Wednesday, January 19, 2022

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He's Only Been in Office a Year, But Seems Like Forever

Monday, January 17, 2022

Dr. Jill - I didn’t expect ‘healing role’ as first lady. πŸ™ƒ

Well neither did we sister! But according to the AP, while sitting in the sunshine near the swimming pool at a lavish Casino Hotel in Las Vegas, the first lady told the Associated Press she saw herself as a key member of President Joe Biden’s team; that she found herself taking on a role that "I didn’t kind of expect, which was like a healing role."
“I would want to know that my president and first lady cared about me. I think that’s an important part of what I do. I mean, just helping people through the tough times.”
She's obviously trapped up in her own imaginary bubble of DC royalty. Someone needs to tell Dr. Jill that shuttling her husband back and forth between DC and Delaware every weekend doesn't really qualify as healing a nation. And dragging your husband to the site of a disaster 10 days after the event is not healing either, doc. It's a photo op. We know the difference. 

We all know she watched with envy a drooling media shower an undignified & unattractive Michell Obama with glowing comments of her intelligence and monthly fashion magazine covers wearing clownish outfits, and she wants some of that. She wants it really bad. 

Truth be told, Dr. Jill should just be glad that the media is having mercy on her and not giving her the Melania Trump treatment because her husband is a senile doofus who's run the country into the ditch.  

A Good Monday Morning

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Many Americans Are Having a Ralphie-Ovaltine Moment, and I Don't Feel for Them.

In many homes across the country the classic movie "A Christmas Story" is a holiday staple.  In this perfect little movie, Ralphie has several loss-of-youthful-innocence moments. One of the most poignant is his effort to decode a message to save radio heroine Little Orphan Annie. Ralphie eagerly awaited his special decoder rings arrival in the mail. This is important stuff!  He finally receives the decoder package and rushes off to sit in privacy and decode.  The narrator recounts the tension building as he deciphers. That’s until the whole message is clear.  A stunned Ralphie realizes he’s been duped. It’s another bittersweet moment where he is yanked into the sphere of mature knowledge.

For some Americans, their Ralphie-Ovaltine moment is coming.*   I don’t think it’s funny. I don’t envy them.  At some point, these Ralphies will be engaged, perhaps feverishly, with recollecting a lingering aspect of the chaos of the years of this present presidency, one they voted for in the belief he was their legally elected savior, and it’ll hit them.

Perhaps it will be when one of the many inside stories of the senile man they voted for was really a dupe.  A place holder.  One who did the left's bidding by appointments chosen for him by others that opened wide the doors and allowed the Marxist to march right into the seats of government.

Perhaps they’ll read a book about autocratic or Marxist propaganda. Or maybe they’ll read–or re-read–1984. They will see that a long and unfortunately reliable way to fool people is with what they now project onto many truths they oppose as "The Big Lie." They will come to know that if you tell a monster lie, a preposterous untruth, and repeat it enough, people will come to believe it.  Perhaps they will finally come to realize the Main Stream Media are just useful idiots, mouthpieces gleefully doing the left's bidding for a good ratings payoff, and not the real news after all.

Or perhaps it will be when they realize their freedoms have been eroded. That they too cannot buy books not approved of.  That they too cannot speak freely, or they too cannot go buy what they want, when they want.  Or perhaps it will be when they have no way to protect themselves and their families from a certain criminal element they for long so coddled as unjustly persecuted because of skin color.

Perhaps they will not have their moment for many years. Perhaps it will come when their kids or even grandkids will read about this era of the New Progressive America.  Perhaps it will be them that sees through the government approved lies about the integrity of the U.S. elections, and how many enablers went along with them to get votes. And perhaps a young face will look up to them asking, "You certainly didn’t believe that, did you?"  Faced with that question, what will our Ralphies do when they think back on the unpatriotic and undemocratic actions they approved of at the time, just to remove a president they were told they disliked because (fill in the blank). Or, even with so much time having passed, will they follow dutifully from the wreckage of integrity of the past year and simply lie themselves?

Regardless, I will not feel for these future Ralphies, as many will have a moment when their belief in a utopian progressive movement they went along with because it was cool, will be abruptly shattered, splintered by the searing shock of knowledge that the recent years had been largely a sham: a bloated, unamerican Marxist commercial.

No, I will not feel for them when they do.....

*Inspired by a comment during a recent dinner conversation.

