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The Pyramid of Nicholas Cage

We'll Be Stuck With Him Forever

It's not unusual to see well known people walk down any New Orleans street.  Many have homes here, Harry Shearer, Brad Pitt, Tom Jones, Sandra Bullock, Harry Connick, Jr .....because there is no city like New Orleans. Here they are treated like neighbors and not so much like a star. They live here for the laid back, easy going atmosphere far from the cosmopolitan crowd, the incredible food and where you can always find a reason for a party. One such famous resident recently caused a bit of a stir. But it's seems in line with his reputation of being..... a bit kooky.

Last time I checked, Nicholas Cage was not dead. Neither was he a Pharaoh (at least not in this dimension). Yet, he has his built his own kingly pyramid tomb in the thickly populated historic St. Louis Cemetery of New Orleans.
"Saint Louis Cemetery is a two-hundred-year-old cemetery located in New Orleans, that holds the remains of some of the city’s most famous personalities including the voodoo Queen Marie Laveau.  Despite being already congested, in 2010, Hollywood star Nicholas Cage managed to acquire a rather large plot in his name, where he built a stark, nine-foot-tall stone pyramid. The pyramid bears no inscription but the Latin motto "Omnia Ab Uno", which translates as "Everything From One".

"While there is no doubt, the pyramid was chosen by the actor to be his final resting place, Nicolas Cage himself has never made a public declaration as to why he bought the pyramid-shaped tomb. Some speculate that the actor prescribes to the beliefs of the illuminati, others attempt to make a weak connection to the picture of a pyramid that appeared on the poster of the movie “National Treasure” in which Nicholas Cage acted. There is even a wild theory that the pyramid is full of gold and cash that the actor is trying to shelter from his well known problems with the IRS. 
Public opinion is divided. Purists hate Cage's pyramid, tour guides ridicule him and New Orleans locals are furious that he was even able to obtain a plot the size of four ordinary burial plots in the cramped graveyard. 
Female fans, on the other hand, love it – leaving lipstick prints on Cage’s tomb." 

If Young Voters Are Up for Grabs, Dems Are in Trouble...

Jonathan S. Tobin

Heading into the 2016 presidential election, Democrats remain convinced that their victory is already baked into the electoral cake. The last two presidential votes have seen them rack up enormous majorities among minorities, women, and young voters. With immigration reform stymied, they think the growing numbers of Hispanic voters are firmly in their pockets. And they are sure that Hillary Clinton’s presence at the top of their ticket will ensure a clear advantage among women.

They’re also sure that young voters will be as liberal next year as they were in 2008 and 2012 when they turned out in record numbers to back Barack Obama. But what if their assumptions about the nation’s youth are wrong? That’s the question Democrats need to ask themselves today after the publication of a new poll from Harvard University’s Institute on Politics. According to the poll, voters aged 18-29 are now far less likely to vote for a Democratic presidential candidate in 2016 than they were in the last two such elections. That sets up a race that resembles 2004 more than 2008, which is a possible recipe for a Republican victory.
Most pundits assumed that the Republicans’ stronger showing among young voters in the 2014 midterms was a statistical glitch produced by the lower turnout in that election than in a presidential year. But the type of advantage that Democrats enjoyed when Barack Obama was their candidate may vanish when he retires.

The Harvard poll shows that a generic Democratic candidate will still win the 18-29 year old vote in 2016 by a 55-40 percent margin. That’s a clear edge, but it is nowhere near as decisive as President Obama’s 66-32 percent win among young voters in 2008 or his 60-37 victory in that demographic in 2012. In fact that 55-40 result bears a startling resemblance to the 54-45 margin among 18-29 year olds that John Kerry won over President Bush in 2004.
What possible reason could there be for such a swing among voters assumed to be so liberal on social issues that they’d never consider voting for the GOP?

One is obvious. Barack Obama’s historic importance as our first African-American president as well as his personal appeal made him a unique political figure. No other Democrat, not even the person trying to be the first female president, can match his hold on the electorate, especially young people who were particularly vulnerable to Obama’s “hope and change” mantra. As much as many Democrats would prefer to think the gains they made in 2008 and 2012 are now part of the permanent infrastructure of American politics, they may be ephemeral.

The second is that the changing economic environment for young people entering the work force may be leading them to think more about fiscal issues than social ones like gay marriage and abortion that work to the advantage of liberals. Moreover, the anti-Iraq war sentiments that dominated the 2008 election may have gradually moderated to the point where a lot of young people are worrying as much if not more about the threat of terrorism.

