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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Progressives' Good Riddance Attitude Toward Small Business


Progressives have become increasingly cavalier about the economic consequences of raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour. One such disciple of doom to small business is Rep. Ro Khanna (D–Calif.) who said on CNN earlier this week when asked about whether hard-pressed small businesses would be able to absorb the mandated pay hike "I think $15 is very reasonable in this country."

Khanna's seemingly blasé acknowledgment that the Democrats' minimum wage proposal would force some small businesses to shut down sparked immediate criticism. But progressive allies of Khanna claim if a business is unable to pay a $15 minimum, that business should not be considered a viable enterprise. In other words, Good Riddance.

It must be noted here that Ro Khanna is a lawyer and former Deputy Assistant Secretary in the Department of Commerce in Barky Obama's regulation happy Administration, has never produced or sold anything and obviously should, but doesn't, know what small business have to do to stay afloat.  But a callous attitude towards small business owners in light of the difficulties they're already facing amid a pandemic and related public health restrictions is par for the course for these regressive troglodytes.

Given how many mom-and-pop operations would struggle to cope with a $15 federal minimum wage, these progs like Khanna are writing off a huge number of existing businesses that are the back bone of America as essentially worthless.  Nationally, about a third of small businesses have closed since the start of the pandemic.  And even if one isn't inclined to shed a tear for mom-and-pop businesses, it's not like the current lower-wage employees of those businesses would be made better off either. They'd stand to make $0 an hour if their employer shuts down. And even if the business does survive, those employees still risk cuts to their hours.

Grocery stores are particularly sensitive to sudden increases in their labor costs given the typically tight margins those businesses operate on. Even if one thinks it's fine for businesses that pay low wages to go extinct, their shuttering also means fewer job options for low-wage workers and fewer entry level jobs for young adults in poorer communities. There's no social justice in that.

I must also note here, as I have about others in previous posts, that Rep. Khanna is another first generation child of immigrants, who's parents came through the system and immigrated legally, were welcomed with open arms and granted all the advantages and privileges' of the native born, contributed to America greatness and lived a successful life, only to have their regressive douchebag offspring go to work to tear it all down in the name of cancerous progressivism. This putz need to be unseated and sent back to chasing ambulances for a living.

[Reason Mag]

Thursday, February 18, 2021

I Will Not Be Participating in Your New Culture Wars

There I was, stranded by a snowstorm and nothing better to do, reading up on what a journalist unjustly pushed out of his left-wing muckracking gig (one with whom I disagree about nearly everything) had to say about the forced resignation of a reporter from a newspaper I no longer read over the meta-ethics of using a racial slur in a non-derogatory context during a field trip for rich kids to South America that probably cost more than six months of most people's mortgage.

Then I checked my social media "feed",  only to discover that my attention was needed elsewhere. You see, an actress I have never heard of, who rose to prominence in a sport I loathe, had been fired from a television program I have no plans of ever watching on an online streaming platform that I would never subscribe to for employing a tired but once-popular Holocaust-derived analogy in an argument about well, I really don't know, but I was supposed to be thrilled that she is now engaged in an unnamed new film venture with another journalist whose work I don't care to read

Sandwiched between these two incidents was at least one other pseudo-controversy involving the inconsistent application of privacy rules at the aforementioned paper. It led to a once-pseudonymous blogger, who was supposed to be the subject of an abandoned profile, outing himself and then being written about in a somewhat nastier manner by the same publication. This in turn gave rise to dozens of impassioned defenses of the unlucky scribe by countless other 40-something male bloggers, including one prominent defender of polygamy.

What the hell am I doing reading this crap in my precious extra time I thought. In all of these and goodness knows how many other cases or whatever the word is supposed to be for these extended online sessions, what was being elicited was an intense fury that, upon a moment's reflection, I realized I did not actually feel. 

This is not because I do not care about truth or justice or any of the rather grand-sounding words trotted out by online sophist whenever we do these things, but because even when I squint and see how they enter at least proximately into the incident, it is not clear to me what my being outraged would accomplish.

I think the best way of illustrating my point is to mention what brought me to this point of thinking. It was yet another recent example of the tendency I am simultaneously decrying and refusing to engage with: the increasingly commonplace and utterly ludicrous contention that Western art music is the product of some kind of white supremacist conspiracy that is perpetuated every time someone praises or even listens to a work such as 'Fidelio'. 

Attempting to rebut a person who says that Beethoven was merely an "above-average" composer and that the centrality of tone in 19th-century music is a racist plot is a mug's game. One's intended interlocutors are simply not arguing in good faith.

