Wednesday, May 31, 2017

What Better Guy to Represent Democrats Then One That Hangs out With Dwarf Trannys, Goth Lesbians and Other Assorted Societal Crazies?

Some Democrats Want Jerry Springer to Run For Ohio Governor

A lot of people might not realize it, but daytime talk show host (I use that term lightly) Jerry Springer was at one time mayor of Cincinnati, Ohio. Yeah, really! But obviously not the brightest of politicians, getting caught paying a hooker for her services with a check! But still, some want him to run for the Governorship of Ohio anyway. 

And think about it, with the dems in dire straights because their political bench makes the Bad News Bears look like World Series Contenders, who better than a guy who wallows in the gutters of society for fame and money could garner enough of the Democrat's Lo-Fo urban and millennial vote to follow John "My Dad Was a Mailman" Kasich into the Gov's office for the Dems? At least he doesn't run a Crime Family.....
Business Insider - Speaking with The Cincinnati Enquirer in February, Springer, who painted himself as a "populist, liberal progressive," said the idea of his candidacy gained steam because of Trump's victory. "What's probably giving it more juice this time is the Trump victory," Springer told The Enquirer. "People are thinking that somebody outside the traditional political establishment can win. His constituency is basically mine. These are fans of the show. I could be Trump without the racism." 
No Jerry, those are not Trump supporters in your audience, they are at work........


Tuesday, May 30, 2017


We Need More of This!

Muslims Demand School Move Prom For Ramadan, 
Principal Basically Says Shove It. 

Despite being a very small minority, America’s Muslim population is by far the most overbearing when it comes to imposing their will and undeniably the most dangerous when denied. Instead of respecting our values and traditions, they constantly give ultimatums for us to forgo our own customs to make way for their Islamic compulsions. Fortunately, not everyone’s bowing in submission to their intrusive religious requirements.

When Brooklyn Technical High School’s Muslim students, who are a minority, found out that prom would be held on June 3 this year, they were deeply upset that they would have to choose between adhering to their religion’s endless commands or living like American teenagers. Since Islam strictly prohibits worshipers from listening to music or dancing, especially during this month of fasting, the Muslim students decided to pressure the school to move the event around their religious observance. The answer they received was not what the retaliatory special interest group is accustomed to hearing.

When the Muslim student body demanded the school reschedule prom in submission to Ramadan, the interim acting principal informed them that they would definitely not reschedule prom because it was planned months in advance and the school would lose money just to accommodate the minority’s request. As expected, the Muslim students showcased their supremacist beliefs, shocked that the school wouldn’t cave to their demands.

The Muslims convinced ignorant non-Muslim classmates to support their petition, which, despite gathering more than 250 signatures, was dismissed by school officials, according to CBS New York. However, these Muslim students misled the sympathetic majority into pitying them, making it seem as though they have no choice in the matter. The truth is that these Muslims chose to adhere to their religious beliefs, which every religious person must eventually experience. 

They chose to subjugate themselves to Islam’s oppressive compulsions and, therefore, chose the consequences of missing out on prom. Still, the Muslim students immediately played the victims, portraying the school officials as callous Islamophobes simply because they refused to give in to their unreasonable demands.
“You’re not supposed to listen to music during Ramadan, so it’s not really allowed. Muslim holidays they don’t give much attention to it, school events, they don’t care about it." 
Of course, it’s likely that some of the students will come together to file a lawsuit to accuse the school of discriminating against Muslims. In reality, the school never discouraged or disallowed Muslims from attending. Along with refusing to attend in favor of their religious compulsion, they hoped to force the non-Muslim majority to abstain from prom during the month of Ramadan. 

Although targeting prom is a small scale attack, it is an attempt to force their beliefs on the masses. These religious requirements are not just for Muslims, as the Quran commands Muslims to enforce its commands on everyone, regardless of religious belief. In the end, the goal is the same — establish Sharia law and make the unbelievers “feel subdued” until there is only Islam.

You have ever right to observe your religion beliefs , but absolutely NO right to force anyone to adhere to it's observances!  And as a public school, NO expectations of it to favor your religion beliefs over anything.

Same goes for the college rabble. Don't like the school, go somewhere else! 

(Fox News)
(Conan The Bar Baron)

Y'all Need To Cut Tiger Some Slack....

The guy has hit on some hard times. After all, for crying out loud, 
he's still driving a 2015 Mercedes! 

A Good Tuesday Morning

Monday, May 29, 2017

Former East German Bag Lady: F U, We Got This.

