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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Buttigieg Actively Seeks the Bend Over for Beijing Position

Mayor Pete lost out for consideration to be the new UN Ambassador for being in the wrong category of Political Correctness, butt he is now actively seeking another high level Ambassadorship, hoping for our biggest economic competitor, China. If appointed by the handlers that are choosing positions for Joe Biden, Buttigieg would be highly qualified for the Biden 'forward into the past' philosophy and perfect fit for the job, as he is experienced at taking it up the wazoo like America did under Obama/Biden.

Buttigieg has made it clear his main interest lies in foreign policy or national security, and a stint as ambassador in Beijing could help set up for his return as a presidential candidate, something the Democrat Party are expecting after he was a resounding success in the Iowa caucuses. The role would give the Chinese an opportunity to cast their spell on a potential future president and for China to work on undoing the advantages between US and China that have swung heavily in America's favor because of DJT's forcefully standing up for America to the Communist nation.

We're confident Mayor Pete will continue the Dems traditional bending over for the Commies and selling out America like Clinton, Bush and Obama have done so well in the past. Biden has likened Buttigieg to his late son Beau saying that "it's the highest compliment I can give any man or woman."

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Sunday, June 23, 2019

The Hollywood Gay Community Isn't Buttigiegin' Mayor Pete as Well as Expected

Mayor Pete's star is shining bright and causing a great bit of excitement with the Tinseltown crowd these days. But it seems Hollywood’s top heavy, fabulously dough loaded gay community isn't ready just yet to come forth and drench Mayor Pete with their big donations. Mayor Pete is facing a load of skepticism. And while Hollywood has helped seed the early stages of Buttigieg’s campaign, the biggest donors are skeptical of larger insertions because of Pete's lack of experience and a perceived inability to win in 2020. And many of Hollywood's gays are spreading their money around, contributing to so-called 'gay friendly' politicians who will say anything to get their money with whom they have longtime relationships.

Lesbians and Hollywood's notorious fag hag actresses who were all in politically for 2016 by backing the shrill, booze infused lying head of a crime syndicate, would like to see another women nominated, superseding the opportunity to elect a gay man, preferably someone with PC acceptable amounts of melanin like Kamala what's her name, to take down the dictator Trump. But the first Democrat Debates are on the horizon, and it's a chance for Mayor Pete to take a bow and open up to the skeptics. 


In a totally unrelated and unnecessary news story, the bloated carcass of a dead whale was reported to have washed up on the private beachfront of the Malibu estate of singer Barbara Streisand. Babs herself reported the whale to Malibu's fabulous PD. After further investigation, it was found the whale to just be a delirious, nude sunbathing Michael Moore. Ms. Streisand ordered Moore, as well as the sand around him, forcefully removed from her beach, but declined to press charges.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Buttimania Is All The Rage

Now that Beto O'Rourke has been exposed as the buffoonish imbecile that we always suspected he was from the beginning, the media have scrambled to help find a new standard-bearer for Democrats, and have settled as the flavor-of-the-day, Pete Buttigieg. Since so many in the media seem to be gay these days, Mayor Pete has become that new shiny thing that, unlike caustic loudmouths Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren and commie curmudgeon Bernie Sanders, is like an adorable little pet. Kinda like a gerbil.

Buttigieg has been the subject of multiple glowing media stories over the last several weeks even though he has little political experience at anything other than overseeing the filling of potholes and is the hip midwestern millennial with the cute hubby that liberal media types are swooning over.  He has now joined the pack in rear ending our democracy,  spewing the party line by taken up the rallying cry to disenfranchise tens of millions of Americans, including those in his home state, by eliminating the Electoral College and allowing the coastal elitist and urban pavement dwellers to steal the democratic process away from ordinary citizens. Democrats seem more willing than ever to gut the Constitution if that is what it takes to regain the presidency and secure their place as our permanent overlords.

But some in the media are reluctant to play dutch rudder with Mayor Pete, seeing the hierarchy of victimhood is a complicated and often a conflicted issue for Democrats, given all the factors contributing to their precious identity & gender politics. As an openly gay man, Buttigieg’s candidacy is getting more traction that you might expect for a politician with such a limited resume, and that doesn’t appear to be sitting well with progressive women, who’ve been hammering away at their own perceived glass ceiling. Candidates like the Wicked Witch of the North, Amy Klobuchar, Bubble Brain Gillibrand, even fire spitting Kamala Harris with her very big rollout, haven't been getting as much attention at Buttigieg.

In today’s gender-fluid era, gender, race and sexual orientation just skim the surface of possible distinctions. Does the color of one’s skin trump being a woman, and does being gay rank higher or lower? Is it possible that a married gay white man from South Bend, Indiana is less threatening to some of the voters than a woman or a woman of color women? We'll see. The media is sure to let us know.....


Monday, April 8, 2019

Mayor Pete Just had To Go There, Didn't He......

Mayor Pete and the First Lady of South Bend 

I was thoroughly prepared to (mostly) be nice and just ignore the homosexuality of Mayor Pete Buttgig, the honorable Mayor of South Bend Indiana, as just another one of the multitude of occupants of the Democrat presidential candidates clown car seeking the 2020 nomination. I said I was, until I read this in USA Today:

“That’s the thing that I wish the Mike Pences of the world would understand,” Buttigieg said of the vice president, who has opposed same-sex marriage. “That if you have a problem with who I am, your problem is not with me. Your quarrel, sir, is with my creator.” 
It’s unusual for Democratic presidential candidates to talk about faith as often as Buttigieg does. It’s groundbreaking that he uses his marriage to another man to illustrate his personal relationship with God. Buttigieg gets easy applause lines at Democratic-friendly audiences, as he did Sunday, for criticizing Pence when he talks about being gay. (His first mention of Pence on Sunday, when Buttigieg described coming out while Pence was serving as Indiana’s governor, generated boos and hisses.)....."
He just had to go there. So if he’s going to campaign as the 'homosexual candidate', then we certainly have every right to note his sexual orientation in discussing him. Butt, of course, there’s more: if Mr Buttgig is going to introduce religion into the campaign by criticizing evangelical support for Donald Trump and Mike Pence, then he has also introduced religious criticism of his position concerning Christianity and homosexuality. He might come to regret that.

But I will admit to some amusement at the fact that Mr Buttgig’s wife Chasten Buttigig, gave some guidance on the pronunciation of the candidate’s name: “boot-edge-edge,” “buddha-judge,” “boot-a-judge” and “boo-tuh-judge.” A homosexual male named “booty judge”? It is to laugh. And how long ago was it that we were told that it was nobody else’s business what other people do in their bedrooms?  Seems that nowadays that is something that homosexuals believe they should shout from the rooftop. It seems to me that any expectation of privacy on that matter was ended by Mr. Buttgig himself.

So, we have a Democratic candidate criticizing the religious faith of other people, calling them hypocrites. OK, fair enough! It also means that we can criticize Mr Buttgig’s odd interpretation of Christianity and what the Bible allows. Let’s have at it!

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