There are only three conceivable responses to such idiotic assertions. The first, that of the indefatigable John McWhorter, is to attempt meaningful adult conversation, which is a bit like trying to convince someone making fart noises that your preferred translation of an 11th-century Japanese court romance is worth reading.

The second is performative indignation, as seen best in it's natural habitat, the Tweeter. This often feels good and occasionally allows us to enjoy feelings of camaraderie. But among other things I worry that when something becomes a wedge issue in these culture-war arguments, sooner or later the actual object (in this case the music of Beethoven) recedes into the horizon, merely instrumental if not irrelevant. This is a familiar pattern in the so-called "canon wars" of the last few decades: The entire modern history of the conservative movement might as well be the story of otherwise intelligent 20-somethings devoting their lives to defending "the products of Western civilization" without betraying even the slightest familiarity, much less sincere interest, in this vaguely defined corpus.

The third possible response is the one that seems to me the most reasonable. It is silence. Never mind the other considerations. The truth is that I cannot change the fact that all of America's institutions, political, economic, cultural,  are controlled by mendacious philistines.

But I can ignore these people, robbing them of the only thing that really matters to them: their ability to impose their will upon me and millions of others.   *burp*

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Pelosi's Spiteful, Maliciously Childish Pettiness on Full Display

In the years since DJT upended American politics by destroying the planned coronation of Hillary Clinton as President, Democrats have been revealing themselves almost daily as the most bitter and spiteful politicians in the country’s history since the last time their party tried to destroy it in the 1860s.  And if this is the kind of unity Democrats are pushing now, they going to be in for a real surprise when they find out 75 million Americans aren’t buying it.

On January 3rd, every member of the 117th Congress was permitted to have a family member witness the official swearing in from the House gallery. Today speaker Pelosi denied the request for Rep. Claudia Tenney’s son to be in the gallery. Newly elected New York Rep.Tenney and her family have waited three months since the November election for Tenney to finally be sworn-in to the seat she flipped red.

According to The Daily Caller, Tenney’s son, a graduate of the prestigious Naval Academy, and now an officer in the United States Marines, was not allowed to attend the ceremony.

Most sane Americans would consider that the kind of man you’d trust your life to – considering the country is entrusting its existence to him and to men and women like him and has been for more than 200 years now. But apparently “most sane Americans” doesn’t’ include a vengeful and bitter Nancy Pelosi or her staff.

The Democratic Party has made no secret of the fact that it distrusts the military, look at the insulting “vetting” process for the National Guard that took place before the swearing-in of president 46* on Jan. 20.  But it is surprising that this kind of distrust would be placed on such a personal level.  Representative Tenny was first elected in 2016, then lost to Democrat Anthony Brindisi in the 2018 midterms, but has regained her seat. That means she’s at least somewhat of a known quantity. And if her son were the kind of military officer liberals like to pretend are hiding under every bed ...“white supremacist,” dangerous to democracy, bent on overthrowing the government they’ve sworn to protect etc.... it’s a good chance Capitol security would know about it.

All of which makes this look like an exercise in typical Pelosi pettiness rather than any actual security measure. A Punitive response of a 5 year old on the part of Pelosi attempting to demonstrate power and control.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Has Parler Peed in the Leftist' Punch Bowl??

Social media company Parler, which has been under attack from the far-left for their egregious sins of allowing views opposed to their own, may have have secured a new home after Amazon pulled the plug on hosting the company. The Washington Examiner reported Monday evening Parler is in the process of meeting requirements for securing hosting of their site by Epik, an internet webhosting company that also hosts Gab.

Predictively, the nasty left-wing media activist at VICE weren't happy about the news as were commies at The Southern Poverty Law Center, who has criticized Epik for hosting other social media sites associated with the over used word "far-right." The company, which is based in Seattle, argues that it hosts these sites due to its commitment to the idea of free speech.

The company also defended Parler, arguing that it was not being treated fairly by Big Tech companies like Twitter and Facebook. It said these entities operate by an “undeniable double standard” when it comes to their enforcement of their rules.

Still, anyone who has been paying attention knows that the far-left and its adherents in the activist media have been laying in wait to shut Parler down. Progressives have railed against the company, complaining that it became an echo chamber for conservatives who were fed up at the biased censorship at Twitter and Facebook.  Of course, it never crossed their minds to consider the fact that their politically-motivated silencing of conservative accounts made platforms like Gab and Parler necessary in the first place.

The left did not try to destroy Parler because they had anything to do with political violence from the right.  They are not as concerned over conspiracy theories as they might want us to think.  Their motivation should be clear to everyone by now: They do not want conservatives to express their views on platforms they do not control.

For the time being, it seems that they have failed in their attempt to wipe Parler off the internet permanently. But they have already openly discussed going after email providers and financial institutions that do business with platforms they don’t like.