It took Donald Trump's typical bluntness to finally get the message across that the Europeans are responsible for the mess of their own making. Germany in particular has coasted under the American nuclear umbrella for decades, allowing it to concentrate entirely on rebuilding its domestic economy, infrastructure and social welfare state, and thumb its nose at American warmongering imperialism. It's present dangers are self inflicted, not now the Russians, but their failure to deal with muslim invaders who threaten the existence of all Western Europe. 

It's one of the least attractive aspects of the German character; the gratitude that the immediate postwar generation felt for our having rescued them from Hitler and the love Germans felt for all things American have vanished. 

In their place has come a churlish, we-can-take-it-from-here mutter that does not become them. 
"The times in which we could completely depend on others are on the way out. I’ve experienced that in the last few days. We Europeans truly have to take our fate into our own hands because it can no longer rely on the U.S. as a loyal ally."- Chancellor Angela Merkel. 
Because things always go great in Europe when Germany goes it alone …

Memorial Day, 2017

With Respect and Gratitude

"Countless numbers of men have died for their countries
but only Heroes lay down their lives for Freedom" 
- General George C. Marshall

Saturday, May 27, 2017

While Trump is Out of Country, The State Department Quietly Lifts Limit on Number of Refugees

NYT -  Despite repeated efforts by President Trump to curtail refugee resettlements, the State Department this week quietly lifted the department’s restriction on the number of refugees allowed to enter the United States. The result could be a near doubling of refugees entering the country, from about 830 people a week in the first three weeks of this month to well over 1,500 people per week by next month, according to refugee advocates.

Tens of thousands of refugees are waiting to come to the United States. The State Department’s decision was conveyed in an email on Thursday to the private agencies in countries around the world that help refugees manage the nearly two-year application process needed to enter the United States.

In her email, Jennifer L. Smith, a department official, wrote that the refugee groups could begin bringing people to the United States "unconstrained by the weekly quotas that were in place." A State Department spokeswoman, speaking on the condition of anonymity because she was not authorized to discuss the issue publicly, said the department had consulted the Department of Justice about its refugee quotas and had decided to adjust them.

Refugee groups now predict that entries into the United States could increase so rapidly that the total number of refugees admitted by Sept. 30, the end of the fiscal year, could exceed 70,000. Refugee advocates were delighted by the State Department’s decision.

My question is: how does an unelected someone at the State Department overrule the set number of people allowed by the government into the country, knowing full well the President and his administration are fighting a court case to the Opposite. And where is Rex Tillerson on this??? The tentacles of Barack Obama's pro immigration State Dept. swamp monster need to be dealt with swiftly and immediately.

The Turd King Toasts His Muslim Invaders 

The Criminality and Cowardice of Leakers of Classified Information

Leaking classified information has become the new norm, and the leakers are providing a feeding frenzy for the media. These leakers are not patriots, but criminals, and their actions have already alienated key allies and caused distress in the Trump White House and in the intelligence agencies.

The leakers' goal is to undermine the duly elected leader of the country and his agenda, even at the high price of committing a criminal act. The Department of Justice has already initiated steps to cut off the illicit information channels but it might be difficult to find and punish those responsible. These leakers are not heroes but cowards, cowards willing to put our security at risk to score a point for their own agendas on the front pages of The New York Times and Washington Post.  Their actions border on Treason, and should be dealt with swiftly and with Extreme Prejudice, and the full extent of the law.

R.I.P. Greg Allman

Friday, May 26, 2017

Middle Finger Symphony Theater

* No Tuxedos Required*


Intermission Over - Sit Down and Shut Up!


Look out Amy Schumer, There’s a New Queen of Comedy.

Yes, sadly the circus is gone, but there is no shortage of clowns still fully employed. One of the leaders in fake news and liberal propaganda, CNN head Jeff Zucker, said his network is where people come when they want facts. I think I now understand why CNN performs so poorly: the guy running the network has no idea what “viewers” or “facts” are. 

Earlier this week a terrorist detonated a suicide bomb and killed 22 people at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England. You don’t have to be a seasoned reporter or Ivy League educated journalist to understand that a terrorist bombing that killed mostly young people and children is a big news story. While this was breaking, CNN chose to air a panel discussion about how President Trump should be impeached for firing FBI director James Comey. I’m not kidding, this is what CNN thought was more important than an ISIS attack on innocent people with mass casualties.

