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Has Joe Biden Begun Raising Cash for WH Run??

"The newest indication that the vice president could jump into the race comes from a Wall Street Journal report, which cites friends and advisers who say Biden, 72, received encouragement to do so from sons Beau and Hunter. Thousands of others have also signaled their support for a White House bid by the vice president. Draft Biden 2016, a super PAC that is laying the groundwork for a potential campaign in early voting states, has gathered more than 90,000 signatures to support that effort."
All We Can Say Is "Run Joe Run"! We can use the material!

Predictable: Salon.com Comes Out Against 4th of July Celebrations, But Not For Usual Reasons

Please minimize your fireworks display this July 4th as not to worsen global warming
and help prevent respiratory genocide in your neighborhood

Independence Day is upon us, which means that millions of patriotic Americans are preparing to celebrate our nation’s most important holiday. It also means that liberals, who hate America, are preparing to ruin the day like they do with every holiday. Salon took a unique approach this year. Instead of going for the “it supports slavery” or “it promotes the killing of indigenous people” crap, they went with the “4th of July causes air pollution, contributes to global warming, and kills people” thing.

Those 4th of July fireworks spectaculars are causing huge spikes in dangerous air pollution author Lindsay Abrams warns:
"The most important lesson you learn on the environment beat is that nearly everything we humans do has consequences, oftentimes dangerous ones. And according to a new study from scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, that includes celebrating our nation’s independence with fireworks displays, which cause levels of harmful particle pollution to spike significantly each July 4th......"
I learned a very important lesson last year, which is just because there is a case to made for not setting off fireworks doesn’t mean people are going to be receptive to the idea, and they’ll probably send you angry emails that, just saying, are very much not in the holiday spirit. So to all those who say a little potential “premature death and adverse cardiovascular [and respiratory] effects“ is a small price to pay for celebrating America, I say, power to you."
Abrams just said that 4th of July fireworks cause premature death and lung disease. It’s not that she isn’t in the holiday spirit; she straight up hates America. She resents the freedom and history of this country so much that she’s trying to ruin the celebration with lies in the pettiest way possible.

Maybe there’s a reason no one invited her to a 4th of July barbecue.

The NYTs explains why they run imagery offensive to Judeo-Christians but not images offensive to Muslims.

The Story Here

.....and I also refer you to the previous post below.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Marching Happily Toward Our Cultural Decline

Cultural Collapse is the decline, decay, or disappearance of a native population's rituals, habits, interpersonal communication, relationships, art, and language. It coincides with a relative decline of population.  National identity and group identification being lost while revisionist history is applied to demonize or find fault with the majority population. 

The Western world is being colonized in reverse, not by weapons or hard power, but through a combination of progressivism, low reproductive rates and third world immigration. These three factors will lead to a complete cultural collapse of many Western nations within the next 100 years.

Cultural decline begins in earnest when the natives feel shame or guilt for who they are, their history, their way of life, and where their ancestors came from. They will let immigrant groups criticize their customs without protest, or they simply embrace immigrant customs instead with religious conversion and inter-ethnic marriages. Nationalistic pride will be condemned as a “far-right” phenomenon and popular nationalistic politicians will be compared to Hitler. Natives learn the art of self-censorship, limiting the range of their speech and expressions, and soon only the elderly can speak the truths of the cultural decline while a younger multiculturalist within earshot attributes such frankness to senility or racist nostalgia.

Religion has been a powerful restraint for millennia in preventing humans from pursuing their base desires and narcissistic tendencies so that they satisfy a god. Family formation is the central unit of most religions, possibly because children increase membership at zero marginal cost to the church (i.e. they don’t need to be recruited). Even though many people in the West today claim to believe in god, they may not step inside a church but once or twice a year for special holidays. Religion went from being a lifestyle, a manual for living, to something that is thought about in passing.

