Thursday, July 9, 2020

Is It Any Surprise He Can't Articulate His Positions? They're Not Really His

We've all seen them, clips that go viral.  Joe Biden trying to describe.... well, something. No one is entirely sure what. It seems he gets too far behind teleprompter, his already-rickety train of thought derailed, or his mouth out-runs it's supply line and he just gives up. Now, if this was the first or second time we’d seen this happen to creepy Joe, we’d probably all ignore it. But this is a constant problem. He simply can’t articulate any of his own positions.  Many people mockingly ascribe the issue to early symptoms of dementia. Maybe that’s true, maybe it’s not, but I think there's more to the equation.

Joe Biden can’t articulate his own positions because, let’s face it, they’re not really his in the first place. Word is his campaign has worked with Bernie's people to integrate far left ideas into the Biden platform, ideas he doesn't understand and some he vehemently debated against just months ago.

It’s a safe bet that in his personal life, Biden doesn’t really buy into any of the progressive baloney he’s been spewing lately. His radical left-wing handlers are spoon feeding him lines that he doesn’t understand and can’t keep in his head, so he has no idea how to articulate them.

Biden has been in politics for 50 years and in all that time, he’s never had a truly original idea. For 8 years he stood next to the guy with the power and ideas, just the acting Court Jester and saying stuff like “this is a big f***ing deal,” and yucks it up for the cameras. At best he’s been a yes-man. At worst he’s a puppet for people behind the scenes. The far left has him by the short hairs. 

The reader needs to keep in mind who he has surrounded himself with, starting with his campaign manager, Jennifer O'Malley Dillon. She's the former Campaign Head for the anti-capitalist, gun grabbing lunatic soy boy, Beto O'Rourke. All this begs the question: If Biden manages to eke out a win in November, who will really be president?

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