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Monday, October 18, 2021

Once You've Burned the NYT, Burning CNN on its Own Air is Priceless.

Bari Weiss tells Tater Stelter how 'the world has gone mad,
then lists CNN as part of the cause. πŸ€£

😎 P’wned On His Own Show! πŸ˜Ž

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Move Over Don Lemon. Katy Tur Has Taken Over the Mantle of the AOC of the Broadcast Media

Broadcast Journalist Anchor of MSNBC Live, Katy Tur

MSNBC’s Katy Tur is most notably known for three things. Not being very bright.  Being one of the few women in the universe to date Keith Olbermann.  And perhaps most famous for proclaiming journalists are like firefighters, because after all, reading from a teleprompter and writing articles is totally like risking one’s life to go into a burning building and saving people. It was at that moment that the media’s inflated sense of self-importance became undeniably clear and it’s been a basis for parody ever since.

Like AOC, Tur has lots to say but pretty much all of it is stupid. But in her defense, her only degree is a BA Philosophy and her father is a transgender named Zoey, so who knows what crazy things are going on behind those eyes.

Recently, she bemoaned “gerrymandering” in Senate races, which happens to not be a thing since state lines can not be gerrymandered.  Not to be outdone by herself, Tur simply moved her beer to the other hand as she illustrates the bubble more media types live in these days by making another ridiculous comment. In case you missed this bit of broadcast brilliance from a few days ago, here is another one of Tur's AOC moments:    

I'm not sure if Sununu caught the error in real-time and was being a gentleman or not. But it would have been so cool if he had stopped and said lady what the hell are you talking about.
Coupled with the gerrymandering comments, it paints a picture of a “journalist” who seems to have less common sense than the very people she routinely preens at. Tur also happens to be one of the more biased “journalists” out there, using her platform to drone and routinely spin Democratic talking points nicely arranged for her on the teleprompter, and that are way over her comprehension level.  

But fear not, Don Lemon. We all know it won't be long before we see another video clip of your famous AOC moments. Few are in your league.

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Friday, June 8, 2018

“No One Is Above The Law"........ Well Except Us.

Just when you thought the media couldn’t get anymore ridiculous, they rip their shirts off, and say “hold my beer.” As you've heard, last night a former Senate staffer named James A. Wolfe was arrested for lying to the FBI (a crime we’ve been assured is most serious when it involves Robert Mueller’s team).
"A federal grand jury indicted the staffer, James A. Wolfe, 58, on three counts of making false statements in December about contacts with reporters, including providing sensitive information related to the work of the Senate Intelligence Committee, which he served as security director for 29 years."
The indication here is that Wolfe was leaking classified info from Senate investigations to a reporterette from the New York Times he was boinking name Ali Watkins. Now if you were wondering where so many of the 2017 leaks about the Senate investigation were coming from, well we may have just got the answer. Watkins was essentially caught red-handed because it is shown that her revealing of Carter Page’s name in early 2017 was a direct result of information given to her by Mr. Wolfe.

As part of the leak investigation that ultimately snagged Wolfe, federal prosecutors seized the text messages of Ms. Watkins in order to show he was lying when interviewed by the FBI in December of 2017. This has got the media losing their minds over the use of her phone records, but before we get to that let’s flashback to earlier this week.

It all started with Rudy Guiliani suggesting in an interview that he probably shouldn't have given in the first place that the (not a) President may have the power to pardon himself (a stupid thing to say given it’s an irrelevant point). Despite there being no reason for the President to do so, the media at large started tearing at their clothes and went insane suggesting the President is placing himself “above the law,” a charge that falls on it’s face given the realities of impeachment, but hey, it’s the media.

Of course, the usual subjects went nuts and the tweeter machine lit up:

A more official statement was given by the Freedom of the Press Foundation, who speak at large for the media.
"All leak investigations — whether they directly target reporters or not — are a grave threat to press freedom. Whistleblowers are the lifeblood of reporting, and the Trump administration is directly attacking journalists’ rights by bringing these cases....."
To start, this guy was not a whistleblower. He was leaking testimony and details about an ongoing federal investigation to a reporter he was bumping nasties with. He wasn’t exposing that investigation’s corruption or any such nonsense. You also don’t receive whistleblower protections unless you actually go through the system setup to protect whistleblowers. That’s a non starter.