Some examples of Cultural Decline:
1. Removal of religious narrative from people’s lives, replaced by a treadmill of scientific and technological "progress." 
2. Elimination of traditional sex roles through feminism, gender equality, political correctness, cultural Marxism and the mainstreaming of deviant behaviors. 
3. Destruction of the family unit by government dependency and by women pursuing careerist lifestyles while men wait in confused limbo. 
4. Decreasing birth rate among majority populations. 
5. Government enactment of open immigration policies in the guise of  compassion and spurring the economic. 
6. Immigrant refusal to fully acclimate, forcing host culture to adapt to their rituals and beliefs while being out-reproduced. 
7. Majority ethnic population becomes marginalized in their own country.
Sound familiar?  It should. The few points above are just modern news headlines written in simple truths instead of progressive Orwellian doublespeak we get from the media.  As our attention is diverted by silly stories or celebrity adventures, social media hastags and facebook posts about of our lunches, the very under pinning of Western civilization are being knocked out from under us, one at a time.  

American culture is being turned from a melting pot into a boiling cauldron of hate and separation spurred be racial animosity and fueled by retribution and the Utopian visions of a perfect, just society, only without the type of clear thinkers that brought it into existence in the first place...........and the Barbarians wait patiently just beyond the gate.

 Blind Ignorance speaks and displayed in all it's glory.

If we’re crazy, they made us this way!

The same people who told us 30 years ago that “marriage is just a stupid piece of paper” now insist that it’s a “human right.”
The same people who told us that “a flag is just a meaningless piece of material” now want certain flags banned and others raised — or else.
The same people who say you can’t change who you want to f*ck tell us you CAN change the bits you f*ck them with.
The same people who said “Hey, if you don’t like it, change the channel” now run #StopRush and try to ban Ann Coulter et al from campuses.
The same people who used to tell us to “lighten up” and “learn to take a joke” now fire people who make them.
LITERALLY the same people.
If we’re “crazy,” they made us that way.
 (Cathy Shaidle) 

"Darling, I'll never forget where we were when the Supreme Court decision came down.... 
third stall, men's room, highway 15 rest stop."


Courage is the first of human qualities because it is the quality which guarantees all others.

"A man may believe in something, but his belief is useless and of no practical significance if he does not possess the courage to defend it.  Even compassion, if it does not have the courage to carry out what is required ceases to be compassion. Courage is the attitude associated with the idea of principle. 
-  Sir Winston Churchill

A Good Monday Morning

Stretching first thing in the morning is proven vitality important for proper posture. 
It has also been shown to be beneficial in improving cardiac health by increased 
blood flow in some who may happen to be in the near vicinity. 

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Diogenes' Middle Finger Turns Five

This weekend marks the fifth anniversary of the beginning of this little venture called Diogenes Middle Finger.  And I can say again this year, it has been by far the best year yet. It was never an intention, nor a dream to ever receive the recognition or the honors from fellow bloggers that it has. I thank my many blog brothers and sisters.   

And thanks in part to our new found fame being labeled as  "Unamerican / Uncosmopolitan Despicable Hooligans" as we are called by John Kerry, and our ongoing feud with the Hilton Hotel Chain, our growth in readership has increased at an amazing pace. I thank You All who come here and spend time.

This will be the last celebration of it's kind here until year number 10, that's if we last that long, and avoid being scooped up be the Secret Service or interred in Re-education Camp. 

So I must take time to thank my regular commenters for you wit and serious discussions on my topics (and for your corrections of my sometime poor English ;) ) and especially to my sometime collaborator and friend, The Incomparable Earl of Taint. And a Thank You to Cardigan for the generous linkage and all the gang at IOTWR, as well as my many readers from Michelle's Mirror
I pledged two things at the start (1- give readers something different than the same stuff they see on 20 other blogs they may read before they come here  (2- make them wonder what they will find if they do come back. I feel I've succeeded on both counts.

Thank You All for making what I do here worth the time and effort. - Jan

Notorious RBG

Friday, June 26, 2015

Why Kagan and Ginsburg Should Have Recused Themselves From Gay Marriage Decision

Both Justices Recently Performed Gay Marriage Ceremonies
Federal law states: "Any justice, judge, or magistrate judge of the United States shall disqualify himself in any proceeding in which his impartiality might reasonably be questioned." 
A repost from April 27,2015

Why Justice Kagan Should Recuse Herself, But Won't 

Just last September Justice Kagan officiated at a same-sex wedding.  That's just the latest of a long history of Kagan's LGBT activism.  Justice Kagan is hugely biased on LGBT issues (for obvious reasons) and should recuse herself, but I doubt she will.  She, as well as the 'Wise Latina" Justice Sotomayor were nominated for the court not because of their knowledge and wisdom in all things constitutional, but solely to advance minority agendas. 

