Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Oh Look. Ricky Jumped Into the Deep End of the Crazy Pool Again.

Ricky Maddow, MSNBC's King of Conspiracy theorist, has jump tits first back into the Crazy Pool. Notoriously known for feeding maniacally obsessed tin foil hat connoisseurs four years of epic moonbat crazy bullshit and desperate paranoid delusions of collusion, promising her gullible audience nightly Russia Russia circle jerk, that the dots indeed connected and had the goods on DJT.

Now, in response to a New York Times report Monday about DJT’s legal strategy based on one of the Times' shadowy unnamed sources, Ricky laid out for MSNBC soft skulls the stakes of the 2024 election, that is, Trump’s plan is to win the 2024 presidential election "solely" for the devilish purpose of using all the levers of power to make his myriad of legal problems go away. Maddow warned that if he wins, it means he’s “probably president for life".

Now that's definitely deep end of the crazy pool shit right there! But while it's true that if elected, DJT could technically pardon himself,  he can't make himself King.
“...the election means one of two things: Either he loses the election and he goes to prison. Or he wins the election. He doesn’t go to prison. And that, is that for life that he gets to be president? Will we keep having more elections, or No? If every election is a new opportunity for him to go to prison, do you think he allows us to have new elections?"

And what would an MSNBC commentary be without some good old fashion race talk! Ricky tries to connect all this DJT talk to the "the surge in right wing violence" against racial minorities and members of the LGBTQ over the last few years, and urged people not to act “as if our politics exists in a vacuum somewhere outside the rest of our lives.

Rick conveniently skips over the fact that the "surge" of violence against minorities mention, like against Asians, old white people on the street and the sexually confused alphabet crowd, is committed  overwhelmingly by minorities themselves.  But this all tells us that MSNBC Ricky has retained that crazy pool vibe that a $7mil. salary for one show a week and a psychedelic now and then can help produce.

At least Ricky hasn't gone to wearing a cheap gray toup矇e like the crazy race lady, Joy Reid.

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Courtney Asks: "What the Hell is Wrong With You People??!"

~ Highly Suspicious of All Who Walk Upright ~

We now live in a society where literally anything goes. The families continues to disintegrate, traditional moral values have been completely discarded, young criminals control and terrorise the streets of major cities, crime is totally out of control, our politicians are corrupt and our system of government is melting down right in front of our eyes.

So what is going to happen to our nation if things just continue to get even worse? Our politicians like to tell us that “America is great because America is good”. So, as to Courtney's enquiry, shall we take a peek as to where we are that so prompted her skepticism?........ 

The elite have grown so strong and have such disdain for the choices of average Americans that some are starting to float the idea that elections should be eliminated. The New York Times published this piece just last week that was originally entitled “Elections Are Bad for Democracy”

 The war on the family continues to escalate, and it is now being projected that 45 percent of all U.S. women in their “prime working years” will be single and childless in 2030. We’re told by our culture that a woman who is unmarried and has no children is empowered and in charge of her own life. She has escaped the unnecessary burden of raising a family and being a slave to her husband. (Pro Tip: buy stock in the maker of Xanax)

Theft is going to cost U.S. retailers more than 100 billion dollars this year, and at this point organized retail crime has become such a crisis, even low end retailers like Dollar Tree are being forced to take drastic measures.

Yale, once one of the most prestigious universities in the entire world. Unfortunately, at this point violent crime in the city of New Haven is off the charts. The university distributed flyers with stark warnings about high crime in New Haven, complete with a graphic of a grim reaper. They warned incoming students to avoid walking alone and avoid public transport. Forget nightlife: Student should stay in their dorms and “off the streets after 8 PM.” 

The Marxist Clown, Mayor of Chicago Brandon Johnson, has finally had to admit that vehicle theft is completely out of control in his city. But instead of going after the thieves he has filed a lawsuit against Kia and Hyundai. This clown Johnson is who Will Rogers had in mind when he spoke of useless politicians. 

