Friday, September 30, 2011

American Civil Liberties Union Wets Panties Over 'Anwar Al-Awlaki' Killing. - U.S. airstrikes in Yemen today killed Anwar Al-Aulaqi, an American citizen who has never been charged with any crime.
May all his 72 virgins look like Barney Frank
 ACLU Deputy Legal Director Jameel Jaffer said, “The targeted killing program violates both U.S. and international law. As we’ve seen today, this is a program under which American citizens far from any battlefield can be executed by their own government without judicial process, and on the basis of standards and evidence that are kept secret not just from the public but from the courts. The government’s authority to use lethal force against its own citizens should be limited to circumstances in which the threat to life is concrete, specific and imminent. It is a mistake to invest the President — any President — with the unreviewable power to kill any American whom he deems to present a threat to the country.”

 ACLU National Security Project Litigation Director Ben Wizner said, “Outside the theater of war, the use of lethal force is lawful only as a last resort to counter an imminent threat of deadly attack. Based on the administration’s public statements, the program that the President has authorized is far more sweeping. If the Constitution means anything, it surely means that the President does not have unreviewable authority to summarily execute any American whom he concludes is an enemy of the state.” 


The Myth of Obama

The Spin CycleBarack Obama is probably a good husband and father, and his dog probably likes him. But he isn't the "brilliant and articulate" person that his fans paint him to be. And because they worked so hard to create this false impression, this comparison is bound to keep coming up.

The "brilliant" Obama, who struggles to put five words together without the use of a script written by professional writers... verses the "very stupid" Bush, who can easily speak impromptu, even if he does pronounce a few words wrong.

The democrat left and their allies in the media created this Obama image. But it was all done with smoke and mirrors by inflating his resume and the constant repetition of telling us "how articulate" he was, when he really isn't. And now, they must defend this man whenever he speaks extemporaneously and makes the inevitable gaffs.
* Obama worked as a lawyer for a community organizing group. This was portrayed as "He was a community organizer" ... which is like saying Derek Jetter's accountant must be a great ball player.
* Obama worked as associate lecturer at a law school, occasionally teaching classes. This was transformed into "Obama was a brilliant Professor of Constitutional Law."
* Obama, being half white, and being raised by white people who sent him to the best schools, does not speak with a black dialect, or use very much street slang. This became "He is bright, articulate, and clean" (from Joe Biden). 
* Obama, who is allegedly a brilliant man, is said to have graduated from Harvard Law School where he was the Editor of the prestigious Harvard Law Review. Yet all his college records and grades are sealed. There are absolutely no articles in the Law Review written by him. Which makes him the only Editor in the 134 year history of this journal to never write an article of his own.
* Obama has tried to speak without a teleprompter, and has paid a high price every time he tried. He ends up telling us we have "57 states" or that Marines are "corpse-men" and not corpsmen." One can only imagine the ridicule Bush would have been dealt had he made similar gaffs.
Before all the Obama Zombies go ballistic, let me just say... Obama isn't a bad person, he was just WAY over-hyped. His handlers and sponsors created this "Obama Myth" and these folks fell for it. They took the bait.... hook, line and sinker, because they wanted to believe it. He simply isn't anywhere near as bright or as articulate as they want him to be. He is just a Chicago City councilman who got lucky.

Obama is the only President in our history who got schools named after him BEFORE his inauguration, and before he served one day in office.

 Obama was stunned when the Nobel Prize committee awarded him their Peace Prize before he had done anything to earn it. He even said: "I hope I will do something to earn this someday." He went on to escalate the war in Afghanistan, involved us in a war in Libya, and then pursued a "drone war" in Yemen, thereby embarrassing the Nobel Prize committee for their choice.

 Barack Obama is not an articulate man. No sensible person could say this. He mumbles and fumbles and stutters when he speaks. He needs notes or gets things very wrong. Being a marginally better speaker than GW Bush does NOT make him articulate. It just makes him a marginally better speaker than GW Bush.

We have had some Presidents who were great speakers. FDR, JFK, Reagan, and Clinton all leap to mind. Obama is not in this group. And anyone who thinks "Obama is articulate" is just too partisan to have an objective opinion on the matter. 


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Caption Contest Winners......

The results are in from the Diogenes/IOTW Caption Contest

After much drinking and broken furniture, the panel of judges failed to come to agreement and fled across the Texas state line to keep from choosing the winner, thus leaving the important decision to me. 
So here are the results...... 