Kagan has been committed to the radical campaign pushing acceptance of homosexuality and transgenderism as “Civil Rights." Her unprecedented activism supporting that view as Dean of Harvard Law School calls into question her ability to judge fairly and impartially on same-sex “marriage”.   Working hand in hand with students to expel military recruiters in protest over the Armed Forces’ ban on homosexuals (a “moral injustice of the first order,” she wrote) is only the most obvious example of Kagan’s passionate dedication to this controversial and immoral agenda.

Even before her nomination to the Court, her enthusiastic and committed pro-homosexuality activism at Harvard (including her recruitment to the faculty of radical “gay” activist scholars like former ACLU lawyer William Rubenstein and elevation of radical out lesbian Professor Janet Halley) was highly significant for the making of the nation's next generation of Lawyers and Judges.

So going in, the "Same-Sex Marriage" forces have 3 solid votes, Kagan, Sotomayor and the senile old bat, Buzzy Ginsburg, who also has recently performed same sex marriages ceremonies, and who's record of twisted liberal logic and written dissenting opinion against the spirit of the Constitution is on record for all to see. That leaves only two votes needed to ensconce the LGBT agenda firmly into the fabric of the nation.  

And I doubt very seriously these same 3 Justices would ever see fit to rule assuring my right to self defense by legalizing my carry permit in all fifty states. 

Great Moments in History #24

1949 - George Orwell finishes his Classic Novel  of perpetual war, omnipresent government surveillance, socialism, thoughtcrime and historical revisionism.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

California and Mandatory Vaccination Laws

The "Everything Confederate Must Go" Comes to Town

I listened with interest to the radio this morning for what I knew was sure to come, it has come before in just such similar situations as we have presently......

"Local NAACP President Lloyd Thompson says it’s time for the monument to go. He says it’s a symbol of hate and stirs emotions of divisiveness. He’s asking parish leaders to come up with the funding to tear the structure down. 
But the monument and the land it sits on are owned by the Daughters of the Confederacy and that group has issued this statement: 
"The monument belongs to the Shreveport Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. It is on the National Registry of Historical Sites and it will not be moved."
Parish Commissioners say it will cost $300,000 to take down the monument. Thompson is also asking that it be removed from the National Registry of Historic Sites."

This particular monument has special significance in Civil War History, and Southern Heritage. On the grounds of the Caddo Parish court house stands the monument erected in 1902 at the last Confederate Capital, near the spot the last Confederate flag was lowered over land after the end of the war.  

It has been a target of groups like the ACLU before, despite it's significance to American history, as well as a representation of a specific period of American Art history.

The Caddo Parish Confederate Monument is of statewide significance under Criterion A as one of four major Louisiana monuments representing what is known by historians as "the Cult of the Lost Cause." More specifically, these monuments are Louisiana's most important representations of the Memorial Period, or second phase (1883 to 1907), of the Civil War Commemorative Sculpture Movement. These monuments represent a significant physical reminder of the period: reflecting the introduction and presence of Civil War monument construction in Louisiana and the role women played in the memorial period. This is an example of Art as History. The Cult of the Lost Cause continued to dominate Southern cultural history in the early twentieth century, and is still alive and well today. - National Park Service - Registry of Historic Places

Regardless of what you views are of this chapter of American history, it is woven into our fabric. You can argue is was an unjust rebellion or justifiable uprising. But what remains as a reminder of it all is not to be destroyed because some opportunist fain offense at the images of America and it's past. If we start down roads such as this, some may not like where it leads..... 

New Democrat Voter Registration Application

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

You Knew It Was Coming: A PC Assault On the Classic Film "Gone With the Wind"

I've never had much respect for film critics, who are mostly failed writers, actors and directors, much  like the obnoxious late Roger Elbert. They are just flap-jawed flunkey's that produce nothing useful.  Film critics are like annoying barking dogs or someone who stands next to you in a art museum and insistently explains the meaning of a painting. 