Even Mediate, which is normally pretty liberal, thought it was a little partisan to keep slamming Trump rather than cover a major news story. They reached out to CNN head Jeff Zucker to get his response on this.
“We’re not in a race to be first. We’re in a race to be right. CNN is held to a different standard than other cable networks that focus primarily on opinion. People come to us for facts, and there is no room for error with facts.”  
Look out Amy Schumer, there’s a new queen of comedy up in here!  What makes this even funnier is that Zucker actually believes what he said.

CNN is a network that doesn’t deal much in fact, but rather liberal opinion and ideology. Just recently we have enjoyed these stories from CNN that are supposedly fact-based:

Don Lemon Blames Trump For Congressional Candidate Attacking A Reporter
Chris Cillizza Orders Everyone To Stop Talking About Anthony Weiner Sex Scandal
Anderson Cooper Talks About President Trump Taking A Shit On His Desk
Jake Tapper Says The Media Has Assassinated 4 Presidents
Jeanie Moos Investigates If Trump Is Afraid Of Stairs
CNN Blasts Trump Administration For Thinking Russian Dressing Comes From Russia
I defy anyone to find facts, even partial ones, in any of the above mentioned reporting. Shit like this, which is a regular feature on CNN, is the exact opposite of bias-free hard news. Not only doesn’t Zucker know anything about viewers or the truth, he has no idea what actually constitutes news. 

(Crazy Cousin Olivia)
(Clown News Network)

Fishnet Friday

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Failed Mexican Beaner President Vicente Fox Has Some Advice For Donald Trump

This is funny any way you look at it.  Vicente Fox, a BBB (Barack Butt Boy) and an unpopular and failed Mexican politician who's incompetence encouraged people to flee in droves to get out of the hellhole that is Mexico, giving Donald Trump advice.  Setting aside the fact Donald Trump has done more for America in 3 months then Fox did for Mexico in 6 years, Fox has decided to make trolling Trump his new hobby. 

In the video, El Vicente says he has a very important, serious message for Trump, and in order to deliver that message he taunts Trump with a piece of delicious chocolate cake. He goes on to say" your tenants will take your name off your buildings” and “your children will take YOUR NAME off YOUR GRANDCHILDREN.” 

Let's watch the latest installment of Stupid Mexican, shall we.....

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

We've Got This......

"While it's impossible to predict any given terror attack, there are two laws of terrorism that work together to guarantee that attacks will occur, and occur with increasing frequency. First, when terrorists are granted safe havens to plan, train, equip, and inspire terror attacks, then they will strike, and they'll keep striking not just until the safe havens are destroyed but also until the cells and affiliates they've established outside their havens are rooted out.

Second, when you import immigrants at any real scale from jihadist regions, then you will import the cultural, religious, and political views that incubate jihad. Jihadist ideas flow not from soil but from people, and when you import people you import their ideas.  

So there will be more Manchesters, more Parises, more Nices, and more Orlandos. But that's what happens when we're not willing to do what it takes. I hope at least our hashtags can make us feel better about our choice." - David French

Meanwhile, unelected Judges hold a loaded gun to the head of America.......

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

MFNS Obtains Leaked Former FBI Director Comey's Notes of Meeting With President

Actually, we stole it from KA-CHING 
We redacted names to protect the guilty...

Thank You MJA for the Linkage!

Democratic Officials Now Warning Base Not to Expect Evidence of Trump/Russia Collusion.

Media Hopes Dashed, but I Doubt It Will Make Much Difference

The latest official to throw cold water on the MSNBC-led circus is President Obama’s former acting CIA chief Michael Morell. What makes him particularly notable in this context is that Morell was one of Clinton’s most vocal CIA surrogates. In August, he not only endorsed Clinton in the pages of the New York Times but also became the first high official to explicitly accuse Trump of disloyalty, claiming, “In the intelligence business, we would say that Mr. Putin had recruited Mr. Trump as an unwitting agent of the Russian Federation.

Morell appeared at an intelligence community forum to “cast doubt” on “allegations that members of the Trump campaign colluded with Russia.” 
“On the question of the Trump campaign conspiring with the Russians here, there is smoke, but there is no fire at all. There’s no little campfire, there’s no little candle, there’s no spark. And there’s a lot of people looking for it.”
Morell also cast serious doubt on the credibility of the infamous, explosive “dossier” originally published by the sewer drain BuzzFeed, saying that its author, Christopher Steele, paid intermediaries to talk to the sources for it. The dossier, he said, “doesn’t take you anywhere, I don’t think.” Morell’s comments echo the categorical remarks by Obama’s top national security official, James Clapper, who told Meet the Press last week that during the time he was Obama’s DNI, he saw no evidence to support claims of a Trump/Russia conspiracy. “We had no evidence of such collusion,” Clapper stated unequivocally. 