The caveat here is that elections are not fought and won by generic candidates. If Republicans nominate someone who turns off young voters or who emphasizes social issues that hurt the GOP then they may slip back. By the same token, one who can run as a representative of a new generation seeking to challenge a tired and possibly corrupt retread such as Hillary Clinton stands a chance of exceeding the 2004 totals. Also troubling for Democrats is the real possibility that Clinton fatigue, accentuated by the Clinton Cash charges that continue to drip, drip, drip out, will further depress the Democrats’ brand.

But the main conclusion to draw from these figures is that no one in either party should make any assumptions about the 2016 electorate from 2008 or 2012. Change is the one constant in politics as well as life and that means things could get better for the Democrats, but also the very real possibility that they could get worse. Either way, the path to an Electoral College majority for Republicans that many on the left have come to see as a fantasy may be far more realistic than they care to think. If, as the Harvard poll illustrates, young voters are up for grabs, anything is possible.

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Bill and Hillary Wedding Ceremony Photo Uncovered

Washington Post Claims Freddie Gray Did Himself In

"BALTIMORE — A prisoner sharing a police transport van with Freddie Gray told investigators that he could hear Gray “banging against the walls” of the vehicle and believed that he “was intentionally trying to injure himself,” according to a police document obtained by The Washington Post.
The prisoner, who is currently in jail, was separated from Gray by a metal partition and could not see him. His statement is contained in an application for a search warrant, which is sealed by the court. The Post was given the document under the condition that the prisoner not be named because the person who provided it feared for the inmate’s safety......"
Not going to mean much to anyone until they release the autopsy report to back up the story........

New York Times Stumbles onto the Truth

Discovers Why Blacks Riot.

An article from yesterdays New York Times about the relative calm in Baltimore stumbled by accident onto something like the real reason why blacks were rioting. Near the famous burned-out CVS–the city had begged the company to “invest” in a dodgy neighborhood–the Times reporter found someone it identified as “Robert Wilson, a college student who went to high school in Baltimore.” The article concludes with Mr. Wilson’s explanation of why blacks rioted. He said nothing about Freddie Gray or police brutality. Instead, he said this:
We’re just angry at the surroundings–like this is all that is given to us?–and we’re tired of this, like nobody wants to wake up and see broken-down buildings. They take away the community centers, they take away our fathers, and now we have traffic lights that don’t work, we have houses that are crumbling, falling down.
This quote almost perfectly captures the black mentality that leads to rioting. Blacks live in neighborhoods that they, themselves, have wrecked, and then ask, “This is all that is given to us?”

Hard-working white people built the “broken-down” buildings Mr. Wilson is complaining about. Many had parquet floors, high ceilings, and fine moldings found today only in the most expensive new construction.

After the riots in Baltimore in 1968, whites panicked and sold their property at desperation prices. Now, these houses are “broken down” because blacks didn’t maintain them. This pattern of white flight and “broken down” houses was repeated in Detroit, Philadelphia, Chicago, New York, Washington, St. Louis, Memphis, Atlanta, Birmingham, Jacksonville, and countless other American cities. Some of the best city housing in the world was handed over to blacks who wrecked it. Neighborhoods filled with irreplaceable architecture are now wastelands.

Mr. Wilson complains that “we have houses that are crumbling, falling down.” The remedy for crumbling houses is for the people who live in them to fix them, but instead, Mr. Wilson asks, “Is this all that is given to us?”  Mr. Wilson says Baltimore’s blacks rioted because they are “angry at the surroundings.” Blacks make their surroundings ugly and miserable, and then make them even more ugly and miserable by burning them down. And then they ask, “Is this all that is given us?”

Mr. Wilson has more complaints: “They take away the community centers, they take away our fathers.” Mayor Rawlings-Blake cut funding for 20 of 55 city-run community centers in 2013, but private foundations and neighborhood organizations kept most of them going. Rioters burned one down on Monday.

And fathers? In 1983, Baltimore had the highest black illegitimacy rate in the country: 76 percent, at a time when the national rate for blacks was about 55 percent. Now that the national black rate is 72 percent, what is the figure likely to be for Baltimore? Ninety percent? Ninety-five percent? Whoever “they” are didn’t have to work very hard to “take away our fathers.” Black fathers were never there to begin with.