So it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that recent discussions of the Confederate Battle Flag and it's perceived racist connotations in today's modern world would also give the political correct film critic a wider opening to go after similar symbols of our traditions in their field of expertize. And Didn't take long at all....

"If the Confederate flag is finally going to be consigned to museums as an ugly symbol of racism, what about the beloved film offering the most iconic glimpse of that flag in American culture?
I’m talking, of course, about “Gone with the Wind,’’ which won a then-record eight Academy Awards, including Best Picture of 1939, and still ranks as the all-time North American box-office champ with $1.6 billion worth of tickets sold here when adjusted for inflation.
True, “Gone with the Wind’’ isn’t as blatantly and virulently racist as D.W. Griffith’s “Birth of a Nation,’’ which was considered one of the greatest American movies as late as the early 1960s, but is now rarely screened, even in museums.
The more subtle racism of “Gone with the Wind’’ is in some ways more insidious, going to great lengths to enshrine the myth that the Civil War wasn’t fought over slavery — an institution the film unabashedly romanticizes.
But what does it say about us as a nation if we continue to embrace a movie that, in the final analysis, stands for many of the same things as the Confederate flag that flutters so dramatically over the dead and wounded soldiers at the Atlanta train station just before the “GWTW’’ intermission...........
The studio sent “Gone with the Wind’’ back into theaters for its 75th anniversary in partnership with its sister company Turner Classic Movies in 2014, but I have a feeling the movie’s days as a cash cow are numbered. 
It’s showing on July 4 at the Museum of Modern Art as part of the museum’s salute to the 100th anniversary of Technicolor — and maybe that’s where this much-loved but undeniably racist artifact really belongs." -  Read More

The film critic, Mr Lumenick, may be considered brilliant in the world of  flap-jawed flunkey's, but misses an important point about the movie. Anyone who's read Margaret Mitchell's book "Gone With the Wind" recognizes immediately this is not a story about the civil war, but a fictional story set during the time of the civil war. And it was also not the days of making movies with explicit violence as is the hallmark of today's cinema. 
Perhaps, Mr.  Lumenick.  you would better service society by pointing your critical views at some of the films littered with unnecessary gratuitous violence that permeates modern film making and sometime influences young unstable minds to kill instead of salivating over the possible shunning of a masterfully made fictional piece from three generation ago.   

Make yourself useful for a change,  Mr Lumenick.

United Nations First Annual Meeting of the International Chicken Little "The Sky is Falling" Conference

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hilton Tops List of Most Hated Hotels; Diogenes’ Social Media Influence Blamed

via The Blog of Monte Cristo

Fox News – Social media analytics firm Crimson Hexagon decoded to take the biggest hotel brands in the U.S. to find out the most despised—and the most liked–hotel chain. Based on thousands of tweets over a nearly six-month period—Jan. 1 to June 14—the group analyzed posts about the hotel groups to determine if comments were positive, negative or neutral.
According to Business Insider, the chains were chosen based on size– focusing on ones that had a large number of rooms, employees, properties, and social media buzz.
The results may surprise some luxury hotel snobs. Radisson (62 percent) and Best Western (57 percent) got the highest overall percentages of positive feedback on Twitter. With just 4 percent negative feedback, Radisson also had the lowest negative feedback.
And when it came to the most hated, Hilton took the top spot, with 17 percent of all tweets reported as negative. By volume, Marriott is the most talked about hotel on social media with almost 90,000 mentions and was the second most hated place to stay, according to the study. 
Read more at FoxNews. Go Here for DMF-Hilton feud history.

 Cross Posted From The Blog of Monte Cristo

Barack Has a Few Friends Over For Dinner

Must Just Be Cold In There....

Historical Imagery in the Politics of the Moment

"I am quite cognizant of the appeal of “heritage not hate,” and I feel the power of it. It is too easy for liberals to exploit the crises and emotions related to them, and it is too easy to forget what was good about Southern values and to focus only on the bad......" 
"The states rights and tariffs arguments are entirely absent from Southern apologia until after the Civil War. In 1860 and before, no one in the South was using those topics to justify secession. Furthermore, in 1860 federal tariffs on Southern goods were lower than they had been since 1816." - Dr. Joel McDurmon via Donald Sensing

The Confederate battle flag, the ole "stars and bars," stands for all the things that a rebellion long ago asserted as its just cause. Yes, a few of those things -- particularly as they relate to resistance to urban, federal power, and to a "lost cause" literally memorialized over much of the country -- exert a certain gauzy and romantic attraction even today, even to me.

