Wednesday, August 31, 2022

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Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Just Get Used To It You Little 'Semi-Fascists' Pigs

One would think the Democrats might have learned from Hillary Clinton’s 2016 mistake and avoided insulting half the voters they’re supposed to win over as stupid, undemocratic buffoons. But that would require them to first stop thinking of half the electorate as morons who have a soft spot for totalitarianism — which is, apparently, too much to ask.

The guy who promised to restore civility and decency and normalcy to the Oval Office wants you to know you’re a “semi-fascist” if you voted for DJT instead of him. It’s not clear whether Biden actually knows what fascism is since, these days, he can’t be relied upon to know whose hand he shook (if there is even really someone there to shake it) within a two-minute time frame.

When asked to explain what Biden meant by “semi-fascism,” White House press secretary Karen Jong-Perrier went a step further and attributed the label to the entire Republican Party.

Karen Jong-Perrier has had enough of yo Shit

There’s no question both sides of the political aisle are drawn to hyperbole and exaggerations, but this is ridiculous. Though fascism itself is a term that has been debated since the 1920's, it is easy to say what fascism is not:

It is not an ideology that advocates robust free speech and religious rights for all people, which conservatism does. It is not a political party that supports giving voters the power to decide abortion restrictions in their states, which the GOP does. It is not a movement that opposes draconian uses of federal power, such as sweeping COVID-19 vaccine mandates and costly student loan debt forgiveness, which conservatism does. And it is definitely not a political party that protests the weaponization of key institutions like Big Tech and the FBI against political dissidents, which the Republican Party does.

As George Orwell put it, “the word fascism has now no meaning except in so far as it signifies ‘something not desirable.’” For Democrats, fascism simply means anything they don’t like, and anything that might possibly threaten their control over the governing establishment.

Monday, August 29, 2022

Don't Believe the Media's Midterms Homestretch Hype

Excerpted from PJM 

Summer is winding down, and the election that seemed like it would never come is just a little over two months away. The Democrats have been feeling a lot more chipper lately, and the Republicans have been greatly tempering the enthusiasm they’ve been feeling for most of the year. The Democrat propagandists in the mainstream media have been positively aglow with optimism in recent weeks, gushing about Biden’s presidency being completely transformed and rescued from the gutter. The fantastical storytelling bears no resemblance to reality, of course, but that never gets in the way of the Kool-Aid Kids.

When the Democrats recently took the lead on the RealClearPolitics generic ballot there was weeping and gnashing of teeth all throughout GOP Land. But that bump was short-lived

The Democrat media hacks will be in full-court press mode between now and election day to make it seem like everything is rainbows and puppies and Obama riding on a unicorn.

They’ll be working overtime to convince people that what’s happening isn’t really happening. And what’s happening is this fetid garbage Joe Biden economy. There aren’t any quick fixes for the Let’s Go Brandon inflation quagmire that the United States finds itself in right now. The Democratic base may be stupid enough to believe that the Inflation Reduction Act will actually reduce inflation, but the rest of us still have to buy groceries. Whatever voter apathy may have potentially been a problem for the GOP was almost certainly taken care of by Merrick Garland and the Biden Stasi. Voters who may have been willing to sit this one out are probably nice and fired up now. 

Democrats can paint all of the pretty pictures that they want to for the next couple of months but none of their efforts will gloss over the enormous damage that President Eightyonemillion and the commie cabal running his brain have done to this country.

They know it too.

A Good Monday Morning

Sunday, August 28, 2022

Biden Pentagon So Woke It Doesn't Want To kill Civilians Anymore!

On the surface, sounding like something dreamed up over hors d'oeuvres at a coastal elite communist sex party thrown by Joe & Hunter Biden and George Soros for their new best friends, the new 87,000 IRS paratroopers,  Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has released a new plan to severely reduce the number of casualties caused by American troops in war. And you thought Biden's military was woke before, banning the high-testosterone laden Alphas and replacing them with double vaccinated drag queens? Or stopped teaching Navy SEALs to be Navy SEALs and instead just teach them how to be pronouns?