It’s no surprise that Mr. Wilson thinks blacks haven’t been “given” what they deserve, and that “they” took away his father. He’s a college student–probably on scholarship–and that’s what blacks are taught from grade school.

The New York Times invariably blames “racism” and white privilege for the plight of blacks. It assumes that if only whites could curb their bigotry, blacks would bloom and flourish. It is remarkable that it concluded this article with a quotation that so brutally undercuts its own assumptions. People who think “they” have taken away their fathers, who blame others for their “broken down buildings,” who look at misery of their own making and ask “Is this all that is given to us?”–such people will not bloom and flourish no matter what white people do.  

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Rev. Al Packs His Bags for Baltimore

Purported reverend and MSNBC host Al Sharpton has announced he will visit violence-plagued Baltimore and then embark on a two-day march to Washington in an effort to visit the IRS and pay his back taxes exploit the Freddie Gray situation.

In response, Bishop E.W. Jackson has a little advice for Sharpton when he arrives in Baltimore:
“He needs to march right back to New York and go back to MSNBC, whatever place he chooses to espouse his demagoguery."  
"The good people in Baltimore need to stand up and tell these folks you don’t represent us, Al Sharpton, you don’t represent us, “We will solve our own problems working together with our elected leadership.”  
Jackson said that it’s ironic that the protests in Baltimore are happening in a city with a black mayor while we have a black president and a black U.S. attorney general. He noted that President Barack Obama reportedly told the governor of Maryland to exercise restraint in dealing with the protests. The reverend urged Baltimore residents to stand up against the likes of Sharpton and his race agitators.  Jackson has previously ripped Sharpton’s efforts at exploiting tragedy and wrapping that exploitation in a cloak of ‘civil rights.’

During the Ferguson riots, Jackson stated “Michael Brown is not Emmett Till, Officer Darren Wilson is not a member of the KKK, and Al Sharpton is definitely not Martin Luther King Jr.”

(h/t Political Insider)

One Angry Black Man.........and for Good Reason

Warning: Strong Language 

You Too Can Have an Exciting Career as an Outside Agitator........

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Poll: Just 26% Says Obama’s “Progressive” Utopia Leading America In Right Direction…

Why Justice Kagan Should Recuse Herself, But Won't

Tuesday the US Supreme Court will take up the issue of the legality of "Same-Sex Marriage" as it pertains to the 50 states.  Federal law states: "Any justice, judge, or magistrate judge of the United States shall disqualify himself in any proceeding in which his impartiality might reasonably be questioned." 

Just last September Justice Kagan officiated at a same-sex wedding.  That's just the latest of a long history of Kagan's LGBT activism.  Justice Kagan is hugely biased on LGBT issues (for obvious reasons) and should recuse herself, but I doubt she will.  She, as well as the 'Wise Latina" Justice Sotomayor were nominated for the court not because of their knowledge and wisdom in all things constitutional, but solely to advance minority agendas. 

Kagan has been committed to the radical campaign pushing acceptance of homosexuality and transgenderism as “Civil Rights." Her unprecedented activism supporting that view as Dean of Harvard Law School calls into question her ability to judge fairly and impartially on same-sex “marriage”.   Working hand in hand with students to expel military recruiters in protest over the Armed Forces’ ban on homosexuals (a “moral injustice of the first order,” she wrote) is only the most obvious example of Kagan’s passionate dedication to this controversial and immoral agenda.

Even before her nomination to the Court, her enthusiastic and committed pro-homosexuality activism at Harvard (including her recruitment to the faculty of radical “gay” activist scholars like former ACLU lawyer William Rubenstein and elevation of radical out lesbian Professor Janet Halley) was highly significant for the making of the nation's next generation of Lawyers and Judges.

So going in, the "Same-Sex Marriage" forces have 3 solid votes, Kagan, Sotomayor and the senile old bat, Buzzy Ginsberg, who's record of twisted liberal logic and written dissenting opinion against the spirit of the Constitution is on record for all to see. That leaves only two votes needed to ensconce the LGBT agenda firmly into the fabric of the nation.  

And I doubt very seriously these same 3 Justices would ever see fit to rule assuring my right to self defense by legalizing my carry permit in all fifty states. 