We are allowed a certain attachment to the traitors of the Confederacy -- who we dignify as "rebels" instead -- because in the binding of our national wounds we decided not demonize a people who, after all, were but a generation or two behind many northerners in their attitudes about slavery and racial supremacy. 

But there cannot be any doubt that today, in 2015, and for many decades now, most Americans perceive the Confederate battle flag to stand for white supremacy and slavery, without which there would have been no rebellion and no civil war.

This is an especially treacherous subject for politicians in the Republican Party, which has since 1970 or so tried to be both the "party of Lincoln" and the heir to the traditions of the Old South, some wonderful and worth preserving and, unfortunately, some deeply malign and simply unworthy. You see certain Republicans struggle with this when they point out that Democrats were the great segregationists back in the day.
Loathe as I am to quote a tweet in the making of any argument, this from an apparently black conservative makes the point most eloquently:
"We can either be the party of Lincoln or the party of Confederacy.......But please don't insult my intelligence by acting as if we can be both." 
The Republican Party not only needs to end its support for the Confederate battle flag on those rare occasions when the controversy arises, but it must also stop justifying or defending any of the symbols and legacy of the Confederate States of America. There are far better ways to resist urban and federal power than by romanticizing a slave state, which conservatives have long understood when they correctly denounced liberals who defended the slavery of Communism as the mere failure of good intentions.

And if you need a lost cause, root for the Cubs........... 

(Conservative Wahoo)

Rasputin Jarrett and Her Red Family Legacy

Obama Puppet Master and Handler Valerie Jarrett

Judaical Watch ---
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) files obtained by Judicial Watch reveal that the dad, maternal grandpa and father-in-law of President Obama’s trusted senior advisor, Valerie Jarrett, were hardcore Communists under investigation by the U.S. government.
Jarrett’s dad, pathologist and geneticist Dr. James Bowman, had extensive ties to Communist associations and individuals, his lengthy FBI file shows. In 1950 Bowman was in communication with a paid Soviet agent named Alfred Stern, who fled to Prague after getting charged with espionage. Bowman was also a member of a Communist-sympathizing group called the Association of Internes and Medical Students. After his discharge from the Army Medical Corps in 1955, Bowman moved to Iran to work, the FBI records show.
According to Bowman’s government file the Association of Internes and Medical Students is an organization that “has long been a faithful follower of the Communist Party line” and engages in un-American activities. Bowman was born in Washington D.C. and had deep ties to Chicago, where he often collaborated with fellow Communists. The Jarrett family Communist ties also include a business partnership between Jarrett’s maternal grandpa, Robert Rochon Taylor, and Stern, the Soviet agent associated with her dad.
Jarrett’s father-in-law, Vernon Jarrett, was also another big-time Chicago Communist, according to separate FBI files obtained by JW as part of a probe into the Jarrett family’s Communist ties. For a period of time Vernon Jarrett appeared on the FBI’s Security Index and was considered a potential Communist saboteur who was to be arrested in the event of a conflict with the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). His FBI file reveals that he was assigned to write propaganda for a Communist Party front group in Chicago that would “disseminate the Communist Party line among…the middle class.”
It’s been well documented that Valerie Jarrett, a Chicago lawyer and longtime Obama confidant, is a liberal extremist who wields tremendous power in the White House. Faithful to her roots, she still has connections to many Communist and extremist groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood. 
Jarrett and her family also had strong ties to Frank Marshal Davis, a big Obama mentor and Communist Party member with an extensive FBI file. 
Read More

Martin O’Malley Says He Knows How to Fix Our Cities, Just Didn't Bothered When He Was Mayor....