Secondly, the fact that the media can righteously lecture the country that no one is above the law on Monday but by the end of the week be vehemently saying that reporters should be above the law (to the point of saying law shouldn’t be enforced at all no less) is an incredible exercise in hypocrisy. 

The same media who cheered non-stop for the over the top raid on the office of the personal lawyer to President of the United States, Michael Cohen, thinks its records should not be subject to criminal investigations. What exactly is all this based on? The U.S. Constitution guarantees freedom of the press but it does not guarantee a reporter’s right to assist in breaking the law.

As of now, this reporter is not being pursued for any wrongdoing herself. That rule of tradition (not law) is being honored in this situation by the Trump administration despite the protestations of media members. This is not the same thing as the Obama administration actually going after journalists under the Espionage Act, as it did with James Rosen. Of course, most in the media couldn’t muster up more than a weak rebuke when that happened because a Democrat was in power.

(Freedom of the Press Foundation)
(Red State)

Monday, July 17, 2017

Dustin Hoffman's Former Character Warns of ‘COLD CIVIL WAR’

Former Washington Post reporter Carl Bernstein continues to milk his fame from being one of the reporters on the Watergate scandal that ran Richard Nixon out of office. Now a cranky old man, the 73-year-old has a regular gig at CNN where he can pretend that the ongoing witch hunt against President Donald Trump is the equivalent of Watergate. By doing so, it is a way for Bernstein to sip from the fountain of youth but more often, he just looks like a pathetic codger who is desperately trying to relive the glory days. 

His latest scoop? Those Americans who don’t take the word of CNN fake news weasels as if it were spoken from the mouth of God himself are living in an alternate reality and it’s all the fault of Fox News. Oh, and the country is already in the midst of what he calls a “cold civil war”, a point that may be at least somewhat accurate but that war has been initiated by CNN and the left who are unable to process losing an election.

The press has indeed changed since the dashing young newsman reached the heights of fame and was even played by a young Dustin Hoffman in “All the President’s Men” way back in 1976, it’s a totally different country now and not in a good way. Like Bob Woodward, Bernstein has become the same type of establishment political hack that he once damned. Bernstein is a flaming leftist and dyed in the wool Trump hater who fits in perfectly at CNN. 
Read More Here, if ya care what this guy says.....

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Friday, July 14, 2017

Friday, May 26, 2017

Look out Amy Schumer, There’s a New Queen of Comedy.

Yes, sadly the circus is gone, but there is no shortage of clowns still fully employed. One of the leaders in fake news and liberal propaganda, CNN head Jeff Zucker, said his network is where people come when they want facts. I think I now understand why CNN performs so poorly: the guy running the network has no idea what “viewers” or “facts” are. 

Earlier this week a terrorist detonated a suicide bomb and killed 22 people at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England. You don’t have to be a seasoned reporter or Ivy League educated journalist to understand that a terrorist bombing that killed mostly young people and children is a big news story. While this was breaking, CNN chose to air a panel discussion about how President Trump should be impeached for firing FBI director James Comey. I’m not kidding, this is what CNN thought was more important than an ISIS attack on innocent people with mass casualties.

Even Mediate, which is normally pretty liberal, thought it was a little partisan to keep slamming Trump rather than cover a major news story. They reached out to CNN head Jeff Zucker to get his response on this.
“We’re not in a race to be first. We’re in a race to be right. CNN is held to a different standard than other cable networks that focus primarily on opinion. People come to us for facts, and there is no room for error with facts.”  
Look out Amy Schumer, there’s a new queen of comedy up in here!  What makes this even funnier is that Zucker actually believes what he said.

CNN is a network that doesn’t deal much in fact, but rather liberal opinion and ideology. Just recently we have enjoyed these stories from CNN that are supposedly fact-based:

Don Lemon Blames Trump For Congressional Candidate Attacking A Reporter
Chris Cillizza Orders Everyone To Stop Talking About Anthony Weiner Sex Scandal
Anderson Cooper Talks About President Trump Taking A Shit On His Desk
Jake Tapper Says The Media Has Assassinated 4 Presidents
Jeanie Moos Investigates If Trump Is Afraid Of Stairs
CNN Blasts Trump Administration For Thinking Russian Dressing Comes From Russia
I defy anyone to find facts, even partial ones, in any of the above mentioned reporting. Shit like this, which is a regular feature on CNN, is the exact opposite of bias-free hard news. Not only doesn’t Zucker know anything about viewers or the truth, he has no idea what actually constitutes news. 