A Good Monday Morning

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Attention DMF Readers:

(See you Monday, be it a little sunburned and probably a bit hung-over)

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How to Know When the Immigrant Gravy Train is About to Arrive in Your Town

American Renaissance
What are the signs that your community has been secretly selected for an infusion of refugees from Muslim nations like Syria or Somalia, or migrant workers from Central America? The Obama White House released a report last week on the integration of immigrants and refugees that provides some clues.
It could be something as simple as a new billboard along the highway touting the contributions of diverse immigrant populations and refugees. Or maybe you’ll hear a radio spot or see a TV ad delivering the same type of message. Your city council may pass a proclamation “celebrating” and “welcoming” the “cultural diversity” and economic benefits of refugees and other “new Americans.” Your local public library will start hosting “story times” that glorify the role of immigrants and the value of diversity in your community.
You may also see a new HUD-backed subsidized housing project rising from the ground. But the biggest sign that new arrivals are on their way, will be the “messaging” sent out through local media and official government offices.
It’s all part of a strategy, reported on last week by WND, to “water the soil” and “plant seedlings” into host communities, also called “receiving communities.” WND also reported last week how the federal government withholds key information from the public in host communities until right before or after refugees arrive, and how one congressman, Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., is demanding answers to 17 questions about the program.
Obama’s ramped-up strategy to integrate new immigrants is about to be unfurled upon unsuspecting cities and counties across the U.S. They will be expected to follow the federal plan to “build welcoming communities” that empower migrants and refugees, turning them into “new Americans.” Once the soil has been prepared, the seedlings will arrive. And the seedlings, according to those planning the changes for your city or town, need to be nurtured and cultivated into healthy communities of their own. They will eventually be fully “integrated,” meaning they are firmly established and able to grow within their host community, eventually overtaking the host.
The plans to transform America through immigration, as spelled out in the new White House report, involves almost every government agency working in tandem with community organizers from immigrant-rights groups like National Council for La Raza and the National Partnership for New Americans. The White House task force is headed by Cecilia Munoz, former top executive with La Raza and now Obama’s top domestic policy adviser.
The document is permeated with Orwellian euphemisms, starting with the title, Strengthening Communities by Welcoming all Residents,and continuing with its declaration of the “economic benefits of immigrant and refugee integration.”

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Springer's News From The Future

image via Springer's Blog
For those not aware of this great blog, go check em out!
A talented and witty fellow traveler @IOTWR

The Decline Of Modern Political Discourse

American political conversation, particularly in the mass media, has significantly deteriorated in recent years in a number of ways.  One of the most disturbing of these is that it increasingly no longer deals with the substance of politics but instead with group dynamics. The purpose of far too many newspaper and magazine editorials is not to convince the reader  that a particular perspective is logically or morally justified,  but to convince them that it is “mainstream”.  At the same time its goal is  not to persuade them that the alternative   perspective (and by extension those that represent it) are incorrect  but that they are “on the fringes” or “extreme”. In other words, the objective  of the article is to get its audience to conform  to what it depicts as “the popular view”. 
The article asks them not to think but to follow. The entire substance of the article is often merely a play on group dynamics.  The reader is politely informed of where he or she had better  situate themselves if they wish to avoid the status of “outsider”. The tone of the article assumes that the reader is of course already  within the mainstream and among the ranks of the “ acceptable ”; but to avoid any potential for confusion, clear lines are drawn by the author for his benefit.  Now   the opinions represented as   the most popular view may not actually be so at all and the claim may require  a one sided or skewed set of statistics for support. But that is not what is important for our purposes. What is important is the thought process of the reader. And so what we have is a model of journalism that trains its audience to be followers instead of political thinkers. 
Whereas open and rigorous discussion of the substance of political issues leads to civility because I am forced to respect the reason of my opponent, the avoidance of substance and the exploitation of this group  dynamics approach leads to incivility .  It teaches the reader to denounce and denigrate the holder of a particular view rather than to  engage their arguments.

Adiós MoFo

Well Eric, it seems like only yesterday those crazy right wingers were warning everyone that turning over the office of the Highest Law Enforcement Officer in the nation to a slick talking affirmative action public servant was going to be a mistake. Know what, they were right.  But hey, you can make those $1500 handmade Italian silk suits look good. 

While you spent your energies protecting us from counterfeit purses from overseas, you also did more then you part to further divide the country racially and politically. Your refusal to enforce the immigration laws of the United States because your boss didn't agree with them will haunt the country for decades, if not forever. Your refusal to investigate voter fraud and turning a blind eye to voter intimidation despite the evidence is now a thing of legend.

You said not long ago your biggest disappointment was you didn't get the gun ban you wanted. Too bad you didn't try harder, it would surly have been your down fall. 

