came to an embarrassing end when he relentlessly pushed lies and the fake news story about George W. Bush that he still claims is true.

Since being booted from the anchor chair at CBS for propagating the fake news, Rather has been slowly circling the media drain, bouncing around various liberal cable news network outlets including a multiple-year stint with Mark Cuban’s HDNet that no one has heard of either.

What's the Frequency Kenneth??

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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

About That Unity and Healing Thing.....

President-Elect 46* Unsniffable Chief of Staff, Jen O’Malley Dillon

RS - Ever since Election Day, the calls for unity and healing from Democratic leaders, the Biden campaign, and the mainstream media (but I repeat myself) have been rolling in fast and furious. Joe Biden, in particular, has made frequent statements to this effect, claiming he’s ready to start building bridges and forging ahead in an effort to get things done, yada yada.

Considering Biden and his surrogates have spent the last year and a half demonizing President Trump and his supporters as racists and “chumps”, it’s not too terribly surprising that not many Republicans have found the calls sincere enough to step up to the plate and oblige him beyond mouthing off platitudes about how we must respect the Electoral College.

So with all of that in mind, it should come as a shock to absolutely no one who has been on to the media’s/left’s phony “unity” games from the start that Jen O’Malley Dillon, the person Biden has picked as his Deputy Chief of Staff, decided she was going to do her part to bring unity and healing to the nation.

The spouting off of feel-good catchphrases about uniting together and all that jazz coming from Democrats rings more hollow now than they ever have, and for good reason. Not just because of the last four years of “racism!” accusations, but also because every time – and I do mean every time – they call for differences to be put aside, for a “new tone” in politics, etc., what they’re really wanting is for Republicans to sit back and shut up while Democrats pull the country further to the left without impediment.

So if anything, a thanks of sorts is owed to O’Malley Dillon for in so many words saying the quiet part out loud. We “Republican f**kers” knew it all along, but it’s still nice when Democrats make our jobs easier by just coming right out and admitting it.

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Pete Buttigieg Picked to Fill the Nation's Potholes

Reuters has reported President-elect 46
* has been informed he picked former primary opponent and staunch surrogate Mayor Pete Buttigieg to be his Transportation Secretary, with the important task of insuring a good ride and filling nation's potholes.  
How Buttigieg serving two terms as mayor of small town South Bend Indiana qualifies as valuable knowledge on transportation issues is only our guess.
Mayor Pete beat out several others with extensive experience including Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, butt Pete has some serious chips to cash in with Biden after his crucial endorsement ahead of the Super Tuesday primary elections in March.  Mayor Pete has been recently touting his foreign policy knowledge and his allies have been lobbying for a foreign policy post, with some openly suggesting he’d be a great ambassador to the United Nations. (it's rumored he knows where Uzbekistan is located)  

Okay Class - Pop Quiz: Name one previous Transportation Secretary 

This might not be the right place for Mayor Pete, though. Unless that's the whole idea.....
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Monday, December 14, 2020


He Shall This Day And For Evermore Be Known Here As 46*

*Questionably Legally Elected

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Friday, December 11, 2020

Middle Finger Symphony Theater


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Thursday, December 10, 2020

China Expert: The CCP are ‘Licking Their Chops’ at the Thought of a Biden Presidency

In a video that surfaced Monday showing the Chinese academic, Professor Di Dongsheng, associate dean at Remnin University in Beijing bragging about his country’s deep seated influence over the United States government might have come as a shock. But for Gordon Chang, who specializes in U.S.-China relations it was simply a grim warning of what might lie ahead.