*A special award - the Eunice Kennedy Shriver "Atta Boy" award goes to my fellow Evil Conservative Comrade Burr, for actually posting his entries as links to the picture.  

Here are the Honorable Mentions - all excellent in their own right. 
* The Apollo Presents: The First Black President!

* The International Dry Cleaners’ Roast - Commisar Abe

* Bachelor #3, you must get back behind the screen - Yowsa

* Branch Davidian Waco Reunion - Chalupa

*One Night Only! The Dem Girls in:
  “Pants Suits & Boob Belts” -

*Free Breast Exams - I'm Palin's Huckleberry (readers choice) 

Second Runner up:
Tiny Headed Newt Gingrich look-alike Competition - BigFurHat 

 Runner up:
IAPF Conference (International Association of Performance Felatio) Technical Proficiency Workshop - Grandpa

And The Winner Is.....
Visions in Blue Velvet - 150th Annual Chappaqua D√©butantes Autumn Tea & Dance”  -  Poisontolibs

Thank You IOTW for Hosting

Ol' Joe knows! 


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Caption Contest

Diogenes is conducting a caption contest hosted by BigFurHat and the gang over at iOwnTheWorld. I will judge the event and it will be open for entries until 2am the 28th. Winners will be announced here tomorrow.

Trip over to the incomparable 
and join in. 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Obama's Insidious Approach to America

Excerpts From: The The Lunatic's Asylum

If it seems to you that Barack Obama doesn't know what he's doing, detached when billions of gallons of oil spill into the Gulf of Mexico,  more concerned with saving the jobs of unionist who are net tax eaters rather than generators,  and obsessed with rebuilding roads and bridges after all-but-promising $7-a-gallon gasoline. If he seems overly preoccupied with the technicalities of rule and legislation rather than with the nuts-and-bolts of it all, or to give an empty speech in front of a hand-picked audience of rabid supporters rather than elaborate on meaningful subject and issues, then here, perhaps, is your answer: Barack Obama knows exactly what he's doing.
I once thought Barack Obama was just unqualified and ill-suited by experience and viewpoint from holding the highest office in the land,  simply yet another in a long line of democrat party cardboard cutouts who have repeated the same Socialist boilerplate for fifty years, only in a better suit and with better speech writers. The stuff about turning back the rising tides, and bringing peace, brotherhood, and a chicken in every pot was just the sort of thing you'd expect a liberal politician to say. His mantra of Hope and Change was simply a recycling of every political bromide ever uttered since the days of Julius Caesar. Barack Obama, I thought, was always a creation of the Media; just someone with an interesting biography (that someone else wrote for him), or who gave a good speech (written by someone else) who would either grow into the job, by being constrained by cooler heads in Congress or the realities of the Constitutional System.

I was wrong.  
Barack Obama, a recipient of Affirmative Action, educated in the Elite schools, politically-connected, who made his previous livings either sucking off the teat of the taxpayer or being paid to do work of no real economic value or benefit to others (Harvard Law Review), and paid for by the fruits of Capitalism, is doing irreparable harm to America. Obama is not a Socialist as we would generally understand the term. It's much more insidious than that.

There is no other way to explain Obama and his policies other than to conclude that it's all been deliberate, and that the deliberation has some ultimate purpose that goes beyond the shallow argument of Capitalism vs. Socialism.

It explains Healthcare over Economy, the bombast of "Pass the Bill" when there is, in fact, no such Bill -- in any written form -- to pass.  It goes a long way to identifying the two Obamas; the one who can appear to be so caring and concerned,  a man who claims to be above petty, partisan politics, but then goes out and creates a vast and complex political theater around his morning dump; accusing, pointing fingers, sneering, dismissive and condescending. It explains how a man can, with a straight face decry crony capitalism as destructive to a fair and equitable society one day and then the next get his cronies (allegedly) a $535 million government-backed loan guarantee which leaves them whole in the event of a bankruptcy your own advisers said was coming.
It explains why he keeps a tax cheat as your Secretary of the Treasury, an Attorney General who cares not about voter intimidation, the appointments of  a plethora of 'Czars' who operate extra-Constitutionally to oversee and reorder the economic system, plays golf during an earthquake or bask in the summer sun as citizens are flooded out of their homes. Why he bails out GM and Chrysler to keep the union money and votes coming at the same time as he attaches the string that they pay back the loan while creating Federally-mandated products for which there is no market. It's how you get an Economic Competitiveness Council in which the Chief Appointee is someone infamous for maximizing his company's profit by offshoring everything in sight, avoiding taxes on it all legally, and then appealing to the Treasury for a bailout of his own. It explains the dictatorial approach to American's right to privacy and free speech.
You have to assume that these things can only happen if Obama is anything but stupid or insane, which  means the impetus must go much deeper than just money or electoral advantage.