But you did manage to make a mockery of the words "Civil Rights", rights that belong to ALL AMERICANS, not just for your people. Your unethical Civil Rights Division at your direction also engaged in politicized hiring practices that were unprecedented and lawless. The obtaining of telephone records of reporters and editors for The Associated Press, and harassment of news reporters critical of the administration was a sleazy intrusion and a direct attack on the first amendment.  

But you really showed your true colors with the lawsuits over voter ID laws. You're either stupid and do not understand common logic, or just another race baiter who doesn't believe in fair and honest elections.  Under your leadership the general hostility toward the spirit of the constitution and the actions of your Justice Department bordered on malfeasance in office. 

History will not judge you well I'm sure......The Most Corrupt and Unethical DOJ in the country's history. 

I do hope you enjoy living large with your lifetime golden parachute payed for in part by those gun totin' freedom loving patriotic conservative taxpayers you so despise  And it's probably a good idea that you leave now ( I know you are feeling the heat), because I believe some in congress would eventually get around to coming after your ass and put in jail where it belongs.  

Fishnet Friday

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A Whole New Meaning To “Swearing Before the Court”

Not a Fan of Perry Mason
Meet Tamah Jada Clark, a “Floridian-American” sovereign citizen who brought a whole new meaning to “swearing before the court” when she recently filed an obscenity-filled court document titled “Notice: To F*ck This Court and Everything that it Stands For” after a judge dismissed a lawsuit that she’d filed. Clark had claimed that her civil rights were violated five years ago when she was arrested in a failed attempt to break her boyfriend out of prison.

Clark’s April 20 rant is a masterpiece of Sovereign Citizen logic, explaining to U.S. District Court Judge Willis B. Hunt that she didn’t believe for one minute he even has the power to dismiss her case:

We’re not entirely clear what she’s getting at here, because, as in any good legal document, she just launches into a refutation without quite saying what it is she’s refuting. But one thing is clear: the judge is an “old, IMPOTENT geezer” and also a “F*cking b*tch.” It’s nice of her to respect the court by adding those asterisks, at least (we’ve smooshed a couple of the pages together here, to save space):

Ms. Clark goes on to explains that she knows her legal stuff real good, because she studied up for a whole month on what’s really going on in this country:
"Look here, old man, when I told you I AM Justice — I meant it. It took me about 1 month to study the history of the world and to learn the history and inner workings American jurisprudence, literally. I was born to do this here. Don’t you know that your FBI and CIA have been trying to recruit me since grade school? Lol. But they’re unscrupulous losers like you, so it won’t be happening.
Instead, I will educate the People, and hopefully one day, if we are lucky, why will rise up against you oppressive, lying traitors and hang you all for the crime you have committed against us all."
This is easily one of the most important legal documents we have ever read, and we’re quite impressed, especially because Clark attaches a 25-page supplement explaining why no one is required to pay taxes. It is from her website,  which we could easily read all day, but we won’t, because we fear we may have already numbed several parts of our cerebral cortex already.

We’re not entirely sure Clark will prevail in her quest to overturn her conviction for planning to break her boyfriend out of jail, however, since there isn’t a single word in her document about the gold fringe on Judge Hunt’s flag, which means he only has the authority to try cases involving ships at sea.

If she missed something as obvious as that, she clearly needed to study for at least another month.


Meanwhile, at the Museum of Political Comedy in Brussels.......

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Former Canuck Defense Minister: They Walk Among Us.

"Aliens have 'been visiting our planet for thousands of years' Many walk among us, 
but it can be difficult to tell them apart."

"They could walk down the street and you wouldn't know if you walked past one." 

A former Canadian Defense Minister has accused world leaders of concealing the presence of aliens.  Paul Hellyer, who was a Canadian minister from 1963 to 1967, is now urging world powers to release what he believes to be hidden data on UFOs. 
He claims that the aliens have 'been visiting our planet for thousands of years' and are unimpressed with how we live. 'We spend too much time fighting each other, we spend too much money on military expenditures and not enough on feeding the poor and looking after the homeless and sick,' he said.
Last year, the former Canadian defense minister declared on Russian TV that aliens are walking among us.  But he said they are refusing to share their advanced technologies until we change our polluting and warring ways.
There are between two and twelve total species of aliens (although some place the number closer to 80).  Some look just like humans, while others appear more like the creatures portrayed in popular culture.  
One alien species, known as the 'Tall Whites' is working with the U.S. Air Force in Nevada and has been known to pass for humans in public.  Alien technology is far more advanced, but has given us LED lights, microchips and Kevlar vests.
He told Russia Today's program SophieCo there are 80 different species of extra-terrestrials some of whom 'look just like us and they could walk down the street and you wouldn't know if you walked past one. - READ MORE

