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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Chalk One More Up in the Democrat Sleezeball Column

No experience in office? Check. Sketchy business partners? Check. Media manipulation? Check.
Well Hell, Let's Make Him Governor....

Sleezeball- Elect McAuliffe

Terry McAuliffe represents an unseemly side of Washington. His primary role in politics for the past two decades or more has been to spew the party line in the media, and raising lots of cash. Most notably, for the Clintons. He cooked up the idea of essentially renting out the Lincoln bedroom during the Clinton administration as a fundraising vehicle, and he smashed all previous presidential fundraising records in the process.

When McAuliffe was the Dems' top fundraiser, a campaign finance scandal besieged the Clinton White House. Coincidence? No. McAuliffe was all about pushing the envelope when it came to the political money chase. That alone is not be enough to render him a distasteful political candidate in his party. Quiet the contrary.

What's different about McAuliffe is his brazen mixing of his campaign fundraising activity and attempts to enrich himself personally. Many of McAuliffe's business deals have come about due to his place in the political cosmos, not because he possesses a wealth of business skill. That tangled history has linked him to a long list of slimy unsavory characters. 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

MFNS Uncovers Lost Hillary Clinton Interview Clips

Middle Finger News has gone to great lengths to uncovered surviving clips of a  Hillary Clinton  interview with Bulgarian State Television believed to have been lost for years. The short clips are from early 1992, about the time Bill Clinton was falling badly in the New Hampshire primary polls, the Gennifer Flowers affair had come to light and hopes of Hillary's chances of becoming First Lady seemingly being dashed. 

The interview, shot on state of the art Russian 8mm film was believed to have been destroyed during the tragic nationwide Bulgarian sewer overflow, but even after the 1992 election of Bill Clinton as 42nd President, rumors persisted of frames that survived.   

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hillary Clinton Sits for Her Official Secretary of State Portrait


Friday, October 26, 2012

Did Obama himself denied extra security to Embassy


How reliable is Edward Klein? I don’t know. I don’t believe anyone challenged the facts in his book The Amateur, even if they disagreed with their import. One thing that was immediately clear from reading The Amateur was that Klein got a lot of his information from Hillary Clinton’s camp. Klein’s reliability is very important today, because he now claims that he’s gotten some new information from the Hillary camp, and this information, if true, is staggering in its implications: lawyers close to Hillary claim that Hillary asked for more security in Benghazi and that the Obama White House denied that request.

According to Klein’s sources, Hillary has been keeping mum about this to stay loyal to the Democrat party, while Bill has been urging her to go public with the information to save her reputation. Here’s what I think happened:

Events played out exactly as Hillary’s leakers claim. Hillary was silent about the White House’s culpability when it still looked as if Obama could win, because she needed to be on Obama’s good side in the event he won the election. Now that Obama has the stale smell of failure about him, two things have happened. First, Hillary doesn’t believe that Obama’s coat tails will be very useful. And second, the Democrats are launching a preemptive strike against Bill Clinton, claiming that it was his bad advice that led to Obama’s disastrous campaign decisions.

The Obama administration won’t be the first to learn that you don’t mess with Bill Clinton, especially if there’s nothing in it for Bill. And so the leaks begin. This way, Hillary still looks loyal, but Bill gets to destroy someone who is trying to destroy him. Even if it’s not war in the Middle East, there’s going to be a war in Washington, D.C.