Power To The Correct People!!

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Firefox Joins the Internet Stalinist

Mozilla Says ‘Deplatforming’ Trump Not Enough, Wants to 
Shield Internet from ‘Bad Actors’ as Users

The developers of the Firefox browser, the non-profit Mozilla Corp, jumped on the Stalinist bandwagon and announced more must be done to keep Donald Trump and other “bad actors” out of your precious cyberspace. They don't give any hint as to who will determine who's a "bad actor" or not.

In the blog post titled ‘We need more than deplatforming, the open-source software community said that Twitter’s decision to permanently ban Trump from its platform didn’t go far enough in weeding out “hate” on the internet. Blaming DJT for the events at the Capital Wednesday, the tech group argued that “white supremacy is about more than any one personality.”
 “We need solutions that don’t start after untold damage has been done. Changing these dangerous dynamics requires more than just the temporary silencing or permanent removal of bad actors from social media platforms.”
The group proposed a number of anti-privacy measures to help protect the internet from verboten views, like internet ads should list who paid for them, how much they are paying, who is being targeted and algorithms so that people can examine what kind of content is being promoted. Yeah that's the ticket! Free Speech Be Damned!

Mozilla also tweeted out "claiming that the unrest at the Capitol was the “culmination of a four-year disinformation campaign orchestrated by the President”, while totally ignoring the fact the mainstream media and congressional members use of social media during the four year bombardment of lies and disinformation about the Russia Collusion Hoax that did more to disrupt the country than any one man could ever do. 

Some users shot back at Mozilla's statement on the tweeter:
"your bio is literally "We work to ensure the internet remains a public resource that is open and accessible to all." 
"If you truly had the moral high ground, would you need to prevent your opponents from speaking?" 
"The political left's attempts to silence ideas they cannot, or will not, debate are a confession of intellectual bankruptcy."
I have a better idea Mozilla. How about you stick to making your crappy browser and leave the issue of free speech and direction of the internet to the users. I personally don't use Firefox because I find it clunky, a memory hog and doesn't play well with the professional application I use in my work. It's only redeeming quality in my book is is a very useful bookmark sidebar (copied from the old Opera Browser) that other browser developers would do well to take note of.  So really Mozilla,  I could care less what your fag loving directors think anyway.

Saturday, January 2, 2021

Rob Reiner Lives Up to his "Meathead" Moniker

The only thing liberal in Hollywood these days are their liberal fantasies of being political science/ constitutional law experts, and goofy ideas of what the constitution actually says. Knowledge that sounds mostly gathered from tweeter post and late night television. One such expert, Rob Reiner, who regularly channels his inner Michael Stivic, took to the tweeter to attack Republican who are planning on challenging the electoral college results.
At last count, 140 Republicans house members and 6 Senators are expected to join the effort to challenge the results. Reiner’s claim that lawmakers will be committing “sedition and treason” has no basis in law, not constitutional or Hollywood docudrama law.

He doesn't mention four years ago, several House Democrats objected to the electoral results of Trump’s 2016 presidential victory.   Of course that matters not to Reiner who endorsed Joe Biden and fundraised big bucks, and has made ridiculous accusations against DJT like almost daily promoting the Russian hoax propaganda, even calling him a murderer and a Nazi on social media.

Wealth can insolate you from much of society's ills, but herd stupidity is not one of them.

I find the fact Hollywood pretends to take the high road while actually going beyond civility and playing a large part in destroying the political discourse in America disgusting.

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

And Now They're Mugging Homer

I've read The Iliad & The Odyssey five times. Once reluctantly because I had to. Four times because I wanted to. It was part of my youth and education that I cherish to this day because of the way it was taught to me. Some will understand that. Most won't. But it was really no surprise considering the present day cancel culture when I opened my email and saw the link sent to me by a old schoolmate. It made me realize this is truly no longer the world I was born into.......

"A sustained effort is under way to deny children access to literature. Under the slogan #DisruptTexts, critical-theory ideologues, schoolteachers and Twitter agitators are purging and propagandizing against classic texts—everything from Homer to F. Scott Fitzgerald to Dr. Seuss.

Their ethos holds that children shouldn’t have to read stories written in anything other than the present-day vernacular—especially those “in which racism, sexism, ableism, anti-Semitism, and other forms of hate are the norm,” as young-adult novelist Padma Venkatraman writes in School Library Journal. No author is valuable enough to spare, Ms. Venkatraman instructs: “Absolving Shakespeare of responsibility by mentioning that he lived at a time when hate-ridden sentiments prevailed, risks sending a subliminal message that academic excellence outweighs hateful rhetoric.”