The Free Market Flips Obama the Big Bird

By Robert Janicki

Do you remember President Obama's promise to put a million hybrid and/or electric cars on U.S. highways by the end of second term in office?  Well, there seems to be a major hitch in that plan.  It's failing miserably.  Obama is behind 800, 000 hybrid and/or electric vehicles and the market for these vehicles is declining precipitously.
The auto-research group found that “22 percent of people who have traded in their hybrids and [electric vehicles] in 2015 bought a new SUV.”
This number is higher than the 18.8 percent that did the same last year, but it’s double the number that traded in their electric car for an SUV just three years ago. reports that only “45 percent of this year’s hybrid and EV trade-ins have gone toward the purchase of another alternative fuel vehicle, down from just over 60 percent in 2012. Never before have loyalty rates for alt-fuel vehicles fallen below 50 percent.
You don't have to be an economist with a Ph.d. to understand the cause of this phenomenon.  As the price of gasoline has dropped significantly, so has the financial motivation to buy hybrid or electric vehicles that promise lower operating costs relative to the higher previous price for gasoline.  The fact that alternative fuel costs and electrical prices have risen, only adds to the disincentive to buy a hybrid or electric car.
If that isn't enough disincentive, here's the deal breaker for those who really look to the future of electric vehicles.
Electric cars also suffer from issues with battery life. Each hybrid or electric car battery can cost thousands, or even tens of thousands, of dollars, which only helps tip the economic scale in favor of traditional vehicles. This number is higher than the 18.8 percent that did the same last year, but it’s double the number that traded in their electric car for an SUV just three years ago. reports that only “45 percent of this year’s hybrid and EV trade-ins have gone toward the purchase of another alternative fuel vehicle, down from just over 60 percent in 2012.”
“It wouldn’t make sense to replace a 12-year old battery with a new battery that’s going to last 12 years, because chances are the car’s not going to last that long,” Eric Ibara with Kelley Blue Book told Detroit News.
Never before have loyalty rates for alt-fuel vehicles fallen below 50 percent, Edmunds notes.

Rob Janicki is a retired educator, strong supporter of the 2nd amendment and all around good guy, as well as owner/operator of the website Wired Right  and owes me 20 bucks. 

Forty Years Ago: The Left Threw a Party

So much media attention has been devoted this month to the 150th anniversary of the end of the Civil War and the ensuing assassination of President Lincoln that it’s easy to forget the final days of another war, one that didn’t end with the stars and stripes flying high. I’m speaking of course, about the Vietnam War, which ended quite ignominiously forty years ago this April 30th.

The image was heartbreaking—soldiers and Marines crowding together atop the final American outpost in a country that wouldn’t exist the moment they lifted off. Historian Dominic Sandbrook summed up the mood:
“For the Americans who fled Saigon in those desperate hours, there were no words to describe the grief and shame they felt that morning. In two weeks, they had supervised the evacuation of six thousand Americans and more than more than fifty thousand Vietnamese: a heroic effort under any circumstances but one that fell short of an honorable exit. ‘The rest of our lives, we will be haunted by how we betrayed those people,’ one diplomat said on the USS Okinawa. ‘It made me cry when I got here. There were lots of people who were crying when they got here."
While brave military men cried and those loyal to the Republic of Vietnam were killed or deported to “reeducation camps,” the mood here at home was starkly different. Among certain segments of the population it could only be described as elation.

On May 11th, 1975 fifty thousand jubilant revelers staged a celebration in New York’s Central Park. One reporter described it as a “joyous all-day carnival of songs and speeches in the perfect sunshine.” One person in attendance told a reporter: “There’s a lot of lumps in a lot of throats. It’s unbelievable. Today is the first day I finally realize the war is over.”

“Over” was such a strange word. For Americans, the war had already been over for two years, when the last combat troops left Vietnam. But that was not enough for the most strident activists who would not rest until the country we had bled so much to protect was washed away like a sand castle on the beach.  

A reasonable person would be able to forgive the revelers if they had been merely marking the end of an acrimonious war that had inflicted so much pain on their generation. They were probably ignorant of the bloodbath on the other side of the world and, in their defense, the American press didn’t spill much ink reporting it.

