Tuesday, August 15, 2023

We Must Not Go Quietly Into That Dark Night.

In 2020 the hidden hands of the democrat party succeeded in installing a willing cipher and are using him to push/enact policies that supercharged the Progressive agenda. Now, after suffering for over two years under this regime, things have become insufferable in many different dimensions.

Our liberties have been substantially restricted, a large portion of the population struggles financially, and there is a threat of an expanding war no one wants to deal with in Europe. There is no credible claim that we are better off than during the Trump years, and if the dems remain in power things will only get worse, not better.

So Repubs are now having to consider who should be the “Head of the Party” in 2024. And the choices are not unlike those faced by the dems in 2020.  In a rational world anyone with an (R) behind their name should be able win the election. And that is why the field is so large. But this is not a rational world.

Let’s be clear: The “transformation” of America that Barky Obama promised is well underway. Only a herculean effort on the part of the American people can tack us back toward equal justice under law and the pairing back of the Unelected Administrative State that desires to control everything. People of good faith can disagree about where we are on the path to serfdom, but to deny that we are on that path at all flies in the face of reality.

The rule of law is under challenge. No one better personifies this reality than DJT and the lawfare waged against him. He is not alone, and too little (to our shame) has been done to assist the other victims of this malign attack on our constitutional liberties. No other Republican has a path to the presidential nomination without DJT succumbing to this lawfare and the highest visibility target of this unconstitutional process being taken down. One may wish that Trump had bowed out of politics and the democrats had dialed down their lawfare in response. That is a counterfactual that we will never know. But the practices of the Soros-backed DAs and the “criminal reform” policies in democrat-controlled cities suggest that the lawlessness is a part of the overall plan, not simply a reaction to DJT that will go away with him. 

Democrats behind the scenes are calculating how best to slip their now near useless puppet out (if they must) and slot someone else in for the finish.  Republicans need to figure it out for 2024, or the transformation of the Republic will be completed. We must not go quietly into that dark night.

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