The subtle complexities of literature are being reduced to the crude clanking of “intersectional” power struggles. Thus Seattle English teacher Evin Shinn tweeted in 2018 that he’d “rather die” than teach “The Scarlet Letter,” unless Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel is used to “fight against misogyny and slut-shaming.”

Outsiders got a glimpse of the intensity of the #DisruptTexts campaign recently when self-described “antiracist teacher” Lorena Germán complained that many classics were written more than 70 years ago: “Think of US society before then & the values that shaped this nation afterwards. THAT is what is in those books.”

Jessica Cluess, an author of young-adult fiction, shot back: “If you think Hawthorne was on the side of the judgmental Puritans . . . then you are an absolute idiot and should not have the title of educator in your twitter bio.” An online horde descended, accused Ms. Cluess of racism and “violence,” and demanded that Penguin Random House cancel her contract. The publisher hasn’t complied, perhaps because Ms. Cluess tweeted a ritual self-denunciation: “I take full responsibility for my unprovoked anger toward Lorena Germán. . . . I am committed to learning more about Ms. Germán’s important work with #DisruptTexts. . . . I will strive to do better.”

That didn’t stop Ms. Cluess’s literary agent, Brooks Sherman, from denouncing her “racist and unacceptable” opinions and terminating their professional relationship. The demands for censorship appear to be getting results. “Be like Odysseus and embrace the long haul to liberation (and then take the Odyssey out of your curriculum because it’s trash),” tweeted Shea Martin in June. “Hahaha,” replied Heather Levine, an English teacher at Lawrence (Mass.) High School. “Very proud to say we got the Odyssey removed from the curriculum this year!”

When I contacted Ms. Levine to confirm this, she replied that she found the inquiry “invasive.” The English Department chairman of Lawrence Public Schools, Richard Gorham, didn’t respond to emails.   
“It’s a tragedy that this anti-intellectual movement of canceling the classics is gaining traction among educators and the mainstream publishing industry,” says science-fiction writer Jon Del Arroz, one of the rare industry voices to defend Ms. Cluess. “Erasing the history of great works only limits the ability of children to become literate.” 

He’s right. If there is harm in classic literature, it comes from not teaching it. Students excused from reading foundational texts may imagine themselves lucky to get away with YA novels instead—that’s what the #DisruptTexts people want—but compared with their better-educated peers they will suffer a poverty of language and cultural reference. Worse, they won’t even know it."

If there is something wrong with classic literature, it's because it's not being taught. Students who do not have the right to read such great works will suffer from language poverty and lack of cultural references. Τhe sad thing is that these views of proglodytes and fanatics are becoming more and more numerous. Western civilization, instead of moving forward by holding on solid foundations, is moving towards the disappearance of its very essence.

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Monday, December 21, 2020

Beam Mr. Sulu To the Nearest Unfriendly Planet

George Takei, best know to most as Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu, the guy who pretended to drive around a big ass flying saucier with Cadillac fins and being yelled at by William Shatner on television has always been a pretty nasty, angry leftist. Now he's just an elderly washed-up antagonistic Homo, spouting bizarre or hateful things to and about Republicans on the tweeter. This weekend he channeled this inner bitch and sounded as if he was openly wishing for the severe illness or possible death of one of them. Saturday Senator Marco Rubio tweeted out that he was so confident in the COVID-19 vaccine that he took it himself.

Takei didn't let the opportunity pass him by:
Friend and Foe alike showed their displeasure. A Sample:
@Joelmpetlin - "You can strongly disagree with someone's policies without wishing them a painful death. It's sad that this has to be said periodically on Twitter, but here we are nevertheless." 
@TheRightColumn - "The US Left wishing death on the US Right, while simultaneously thinking of themselves as the good guys, is very on brand." 
@PBeq2 - Amazing how libs say they are tolerant of other but always go personal first. You may be a Sci Fi icon, but so are a lot of B actors. 
@josephcphillips - I’m betting this sounded a lot more clever before you hit send. It also violates Twitter policy" 
The tweet is still up on Twitter and Takei hasn’t issued an apology or tried to walk it back.

So, we have yet another example of what happens when celebrities bubble themselves in their own culture. Takei believes that wishing harm on someone just for a difference in political or religious views is just okay. 

If this is the kind of “unity” the Democrats want then I can say with some measure of confidence that this is going to be the most divisive and violent unity the world has ever witnessed. If the left has this much hatred in its heart that it believes in visiting evil on innocent people who merely disagree with them politically as a moral good then this is going to be a very nasty next four years.