The New York Times explains that the Pentagon's new plan aims to change the whole culture so that preventing collateral damage is seen as part of the mission, rather than just some sidepiece. (Here's the whole plan if you like documents.)

As if it's not always been technically considered best practices to try not to kill civilians (DUH), but now everyone can pull out their cell phone and share very quickly with the world when American troopers do terrible awful things like kill the enemies of civilization's pet dog or Abdulla's wife/house slave accidentally gets blowed up.

Heavens forbid the military were to harm an international terrorist's gardener or his favorite sex partner's veterinarian when an American Fly Boy drops a thousand pound smart bomb through the window of Mohammed's man-cave. The directive contains 11 major objectives aimed at helping commanders and operators better understand the presence of noncombatants before any operations begin. It includes steps like embedding officials with the specific duty of mitigating civilian harm through policy components of the Pentagon. (Old Soviet Political Officers come to mind here)

The statement is short on actual mechanics, but this could be a job creator for Brandon, with a surplus of public school grief councilors and a crop of freshly graduated social workers we can imagine them hired as 'pre-attack collateral damage consultants', sent in to explaining to the civilian population what a cruise missile does to a mudbrick building, or that a 50 cal make really nasty holes and that they might consider relocating their ass down the street a piece before the shit starts.

FYI-in case you were worried we were going totally woke. This from Marc Garlasco, a former Pentagon official. “This is a sea change. It doesn’t mean civilians won’t be killed in war anymore. They will."

Friday, August 26, 2022

Middle Finger Symphony Theater

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Thursday, August 25, 2022

Your Official Almost Semi-World Famous Irredeemable Mid-Week Open Thread

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Wednesday, August 24, 2022

The Shortage Is Not Just For The Reasons Said

I have two good friends who are honored educators, both at the secondary level. One in New Orleans and the other in Kansas City. Helping a young person grow under their tutelage was all they ever wanted to do. But now, like many others of their profession, they have chosen not to return to teach this year. And not just because of reasons the media have you believe is causing a shortage. 

Both teachers have concerns about the present nature of the education system, the dumbing down of curriculum, a union that is nothing now but an extortion racket and a money bag for the democrat party.  Not to mention the exorbitant funding of councilors for the easily triggered snowflakes and the teenage gender confused and those with trendy queer allusions, all at the expense of the needs of teachers.

But both firmly agreed the one real pressing reason they and others nation wide are leaving the profession early can't be solved in today's academic atmosphere. To help me understand, one sent me a link to a academic journal.

In the article "Art Class, White Feelings, and the School-to-Prison Pipeline," an assistant professor at Appalachian State University recently argued that enforcing behavioral standards in public high schools is rooted in racism and unfairly affects Black students. Dr Albert Stabler writes that the desire to punish students for violating school rules, especially when the police are involved, is the result of “the overvaluation of White feelings.”
The article, in The Journal of Social Theory in Art Education, which you can poke at here, contains many wonders, generally of a kind only the woke can conjure into being.  Dr Stabler confessed his innate wrongness – “I am a white teacher” – before disdaining the “white feelings” of fellow educators who objected to being punched and humiliated with increasing frequency and with something close to impunity.

Among them, our woke educator’s immediate predecessor, a female art teacher whose hair was once forcibly cut by a black student. These objections were denounced by Dr Stabler as constituting “white supremacist violence,” while the actual violence, the punching and cutting and so forth was waved aside as a display of the students’ “cultural knowledge” and “kinetic” creativity.

Apparently, hearing that your immediate predecessor was harassed and assaulted, and reduced to tears on a daily basis by the same teenagers you’re hoping to teach about art couldn’t possibly be a warning sign, or have any informational content beyond a belief that those indulging in the disruption, harassment and assault must be steeped in “cultural knowledge.”