But the imaginary end of hostilities is not what made that day so sweet for them. America had been humbled, even humiliated, and they threw a party.  

(Excerpted from an Essay @ Patriot Update and Well worth a read)


With the help of the words above, the point I intend to make is this: The generation of like minded activist that shared in that May celebration of America's lack of resolve for victory years ago are now the residents of the Ivory Towers they so once railed publicly against. They now hold power in this country. From the city halls of America's largest cities, to the seats of power in Washington, to the institutions of higher learning and the media, they wield more than their share of  political power, and their brainwashed apathetic offspring are following quickly in their footsteps. 

They have chosen to further divide the country, open old wounds, and declare deviance as normal. They deplore the free speech and opposing views they so demanded in their day.  They have dumbed down the education system to a point it creates politically correct easily led herds of sheep.  They declare we are 'Phobic' because of our concern for the direction of the country's culture, and for the love for what she once was and stood for.  They discount the dangers of a culture that has declared war on western civilization, make excuses for their actions and preach to us it is all our fault they hate us so.    

Just as the people of pre-world war 2 Europe watched with apathy as darkness gathered on the horizon, these same leftist activist have chosen to ignore the history of what a small bands of blood thirsty hate-filled humans with a cause can do, and instead they have declared their own war on America, it's laws and it's culture.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

On Earth Day, Remember Who Pollutes the Most....

ACC - There is no bigger polluter than government. And the greatest environmental disasters of the last century are all pretty much either directly as a result of government action or knock on effects of government action. Yet so many environmentalists continue to worship the state and it's big government regulatory powers. The greenies really need a wake-up call.

PanAm Post
The US federal government is one of the largest, if not the largest, polluter on the planet. This pollution comes both directly, with government agencies directly harming environmental quality, and indirectly, with pollution-inducing policy. The US federal government has a long and often tragic history when it comes to environmental stewardship. 
This is partly because much of the environmental bureaucracy is almost wholly beyond the control of politicians and the general public. A case in point is the Department of the Interior, an agency designed to manage federal lands, which has provoked regular environmental scandals for more than 100 years. The agency has long been protected by little other the fact that it appears to be one of the most dull, uninteresting parts of the federal bureaucracy. Reforming the Interior Department is not an issue that a politician can easily campaign on. If anything, disrupting the many vested interests could cost more votes than it wins.
Or take the Army Corps of Engineers. The Corps, best known for its engineering projects such as levees and dams along rivers, and maintaining the nation’s harbors, has done more to destroy sensitive habitats than nearly any group, public or private, in the nation’s history. It has destroyed innumerable wetland areas in the name of channeling rivers like the Mississippi.  
Both direct damage and policy failures show that the federal government is no environmental angel. If anything, its misguided work can do more harm than good. That is not saying that private actors do not pollute, but at a minimum they are held accountable for the damage they cause. This rarely happens when the the federal government is at fault.

Hillary's BS Train Delivers It's First Load to NH - Claimed That She Became Involved In Politics In 1991

 Another Campaign Visit, Another Clinton Lie

Grandma Clinton told a group of New Hampshire Voters Monday  “The first place I ever came for any political campaign was in 1991, when I was here campaigning for my husband, in October of 1991.” - ( Remarks At A Campaign  Event, 4/20/15)   


In 1968, Hillary Clinton Worked On The Presidential Campaign Of Senator Eugene McCarthy In “New Hampshire That Winter.” - “Ms. Rodham had traveled to New Hampshire several times that winter to volunteer for Mr. McCarthy, the Minnesota Democrat challenging President Lyndon B. Johnson for the Democratic nomination. Mr. McCarthy’s message — that the antiwar movement should operate within the system, not on the streets — appealed to Ms. Rodham."..... “Her political itinerary that year resembles a frenzied travelogue of youthful contradiction. She might have been the only 20-year-old in America who worked on the antiwar presidential campaign of Senator Eugene McCarthy in New Hampshire that winter and for the hawkish Republican congressman Melvin Laird in Washington that summer.” (Mark Leibovich, “In Turmoil Of ’68, Clinton Found A New Voice,” The New York Times, 9/5/07)

Clinton Worked On George McGovern’s  Campaign For President In Texas In 1972. “The McGovern campaign set up shop in an empty store front on West Sixth Street.  I had a small cubicle that I rarely occupied because I spent most of my time in the field, trying to register the newly enfranchised eighteen-to-twenty-one-year-olds and driving around South Texas working to register black and Hispanic voters.” (Hillary Clinton, “Living History,” 2003)