[509 XP]
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Wednesday, December 2, 2020

LA Boutique Owner Skewers California Progressive Hypocrites with Savage Window Display

RS -Fraser Ross, owner of trendy Los Angeles boutique Kitson L.A., had at least $400,000 in damages to his stores during the weeks of rioting and looting loosely disguised as Black Lives Matter protests back in May and June, and he, like countless other retailers in California, has been severely affected by the state’s strict coronavirus lockdowns. Using the platform he has – huge shop windows on Robertson Boulevard in Los Angeles, and social media – he’s calling out the Hypocrites of 2020 and ironically naming people like California Gov. Gavin Newsom and Hunter Biden the “People of the Year.”

Here's a Just Sample:

What would a list of Hypocrites of 2020 be without Alyssa Milano: 
Milano’s window highlighted her hypocrisy in calling 911 to report a “man with a gun” in her backyard, who turned out to be a neighbor shooting squirrels with a BB gun, while at the same time advocating to #DefundThe Police.

Milano’s window also featured a stuffed squirrel.

Then there's Gov. Hair Gel, Gavin Newsom, hollywood's favorite authoritarian asshole who could have been called out on numerous hypocritical acts, with the caption, “I demand a better table at the French Laundry Restaurant and I want to be seated inside with my 22 friends!”

And if you’ve ever wanted a French Laundry cookbook, Kitson LA sells them!

And the list also includes singer John Legend's Pet Hog, Chrissy Teigen, with the caption, “I will pay $100k to help rioters and criminals get out of jail!” and a “I ♥ Goya” tattoo on her arm.

Naturally, a few cans of Goya beans are featured in her window.

On Tuesday the store also unveiled their “People of the Year,” window as “voted on by a jury of their peers.” You can see the whole list HERE

Considering the availability of nominees, I'm sure Mr. Ross probably wished he had more window space 

Friday, July 10, 2020

Imagine being a Journalist at Teen Vogue and telling Salman Rushdie that he's wrong and censorship is good, actually.

On Tuesday, 153 prominent journalists, authors, and writers, including J. K. Rowling, Malcolm Gladwell, and David Brooks, published an open call for civility in Harper’s Magazine. It cause much weeping and gnashing of teeth by the authoritarian liberals and our self pointed betters.

So, today a rebuttal letter was issued. It's worth a read. It's soft skull SJW logic personified. A defense of censorship masquerading as free speech Orwellian style.  But I'll save you the trouble and quote the most important two sentences that sums up the letter.
“ Many signatories on our list noted their institutional affiliation but not their name, fearful of professional retaliation. It is a sad fact, and in part why we wrote the letter.”
So... ‘cancel culture’ isn’t real, but they’re afraid to sign their name on their childish diatribe for concerns of professional retaliation.

The letter and its signers (ironically the ones to scared to sign their names because of potential retribution) are arguing for a fundamentally different and mutually exclusive society than the first letter and its signers: the first advances a society that values free speech and open debate regardless of topic and how it makes others feel; the latter is a call for the continuation and advancement of cancel culture which embraces regimented and "safe" thinking at the expense of freedom.

If the first group had their way, everyone (including the second group) could say whatever they wanted without repercussion. If the second group had their way, the first group would no longer exist. 

What a profoundly dumb time we live in.

Friday, June 26, 2020

Media Now Downplaying BLM Orgy of Destruction

Was there some poll? Did the ratings come in? Did the media realize they beclowned themselves recklessly jumping on numerous hoaxes?  Scanning the front page of NYT and The Washington Post, all the top stories are about Covid19, the big story that the protests had overcome and submerged. But Covid is back with a vengeance.

On the NYT home page, the entire "above the fold" space is devoted to Covid19.  After that, there is one protest-related story,  "How the Philadelphia Police Tear-Gassed Trapped Protesters". On the WaPo home page, the "above the fold" area is full of Covid19 headlines. Then there are a few things about the 2020 elections. Finally, near the bottom, in tiny print, I see "Perspective/Toppling more statues isn’t working when there’s other work to be done."

I really think a big decision was made to stop talking about it! I'm just going to guess: Word got around that the ongoing protests were hurting Democratic Party candidates.

They were waiting anxiously for those right-wing counter-protesters to come in and provide a excuse to shift the blame for the chaos or for the police to get tough and drag the attention back onto them where it was in the early days before the protests had descended into the sewer of radical black activist and their ant-white/anti-america led hate-filled mobs media helped promote.

The mainstream-media ultimately realized that celebrating orgies of destruction and showing protest crowds full of fat white girls yellin' "F**k the Police" wasn't the sort of thing that was going to help their ratings, or their ideological progressive masters they work so hard to shield.
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Thursday, June 18, 2020

TV Networks Begin Their Own Version of a Soviet Gosteleradio

According to an entertainment industry rag called Page Six, a group of big TV networks, including CBS, MTV and VH1, have hired private investigators (politely called risk consultants) to probe their own stars’ social media accounts to root out any racist comments.