Other examples of students displaying their “cultural knowledge”  and “kinetic” creativity  include the punching of white male teachers, who subsequently agonized over whether to press charges, and which prompts Dr. Stabler to deploy the euphemism “interpersonal conflict.” Our terribly caring educator also briefly mentions threats made against him personally by students, an atmosphere “fraught with aggression,” and the “second-hand trauma” of the violence he “witnessed and heard about.”

“In no way do I consider violence a trivial matter,” says he. And yet it seems one shouldn’t complain about such things or expect the perpetrators to face the customary consequences on account of their Magic Blackness.

Rather than relying on expectations of norms of civilized behavior, white teachers must disregard their “white feelings”,  a euphemism for dignity and physical safety, and fret about the browner, more important feelings of their assailants and tormentors, the people who wish to dominate and degrade them on grounds that thugs and budding sociopaths will be morally improved by being granted ever-greater indulgence and race-based exemptions from normal consequences.

Such are the convolutions of wokeness.
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Monday, August 22, 2022

Unused Tater Memes for Sale at Big Discounts!

CNN gave Tater Stelter his marching orders last Wednesday and canceled his little Sunday show. #BoycottCNN was trending Sunday, but that may not even be necessary. Because really, who is even going to bother watching? As desperately as the pundit class wants to believe in it, there just isn't some massive untapped audience of Rockefeller Republicans, and those that do exist are probably already watching.

Most people watched just to see if Tater's bulbous noggin would explode.

CNN as a network is to cable news what Yahoo! is to news aggregators, what the Labour Party is to British politics, what the Cubs are to Chicago sports. An also-ran with no clear sense of identity, no purpose, and no real reason to exist.

A Good Monday Morning

Friday, August 19, 2022

Middle Finger Symphony Theater

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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Your Official Almost Semi-World Famous Irredeemable Mid-Week Open Thread

The Cat is Drunk Again, and the Dog Won't Stop Talking About Georgia Football.  So I, Your Beloved Editrix Needs To Step Away and Turns Things Over to You, The Reader.

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Media: We come not to bury Liz, but to praise her......

Chris Wallace: Cheney's concession speech was a "declaration of war on Donald Trump” 

9pm - Liz walks in........flicks the light switch........which sends an echoing click through her empty room. The silence is so loud, her heels on the floor send ripples out across the hardwood, bouncing off the far wall and colliding back on themselves. She opens the fridge and pours a large tumbler of wine and sits down kicking her shoes off........then guzzles the whole glass. She gets up and sulks toward the shower, carrying the bottle with her....stopping to kick the wall and mumble something about Lincoln.

Liz's obvious substance abuse problem (pepperoni) likely contributed to her defeat.

Democrat and the sycophant media admiration for her is directly proportional to her disdain for DJT. Otherwise, to them, she's no better than your average hillbilly from Bugtussle.

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Kamala Harris, Space Oddity

Powerline- I used to think that the most absurd collected quote book was The Quotable Kofi Annan, which the UN put out in 2003. It contained gems such as, “To make sure that the intergovernmental machinery has the support it deserves, we must also make sure that the United Nations Secretariat is much more nimble and responsive to changing needs.” With profundity like that, we know that we are in the presence of no ordinary mind.

But I underestimated the potential of Kamala Harris, whose prodigious propensity for word-salading has gone galactic, as this new clip demonstrates:

Monday, August 15, 2022

Merrick Garland's Panty Raid.

Maybe Merrick is a great admirer of J. Edgar Hoover and likes to wear dresses and stuff.  Garland is a Democrat after all, so you never know with them. Maybe he’s a sick perv and likes to scratch and sniff. Who knows?

One could only hope the Merrick wanted to raid Trump’s Mar-A-Largo to add some of Melania’s clothing to his personal boudoir, but we ought to be extremely cautious that Gestapo Garland isn’t abusing his authority for far more nefarious purposes.