Edited for content by Diogenes Sarcastica  

* Thank You Larwyn for the Linkage *

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Biden Unleashed on America

The Hill - Addressing the 200 people gathered at the fundraiser, Joe Biden appeared to be in his classic, convivial form, saying, "The president said, 'Look, Joe, just go be Joe.' So he let me loose." Vice President Biden has been unleashed on the campaign trail, he said Tuesday night, telling a crowd at a Chicago fundraiser "we are going to win this race.”

 "His back is against the wall. All it can do is help him," Biden continued. 

We'll be watching. Go get em, Joe!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Keith Olbermann's Ratings Headed for the Dumpster

NYDN - Keith Olbermann’s “Countdown” has experienced quite a comedown since leaving MSNBC.

After debuting to promising ratings on the Current cable network in late June, Olbermann’s political commentary show posted its lowest numbers yet the week of Sept 5–11. Nielsen figures provided by industry sources also show that, based on weekly averages of the program's performance on Current, "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" has never done better than its debut week on Al Gore's hard-to-find cable network. (It did come close on Aug. 30, racking up 310,000 total viewers; 102,000 of them adults 25-54.)

Current says the low September "Countdown" numbers could be attributed to a number of factors: A repeat episode ran on Labor Day, and in late August, Olbermann - who's reportedly making $10 million a year at Current - was away for five days due to back problems. 

Personally, I think the fault of bad ratings could just
be the choice of Keith's on- air wardrobe .......  


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Why He can, and Should Be Defeated

Time for Some Serious Stuff: 
My Reasons why Obama can Be Defeated 

I believe the worm is turning. The cracks are obvious in the O'Presidency, and gone far beyond the satirical criticisms regularly seen here and other places. They are to the point where highly respected democrat strategists like James Carville have taken to their soap boxes. The growing disillusionment with the Obama administration's handling of the economy, health care and immigration reform has fueled this prairie fire of  unhappiness. The President's continual bad optics, his aloof and imperialistic style of leadership are beginning to resonate badly with the average Joe - especially at a time of significant joblessness and economic pain. Barack Obama’s striking absence of natural leadership ability (and blatant lack of experience) has played a big part in undermining his credibility with the American electorate.
On national security and foreign policy, Obama has not fared any better. His leadership on the war in Afghanistan has been muddled and lacked conviction, dictated by domestic political priorities rather than military and strategic goals. His overall foreign policy has been an appalling mess, his limp-wristed rules of engagement with hostile regimes spectacularly backfiring. And as for the War on Terror, outside of the  killing of Bin Laden, his administration has not even acknowledged it is fighting one.

Here are my reasons why I consider Obama a weak leader and doesn't deserve to be re-elected......... 

He is out of touch with the American people:
As much as the media turn a blind eye to stories like this, the First Lady's ill-conceived trip to Spain at a time of widespread economic hardship was symbolic of a White House that barely gives a second thought to public opinion on many issues, and frequently projects a distinctly elitist image. The “let them eat cake” approach didn't play well over two centuries ago, and it won't succeed today.

Americans don't have confidence 
in the O's leadership:
This deficit of trust in Obama’s leadership is central to his unpopularity. According to a recent polling, nearly six in ten voters say they lack faith in the president to make the right decisions for the country, and two thirds say they are disillusioned with or angry about the way the federal government is working. The polls showed that a staggering 58 per cent of Americans say they do not have confidence in the president's vision, with just 42 per cent saying they do. With his recent B.S. jobs speeches, the polls are likely to get worse.

He fails to inspire the country:
After the soaring rhetoric of his 2004 Convention speech which succeeded in impressing millions of television viewers at the time, America is no longer inspired by Barack Obama’s flat, monotonous and often dull presidential speeches and statements delivered via teleprompter. From his extraordinarily uninspiring Afghanistan speech at West Point to his flat State of the Union address, President Obama has failed to touch the heart of America. Even Jimmy Carter was more moving. 