This leaked report also makes sense from both a military and a security standpoint, as Wolf Howling explains:

"Why should we believe this might be true? I have enough experience in the military and with providing security with weapons loaded to know that the people administratively charged with making decisions on security would not possibly have denied the requests absent a policy decision made at a much higher level. And indeed, I cannot see any career employee in the chain of command denying a request for more security in Benghazi, given the availability of assets and all that was known about the deteriorating situation. In other words, I would bet my last dollar that the decision to deny more security was made pursuant to a policy decision in the political chain of command – and that means Clinton and / or Obama. And if there is any truth to the story above, then that person was Obama."
(You can, and should, read the rest of Wolf Howling’s analysis here.)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bill Clinton to Join Obama for Fundraisers

From Bloomberg:
"Former President Bill Clinton has agreed to make joint appearances with President Barack Obama at a series of campaign fundraisers, according to three people familiar with the matter. The 42nd and the 44th presidents will appear together at events in the coming months in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York, according to one of the people.
The New York fundraiser will be attended by donors in the financial services industry, said the person, who like the others spoke on the condition of anonymity because they hadn’t been authorized to talk about the events.  The prospect of a meeting with Obama as well as the former president, whose favorability rating was 67 percent in a Pew Research Center poll last year, may entice more donors.........."

"Democrats cheered the move and said it signaled a new stage in the campaign. The show of Democratic unity comes as Republicans are in the middle of a protracted primary fight."
Read More.........

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hell has Frozen Over: Democrat Calls for Voter Fraud Investigation

To Bad It's the Russian Election 

H.P. - Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton criticized Russia for a parliamentary election she called rigged. Speaking to the election-monitoring Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Clinton repeated criticism of Russia's weekend elections, in which Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's party won the largest share of parliament seats. Opposition politicians and election monitors say the result was inflated because of ballot-box stuffing and other vote fraud.
"Russian voters deserve a full investigation of electoral fraud and manipulation. It is inconceivable that in Europe today, in December of 2011, the Lukashenko government is behaving the way it is behaving," she told lawyers, educators, bloggers and others. "Regardless of where you live, citizenship requires holding your government accountable," she said. Efforts to bar election monitoring by a Russian organization have undermined public faith.
Is it not ironic an official of an administration with a leader who was elected to office with more uninvestigated and suspected voter fraud than any election in American history, is so concerned about a foreign elections? For someone who resides in a political party that, second only to a banana republic, have taken voter fraud and opponent smear techniques to heights never imagined even by LBJ or the JFK mob, her words ring hollow. It goes to show once again the hypocritical nature of the American Democrat party and toads that reside within. We're all proud of you Hillary for protecting the interest of Russian people while your concern for honest fellow Americans voters and their legal votes are being discounted by your corrupt party.  

If you have to steal votes, the people are not on your side or your ideas suck. In the case of the modern Democrat party, both are true! 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Caption Contest Winners......

The results are in from the Diogenes/IOTW Caption Contest

After much drinking and broken furniture, the panel of judges failed to come to agreement and fled across the Texas state line to keep from choosing the winner, thus leaving the important decision to me. 
So here are the results...... 

*A special award - the Eunice Kennedy Shriver "Atta Boy" award goes to my fellow Evil Conservative Comrade Burr, for actually posting his entries as links to the picture.  

Here are the Honorable Mentions - all excellent in their own right. 
* The Apollo Presents: The First Black President!

* The International Dry Cleaners’ Roast - Commisar Abe

* Bachelor #3, you must get back behind the screen - Yowsa

* Branch Davidian Waco Reunion - Chalupa

*One Night Only! The Dem Girls in:
  “Pants Suits & Boob Belts” -

*Free Breast Exams - I'm Palin's Huckleberry (readers choice) 

Second Runner up:
Tiny Headed Newt Gingrich look-alike Competition - BigFurHat 

 Runner up:
IAPF Conference (International Association of Performance Felatio) Technical Proficiency Workshop - Grandpa

And The Winner Is.....
Visions in Blue Velvet - 150th Annual Chappaqua Débutantes Autumn Tea & Dance”  -  Poisontolibs

Thank You IOTW for Hosting

Ol' Joe knows! 


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Caption Contest

Diogenes is conducting a caption contest hosted by BigFurHat and the gang over at iOwnTheWorld. I will judge the event and it will be open for entries until 2am the 28th. Winners will be announced here tomorrow.

Trip over to the incomparable 
and join in.