Dictatorships come into power quickly and rely on accusing people of “treason,” “insurrection,” and many other anti-government activities. The question is, are we educated enough in history as a society to reject such attempts at total government control? Regardless of party doing it, we should recognize that once government goes to declaring people as traitors, that it’s common that government turns against its own supporters. Does anybody outside of a sensationalizing media weasel really buy into the idea that this was about nuclear codes?

A Good Monday Morning

Friday, August 12, 2022

Middle Finger Symphony Theater

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Thursday, August 11, 2022

What Your Favorite Classic Rock Band Says About You.

Complied by Middle Finger News Entertainment Reporter, Roach Clip Johnson, During a Series of Recent Lucid Moments

The Doors: You have been bitten by an animal while trying to get it stoned.
Jimi Hendrix: You are under 20 or over 65.
Black Sabbath: Your greatest joy is painting in unventilated rooms.
The Grateful Dead: Your stories about the ‘70s make your daughter’s roommates at Tufts very uncomfortable.
T-Rex: No matter how much you clean, there will always be trace amounts of glitter on your stove and blender.
Pink Floyd: Your garage is full of failed versions of your stereo/barbecue hybrid.
ZZ Top: Your favorite Hank Williams is Hank Williams, Jr.
Chicago: You are incapable of talking about Chicago without mentioning their horn section.
Crosby, Stills & Nash: You own an oversized hat.
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: You own three or more oversized hats.
Jefferson Airplane: You make your living buying and selling oversized hats.
Bad Company: You have sustained several alcohol-related injuries involving sheetrock.
Lynyrd Skynyrd: You somehow have both long hair and a sunburned scalp.
Steely Dan: You have snorted cocaine off a copy of Remembrance of Things Past.
Yes: Your ideal partner would be into both tantric sex and fat guys.
Creedence Clearwater Revival: You are frequently missing part of an eyebrow.
Van Halen: You have a Peeing Calvin bumper sticker on your Ford F100.
Bachman-Turner Overdrive: You have an actual urine stain on your Ford F100.
AC/DC: You are the cause of the urine stain.
Santana: You have had an hours-long conversation with someone before realizing it was just a pile of clothes.
The Band: You have misspelled your name while carving it into a picnic table.
The Doobie Brothers: You have swallowed exactly two spiders—one accidentally, one on purpose.
Bob Seger: You lost your virginity in a Chevette with a spoiler.
Alice Cooper: You have burned yourself while urinating on a campfire.
Tangerine Dream: You have spent over 30 minutes petting a tennis ball.
Traffic: You have several incense scars.
Emerson, Lake and Palmer: You have several self-inflicted incense scars.
Blind Faith: You constantly misuse the word “penultimate.”
Joni Mitchell: You have accidentally eaten more than half of a scented candle.
Steppenwolf: You have three or more cigarette burns in hard-to-reach places.
Joe Walsh: You have fired a gun while in your underwear.
Ozzy Osbourne: You have barbecued a frozen pizza at 3 a.m.
King Crimson: You have spent an entire afternoon watching a screensaver.
Stevie Nicks: You have thrown a mood ring in anger.
Bruce Springsteen: You have tasted more than one color of crayon.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Brandon Declares Mission Accomplished.

Your Official Almost Semi-World Famous Irredeemable Mid-Week Open Thread

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Monday, August 8, 2022

Of course it's not political. Why do you ask?

The FBI has immediately leaked the details of the raid on Mar A Lago to The New York Times. But yeah, it’s not political. If you don’t see the Rubicon that is being crossed by the FBI conducting a raid on a former and likely future political opponent’s home, I can’t help you. 

The president with the lowest approval ratings in our lives just had his department of justice’s FBI raid the private home of the leading candidate to replace him in the next election. 

Whether or not you're a fan of Donald Trump, you should realize this is dangerous territory.