 Baltimore Sun
"Promising to “rebuild the heart of America’s cities,” former Gov. Martin O’Malley used an appearance at a meeting of the nation’s mayors on Sunday to call for a federal ban on assault weapons and stricter regulations on gun purchases.
O’Malley, who is seeking the Democratic nomination for president, told the annual meeting of the U.S. Conference of Mayors that the massacre at a black church in South Carolina last week demanded action from Washington.
“I heard some elected officials say this week, ‘laws can’t change this,’” O’Malley told the group in San Francisco.
“Actually, they can,” he said. “How many senseless acts of violence do we have to endure as a people before we stand up to the congressional lobbyists of the NRA?”
The former Baltimore mayor also joined the chorus of elected officials who have called on officials in South Carolina to remove the Confederate flag from the grounds of the state house in Columbia. The battle flag flew above the capitol from 1962, at the height of the Civil Rights Movement, until 2000, when it was removed to its current spot on the adjacent grounds.
“If the families of Charleston can forgive, can let go of their anger, is it really too much to ask the state government officials of South Carolina to retire the Confederate flag to a museum?” he said."
An obvious question: if former Governor O’Malley actually has the answers to “rebuild the heart of America’s cities,” why didn’t he get that done when he was Mayor of Baltimore, why didn’t he get that done as Governor of Maryland?

The Neighborhood Scout website notes that Baltimore has 438 crimes per square mile, while the state of Maryland as a whole has 64; the nationwide median is 37.9. Forbes ranks Baltimore as the seventh most dangerous city in America

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What If Norman Rockwell Painted Obama's America?

It Would Probably Look Something Like This.....

Two Gay Dads Ready Their Daughters For School

Obama's "Intervention" on Behalf of American Public.

On MSNBC this morning, network contributor Michael Eric Dyson reacted to President Obama saying the n-word in an interview with comedian and podcaster Marc Maron. Dyson called Obama's comments an example of President Obama speaking "more articulately about race." Dyson called it a "payoff" for those pushing Obama to speak more explicitly.
"He chooses his words carefully, he chooses his point of entry carefully, but I think this was an incredibly important moment in intervention on behalf of the American public by our president, the president of the entire United States of America to talk specifically and particularly about using that n-word," Dyson said. 
"This is a man who knows so much more than he's been willing to or allowed to speak about in public spaces."  
Dyson called Obama's use of the n-word an "intervention" on behalf of American public.

A Good Monday Morning

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Republican Triumphs and Democrat Lies

Since this is a day to honor our Dads, and I am generally being lazy, here is a classic post from the early archives of DMF from 2011 which at the time received many links, and is still hit by search engines at least a few times each week (and occasionally ripped off in it's entirety). It's full of sourced information not taught in schools, and certainly not reported truthfully in the media...

Read carefully the graphic below:

To compare the actual definitions of "Liberal" versus "Conservative" in the present day context and how they are used in the media and political discourse in 2011, you will find that they are grossly misused. 

Most of what Mr. O'Donnell, who calls himself an "Anti-Republican Crusader", mentions as Liberal accomplishments are indeed true. What he fails to state is that the parties, Republican and Democrat, are not the same parties of the past. He hides the fact the accomplishments above were mostly opposed by his party, the Democrats. His hate for anything Republican is blinding and he is mis-informing the people he speaks to on the News Network (I use that term lightly) MSNBC nightly.

Anyone can see that the Republican Party of Lincoln is not the party of Ronald Reagan, no more than the modern Democrat Party is the party of Jefferson Davis. Branding modern Republican conservatism as mean spirited and uncaring is pure hyperbole.

The Modern Conservative movement, raised to it pentacle by Ronald Reagan exist today to conserve the Republic and protect the individual freedoms. A Republican Conservative of 2011 is not the same as the conservative of the Democrat party of past. Mr. O'Donnell has twisted the truth and denies his party's shameful history. For most of this countries history, a different brand of conservatism manifested itself in a vehemently racist Democrat party, and remained there till the late 1960‘s.