Instead of cracking down on crime, the federal law enforcement authorities are using their ample resources to raid those incessant trouble makers, Amish cattle farmers… They came to Golden Valley Farms with a search warrant. "They tagged the meat, so that we can’t touch it; we can’t sell it; we can’t feed our family with it.” 

The number of transgender surgeries in the United States nearly tripled in just a three year period…The greatest number of procedures overall were undergone by women, 19- to 30-year-olds, people with private insurance, and people with higher incomes. Most procedures occurred in the West and were performed in urban teaching hospitals. Seems a lot of the younger trannys are just players of the fad, and hanging on the there original plumbing.

Joe, the part-time president, has asked Congress for money for a new clot shot, and he is admitting that it will likely be recommended everybody get it no matter whether they’ve gotten it before or not, because there is still to many of us left alive. Resistance is futile. 

Our society is going to continue to change. Nothing can stop that. But the direction of the change can be altered. Those that have been transforming our culture are just going to keep on doing what they have been doing, and all that it is going to take for them to succeed is for good people to stand by and do nothing. 

As for Courtney, I asked her in retort to her question: "After millions of years of evolution and millennia of domestication, why haven't cats learned to use a fuckin' can opener?"

Sunday, August 27, 2023

Bend over and Smile America. It's More 'Bidenomics'

The Supreme Court has reigned in some of the Biden Administration’s authoritarian leftist regulatory excesses, but the federal bureaucracy is relentless. The White House is quietly changing its analytical methods to make it easier to impose new rules on you/your business, while disguising their cost and downward effect on the economy.  If you think regulation has 
been running amok in the last two years, buckle up.
WSJ- "The Biden Administration has already unleashed more regulatory costs on the economy than any in recent memory—even the Obama Administration. Biden's first repealed the Trump Administration rule that for every new regulation, two had to be repealed. Then his regulators went wild. 
Casey Mulligan, a University of Chicago economist, recently looked at the Biden rules through 2022 and said the overall cost is $5,019 per household. That’s 15% more than the $4,353 cost per household during a comparable period in the Obama Administration. The Trump Administration had reduced regulatory costs by $2,636." 
"Under Biden’s order, a 'significant regulatory action' is redefined as one expected to have a $200 million annual economic cost, up from $100 million currently."

The cost side is then subjected to accounting gimmickry that helps hide the impact on the U.S. economy and society that the federal bureaucracy is so good at.      

"The OMB also tips the benefit side of the cost-benefit ledger by allowing consideration of the 'global effects of the regulation,' not merely how new rules affect Americans. 
That’s right. A perceived benefit for the world can figure into the analysis of a new rule as much as the cost to the people of, say, East Palestine, Ohio. This is intended to be a particular green light for new climate regulation......." 

These undaunted power hungry authoritarian weasels are already trying to regulate cow farts; it's just a matter of time till they think they can come after your beer farts too.  

We are not being governed. We are being ruled over.

Friday, August 25, 2023

Middle Finger Symphony Theater

 ~ No Tuxedos Required ~


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Thursday, August 24, 2023

Did Joy Reid Steal Some Old Man's Toup矇e? 不不

....not to mention some clown got mugged and their jacket stolen! 

Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Tired of Seeing the Same Thing on Every Site. You're Going to the Wrong Places!

Hey You. Mr.& Mrs. America. You tired of seeing the same crap over and over on almost every site you visit, like "Trumps a Crook" or "Biden Stops to Admire a Squirrel Turd" or "Lesbians Kick Around Balls For 90 Minutes - No Score" or excerpts from Rapper DJ Humpback's NYT Editorial on the Ukraine War and its Racist Effect on Climate Change and Future Sub-Saharan Africa NBA Players? That's because you read sites like Matt Drudge's "Sludge Report" or Clickbait Central 'CFP' (Consistently Fraudulent Promoter) who basically drags the Sludge Report for links. They all just copy each other. 

We don't do that. Not Here. Not at DMF/MFNS. No Sir! We try and dig deep and bring you news the other guys don't have the tits to report!

Like when we brought you the exclusive North Korea Spies on Obama's Martha's Vineyard Arrival . You see that on breitbart?  Hell no. Or what about the investigative report  "Health Conscience Bill Clinton Enjoys Yoga Classes" We talkin' the real water cooler discussion type news here. The kind that makes you almost appear handsome and sound more smarter.