A Good Monday Morning

Friday, August 5, 2022

Middle Finger Symphony Theater

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Thursday, August 4, 2022

A Desperate CNN President Pleads for GOP Lawmakers to Please Come Back πŸ™„

According to a post at the Free Beacon, CNN President Chris Licht went to Capital Hill last week and quietly met behind closed doors with high members of the GOP in a carefully arranged meeting to avoid alerting the reptiles reporters who slither the halls of the Capitol, and to accommodate Republican lawmakers who preferred not to be seen hobnobbing with media pond scum. Licht's message: We’re sorry. Please, come back.

Licht and his boss, Warner Brothers Discovery chief David Zaslav met briefly with Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy. Licht's schtick was the network would give Republican lawmakers ample airtime and honest dialogue, saying they are committed to reshaping the image of CNN no matter the ratings. The charm offensive underscores Licht's effort to reverse the course set by his predecessor pushed out of CNN in February, who had transformed CNN into ground zero for the strident nasty resistance to DJT and Republicans more broadly, adopting nakedly partisan stances that would once have seemed out of line strange in a newsroom.

Licht's pitch was a tough sell given the putrid hostility CNN anchors have expressed toward Republicans and their voters. And after sticking a proverbial middle finger in anyone's face who didn’t subscribe to left-wing groupthink, gaining the trust of conservative viewers will be no easy task.

Except for the mercy killing of CNN's embarrassing failure of their digital media project, CNN+,  Licht has made few personnel changes, and CNN employs a type of host who may be resentful and try and stonewall any improving relationship between CNN and the Right. It’s going to be hard to convince Republicans that CNN has moved to the middle when you promote sleazy characters like Don Lemon, Brianna "Twinkies" Keilar, and Jim Acosta.

Even if CNN pulls off a turn to the middle, it’s likely that most former viewers won’t return to the channel to find out if the newly reported reputation is accurate.  When you lie about everything, viewers won’t believe what you say about your own network either.

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Your Official Almost Semi-World Famous Irredeemable Mid-Week Open Thread

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Monday, August 1, 2022

"A one hour Critical Race Theory experience disguised as a tour.”

NYP - The globalist billionaire who funded the woke transformation of Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello paid for a similar overhaul of James Madison’s house — where the author of the US Constitution has been shoved into a supporting role, while slavery and racism take center stage.

No American flags fly at Montpelier, Madison’s plantation home in rural Virginia, and not a single display focuses on the life and accomplishments of America’s foremost political philosopher, who created our three-branch federal system of government, wrote the Bill of Rights and the Federalist Papers, and served two terms as president.

Instead, blindsided tourists are hammered by high-tech exhibits about Madison’s slaves and current racial conflicts, thanks to a $10 million grant from left-leaning philanthropist David M. Rubenstein. 

In May, the National Trust for Historic Preservation, which owns the home, forced the board to accept a slate of left-wing activist members in the name of racial equity.

The new members aim to transform Montpelier into “a black history and black rights organization that could care less about James Madison and his legacy,” board member Mary Alexander, a documented descendant of Madison’s slave Paul Jennings, told the Orange County Review.  “There were hundreds of thousands of slave owners,” Alexander said. “But not hundreds of thousands who wrote the Constitution.”

“The worst part were the gross historical inaccuracies and constant bias exhibited by the tour guide,” complained Alex Z., who visited July 8. "A one hour Critical Race Theory experience disguised as a tour.”

Visitors to Montpelier get to see just three rooms in the sprawling mansion. The estate “made Madison the philosopher, farmer, statesman, and enslaver that he was,” the guide said as The Post’s group entered the home — a line she repeated at the end of her spiel.

Hurricane Katrina flooding, the Ferguson riots, incarceration, and more all trace back to slavery, according to a 10-minute multi-screen video. Another exhibit damns every one of the nation’s first 18 presidents — even those, like John Adams and Abraham Lincoln, who never owned slaves — for having benefited from slavery in some way.

The only in-depth material about the Constitution itself appears in a display that pushes the claim, championed by the controversial 1619 Project, that racism was the driving force behind the entire American political system.

If that doesn't sicken you, you can read further Here.

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