 Let's look at some facts, shall we:

"History shows from the formation of the Democratic Party in 1792 to the Civil Rights movement of 1960's, Congressional records show the Democrat Party passed no specific laws to help Blacks. History also reveals that the Republican Party was formed in 1854 to abolish slavery and challenge other racist legislative acts initiated by the Democratic Party."
"During the Senate debates on the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871, it was revealed that members of the Democratic Party formed many terrorist organizations like the Ku Klux Klan to murder and intimidate African Americans voters. The Ku Klux Klan Act was a bill introduced by a Republican Congress to stop Klan Activities."
"Congressional records show it was Democrats that strongly opposed the passage of the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments. These three Amendments were introduced by Republicans to abolish slavery, give citizenship to all African Americans born in the United States and, give Blacks the right to vote." 
"Congressional records also show that most Democrats were opposed to passing the following laws that were introduced by Republicans to achieve civil rights for African Americans:
Civil Rights Act 1866
Reconstruction Act of 1867
Freedman Bureau Extension Act of 1866
Enforcement Act of 1870
Force Act of 1871
Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871
Civil Rights Act of 1875
Civil Rights Act of 1957
Civil Rights Act of 1960
And during the 60's many Democrats fought hard to defeat the: 
1964 Civil Rights Act
1965 Voting Rights Acts
1972 Equal Employment Opportunity Act
"Dr. Martin Luther King, several Civil Rights leaders and many historians reported that during the first two years of his administration, President John F. Kennedy ignored Dr. King's request for Civil Rights legislation. 
The Civil Rights Act of 1964, which supposedly established the Democrats bona fides on race, was passed in spite of the Democrats rather than because of them. Republican Senate Minority Leader Everett Dirksen pushed the bill through the Senate, despite the no-votes of 21 Democrats, including Al Gore Sr. and Robert Byrd. In contrast, only four Republicans opposed the bill, mostly like Barry Goldwater on libertarian principles, not segregationist ones."
"Congressional records show after signing the 1972 Equal Employment Opportunity Act and issuing Executive Order 11478, Richard Nixon, a Republican, then started what we know as Affirmative Action. After exclusively giving the Democrats their votes for the past 50 years, the average African American cannot point to one piece of civil rights legislation sponsored solely by the Democratic Party. Congressional records show that all previous legislation (since 1964) had strong bi-partisan support, even though some Democrats debated and voted against these laws."

As for the Social Security act of 1935, there were only 39 total no votes, 16 of which were Democrats. 

The Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act was a result of founding The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, proposed by President Richard Nixon and began operation on December 2, 1970. It had wide spread support from both parties.

The Medicare act of 1965 the vote was 327 yes -128 no, of which 55 democrats voted against.

The Nineteenth Amendment, giving the vote to women passed with overwhelming support from Republicans 56 to 25 in the Senate and 304 to 89 in the House.

The Modern Democrat party is not a true classic Liberal Party as the Republican Party once was. It is a socialist Party, born of 1960 radicals, taken over in the 70's by the far left thinking and has become a detriment to the Republic. Nor is the modern Conservative Republican Party like the backwards looking Democrat Party of the 19th and 20th century. The likes of Bull Conner, Robert Byrd, Al Gore Sr., Lester Maddox, Strom Thurman, Ernest Hollings, George Wallace, Hugo Black, etc. were all conservative Democrats. Mr. O'Donnell and members of the media painting the Republican Party with shameful ideas and actions of the their own party's past is ridiculous, and teaching an uninformed generation wrong history. The Modern Republican Conservative exist to preserve the American Experiment and values that make this country strong. Liberal thought and social justice of the 19th century has been seized and perverted by phony compassion bent on power and votes, and the Democrat socialist idea of big government dependency as a way of survival; but in reality is just perverting the American Dream. 

As long as there are leftest lies, there shall be Conservative truth seekers there to dispute them.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

The 2015 Paul Revere Award

After numerous Pay Pal bribes and a rent-a-mob of hired campaigners marching with signs and stationed in front of the their headquarters, Curmudgeon of The Political Clown Parade has chosen to bestowed upon us The 2015 Paul Revere Award

It is truly an Honor to be  recognized for your efforts by other bloggers that you yourself admire. I truly Thank You my Dear Curmudgeon for the Honor. You can see the explanation of the awards,  and other 2015 recipients here

It's my firm belief that if Paul Revere was to return to us today, he might not thoroughly understand, but would approve of we bloggers use of graphics, humor and sometimes sarcasm as our way of calling out to the people that the enemy is in our midst.

Now maybe people will finally pay attention to me as I yell at them out my car window as I pass by......