Chang appeared on Tucker Carlson where the topic was the threat of China on a potential Biden presidency. Carlson called the video proof that Americans had been misled for years by a liberal political establishment and mainstream media that did everything in their power to convince the country of the “Russia collusion” hoax, while hiding the biggest foreign danger of all — the communist dictatorship in Beijing.  In the video the professor discussed his country’s relationship with “the traditional elites, political elites, the establishment” in the United States.
"That relationship had empowered the Middle Kingdom for decades in its dealing with the U.S., but was severed during the Trump years. With former Vice President Joe Biden potentially being sworn into the presidency in January that influence could return....."
Chang told Carlson that the Beijing leadership’s belief it can treat a potential Biden administration like a puppet and could take both countries in a dangerous direction.
"This is what Chinese leaders think. And because they think that way, they’re going to push a President Biden around. They’re going to do things which are dangerous. Under President Trump, the Chinese didn’t try this, because they were afraid of him. So, what I’m concerned about is the state of mind of China. We see this from Xi Jinping, the Chinese ruler, all the way down to this guy, Di Dongsheng. 
This is dangerous."
It shouldn’t be a surprise, really. National security concerns about illicit Chinese influence in the Democratic Party stem back at least as far as the Clinton administration a quarter-century ago. But since the political sympathies of the mainstream media were just as liberal then as they are today, it didn’t generate anywhere near the breathless coverage of the “collusion” hoax that plagued the first three years of the Trump presidency.

In terms of the most important points that Di makes, that’s absolutely true, that China does have that relationship into what he calls the ‘core circle of America’s real power. And they used that during the Obama administration, and prior administrations, and they couldn’t do it during the Trump administration.
“That much we know. And I know that they are, in anticipation, licking their chops at what’s going to happen from January 20 on.”
[Western Journal]
[Cain Gang]

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Buttigieg Actively Seeks the Bend Over for Beijing Position

Mayor Pete lost out for consideration to be the new UN Ambassador for being in the wrong category of Political Correctness, butt he is now actively seeking another high level Ambassadorship, hoping for our biggest economic competitor, China. If appointed by the handlers that are choosing positions for Joe Biden, Buttigieg would be highly qualified for the Biden 'forward into the past' philosophy and perfect fit for the job, as he is experienced at taking it up the wazoo like America did under Obama/Biden.

Buttigieg has made it clear his main interest lies in foreign policy or national security, and a stint as ambassador in Beijing could help set up for his return as a presidential candidate, something the Democrat Party are expecting after he was a resounding success in the Iowa caucuses. The role would give the Chinese an opportunity to cast their spell on a potential future president and for China to work on undoing the advantages between US and China that have swung heavily in America's favor because of DJT's forcefully standing up for America to the Communist nation.

We're confident Mayor Pete will continue the Dems traditional bending over for the Commies and selling out America like Clinton, Bush and Obama have done so well in the past. Biden has likened Buttigieg to his late son Beau saying that "it's the highest compliment I can give any man or woman."

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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Well Well, Fart Boy Swalwell (D-Cal) Tied to Chinese Spy Lady

Christine Fang built connections with up-and-coming California politicians including Eric Swalwell. The woman at the center of the operation, a Chinese national named Fang Fang or Christine Fang, targeted local politicians in the Bay Area and across the country who had the potential to make it big on the national stage. Even though U.S. officials don’t believe Fang received classified information, the case "was a big deal, because there were some really, really sensitive people that were caught up" in the intel network.

The fact Swalwell sits on something called the 'Intelligence Committee' is an Irony in itself. 

Fart Boy Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Cal) with Chinese Spy Lady

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Monday, December 7, 2020

Here’s Another Thing We’re Supposed to Be Concerned About

Here is just another example of why I despise the media in most all forms. Not just because they are not really Journalist, or they are not reporters, or do no good for the profession of writing. Nay, many have become nothing but propagandist and Righteous Catalogers of Victimizations. They see perils and hate in everything older than themselves by denying context.  Which brings us to one Caitlin Flanagan, Social Critic and Professional Killjoy at the once, long long ago, prestigious Atlantic Magazine.

In what you would expect to read from a little bitch like Brian Stelter,  Flanagan devoted no fewer than 1,500 words to deconstructing that bane on the nation’s conscience: the 1964 Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer holiday TV special.

In her piece "Don’t Subject Your Kids to Rudolph" Flanagan calls it “55 minutes of Christmas-crushing despair,” and if you’d rather not read past that, dear reader, we do not blame you one bit. In fact, that’s as much of Flanagan’s piece as we’ll bother quoting at you.