He is drowning us in Debt:
The Congressional Budget Office Long-Term Budget Outlook offers a frightening picture of the scale of America's national debt. Under its fiscal scenario, the CBO projects that US debt could rise to 87 percent of GDP by 2020, 109 percent by 2025, and 185 percent in 2035. While much of Europe, led by Britain and Germany, are aggressively cutting their deficits, the Obama administration is actively growing federal debt, and has no plan in place to avert a looming Greek-style financial crisis.

His Big Government message is falling flat:
His relentless emphasis on bailouts and stimulus spending has done little to spur economic growth or create jobs, but has greatly advanced the power of the federal government. This is not an approach that is proving popular with the voting public, and even most European governments have long ditched this tax and spend approach to saving their own economies. 

His support for socialized health care 
is a huge political mistake:
In an extraordinary act of political Hara-kiri, President Obama  unilaterally focused on the hugely controversial , unpopular and divisive health care reform bill, with a monstrous price tag of $940 billion, whose repeal is now supported by 60 per cent of likely voters. The legislation is a leap forward  toward a European-style vision of universal health care, which will only lead to soaring costs, higher taxes, and a surge in red tape for small businesses. This reckless legislation dramatically expands the power of the state over the lives of individuals, and could not be further from the vision of the founding fathers. 

US foreign policy is an Hot mess 
under O's administration:
It is hard to think of a single foreign policy success of the Obama administration, but there have been plenty of missteps which have weakened American power as well as its global stature.   The surrender to Moscow on Third Site missile defense, the failure to aggressively stand up to Iran’s nuclear program, and failure to stand by and strengthen our Israeli allies have all contributed to the image of an Obama administration completely out of its depth in international affairs. Obama's high risk strategy of appeasing our enemies while kicking traditional allies has only succeeded in weakening the United States while strengthening our adversaries. 

He is muddled and confused 
on national security:
From the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to the War on Terror, President Obama’s leadership has often been muddled and confused.  He sent tens of thousands of additional troops to Afghanistan while bizarrely announcing a timetable for the withdrawal of combat forces beginning in July 2011. In Iraq he announced an end to combat operations and the withdrawal of all but 50,000 troops despite a recent upsurge in terrorist violence and political instability. This decision came despite the inability of Iraqi military, nor the police, ready to take control. In addition he has ditched the concept of a War on Terror, replacing it with an Overseas Contingency Operation, hardly the right message to send in the midst of a long-war against Al-Qaeda. 

There is a distinctly Titanic-like feel to the O's presidency and it's not hard to see why. The most left-wing president in modern American history has tried to force a highly interventionist, government-driven agenda that runs counter to the principles of free enterprise, individual freedom, and limited government that have made America the greatest power in the world, and the freest nation on earth. Combining weak leadership both at home and abroad against the backdrop of tremendous economic uncertainty in an increasingly dangerous world have contributed to a spectacular political collapse for a president once thought to be invincible. We, at our core, remain a deeply conservative nation, which cherishes its traditions and founding principles. Obama is increasingly out of step with the American people, by advancing policies that undermine the United States as a global power, while undercutting America's deep-seated love for freedom.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Primary Challenge?

As I predicted in an early post Yep...I Still Think Pantsuit is Gonna Run, I said if  Obama remains as inept on economic issues as he had been previously, Hillary Clinton waits in the wings. Looking like her chances are increasing daily if she challenges the President in the primaries now.

From Bloomberg:Clinton Popularity Prompts Buyer’s Remorse 
The most popular national political figure in America today is one who was rejected by her own party three years ago: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
Nearly two-thirds of Americans hold a favorable view of her and one-third are suffering a form of buyer's remorse, saying the U.S. would be better off now if she had become president in 2008 instead of Barack Obama. 
The finding in the latest Bloomberg National Poll shows a higher level of wishful thinking about a Hillary Clinton presidency than when a similar question was asked in July 2010. Then, a quarter of Americans held such a view. 
 Read the story here.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

O's Campaign Web Site 'Attack Watch' Becomes Laughing Stock of the Internet

Check out the Twitter Silliness at #attackwatch

image source:

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Obama's Coat Tails on Fire

 Irony Curtain @ IOTW

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The Votes Are In - 'AssHat of the Year 2011'

I know the year is not yet come to an end and it's not the traditional time for yearly awards, but after reading the New York Times piece (included below in it's entirety) no further consideration was needed to decide this years  winner of Diogenes' prestigious
" AssHat of the Year Award"

None of our other nominees, professional moonbat Michael Moore, not a rambling, angry jerk like Roger Ebert, or even the semi insane MSNBC host "Special Ed" Schultz , all World Class AssHats in their own right, could measure up to the level of AssHattery of this years winner. Famously known for his leftist tripe, valiant defense of the indefensible economic and domestic policies of Barack Obama, and his exploitation of national tragedies, among other things, we see a clear winner.

