Thursday, June 24, 2021

Like Don Quixote on a Three Legged Donkey

It seems so long ago Joe Biden raised his hand and bold face lied to God and the entire nation he would faithfully carry out the duty of defending the Constitution and Country from enemies both foreign and domestic. He has done neither.  His pack of rabid neo-marxist, racial identity adherence yelling "our democracy is in danger" placed in positions of power is not going unnoticed by anyone paying a least bit of attention. The dems party's control of the White House circus, Senate, and the House is just a few months old, and it looks like the fully expected incompetency has risen to view.  The border situation is intentional, and more and more Americans see it as such.

The debate over strong-arming away the ballot boxes is over for now, the so called infrastructure talks are still dragging on, and the evil (only when dems are in power) filibuster isn't going anywhere. Democrats seem lost about what to do next, except tear their hair out and point fingers at each other. Convinced just months ago they finally had the country firmly in their socialist's grasp, even with the media carrying their feces dems are now in pillow biting mode and privately said to be entertaining the possibility they may get slaughtered in mid-terms.

The party's strategies have hinged on getting the big parts of 46* agenda passed before the 2022 election, after which it might be too late. So confident they were, there doesn't seem to be much of a Plan B.

Plan A -- passing dramatic power grabbing legislation like climate change and emptying the national treasury in the name of compassion to buy voter loyalty depended on eliminating, or at least weakening, the filibuster.  Just to repeat the obvious: Democrats have just 50 votes and Kamala Harris' tie-breaker vote in the 100-member Senate; it takes 60 votes to overcome a filibuster.  Stymied by rules, democrats can't ram down the throats of America their bold and innovative cancerous racial tinged anti-capitalist agenda. And it is also worth noting Republicans also hold a majority of state legislatures and governorships.

There's always a danger when commenting on politics to believe that the way things are now is the way they will always be.  But it's also the case that the democrat's contingent of disturbed anti-Semitic, anti-White radicals pushing far left wing agendas, coming redistricting, and growing minority vote for Republicans scare the shit out of dem who face a future with an ever-narrower path to power.  

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

In Clown World There is Always Another Act Warming Up Off-stage

The media is busy making the Vegetable-in-Chief sound like a statesman, which is far less exciting than it sounds. The novelty of having a dementia patient in the White House has worn off and we are left with the reality. That reality is that there was never any reason for Biden to be president, other than he was the only option they had to replace Trump. 
Once he scrawled what he thinks is his name on the executive orders they put in front of him, there was nothing left on the agenda. The long temper tantrum no longer has a reason, so the stasis of late empire decline is back, which means nothing happens. 
The only potential for something interesting to happen is if they snuff out the vegetable and install Harris. She is revealing herself to be dumber and shallower than anyone imagined. She is fumbling the softest of questions from the most obsequious of reporters. It seems impossible, but she may have less cognitive function than her boss and he is close to brain dead. - The Z Man
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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Your Sunday Open Thread:

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Friday, June 18, 2021

Middle Finger Symphony Theater


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He Saw Biden in All of His Glory and His Loins Quivered

46* for the Nobel Peace Prize

Sadly some Kool-Aid drinker that writes for The Hill thinks 46* deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.  No, I’m not kidding. Let’s forget for a second that Biden probably can’t even say 'Nobel Peace Prize' without reading it off a teleprompter. So what has he done to deserves this award? 

To be fair, some other lint licker nominated Biden a while ago.  But Brent Budowsky at The Hill just thinks he definitely deserves to win. Why? Well, if you want the cliff notes version, it’s for no good reason.  But if you want to hear what Brent Budowsky has to say, it’s because of all he’s achieved and all he aspires to achieve.

Now, I would probably label his accomplishments as ''Was No one watching him??'' and his future accomplishments as "dear Lord, why is this happening??" But Brent seems optimistic. I'm not sure why. And let's not forget, Joe's former boss snagged a Peace Prize for nothing more than having a nice crease in his pants or big ears or something. I can't really remember.

Brent thinks that after Trump dividing us (Biden would never say ANYTHING divisive, racist, or inappropriate, I mean besides everything he’s consistently said over the past 4 or 5 decades) Biden is restoring America’s leadership.