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Friday, January 14, 2022

Middle Finger Symphony Theater


Brought To You By BLUESJUNKY: Middle Finger Symphony Music Chair of Music

Thursday, January 13, 2022

The Life and Times Of A Lyin’ Dog-faced Pony Soldier

"The Autobiography of Joe Biden by Joe Biden" - Joe Biden
"I graduated from Syracuse, in two years with three degrees under my belt, and got married. I wanted to join the Army and fly PT Boats in ‘Nam, but every time I tried to join, I was got a deferment. The recruiters all said the same thing. “Man, you saved all those black kids at the pool. You deserve a medal and five deferments. ‘Cause Joe, you’re gonna be president some day.......” 
READ THE  Abridge Version Here

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Your Official Semi-World Famous Irredeemable Mid-Week Open Thread

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Tuesday, January 11, 2022

And Now Ladies and Gentlemen, We turn Our Attention to Seizing States' Control of Elections & Nullifying Your Vote

While the news cycle has long been dominated by Covid madness, a bumbling inept leader and ambitious lefts' attempt to turn America into into a retarded version of a soviet union and the resulting chaos, not much attention has been paid to the Democrats former #1 legislative priority that got sidelined in favor of the pandemic craziness.  It wasn't health care, immigration, or taxes. No, their first legislative priority after the 2018 midterms was grabbing more power by centralizing power over elections in Washington, D.C. There wasn't going to be another 2016!

What was called 'H.R.1' was intended to be the first priority of House Democrats, leftist groups, deep-pocketed dark money and those who use, by hook or crook, the election process rules to help win elections, or at least to cause chaos and throw it to the courts.

The original bill is a 571-page dreamscape of wild wishes and federal mandates on states that got some heat when exposed to the public for being the blatant power grab that it is. Seizing States' Control of Elections.

Now, repackaged & renamed 'The John R. Louis Freedom To Vote Act' after the late civil rights pioneer & Congressional speech babbler, democrats are now going full tilt, and will be flooding News and Social Media with the usual leftist propagandist with statements like "Our Democracy Is endangered without the bill passing" and "Voter ID is suppression and Racist" kinda crap they tag everything with these days. Biden kicks things off today.
What they never say is, the Constitution decentralizes power over American elections and puts states in charge. The 'Voters Rights Act' would undo that. Decentralization promotes individual liberty. When power over elections is centralized, it is easier for that power to be abused. When power over elections is decentralized, no single malevolent actor can exert improper control over the process. That is precisely why Democrats are so eager for D.C. to have more power over our elections. And who votes, and who's vote gets counted.

Here's a few of the details of the orginal HR1:
  • H.R. 1 has 218 cosponsors. It forces states to implement mandatory voter registration. If someone is on a government list -- such as receiving welfare benefits or rental subsidies -- then they would be automatically registered to vote. Few states have enacted these systems because Americans still view civic participation as a voluntary choice.
  • H.R. 1 also mandates that states allow all felons to vote. Currently, states have the power under the Constitution to set the terms of eligibility in each state.
  • H.R. 1 would force states to have extended periods of early voting, and mandates that early voting sites be near bus or subway routes.
  • H.R. 1 also undermines the First Amendment by exerting government control over political speech and undoing the Supreme Court’s Citizen’s United decision.
  • H.R. 1 mandates same-day voter registration and would obliterate state registration procedures. Same-day registration is the practice that enabled sufficient voter fraud in Minnesota to give Al Franken a seat in the Senate.
  • H.R. 1 limits the ability of states to cooperate to see who is registered in multiple states at the same time. Democrat Congressional nominee Wendy Rosen was able to vote for President Obama twice in the same election in Maryland and Florida -- a federal felony -- because Maryland does not participate in interstate cross checks of rolls.
  • H.R. 1 would nullify state laws that permit election observers to work as partners with election officials to file a formal challenge to a suspicious voter registration. Election watchdogs have been essential players in ensuring that the dead and ineligible do not cast ballots.
Democrats know they can rely on leftist lawyers who still populate the bowels of the DOJ Voting Section since the Barky Obama days to oppose voter ID, citizenship verification, and any other law that might impact their ideological and partisan preferences. The lawyers who abused power are still employed, or enjoying sojourns as opinion columnists in the Washington Post.

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Sunday, January 9, 2022

Covid Pitch Meeting

 I Really Hope Someone Slips This Into The National Archives πŸ€£πŸ€£