Bet you no one in your office pool will be the first to mention this:

T-Rex World Championship Races 2023

Hundreds of runners took part in the T-Rex World Championship Races at Emerald Downs on Sunday in Auburn, Washington. In fact, so many showed up there had to be heat races to determine the Championship lineup.

Racers, including eventual winner Ocean Kim (5), leave the gates in the championship round 

One of the Exciting Photo-Finish Heat Races

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Monday, August 21, 2023

'President Part-Time' Interrupts Vacation for Photo Op

The administration's response to the Maui tragedy that has unfolded has been an outright disaster on it's own, brought on mostly by Joe Biden himself, starting with his initial callous pre-vacation "no comment" answer when asked about the rising death toll, and not improving one bit from there. Making things worse, critics on both sides were left shaking their heads in disbelief after the statement made Monday by White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Olivia Dalton on how Biden would tell Maui residents during his visit later in the day that he had been there for them "since day one".

 As you might expect, whether they were made aware of Dalton's remarks or not, lots of frustrated Maui residents have made it clear that Joe Biden is not welcome in their community.
[Sister Toldjah]

A Good Monday Morning

Friday, August 18, 2023

Middle Finger Symphony Theater

 ~ No Tuxedos Required ~

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Thursday, August 17, 2023

It's Your DMF Official Almost Semi-World Famous Irredeemable Big Ass Mid-Week Open Thread.

Your Beloved Blog Editrix reluctantly turns things over to You, the Reader.
Got somethin' to say then better say it now. So dawn your blogger thongs and let it rip.  

As Always, Keep all Weapons in Plain Sight, .......and use the Damn Coaster. 

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

We Must Not Go Quietly Into That Dark Night.

In 2020 the hidden hands of the democrat party succeeded in installing a willing cipher and are using him to push/enact policies that supercharged the Progressive agenda. Now, after suffering for over two years under this regime, things have become insufferable in many different dimensions.

Our liberties have been substantially restricted, a large portion of the population struggles financially, and there is a threat of an expanding war no one wants to deal with in Europe. There is no credible claim that we are better off than during the Trump years, and if the dems remain in power things will only get worse, not better.

So Repubs are now having to consider who should be the “Head of the Party” in 2024. And the choices are not unlike those faced by the dems in 2020.  In a rational world anyone with an (R) behind their name should be able win the election. And that is why the field is so large. But this is not a rational world.

Let’s be clear: The “transformation” of America that Barky Obama promised is well underway. Only a herculean effort on the part of the American people can tack us back toward equal justice under law and the pairing back of the Unelected Administrative State that desires to control everything. People of good faith can disagree about where we are on the path to serfdom, but to deny that we are on that path at all flies in the face of reality.

The rule of law is under challenge. No one better personifies this reality than DJT and the lawfare waged against him. He is not alone, and too little (to our shame) has been done to assist the other victims of this malign attack on our constitutional liberties. No other Republican has a path to the presidential nomination without DJT succumbing to this lawfare and the highest visibility target of this unconstitutional process being taken down. One may wish that Trump had bowed out of politics and the democrats had dialed down their lawfare in response. That is a counterfactual that we will never know. But the practices of the Soros-backed DAs and the “criminal reform” policies in democrat-controlled cities suggest that the lawlessness is a part of the overall plan, not simply a reaction to DJT that will go away with him. 

Democrats behind the scenes are calculating how best to slip their now near useless puppet out (if they must) and slot someone else in for the finish.  Republicans need to figure it out for 2024, or the transformation of the Republic will be completed. We must not go quietly into that dark night.