I figured Brent made this dumbass statement BEFORE Biden embarrassed himself and all of us on the world stage at the G7 summit in England or when he broke protocol three times with the Queen. But nah. This ratchet opinion piece came out yesterday morning.

Clearly this Brent Budowsky lives in a different universe than us. He sees Biden as compassionate and powerful. I only see a bumbling idiot.  And I do try to watch various news sources so I get a more balanced understanding of what’s going on in the world.  Biden is always an idiot.  Even CNNLOL recently ran a segment how unprecedented it is for the President’s handlers to prevent him from answering questions, literally screaming at him to stop talking.  I guess that’s all that power and confidence Brent mentioned.

If somehow Joe did manage to mumble his way into a Nobel Peace Prize, all it will tell me is that the award has gone the way of the Times Person of the Year Award.  Everything is meaningless.  Kinda of like Victoria’s Secret getting rid of their angels and hiring the flat chested dyke Megan Rapinoe and some plus sized chick to sell lingerie. That’s going to work out well. Or like when YouTube awarded YouTube with the YouTube free speech award.

But Brent saw Biden in all of his glory and his loins quivered. There’s a leader and a bastion of hope for humanity, Brent thought. He deserves the Nobel Peace Prize, Brent thought.

The original unedited article by Ksenya Aleksandrova first appeared at COTR. 

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Maybe This is Why Kamala Told Them "Don't Come".

We Will Send a Plane For You.
It seemed crazy enough when it became clear that President Porchlight was just going to undo anything Donald Trump did as president, no matter how efficacious for the country because it was something Trump did.
Having accomplished most of those things, what’s left for the Loki Administration to do? Why, look around at the mess and figure out ways to make the rubble bounce. -Vodka Pundit

That's cute the way The State Dept. & Homeland Security have changed the language "illegal border crossing" to "irregular migration".

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Today in Victimhood Olympics

The above tweet is from a retweet by James Woods of one of our virtue signaling gender confused fellow citizens.  A male who believes they are female and an inspiring journalist, who seems to have a lack of real world awareness as many of his her their generation do about what makes the world go around.

This tweet says a lot about it's author. So I have endeavored to provided some understanding to this poor soul as to why they were ignored by the captains of capitalism and not awarded their desired timely employment. Because if I didn't I would feel I failed humanity. I'm like they you know.

* You lament about diversity and fair shakes in the media. Pay attention. They don't apply you. You're White sweetie.

* Your Virtue signaling isn’t valued in the real world. It's a toy of the left, advertisers and social media. It severs no real world usefulness other to make you look stupid to reasonable people

* Here on planet earth announcing one’s pronouns is more of a warning than a piece of information.

* Adding pronouns to Resumes and Cover Letters may be construed as a structural bias in your reporting, and represent a questionable mental state. (see Jim Acosta)

* Pronouns are not objective information. It's an attempt to control how people are allowed to speak to you. A sign of High-drama people with all the trappings of an overindulged, “woke” generation.

* And of course there is always a chance it has nothing to do with your pronouns at all. You could just sucked at your job of journalism.

* Personally I think it was her moustache.

Using pronouns is bad enough on social media. It's freaking obnoxious. If you don't know better than to do something so unprofessional on a resume & cover letter, then you don't need to be working in the field of journalism. There are already enough political activist journos.

You may as well self-identify as Infrared, Ultraviolet or Orange for my "race," and a idiosyncratic pedantic didactic trans Dyke with a penis because I do not like men.  You will probably have just as much chance as an unknown snagging a job in media.  Most organizations that readily employ people who declare their pronouns AND have no fear of going broke are state funded. 

Pronouns indicate someone who is likely to spend time looking for offense, trying to change company policy or trying to get someone fired when something upsets them.  I shy away from employing anyone who I felt might be offended by the smallest error someone made in their conversation. Many employers shy away from resumes with pronouns because the people that make such an issue of being "politically correct" are usually the first ones in HR kicking up a fuss over some perceived injustice.

I have no problem with live and let live. Just don't make such a GD show of it.