Apparently, the problem with Rudolph is that he encounters all kinds of obstacles,  up to and including almost getting murdered by the Abominable Snow Monster with a giant stalactite,  but Rudolph perseveres and in the end, saves Christmas by using his one special talent that everyone else had thought was a deformity.

We can’t believe we have to remind a highly-trained staff killjoy at a major publication that the entire point of drama is to create a lovable character and then put him through sheer Hell. That way, his victory in the end actually means something,  something meaningful enough to draw out a deep emotional response from the audience.  Yes, even if that gives you a few negative feelz along the way. Especially if that gives you a few negative feelz along the way.

We are forced to presume that a better Christmastime message would be to tell kids who are different not to try so hard because their struggles bother poor Caitlin. Since it’s Christmas time, nobody tell Flanagan what happened to Jesus on the cross. Talk about some serious liberal Christmas-crushing despair, amirite?

Forgive me Lord, for I do so hate these people.......

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Sunday, December 6, 2020

Your Sunday Open Thread

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Friday, December 4, 2020

Middle Finger Symphony Theater


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Thursday, December 3, 2020

Obama Reminds Us He's Still a Prick

Like I reported to you way back about '16, Barky Obama would remain in DC and remind us he's a Prick.  And no surprise, the 44th president of America is still around and can't stop talking about how he wrote another "book", this time about his years in the "White House," like anyone really cares now.

But at least he's finally going on an apology tour for some of his biggest f*ckups, like that time he forgot to gave Dolly Parton the Presidential Medal of Freedom.  Barky made his stunning declaration of guilt on live TV to Stephen Colbert, probably because he's too embarrassed to say it to anyone intelligent

The segment was called "Questions We're Pretty Sure Barack Obama Has Never Been Asked Before." OBAMA: That's was a mistake.....uh... I think I assumed that she had already got one, and...uh....that was incorrect.....I'll...uh.... call Biden.

You hear that, Joe?  President O is going to call you because you're no longer the court jester and going to HEREBY ORDER you to give the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Dolly Parton.  You know, in case you were thinking about giving it to "Corvette" or "your dog" or "Hunter Biden."

It makes sense, after all, since Dolly pretty much bought us that nice Moderna COVID-19 vaccine what is coming out,(She didn't even know her donation had even funded that and was thrilled to find out.)

As for Barky's other answers/confessions in his Stephen Colbert segment, he picked "car" as the best Monopoly piece (wrong!) it's the shoe.  "Frosty" as better than "Blizzard". Personally, I’m a root-beer-float-served-roadside-at-an-A&W-stand-on-a-hot-summer-day-in-the-south kind of girl, but I won’t judge you if you like those other inferior ice cream beverages.  "Stephen Colbert's wife" as better than "Stephen Colbert," because she doesn't scream as loud as Stephen in bed; and "toast" as what goes in "toaster" (WRONG), as Colbert pointed out, BREAD goes in toaster, toast comes OUT. Idiot. 


Wednesday, December 2, 2020

LA Boutique Owner Skewers California Progressive Hypocrites with Savage Window Display

RS -Fraser Ross, owner of trendy Los Angeles boutique Kitson L.A., had at least $400,000 in damages to his stores during the weeks of rioting and looting loosely disguised as Black Lives Matter protests back in May and June, and he, like countless other retailers in California, has been severely affected by the state’s strict coronavirus lockdowns. Using the platform he has – huge shop windows on Robertson Boulevard in Los Angeles, and social media – he’s calling out the Hypocrites of 2020 and ironically naming people like California Gov. Gavin Newsom and Hunter Biden the “People of the Year.”

Here's a Just Sample:

What would a list of Hypocrites of 2020 be without Alyssa Milano: 
Milano’s window highlighted her hypocrisy in calling 911 to report a “man with a gun” in her backyard, who turned out to be a neighbor shooting squirrels with a BB gun, while at the same time advocating to #DefundThe Police.

Milano’s window also featured a stuffed squirrel.