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Monday, August 14, 2023

CNN Moves to Solidify Their Basement Ratings

CNN Goes All Girl Primetime. 
"By expanding the range and depth of our programming lineup across multiple dayparts, we are strengthening our reporting excellence throughout the schedule, elevating our ability to tell great stories across platforms, and doubling down on CNN’s position as the most trusted name in news.” 
 Now that's funny right there! 不 不 不

Good Monday Morning

Friday, August 11, 2023

Middle Finger Symphony Theater

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They're Gettin' The Band Back Together.
R.I.P. Robbie Robertson

Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Transgender Muslim Sues Ex-Boyfriend for Return of Her Refrigerated Lady Balls

A Michigan man who identifies as both transgender and Muslim has filed a legal claim against her ex-boyfriend demanding the return of his amputated testicles which she says are being kept in a jar in the refrigerator. Brianna Kingsley, 40, filed the claim against William Wojciechowski, 37, in Pontiac’s 50th District Court last week. In a handwritten affidavit, Kingsley wrote: 
“Defendant retains possession of my surgically extracted testicles, preserved in [a] Mason jar, kept in [the] fridge next to the eggs. Demand immediate return of my human remains specimen and damages of $6,500.” 
Wojciechowski says he sees the affidavit as a continuation of his ex’s prolonged pattern of harassment and threats against him. From the sound of it, I’d say these two perfectly ordinary people deserve each other. 

Further explication, with pictures, of these paragons of mundane normalcy:
Kingsley is also known as Zahrah Bri-Zee Muharib on social media, an Arabic name, and appears to have recently converted to Islam. 
In April, Kingsley uploaded a video to his TikTok account titled “The Unboxing of Dee’s Nutz,” which depicts him removing a clear bag with a biohazard label while wearing a lace veil and a pink dress. The video is captioned, “Transgender woman unboxes her surgically extracted lady balls that was [sic] packaged by the Hospital that performed her gender-affirming bottom surgery.” 
Smiling and laughing, Kingsley holds up the bag containing his testicles before returning them to the box and performing a curtsy. In the background behind him, a painting of a nude woman with testicles can be seen.
Nothing shocking, appalling, or repulsive about any of that, right down to the home-decor choices.

Mike @Cold Fury has the whole story and commentary HERE

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Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Bidenomics Update: Courtney's Open Tabs Flush

Courtney Is Judging You Now. 

Biden's handlers have moved aggressively to not just claim ownership of the economy, but to broadcast how good the news around it is. But most people are too broke to hear. 

* Americans are pulling money out of their 401(k) plans at an alarming rate: The number of people who made a hardship withdrawal during the second quarter increased by of 36% from the second quarter of 2022. 

* The price of food is soaring: Despite inflation cooling, the price of your taco fixings will continue to rise.

* Credit card balances above $1 trillion for first time: Americans increasingly turned to their credit cards to make ends meet.

* Joe's favored EV scam goes belly up: Biden's frequently praised electric vehicle company that his energy secretary made a killing in profit from sale of investments just declared bankruptcy.

* US housing affordability at an all-time low: Buying a house in the U.S. has become a luxury fewer and fewer people can afford.

In other news, Joe Biden visited the Grand Canyon Tuesday, declaring no one has a bigger G*d Damn hole in the ground in the entire world than we do! 


Just How Far Left Has the Democrat Party Gone?

It has always puzzled me why good God Fearing, Red Blooded Patriotic Americans sheepishly allow the Left in this country control not only the narrative, but also the language with little or no push-back. I admit at times it seems to be changing.... but really never does. One thing that has bugged me to no end is the calling the Republicans the "Far Right" with absolutely no objection.

Democrats fall into two categories: profoundly comfortable sheep in ignorant bliss, and the stunningly stupid, led about by people that in most other civil societies in the world would be called the "Far Left".   It's a 'You don't have to call me a Communist, you don't have to call me a socialist, you don't even need to call me a progressive. You can just call me a Democrat.' (apologizes to Ramon J. 'Ray Jay' Johnson Jr.). 

People in the center-right spectrum of American politics have not changed radically their views and beliefs in the past decades. That cannot be said of Democrats, and as anyone paying attention these days should agree, from this day forward should be referred only as the "Extreme Left".  And For Good Reason. 

