Friday, July 10, 2020

Imagine being a Journalist at Teen Vogue and telling Salman Rushdie that he's wrong and censorship is good, actually.

On Tuesday, 153 prominent journalists, authors, and writers, including J. K. Rowling, Malcolm Gladwell, and David Brooks, published an open call for civility in Harper’s Magazine. It cause much weeping and gnashing of teeth by the authoritarian liberals and our self pointed betters.

So, today a rebuttal letter was issued. It's worth a read. It's soft skull SJW logic personified. A defense of censorship masquerading as free speech Orwellian style.  But I'll save you the trouble and quote the most important two sentences that sums up the letter.
“ Many signatories on our list noted their institutional affiliation but not their name, fearful of professional retaliation. It is a sad fact, and in part why we wrote the letter.”
So... ‘cancel culture’ isn’t real, but they’re afraid to sign their name on their childish diatribe for concerns of professional retaliation.

The letter and its signers (ironically the ones to scared to sign their names because of potential retribution) are arguing for a fundamentally different and mutually exclusive society than the first letter and its signers: the first advances a society that values free speech and open debate regardless of topic and how it makes others feel; the latter is a call for the continuation and advancement of cancel culture which embraces regimented and "safe" thinking at the expense of freedom.

If the first group had their way, everyone (including the second group) could say whatever they wanted without repercussion. If the second group had their way, the first group would no longer exist. 

What a profoundly dumb time we live in.

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