(Crazy Cousin Olivia)
(Clown News Network)

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Unnamed Sources Confirm WAPO's Unnamed Sources Have Slutty Moms

I am reluctant to report this because–well–how many people will believe a scandalous story whose only source is “unnamed sources,” but for the future of this great land I feel I must go with it.

Twenty-nine different unnamed sources, plus one that had a name but forgot it, ten of whom are close to the NY Times management (they live in Manhattan), ten close to Washington Post management, and ten play in the Atlanta Corporate softball league with CNN management, shared some scandalous information today.

There will be some who say I am using unnamed sources just to prevent the MSM from continuing its agenda to slow down the Trump team from advancing the policies it promised America. Or that I am trying to drain the swamp of the established media. That is ridiculous! No one would ever try to slow down an agenda using unnamed sources and if that was what I was trying to do no one would believe me…they are unnamed sources for heaven’s sake......

Sunday, February 19, 2017

CNN to Issue Warnings for Sensitive Viewers

MFNS - NEW YORK – The Board of CNN Inc. and it's worldwide news division have announced starting Monday a new policy of issuing trigger warnings before showing the face of President Donald Trump to viewing audiences. CNN has estimated that millions of viewers have turned off CNN because of their growing fear that Trump may appear on their screens and further traumatize them with his blunt language, harsh political realities & brutish no nonsense diplomatic tact. 

CNN's Wolf Blitzer made the announcement Saturday:
“We know the mere mention of President’s Trump name or the sight of his face is enough to trigger serious emotional distress or even seizures in a large part of our viewing audience so we believe that this is an appropriate policy for our time. Families with children will really appreciate this warning, as the mere sight of Trump reportedly makes many babies, small infants, and millennials cry uncontrollably. 
Just as we issue warnings before showing bloody, mangled corpses after mass murders or terrorist attacks, so we will issue warnings before showing the face of Donald J. Trump or mentioning his name. We would prefer to avoid the mention of Mr. Trump’s name altogether if possible,  But Trump is President of the United States now, so it’s difficult to completely avoid the subject of Trump no matter how badly we want to not mention the name of Trump ever again. Trump. 
It seems that Trump is a President that many people really love to hate. While many people really love to hate him, they prefer to hate him from their own designated ‘safe space,’ wherever that may be. Many people prefer to sit on their own toilet with their iPhone and hate Trump and curse his name." 
CNN also promised at least 15 minutes of “Trump-free” programming every hour, from 15 minutes to 30 minutes after each hour. Blitzer concluded his annoncement: 

“We would like people to know that for those 15 minutes, that CNN itself is a safe space from the menace of Donald Trump’s face and the menace of Trump’s unholy name. Even during the rest of the hour we may have some Trump-free programming.”
Even some journalists also want safe spaces and so that they are not triggered by having to cover Trump from the White House press pool. One anonymous Wall Street Journal reporter and frequent White House press pool correspondent confessed to being “horrified at the mere sight of Trump. He triggers me into two minutes of total hate for him at least every day. I am trying to get out of covering Trump. I want to cover less offensive leaders, such as Kim Jong-Un. Or that President Erdogan of Turkey. He seems nice.”

World leaders also praised CNN’s decision. Angela Merkel of Germany praised CNN for “showing sensitivity to world audiences for whom the fact that Trump is so-called leader of the free world is a fact too terrifying to contemplate.”

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Pat Buchanan Schools Pointy Headed CNN Anchor

“In the nineteenth century, Marx said power is control of the means of production. Arthur Schlesinger said, around 1960, power is control of the means of communication. The Left and the Establishment control 85% of the communications in the United States… The System is rigged, okay? Overwhelmingly, the Left and the Establishment control the media, and they are controlling the outcome of this election. What are we supposed to do, get up and salute?”
Here is Buchanan’s recent blockbuster column which is the subject of this interview.