Unlike Morell, who left his official CIA position in 2013 but remains very integrated into the intelligence community, Clapper was Obama’s DNI until just seven weeks ago, leaving on January 20.

The media,which now has the laughable credibility of a high school student newspaper is run by gossip queens, odorous swamp creatures and mindless puppets who have long abandoned any ability to engage in legitimate journalism. The Washington Post, NYT and CNN are all now little more than rumor mill fiction rags hell-bent on destroying Trump no matter how much credibility they lose in the process.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Capitol Police Report Outbreak of Drunks Wandering Hill

Black College Leaders: So Far, Trump a Step UP From Obama

For eight years, Barack Obama did very little to improve educational opportunities in the black community that supported him so fatefully. But let's face it, to many black Americans education is not the highest on their list. Survival is. There again he did very little but stir up resentment and rip scabs off old wounds. We now hear how Donald Trump is evil, a racist, sexist homophobe. Little evidence is presented to support this beyond Trump's desire to end illegal immigration and to block a massive influx of refugees from terror hotbeds from entering the United States. It's all shameful, cynical politics. And some black Americans are finally realizing they were lied to by the media and the Democratic Party.

Despite the boos for Education Secretary Betsy DeVos at Bethune-Cookman, leaders of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) are beginning to speak out and admit Trump is a step up from Obama:
PJM-Following his inauguration, Trump’s most overt outreach to African Americans has been his efforts to woo students and leaders of black colleges that were founded in the years after the Civil War and today consist of 101 public and private schools nationwide. 
“For [President] Obama, people expected him to come in and fix everything -- especially for black people. ... But he never campaigned strongly for HBCUs,” said Walter Kimbrough, president of Dillard University in New Orleans, using the common abbreviation for the schools. Now, he says, the reverse has happened -- Trump came in with no expectations placed on him, and some black educators have been pleasantly surprised. “So people now want to see what’s going to happen because he’s coming in saying he’s going to be the president for HBCUs,” Kimbrough added. “It’s a very different perspective, but it’s still the first 150 days, so we’ll see what happens.” 
Johnny C. Taylor Jr., president of the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, a nonprofit that helps provide financial assistance to students who attend black colleges, says the signs from the White House are encouraging. “In the first four months of this presidency, the Trump administration has been far more responsive to our community than the past administration,” Taylor said. “I, for one, judge people by what they do -- not what they say.” 
A Republican president, the party that allegedly hates minorities, is the one actually keeping his promises about expanding minority educational opportunities.

Trump signed the Historically Black Colleges and Universities HBCU Executive Order,
Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2017

The Democratic Party and the media have exploited minorities in this country for votes. They spread despicable smears about good people, firing up race hatred. Then they disappear or institute policies that produce no results. The words of Mr. Taylor, considering the risk he takes in making such a statement, are all the evidence you need.

A Good Monday Morning

Birthday Suit in Honor of Odie.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

The New ANTIFA Battle Flag

Middle Finger Symphony Theater

* No Tuxedos Required * 

Brought to you by BluesJunky: Honorary Chair of Music - Middle Finger Symphony Music Director

Is This Really a Look Inside the Deep State That Threatens the Trump Presidency?

Note: It's no secret there are forces afoot that are determined to bring down Donald Trump and his presidency.  Who that are, no one knows.  I post this news story without any certainty of it's believability. I will let the reader decide. It could itself be part a misinformation campaign. I ran across this on a website called Third Estate NewsGroup.  It is a fairly new site, leaning towards current affairs. It looks legit, but in this day and age, you never know. The events of the this week in particular make it a mind grabbing story, but my suspensions were raised as to the method the information you're about to read was accessed. I urge the reader to read it with a grain of salt. That said, if true, we could have our first glimpse into a coming dark chapter in American history.  - Diogenes


"The possible existence of a subversive American “Deep State” has captivated the attention of political observers and supporters of President Trump for months, and for the first time, evidence has allegedly surfaced that casts a light on the shadowy operations of a group many claim is working to bring down the Presidency. This information comes as President Trump is battling his worst week in Washington so far. In the past seven days, a constant stream of leaks and unsourced stories have sent the Trump White House into a tail-spin, and calls for his impeachment have grown.