Unlike their increasingly antisemitic betters in hollywood, the network's move comes after a spate of celebrities no one I know has every heard of were recently thrown under the bus because of  resurfaced racist posts. Last week, the Bravo network fired Brett Caprioni and Max Boyens for offensive tweets, and on Wednesday the network canned someone named "Peter Hunziker" for a racist Instagram post. Meanwhile, the CW network fired Hartley Sawyer and MTV let go Taylor Selfridge for similar offenses (although Selfridge claims she quit).

Several networks have hired California-based firm Edward Myers & Associates in an attempt to root out and hide the offensive posts of on-air and production talent and shield their bigotry before they’re made public.  Letters have gone out to stars alerting them that the firm, run by Myers, who has worked as an investigator for LA County’s “hardcore gang division,” which handles the most difficult gang murders, and for Jeff Bezos’ private security chief, Gavin de Becker, will begin its probe soon.

On his Web site, this Myers guy describes himself as an “investigation and risk assessment specialist” and offers services such as “surveillance and counter-surveillance,” as well as “intelligence gathering.” Myers may also be probing some TV classics(?) to root out Nazis and bigoted comments, including “Dating Naked,” “Jersey Shore,” “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” “Teen Mom,” “Game On,” “Vice” and “Love & Hip Hop.” No word on whether CBS’s “Magnum, PI” is among those being vetted.


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Thursday, April 2, 2020

LBGQTers Meltdown Over Samaritan's Purse Central Park Hospital

Hearing the news that Franklin Graham's relief organization, Samaritan's Purse, was coming to the aid of coronavirus victims in New York City by setting up a temporary hospital in Central Park, it was not unexpected at all for some high profile soft skulls to come out of the woodwork in bigoted defiance.

According to The Blaze, New York City Council Speaker Corey Johnson tweeted this statement berating the development:
"Franklin Graham has a long history of spewing anti-LGBTQ hate speech, and I find it extremely troubling that he and his organization are involved in our relief efforts in any way. New York City is known around the world for its embrace of diversity, and Franklin Graham has spent his career standing against these values. I will be monitoring this situation closely and making sure that our city's values are being represented at all times."
And some soft skull New York state Sen. named Brad Hoylman tweeted:
"It's a shame that the federal government has left New York with no other choice but to accept charity from bigots."
In a statement on his official Senate page, Hoylman called Graham a "notorious anti-LGBTQ pastor" and said he put Graham "on notice" that Samaritan's Purse must "treat all COVID-19 patients equally at the new medical tents. COVID-19 doesn't discriminate, and neither should Franklin Graham. It's unacceptable that a New Yorker infected with COVID-19 could be subjected to discriminatory treatment from an organization whose leader calls us "immoral" and "detestable."

How F**king Petty can you be in times like this!!

Some New Yorkers, even those who could see fit to set aside their virtual signalling spoke out with reason:
"And spare us your woke outrage. Holding a sincerely held religious belief about marriage (I personally think his scripture read is wrong) is not the same as hate speech. Your religious intolerance in the name of wokeness is a bigger threat to our republic." 
"Whose the bigot? Christians believe what they believe. Get over it. They love people they disagree with. Even you!" 
"The vast majority of voters see this as a group of well intended people bringing hope and light into a dark place right now. Put the partisan politics aside for a season and be thankful for the people willing to serve NYC. This is not the time to score political points sir." 
"Now we can all really see where the actual hate comes from." 
"As a gay New Yorker, I'd like to sit down with them over a cup of coffee and thank them for putting themselves in harm's way. That's how change of heart happens. They are risking their lives. We should be grateful." 
"It's a shame that idiots like you would rather people die than have someone you don't agree with help them."
Graham's response was worthy of his father:
"This is a time for all of us to unite and work together, regardless of our political views. Let's support one another during this crisis, and we pray that God will bless the efforts of all those battling this vicious virus. We do not make distinctions about an individual's religion, race, sexual orientation, or economic status. We certainly do not discriminate, and we have a decades-long track record that confirms just that.
It's easy to see why some liberals are so scared of him. Heaven forbid people who might be gay come into contact with Graham’s organization and see they are not the boogie man they have been made out to be.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Thanks You for the $25Mil. From the Coronavirus Relief Package

If you’ve perused the contents of the Senate’s coronavirus relief bill, you’re probably not happy. No, it’s not as bad as what Nancy Pelosi was orginally demanding, but it’ still stacked with rancid pork piled so high it’s begun sloughing out of the barrel.  One of the most egregious examples, outside of the $350 million for migration and boarder jumper assistance, is a 25 million kool ones that you, the taxpayer, have generously decided to donate to one of the pleasure palaces of the D.C. elite, the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. And they thank you. 