You can read our original nomination here: American AssHat

The vote was unanimous today after viewing 
his shameful NYT 9/11  post.

So, without further ado, 
we present 
this years winner......

 "ASSHAT of the YEAR 2011" 
Paul Krugman of the NYT
(Anthropological Classification - Bozo Sapien)  
I have come to the conclusion after spending much time trying to decide if it's really possible for someone to be so willfully blind, so consistently on the wrong side of just about every subject upon which he feels compelled to put pen to paper, ignoring facts or logic, without there being an underlying disdain for America and all she stands for, and the well being of his fellow countryman.  
But this is what sealed it for me......... 

by Paul Krugman - Sept 11,2011
Is it just me, or are the 9/11 commemorations oddly subdued?
Actually, I don’t think it’s me, and it’s not really that odd.
What happened after 9/11 — and I think even people on the right know this, whether they admit it or not — was deeply shameful. The atrocity should have been a unifying event, but instead it became a wedge issue. Fake heroes like Bernie Kerik, Rudy Giuliani, and, yes, George W. Bush raced to cash in on the horror. And then the attack was used to justify an unrelated war the neocons wanted to fight, for all the wrong reasons.
A lot of other people behaved badly. How many of our professional pundits — people who should have understood very well what was happening — took the easy way out, turning a blind eye to the corruption and lending their support to the hijacking of the atrocity?
The memory of 9/11 has been irrevocably poisoned; it has become an occasion for shame. And in its heart, the nation knows it.
I’m not going to allow comments on this post, for obvious reasons. 

Mr. Krugman, saying " I’m not going to allow comments on this post, for obvious reasons" are probably the wisest words you've spoken in a long time.  But seriously man, how do you sleep at night?


Behind the Curtain: Dems Frustration with O

With the chances of the former congressional seat of the disgraced Anthony "the dick" Weiner falling into Republican hands, speech after speech from Obama about jobs he never delivers and the way he is fast becoming a cartoon caricature of himself, democrats are nervous about his re-election chances and another possible hit on their congressional power. The NYT gives us a peek behind the curtain at what the powers that be are saying....... 

"Democrats are expressing growing alarm about President Obama’s re-election prospects and, in interviews, are openly acknowledging anxiety about the White House’s ability to strengthen the president’s standing over the next 14 months......"
"Elected officials and party leaders at all levels said their worries have intensified as the economy has displayed new signs of weakness. They said the likelihood of a highly competitive 2012 race is increasing as the Republican field, once dismissed by many Democrats as too inexperienced and conservative to pose a serious threat, has started narrowing to two leading candidates, Mitt Romney and Rick Perry, who have executive experience and messages built around job creation....." 
"And polling suggests that the president’s yearlong effort to reclaim the political center has so far yielded little in the way of additional support from the moderates and independents who tend to decide presidential elections......."

As for me, I plan on doing my part to insure Mr. Obama has as much time as he wants to play golf in the spring of 2014 as a private citizen and former President.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

She says it as well as can be said: 


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

 Publius Minimus to Diogenes....
 "The best jobs program Obama could give America 
is to not seek re-election"

Monday, September 5, 2011


The Economy of Commander Zero

Taking bets Obama's speech Thursday will call for more spending!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

George Clooney: Obama ‘having an almost impossible time governing’

"Look, there’s a guy in office right now who is smarter than almost anyone you know, who’s nicer and who has more compassion than almost anyone you know. And he’s having an almost impossible time governing."   The Washington Times

Mr. Clooney,  just as it's impossible to teach physics if you lack the intelligence, knowledge and experience to do so, it reasons it would be impossible to govern a country being inept and with no knowledge of, or experience in leadership. Can't blame that on Bush, now can we. 
As for being smarter than almost anyone you know, coming from Hollywood that statement is certainly not much of a stretch!