Then there's Gov. Hair Gel, Gavin Newsom, hollywood's favorite authoritarian asshole who could have been called out on numerous hypocritical acts, with the caption, “I demand a better table at the French Laundry Restaurant and I want to be seated inside with my 22 friends!”

And if you’ve ever wanted a French Laundry cookbook, Kitson LA sells them!

And the list also includes singer John Legend's Pet Hog, Chrissy Teigen, with the caption, “I will pay $100k to help rioters and criminals get out of jail!” and a “I ♥ Goya” tattoo on her arm.

Naturally, a few cans of Goya beans are featured in her window.

On Tuesday the store also unveiled their “People of the Year,” window as “voted on by a jury of their peers.” You can see the whole list HERE

Considering the availability of nominees, I'm sure Mr. Ross probably wished he had more window space 

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Schumer Blames Buzzy's Expiration Date and Cal's Pecker for Him Not Rising to Majority Leader

Having become the United States Senate's most famous Drama Queen and leader of the Caucus of Snakes and Rats, Chuck Schumer channeled his inner-most Hillary Clinton by lashing out at about his dashed hopes of ascension to the HMFIC of the Senate.  He blamed both failed Senate candidate Cal Cunningham and the late Buzzy Ginsburg for the Democratic Party’s inability to secure a Senate majority.

During a recent call with donors, Schumer, in his usual Shakespeare of Doom style lamented that Cunningham’s extramarital affair cost Schumer because he “couldn’t keep his zipper up” and got entangled in an adulterous sexting scandal. He also threw down the idea Buzzy checking out untimely spoiled his plans to become the democrat carnival barker.  He pinpointed Ginsburg’s death as a reason that Susan Collins (R-ME) was able reframe the debate about replacing Supreme Court justices and hold onto a seat Democrats had hoped to flip.

Now, only a rigged election in Georgia can save Schumer from years more of daily tilting at windmills, and nightly pillow biting. We can only hope for his slow continuing torture. 

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The Rise of Gyno-Fascism

The American left has always been rhetorically opposed to fascism, hysterically so at times, but there has always been a great deal of overlap between Progressivism and fascism.  The fascists a century ago borrowed from the American left.  Over the past century, the American left has returned the favor.  As a result, Progressivism has evolved into a strange hybrid form of fascism.

This does not mean that Progressives will be sporting armbands and khaki outfits anytime soon.  That cartoonish version of fascism that has been a staple of American pop culture for generations is not making a comeback.  Even putting aside the absurd characterizations, early-20th-century fascism was a product of the industrial age and has no place in post-industrial, technological societies.

Instead, what we are seeing in America is a highly feminized, mutant form of fascism that is unconcerned with the practical aspects of governance and instead obsesses over the aesthetic and moral aspects or rule.  The authorities of a century ago wanted to mobilize society to build things and advance their people.  The modern authoritarians demand you wear your mask and respect the differently abled.

This is an important point that cannot be dismissed: The American left is now dominated by the types of females who think taking their husband’s last name is a denial of their identity.  The men involved are either homosexuals or the sorts of male feminists who call their wife their “partner” and let them give the kids one of those ridiculous hyphenated last names.  The American left is dripping in estrogen.

In most of America, the things that one expects from government, like maintaining roads, are being ignored in favor of moral causes. State officials present highly choreographed presentations to let us know how much they care, but can’t be bothered to repair torn-up streets or broken-down schools.  Instead of big public-works projects, gyno-fascism puts all of its energy into making sure everyone feels needed and safe.

The nation’s human-resource departments now manage the culture.

Gyno-fascism is not about defending a physical country, but rather defending an abstract idea, no point other than to inflict endless torment in an effort to gain attention.   Of course, it never ends. The ruling class is now a needy girlfriend with a personality disorder, demanding we drop everything to hear about her day.

The old fascists dismissed liberal democracy, but were willing to participate in the democratic process as a means to establish one-party rule. Democracy was a bus they could ride to power, then get off the bus and rule unopposed.  We see this with the left today.  They give lip service to the democratic process, but in reality, they see it as a means to an end, where they establish one-party rule.

Excerpted from a Post by Z Man

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