Sure, that money could have been used to manufacture ventilators or other necessities for the healthcare professionals. It could have been used to fund locations where the dead will have to stored since New York City is running out of room. And I know it sounds crazy, but it could even have been returned to the people who actually earned it.  Instead, it’s going to fund a currently-shuttered theater, a playground for wealthy DC elites. One in which Nancy Pelosi enjoys standing ovations.

Here is the Message of thanks from the tone-deaf  folks at The Kennedy Center.

The audacity to make a case as to why the building deserves government money in this time of need for our country is insulting and elitist. Of course the elite would want to save their entertainment and gala ball, etc. events! How else to signal their achievements, especially in DC!  If a Robespierre ever returns, they will not find a better place to start than this rat’s nest of the coddled and worthy. Bite me in D minor!

[Robert Laurie]

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Zuckerville's Angry, Depressed and Deeply Psychologically Distressed Media Analyst Lash Out

No news organization is more guilty of helping stoke division and discord in America than CNN. And when they weren’t pushing that debunked conspiracy theory, they were lying to viewers, put targets on the backs of anyone who dares to support or defend him, absolve the violent behavior of their Resistance audience, and generally create massive division and distrust all across our nation. Here are media hyperbole and amateur psychology at it's best. You can't spell Analyst without Anal.

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Thursday, January 30, 2020

Bette Midler Exercises Her Inner ‘Tokyo Rose’

Tokyo Rose was a name given by Allied troop to in English-speaking radio broadcaster of Japanese propaganda working to demoralize troops abroad and their families at home by exaggerating and emphasizing wartime difficulties and military losses. Tokyo Rose, Hanoi Jane, and now.....Malibu Bette! There’s a lot of talk about “propaganda” these days, what with fake news and all. But Midler has actually regressed to crude 20th-century fascist tropes of mass persuasion on the tweeter:
Yes, Republican regretters! In your sore hearts, you know the Resistance Army is right and must win! Lay down your Second-Amendment weapons of war. Surrender! Save yourselves and your country. Your Bad Orange President has hypnotized you, and you have fallen low. Reclaim your individuality and self-respect. The left is not your enemy. We are your friends. Join us for peace!
Are you tired of the fight, Republican regretters? Are you lonely out there, with no one on TV to reflect your beliefs? Are you sick of batty actors, shriveled old singers, and humorless comedians calling you bigots, filling your ear holes with condescending abuse day after day? You can make it stop. It’s not hard. Pick up your ethics, morals, and values (which as used by Malibu Bette are all synonyms, BTW) and dump them in the garbage on your way over to the Left Side before it's to late. 

I wonder. Does Malibu Bette’s use of Tokyo Rose cant qualify as cultural appropriation? And has Bette committed racism by aping the historical propaganda techniques of East Asian peoples of color without their consent?

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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

The Great Shakedown

The Democratic Party and its liberal supporters are perplexed. They presented hours of evidence of an their perceived impeachable offenses, although they studiously avoided charging DJT with impeachable offenses also carried out by Democrat presidents, including little things like the continuation or expansion of presidential powers, violating due process and misusing executive orders. Because civics is no longer taught in most American schools, they devoted a day to 'constitutional scholars' who provided the Civics 101 case for impeachment. The liberal press, cheerleading the impeachment process, saturated the media landscape with live coverage, interminable analysis, constant character assassination of Trump and giddy speculation reminiscent of a teenage girl choosing a prom dress. And yet, it has made no difference. Public opinion remains largely unaffected.

Perhaps, supporters of impeachment argue, they failed to adopt the right technique. Perhaps journalists, by giving such a large megaphone to rabid proponents of impeachment who live in a world not based in fact, created a false equivalency between truth and lies. The liberal class and the Democratic Party leadership have failed, even after their defeat in the 2016 presidential election, to understand that they have squandered their credibility. No one believes them. And no one should.

This attempted shakedown of a rightfully elected leader has led to bizarre conspiracy theories and fabrications peddled freely by media commentators, deceptions bolstered by the lies told by those in the media tasked with keeping the society rooted in truth and verifiable fact. This shakedown is leading to the end of the rule of law and the destruction of democratic institutions that, if they fail to function as designed by more insightful people than we are governed by today, could prevented the rise to power of a true destructive leftist demagogue. 