Clinton Was The Field Coordinator For Jimmy Carter’s 1976 Campaign In Indiana. “With Bill’s election assured, we both felt free to get involved in Carter’s campaign when he became the Democratic nominee…Upon our return to Fayetteville, Carter’s staff asked Bill to head the campaign in Arkansas and me to be the field coordinator in Indiana.  Indiana was a heavily Republican state, but Carter thought his southern roots and farming background might appeal to even Republican voters.  I thought it was a long shot, but I was game to try.” (Hillary Clinton, “Living History,” 2003) get the picture, need I go on

OKAY...we'll chalk up this one instance of bad memory *cough* 
  to that bad fall she took awhile back.

Earl Done This

Monday, April 20, 2015

Ethically Challenged & Morally Bankrupt from Inception

by Robert Janicki
If you are opposed to abortion, this will be extremely disheartening and disturbing, if not worse.  
Planned Parenthood is anything but an agency helping women to plan for motherhood.  It would better be called by what it does and what it accomplishes, which is Planned Murder, Incorporated.  And this planned murder of defenseless fetuses is done with a taxpayer subsidy of almost a half billion dollars a year. 
To understand just how despicable and detestable are the practices of Planned Parenthood, one has to just view this video , which captures various Planned Parenthood facilities helping sex traffickers with instructions on how to get abortions for minor child sex slaves.  It's disgusting, but it illustrates the base nature and purpose of Planned Parenthood and their liberal supporters. 

It was  Margaret Sanger and her liberal white cohorts that embarked on their plan to eradicate, or at least reduce, those they felt were the dregs of society through planned genocide of unborn minorities and other groups that Sanger and her acolytes felt were subhuman or served no purpose other than to muddy the genetic gene pool.  

A Good Monday Morning

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Friday, April 17, 2015

Hookers For Hillary

The Bunnies recognize that thriving economies are built from the Bottom Up

  Moonlite Bunny Ranch Babes Loves Them Some Clinton
"Nevada sex workers at Dennis Hof’s famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch have launched a “Hookers for Hillary” Clinton website that endorses the former secretary of state’s campaign for president.
The legal brothel in Carson City, which was the subject of HBO’s “Cathouse” series, has drafted a four-point platform explaining their endorsement. Earlier this month, Democratic Sen. Harry Reid received a ringing endorsement from a legal brothel in Pahrump, Nevada, called Sheri’s Ranch. In a letter, the ranch similarly commended Mr. Reid’s support for the Affordable Care Act and even offered to host the senator’s retirement party.
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Fesille Vendredi.....Se il vous plaît ne touchez pas la marchandise!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

I like a lot of what Carly Fiorina has to say, but…

Public Secrets
I like the relentlessness of her attacks on Hillary Clinton, hitting Lady Macbeth again and again on her record and her hypocrisy. The former Hewlett-Packard executive is the only (almost-) candidate in the race (so far) who can do that without exposing herself to the “sexism card.” That’s takes away one of Hillary’s main ways to dodge any difficult question. Here she is, for example, on the Left’s (and Hillary’s) “selective outrage” over corporate CEO salaries:
"She also rapped the Democrat’s recent attack on CEO pay. “I find the selective outrage of the left kind of interesting. They don’t seem to be outraged by the salaries that movie stars make. They don’t seem to be outraged by the salaries that sports stars make. They don’t seem to be outraged by a lot of salaries except for CEOs,” she said."
True enough: they’re happy to fly to California or New York and schmooze the wealthy glitterati (including sports owners). Their salaries are apparently pure as the driven snow. But the head of an investment bank or industrial firm? EVIL!!
Funny, though, how she’s willing to take their money. Perhap’s she has the “Royal Touch” that heals cash payola of its evil the moment she lays hands on it.
Anyway, back to Carly Fiorina and my hesitation. I’d be more comfortable with her as a potential POTUS if she had first won a lesser race, including the Senate race she lost against the eminently beatable Barbara Boxer. If the “feisty Fiorina” I’m seeing now had shown up then, I think she might have taken it. Clinton is likewise eminently beatable, but if Fiorina were nominated and her 2010 version showed up…
That said, and while I don’t doubt the sincerity of what she’s saying, I think Carly Fiorina is running more for vice-president than president.
Still, for however long she’s in the race, it will be fun to see her kick Her Majesty in the shins again and again.