On Wednesday night, just hours after the Dept. of Justice appointed a Special Prosecutor to handle the Trump/Russia probe, a series of screenshots began spreading around the Dark Web, a colloquial term for the portion of the Internet that is unlisted in search engines and requires special encrypted software to access. The Dark Web is known as the “Internet home” to those who wish to communicate anonymously and hacker groups like Anonymous.

An unidentified user going by “FreshCamel” posted on several Dark Web message boards Wednesday evening asking other users to help him make sense of communications he had intercepted on a messaging platform called Gliph, a secure messaging service that uses end-to-end encryption to prevent communications from being tracked back to those who sent them. This individual did not provide much context regarding the source of these communications, but American users quickly put the pieces together.

On initial inspection, the screenshots, which are printed in their entirety below, appear to be taken from a short, highly-coded conversation held between approximately 5 individuals in the United States intelligence community on Wednesday, May 17th from 2:31 pm to 3:15 pm.

Third Estate Newsgroup’s Contributing Editor Micah Bull worked to make contact with “FreshCamel” late Wednesday night via an encrypted email service, and this individual confirmed that he had accessed the personal computer of an employee at the FBI sometime around April 24th. This access had been obtained through a falsified “phishing” email that installed spyware on this employee’s computer when opened. “FreshCamel” declined to identify this individual for the time being, but confirmed that he or she is a higher-level employee in the Bureau. 

According to “FreshCamel,” this individual’s computer is used to join a secured chat channel on Gliph approximately four times per week for exactly 45 minutes each session. Activity has increased in recent days, “FreshCamel” confirmed. For weeks, “FreshCamel” casually monitored these chats without realizing what they were, but when a topic of discussion in Wednesday’s chat became a major news story in the United States just hours after the chat was closed, he decided to seek help.

These screenshots (shown below) show a 45 minute chat on the afternoon of Wednesday, May 17. From 2:31 pm to 3:15 pm, 5 separate users sent a total of 20 messages. “FreshCamel” confirmed that there were a total of 13 users “present” in the chat room, but the users known as “Severus,” “Roger,” “Huck,” “Juules,” and “Dooku” are those who consistently speak the most in these daily chats.

The chat begins with mention of “RR” and Mueller, hours before Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced that former FBI Director Robert Mueller would be named as the Special Prosecutor handling the probe into the Trump campaign’s communications with Russia. The users admit that the news will “blindside” the White House.

Then, the topic of conversation turns to an individual referred to as “MF” and whether or not these users should work to “put [him] back in the news.” They eventually agree that an individual known as “S” will work to draft a “memo” somehow connecting “MF” to Turkey and the user known as “Huck” will use a secured connection with their “friends in New York.”

On Thursday, a major story broke that former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn had accepted money from the Turkish government and then intervened on their behalf in U.S. military operations. Flynn and Trump associates have denied these reports, but Flynn remains the subject of an ongoing FBI investigation.

See the Screenshots and the rest of the story in detail HERE

Friday, May 19, 2017

Bullet Head Tells Reporters to Go Get Him

It's gone way past partisan politics and loyal opposition to full blown hysteria and personal destruction. With an investigation ongoing, the democrats don't want to wait for the facts, they just want the media to continue with their 'unnamed sources' to spread the Sh*t and remain useful comrades in their pre-planned destruction of all things Trump.

Speaking to reporters Friday at Capitol Hill, Congressman Elijah Bullet Head Cummings (Md.) gave his fellow travelers in the media a pep talk and marching orders, telling them that “this is your moment” and “we cannot afford to lose” this fight for America (against President Trump and his supporters).

Cummings spoke following a briefing from Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein on the firing of FBI Director James Comey and, complained about the firing having “turned into a mess” and applauded Robert Mueller’s appointment as special counsel on the Russia investigation.
"This morning I said on CNN, I said, this thing has turned into a mess. I mean, we've got to straighten this out and I think — I think we need to pour politics out of this as much as possible.....and by the way, Thank you all.
"I really appreciate you all.  If there is any moment that the press in our country's history has a major role, it is this moment. This is your moment. You have got to put it out there so people can understand what is going on. I have said it before and I'll say it again, this is about the fight for the soul of our democracy. We cannot afford to lose this one."
That's kinda funny hearing, of all people, Bullet Head sayin' we need to take politics out of this as much as possible, even more hearing, "it's about the fight for the soul of our democracy", the same one him and his buddies have been mugging for the last 60 years. 