There is zero chance DJT will be removed from office in a trial in the Senate. The Democrat Party elites have admitted as much. They carried out, they argue, their civic and constitutional duty. But here again they lie. They picked out what was convenient to impeach Trump and left untouched the rotten system they helped create. The divisions among Americans will only widen. The hatreds will only grow. And leftist tyranny will continue to slowly wrap its deadly tentacles around our throats.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Step Off Kamala. You're Stinking Up The Clown Car

It looks like we've reached the "can we pull this bitch outta the fire" stage of the nasally Voodoo Witch's run for president. Stories out during the week described a cratering Harris campaign slashing staff and cutting salaries like the final days of Blockbuster.  Her contributions slowing and poll numbers in free fall, she's polling just slightly ahead of Tree Fungus and Spartacus Booker.  No one has ever accused her of being an awesome Senator or even a likable person. And the angry black woman in Manolo Blahnik shoes act is not playing well in middle America, black or white. 

Still, Harris is putting the whole tamale into Iowa.  She plans to spend Thanksgiving there. Barky Obama might've inadvertently set a precedent that black candidates must win the Iowa caucus to prove white people will vote for them. But her problem is not that she's black, she's not.  It's that she's from f**ing California and has overly championed LGBTQ and illegals, both problem issues for black primary voters, and most swing state voters.  She actually thought she could appeal to clueless suburban soccer moms at the same time fanning the flames of racial resentment with talk of reparations and pretending to be down with the struggle. 

She's been on a roll lately, showing a true lack of leadership and personal pettiness when she boycotted a criminal justice reform forum at Benedict College after she learned the organizers gave an award to DJT.  She also vocally defended Katie Hill, treating her as the victim of revenge porn and not just the kooky star in a sex farce.  She was the only Democratic presidential candidate to have Hill's back.  And yes, she got her Kamala on while questioning during some of the worst SOTUS confirmation hearings ever, but due to her junior status, her questions came near the end when most people stopped paying attention.

I'm sure her lack of electablity has nothing to do with the Creepy Voodoo Witch persona she sometimes projects.  Maybe it just hasn't hit her yet that most American people don’t care for her proposed commie policies, taking away the American's health care provider choices, guns and wealth, making the nation into a third-world socialist state based on coercion, state sponsored theft, abrogation of the Constitution, hate and fear.   But Kamala believes the only reasons she’s losing (even in her liberal home state) is because the country isn’t ready for a black female President. That’s not true. We had 8 years of Obama.

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Monday, October 7, 2019

NYT Columnist: Deep State Exists To Protect Us From DJT

NB - Appearing on NBC’s Today show on Monday, New York Times columnist James B. Stewart hawked his new book, Deep State, by hailing bureaucrats undermining the Trump administration as noble public servants “protecting the Constitution” and the American people from the President. He denounced any criticism of the “deep state” as “very dangerous.”

“The disclosure of a second whistleblower with firsthand knowledge of President Trump’s phone call with the leader of Ukraine has led to new accusations by the President that the so-called ‘deep state’ is seeking to undermine his presidency,” co-host Savannah Guthrie declared as she introduced Stewart. She then asked her guest: “And his central allegation is that there are people inside these government agencies actively working against him. What did you find?”

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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

NPR: Temperature Be Racist

The data are not wrong, but it’s for reasons anyone with a basic understanding of nature can understand. It has nothing to do with race, but if you’re today’s media, everything has to be about race. So leave it to your taxpayer subsidized National Public Radio (NPR) to tout a report that says it tends to be hotter where minorities live.

So take it away, NPR:
"Across Baltimore, the hottest areas tend to be the poorest and that pattern is not unusual. In dozens of major U.S. cities, low-income neighborhoods are more likely to be hotter than their wealthier counterparts, according to a joint investigation by NPR and the University of Maryland’s Howard Center for Investigative Journalism. 
Those exposed to that extra heat are often a city’s most vulnerable: the poorest and, our data show, disproportionately people of color...."
For all the attention NPR pays in its lead paragraphs to race and income levels, you have to read far into the story to find that NPR knows the real cause of the temperature disparities. It’s something anyone who has ever lived in a city of any size knows very well. It's called concrete and steel!!!

None of this is new or surprising. It’s hotter in cities than it is in suburbs. It always has been. And NPR didn’t just find this out when it decided to do this “study.” Instead, it’s clear what NPR did was take a temperature disparity that’s already well known and see if it could turn it into a racial story by matching up the temperature differences with race and income differences.

It was not too much of a stretch to guess that the disparities would overlay each other, even if it’s obvious that the one is not the cause of the other. And just like that, one more thing that has nothing to do with race is made to be about race by a media obsessed with the subject. Now you know. Even the temperature is racist.

I eagerly await the woke left’s attempts to figure out how to boycott it and shame it out of acceptable society.

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