Gallop just released their findings on the divide in American politics and societal thinking of American adults conducted between 2003 and 2023 at roughly 10-year intervals. It's very revealing. (more at the link )

The Right have remained strong in their beliefs in God, Country and the Freedom from oppressive government as laid out in the Constitution. But the "Far Left" continues to thirst for authoritarian rule through big government, disrupting of the delicate balance of this almost 250 year old experiment with their poison of lies, greed, their underhanded dealing in cultural chaos and the blatant murder of the Blind Folded Lady Justice...... and we witnessing it all out in the open and in real time.

Jill Biden, Moll of the Biden Crime Family Shamelessly Kissing Up to LA Drag Queens
for Campaign Cash 

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Friday, August 4, 2023

Middle Finger Symphony Theater

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Thursday, August 3, 2023

The Democrats Lied? I'm Shocked! Shocked I Tell You!

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Expect the Media to Press Hard for a Televised DJT Federal Trial

Just after the off-camera high fives and the 'Thank ya Jesus' praises of the media's newest hero, Jack Smith, even before the ink was dry on the the indictments, the media started talk of a televised trial of Orange Man Bad.  MSNBC is predictably extremely excited about the indictment, prosecution, and potentially, jail time for DJT. They were all smiles and spiking the football pretty hard. Now you can expect them to start squawking about lobbying hard to get cameras inside of the courtroom so as to create as large of a spectacle as possible for their circus trial.

MSNBC Race Lady, Joy Reid prompts her guest with this thought:
“I worry that without a televised trial, like the OJ trial, you know, it would be the trial of the century. This is the most important case… of our lifetime. Without a televised trial, it’s just going to be us saying it. And saying what happened every day.”
That prompted the disgraced former senator Claire McCaskill, a pretend political analyst, and not one of the brightest bulbs rhetorically opines through her afternoon vodka:
“Why is it that we could televise the OJ trial decades ago — that was in the 90s — and people could see what actually happened in the courtroom… The media weren’t able to make stuff up, because they saw it in real time.”
Poor Claire, (burp) should know that OJ trial took place in a state court where cameras are allowed and the DJT trial will take place in a federal courtroom where cameras are not.

But the ultimate reason of having cameras present for the proceedings, besides the propaganda value of clipping out sensational moments of the trial to feed to their low info viewers, of course would be the ratings boon. MSNBC would be nothing without Trump. It’s literally almost all they talk about.

But Can You Even Imagine..... The day would start off for the MSNBC viewer with 'Morning Joe':

Squinty & Meat Puppet and sidekick Little Willy doing the daily pre-trial warmup and a quick rundown of the previous days proceedings with various celebrity want-to-be former prosecutors getting valuable facetime and notes for a new book. And of course the always semi-lucid Rev Al Sharpton there to opine anti-intellectually about things like "he can't imagine Thomas Jefferson trying to overthrow the government." No really. He Said That.

Later we'd have the impossible to watch rotting corpse of Andrea Mitchell and a hand full of panelist no one's heard of walk us through the breaks with expert mumbo jumbo analysis of some obscure legal theory or maneuver that surely will send DJT to the gallows.

Then comes the afternoon closer and wrap up with the ever increasingly unstable sounding DJT obsessed 50 y/o teenager, Nicole Wallace, with her regular motley tribe of disgraced former high officers of the law and shady former prosecutors with wild imaginations to tell you what you heard wasn't what you heard,  with a lot of "Trump's defense is shaky" thrown in.  

Primetime will be a ratings boon for the media. What more could a low-info MSNBC viewer ask for? A panel discussion of the days proceedings led by the Race Lady with Ricky Maddow and his retarded twin Chrissy Hayes and a host of many hopeful future media stars drilling down into the irrelevant facts and accusations while trying to get as much facetime as possible by using 145 words when 15 are all that's needed, as to quote themselves in their book about the trial they will be writing.  All to be joined late by the phoney dignified presence of Larry 'Stop That Hammering!" O'Donnell with all his blistering oratory and nightly targeted clownish righteous indignation toward all things DJT, second only to the the late Keith Olbermann.  

It seems to me that federal courts should be open to cameras — but not for MSNBC’s ratings. Rather, it’s important to see what the government does in our name with our money in the full light of day. But in this case, I'm torn.

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