Simply said, Bullet Head was telling the media propagandists, 'Go out and find something! We gotz NUFFIN' t'hang on Trump! We wanted Her Heinous to be resident of the white ouhouse, and so did you fools! If we don't find something real on this guy, we'll be reduced to sucking on our pacifiers and holding our breath 'til we turn blue!'

Dancing Madly Backwards....

"I have heard about 'Witch-Hunts' all of my life. When I was a small child, Senator Joe McCarthy (R-Wis.) and the House Un-American Activities Committee were said by the left-wingers to be on a 'witch-hunt' for Communists in the government. That's what the left alleged against Richard Nixon when he was a young Congressman from Yorba Linda, too. The allegation was a bit misleading, though, because as far as we know, there are no such things as witches. There's Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi and they are not nice, but no one could prove that there are even such things as witches, let alone that there are witches in high office......"

"Now, we have a new kind of witch-hunt going on against the administration and the person of Donald Trump. The allegation is that there was some kind of control of the 2016 Presidential Campaign exercised by the Russians and that the control ran by some kind of collusion between Russia and Donald Trump. And now, with the appointment of Mr. Mueller as a Special Prosecutor in this case, we see a REAL witch-hunt hit high gear. This one is a REAL witch-hunt because there is no evidence at all of any kind whatsoever that there was any collusion with the Russians by Trump. There is no evidence that the Russians controlled Trump or anyone in his campaign. "It's all about a fantasy. So, now we have a hunt for something that is non-existent, as far as anyone knows." — Ben Stein

So here we are: Democrats are latching onto the smoke Trump created because he couldn’t stand that people simply wouldn’t recognize there was no fire. But we should always return to the simple, bottom-line fact: there’s still no fire.

But I remind you of what Barack Obama's Campaign Manager and Democrat Strategist once said:
H/T 100 Percent Fed Up for the Tweet

Fishnet Friday

Thursday, May 18, 2017

And At What Level of Unhinged Russophobia Have We Reached Today?

I guess the geniuses at Time, in their poor attempt at snark, don't realize they used an image of a Cathedral / Museum and not a government building!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

πŸƒ πŸƒ πŸƒ πŸƒ πŸƒ

If you don’t know who this is/was, he was the guy who was leaking the DNC information to WikiLeaks. He was a big Bernie supporter. You will be hearing a lot more about him in the coming days. Like anyone else who crosses the Clintons, he wound up died. Imagine that.

Murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich had sent 44,000 internal emails to WikiLeaks

Podesta: “I’m definitely for making an example of a suspected leaker whether or not we have any real basis for it.” 

WikiLeaks issues US $20k reward for information leading to conviction for the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich. 

The  Washington Post publishes dubious story on President Trump “leaking classified information” to the Russians less than an hour after news broke that murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich was in contact with Wikileaks

Seth Rich being the leaker effectively kills the entire Russian hacking narrative, and thus the entire Trump-Russia collusion narrative that was built upon it, and thus all the manipulations which were built upon the collusion narrative.

Unnamed Sources Confirm WAPO's Unnamed Sources Have Slutty Moms

I am reluctant to report this because–well–how many people will believe a scandalous story whose only source is “unnamed sources,” but for the future of this great land I feel I must go with it.

Twenty-nine different unnamed sources, plus one that had a name but forgot it, ten of whom are close to the NY Times management (they live in Manhattan), ten close to Washington Post management, and ten play in the Atlanta Corporate softball league with CNN management, shared some scandalous information today.

There will be some who say I am using unnamed sources just to prevent the MSM from continuing its agenda to slow down the Trump team from advancing the policies it promised America. Or that I am trying to drain the swamp of the established media. That is ridiculous! No one would ever try to slow down an agenda using unnamed sources and if that was what I was trying to do no one would believe me…they are unnamed sources for heaven’s sake......

Kellyanne Puts Squinty and Meat Puppet in Their Place

MSNBC's “Morning Joe” hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, known affectionately here at DMF as 'Squinty and Meat Puppet', for some reason decided out of the blue to attack Kellyanne Conway, the Senior Adviser to the President.

