Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Notorious White House Photobomber Resurfaces

Joe Biden and his caretaker Jill had Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and his wife Yuko Kishida over for some grub at the White House Wednesday. Yuko Kishida arrived in a lovely purple evening dress by 'Toso Gumie', while Jill Biden strapped up in a special creation from 'Luigi's Used Upholstery Outlet' for the occasion.  Prime Minister Kishida wore a special name tag that read "I'm Not The Waiter" as not to confuse the President. 

The WH Photobomber, wanted by the Secret Service, FBI, INTERPOL and 
Salvation Army Intelligence appears on the White House steps before the State Dinner   

Also invited for some reason was Hollywood's biggest asshole, TDS ridden Robert De Niro, minus he's 6 inch platform shoes, seen here arriving with the shortest Asian "Lady of the Evening" he could get on short notice.

~ Thank You Larwyn's Linx@ Doug Ross Journal for the Linkage! ~

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