Meat Puppet Mika's anger and hatred showed all over her face as she brought up Kellyanne Conway out of nowhere during MSNBC’s lowest rated show. It sounded like maybe her monthly visit had arrived as she couldn’t help but attack Conway on live TV.
“This is a woman who came on our show during the campaign and would shill for Trump in extensive fashion, and then she was turned off the air, the camera would be turned off, the microphone would be turned off, and she would say, ‘Blah, I need to take a shower,’ because she disliked her candidate so much.”
Then,Mika's love puppy and co-host Squinty Joe had to chime in like a gossiping old lady:
"She said this is just my summer vacation, my summer in Europe and basically I’m just going to get through this." 
No one in their right mind who has watched Conway over the last few months would buy this for a minute. Not only that, but it’s widely known that news shows have certain rules about what guests can expect.  Tucker Carlson commented on this situation and said that it’s known a host never remarks on air what a guest said off the air, so he puts zero credibility into what the sad duo of “Morning Joe” had to say.  It’s apparent these two are pissed off because Conway now refuses to do their show. And why would she? Out of all the morning cable news shows, their ratings are consistently the lowest. Conway needs no back-up to take them on anyway.  Instead of lowering herself to how they behave, she took the high road:

Even if it was true, why would they bring it up now?  Just jumping into the Media Circle Jerk maybe?  Well, during the campaign, Trump and Conway granted interviews to “Morning Joe.” Both brought ratings, which they sorely needed, so they fawned over Trump much to the chagrin of everyone else over at MSNBC.  Then, after the election MSNBC went full retard, and Trump & Company were through with them, cut them off and leaving them high and dry.  No longer would they be getting the ratings which came with Trump.  So it is Squinty and Meat Puppet who will now do anything for publicity and ratings, MSNBC style prostituting for ratings.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Media Suffers From 'Trump Unacceptance and Resistance Disorder' (TURD)

"Many journalists believe it's literally impossible to be unfair to Donald Trump or the people who work for him. Extremism in the pursuit of Trump is no vice. That's the view in newsrooms, and you hear it in conversations all around Washington, a city that voted 91 percent for Hillary Clinton last fall.

Media figures, adults, smart people who have been around, have perspective -- or did have perspective. They've succumbed to Trump hatred that is so intense, it has destroyed their judgment and in some cases affected their character.

I see it all the time. Where normal people see flaws -- and they do exist -- with the president, they see crimes and conspiracies. The rest of us may complain that Trump is undisciplined and implusive, they regard him as the single gretest threat to Western civilization since nuclear weapons..."— Tucker Carlson

The Gay and The Barren Who Preside Over the Demise of Classic European Civilization

Venus of Brassempouy.  France, Circa 23,000 BC

Why Should They Worry About the Present When They Have no Stake in it's Future?

Excerpts from The Genetic Dead Ends Who Rule Europe. 
by Jim Goad of Taki Magazine: 

"When France decided to slit its own throat and elect the childless Emmanuel Macron as its president over the bustier and more fecund Marine Le Pen, it made him the ninth current European leader whose loins have borne no fruit.

In addition to France, childless men and barren women currently rule Italy, Germany, the UK, Scotland, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.  Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, has likewise never fathered nor raised a seedlin’. (And it’s not as if he has a face that inspires female lubrication, so it’d be an uphill climb for him under any circumstances.)

At this point, the 39-year-old Macron will likely never become a father, seeing as his 64-year-old wife’s vagina stands a high statistical chance of having fossilized by now. Macron has described colonialism as a “crime against humanity,” although he apparently has no qualms about France being colonized by Muslims. He has also stated that there is no such thing as “French culture.” He is also persistently dogged by rumors that he’s had a long-lasting, rump-wrangling, man-on-man relationship with Radio France chief executive Mathieu Gallet.

During the campaign, Marine Le Pen accused Macron of being the lapdog of Angela Merkel, the former communist and nude sunbather who has never given birth, but has handed Europe over to be killed.  Under Merkel’s frumpy rule, Germany can currently claim the dubious bragging right of being the nation with the highest quotient of childless women in the world.  

Current UK Prime Minister Theresa May also has a womb that might as well be a tomb, but at least it’s not from a lack of trying.  Same goes for Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon—she gave up after suffering a miscarriage. Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni, who looks like Merkel with maybe a half-shot of testosterone and without the Grecian Formula, has likewise never used his genitals to generate a child. According to the latest results from a highly unscientific online poll, 100% of respondents think he’s gay.

When it comes to Luxembourg’s Prime Minister Xavier Bettel (pictured to right of his partner), there’s no denying it—he’s as gay as a fresh sprig of mistletoe pinned to a red-velvet winter’s vest. He currently bears the distinction of being the “only openly gay world leader” at the moment. And we can all safely assume that his life partner isn’t going to start poppin’ babies out of his rectum anytime soon.

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan LΓΆfven has never seen a boy or girl call him “daddy.” The only thing mentioned in the “Personal life” section of his Wikipedia page is that he “enjoys sports.” I cannot confirm whether or not Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte is gay or not, but look at this picture and tell me he isn’t. What I can confirm is that a woman has never carried his sperm to term.

In stark contrast to the gaggle of fruits and the unfruitful who currently rule Western Europe, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, and Viktor Orban—who form a Triumvirate of Evil for anyone dumb enough to believe globalism’s a good thing—have graced the planet with a dozen children between them, which will undoubtedly lead to climate change and starvation in Africa, which will then force 100 million or so African refugees northward in search of freedom, social justice, and a better life.

The cobwebbed wombs and the blank-shooting scrotums that currently rule Europe obviously have no personal genetic stake in what happens to Europe after they die. To them, the Europeans of the future will be “all future generations” that inhabit Europe, not the biological descendants of those who’ve inhabited Europe for dozens of millennia.

A continent ruled by the sterile and inhabited by those who’ve been brainwashed or demoralized into choosing sterility themselves will have no posterity in the classical sense. Instead, they will be overrun by people from alien cultures who may not have developed much in the way of technology or philosophy but who at least possess the genetic wisdom to be fertile."

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Monday, May 15, 2017

Are We Watching an Attempted Coup: Out in the Open and in Slow Motion?

Some in the Intelligence Community Have Turned on the WH, 
Democrats and the Media Their Useful Idiots

DC -The Washington Post accused President Donald Trump of leaking “highly-classified information” in a recent meeting with Russian officials, but the only named source in the piece denies it.

Citing anonymous officials, the Post claims that Trump revealed to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Ambassador Sergey Kislyak unspecified yet high-value information provided by a unidentified partner in the fight against the Islamic State, potentially jeopardizing operations against ISIS and compromising U.S. intelligence sources. The president reportedly revealed information surrounding an ISIS plot.

White House National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, the only identified source in WaPo’s report, denies that the president leaked information the U.S. government deemed classified. McMaster, who participated in the meeting, told the Post.
“At no time were any intelligence sources or methods discussed, and no military operations were disclosed that were not already known publicly."
Some have noted that McMaster’s language is intentionally vague and doesn’t indicate an outright denial that classified information was disclosed.While it is possible that Trump either intentionally or unintentionally shared classified information, the relevant WaPo report appears to cite indirect sources, such as “an official with knowledge of the meeting” or “former officials.”

Among The Washington Post’s revelations, the paper explained that it “is withholding most plot details, including the name of the city, at the urging of officials who warned that revealing them would jeopardize important intelligence capabilities.” If the story is true, this statement indicates that U.S. officials may have leaked classified information to the Post — the exact same information they claim Trump put the nation at risk by revealing.

Reason #153 for Climate Change: Not Enough Killing

Old Demented Radical Feminist Gloria Steinem

DT - If you are one of those “climate deniers” who thinks the science isn’t settled on man-made global warming, perhaps your love of killing babies will flip you on the issue. Radical feminist Gloria Steinem has identified the cause of global warming and it’s because we haven’t been killing enough unborn children for the past 500 years.

It’s always fun when liberals combine their awfulness with their bullshit into a unified clusterf*ck theory. Refinery29 did an interview with the she-woman man-hater and it was as crazy as you would expect. Early on, she compared Ivanka Trump to Hitler because the First Daughter supports family leave, which I thought was a feminist issue, but whatever.

The real crazy comes when the topic turns to global warming:
Refinery29: People argue that climate change and other issues are also feminist issues. What do we lose by broadening the meaning of the term? 
Steinem: Are you kidding me? Listen, what causes climate deprivation is population. If we had not been systematically forcing women to have children they don’t want over the 500 years of patriarchy, we wouldn’t have the climate problems that we have. That’s the fundamental cause of climate change. Even if the Vatican doesn’t tell us that. In addition to that, because women are the major agricultural workers in the world, and also the carriers of water and the feeders of families and so on, it’s a disproportionate burden.” 
Climate deprivation? That’s a new one. She’s managed to make global warming a feminist issue by assigning it a sense of victimhood. What’s she’s saying is that men, through their sin of being male, have deprived women of climate, which is sadly not even the craziest thing here.

But the cool thing about being a liberal is that all of their bullshit is related. Gun control, racism, abortion, global warming, and every other silly thing is interchangeable. None of it makes any sense and isn’t backed by fact so they can plug any issue into another without it sounding more ridiculous because it’s already at maximum crazy.

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